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VIDEO: The Massive Chinese Cities You’ve Never Heard Of… Yet

The Massive Chinese Cities You’ve Never Heard Of… Yet

B1M – 543,291 views – May 26, 2021

Shenzhen and Wuhan are household names, but dozens of other Chinese cities are yet to achieve the same notoriety, despite now having enormous populations and playing a huge role in the global economy. For more by The B1M subscribe now – 

Full story here –… Executive Producer and Narrator – Fred Mills Producer – Dan Cortese Video Editing and Graphics – Thomas Canton

Magazine: Guyanese of Portuguese Ancestry Magazine – Published in 2012

Magazine: Guyanese of Portuguese Ancestry Magazine – Published in 2012

Read it / Download: A VOZ Magazine -2012

The persons on the cover of this magazine are:

1st row: Peter D’Aguiar, Sister Noel Moniz, Jerry Goveia of Roraima Airways, June Mendez who is the owner of Farfan & Mendez, Chris Fernandes.
2nd row: Dave Martins, Mark Vieira of Houston (son of Paula Vieira married to young Joe), Old Francis Dias of JP Santos, Gail Teixeira an MP.
3rd row: Reds Perreira, Alfro Alphonso, Nicolette Fernandes (Bobby’s daughter), Fr Malcolm Rodrigues, Kit Nascimento. 
Front row: Mike Correia the CEO of the Correia group, Kirk Jardine, Amanda St Aubyn.

New York City: Co-naming of Liberty Avenue gives Guyana and Guyanese recognition

-Diaspora key to Guyana’s development – -Foreign Secretary

Liberty Avenue in Richmond Hill, Queens, New York was co-named ‘Little Guyana Avenue’ at a simple, but significant ceremony on Saturday.

Foreign Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr. Robert Persaud, said the event gives recognition not only to Guyana, but to the contributions US citizens of Guyanese descent have made to transform the area from a depressed community into a thriving commercial and residential area.        Continue reading

UK: Black Troops Were Welcome In Britain, But Jim Crow Wasn’t: – By Alan Rice | The Conversation


Alan Rice | The Conversation

Bullet holes found in the wood surrounds of the NatWest Bank in Bamber Bridge, in Lancashire in the north of England, in the late 1980s led to the rediscovery of an event that saw some of the few shots fired in anger in England during World War II, which had been largely forgotten. These were NOT shots fired by invading troops, but by American GIs against their own military police.

Intrigued by his discovery, Clinton Smith, the black British maintenance worker who discovered the holes in the woodwork, asked locals how they could have got there. Smith was told that they were the remnants of the Battle of Bamber Bridge, when black American troops stationed in the town faced off against white US Army military police on the night of June 24-25, 1943.        Continue reading

VIDEO: The largest Immigrant Groups in Canada (By Country of Birth): 1990 -2020

The largest Immigrant Groups in Canada (By Country of Birth)

By Animated Stats: 209,679 views – Mar 18, 2021

OPINION: Pelting dogs and the mentally disturbed – By Francis Quamina Farrier

  — By Francis Quamina Farrier
The youngster was pelting a man of unsound mind who was walking relatively peacefully along a street in Georgetown. The man seemed no threat to anyone. However, being poorly dressed and with his funny actions as he walked along, shaking his limbs in an unnatural way, disclosed that he was most likely, someone of unsound mind. I asked the youngster why he was pelting the man. “Mista, he mad,” was the practical response, which was embellished with some boyish giggles.
I took the opportunity to give the youngster a very brief lecture about respect for others, no matter who. I considered that to be my responsibility as an elder. He seemed to accept that it is wrong to visit violence on someone because they are perceived to be mad. Even the mentally disturbed should be viewed as being human and as such must be shown respect and compassion.

Continue reading

Canada mourns as remains of 215 children found at indigenous school – BBC News

A new classroom building at the Kamloops Indian Residential School is seen in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada circa 1950
The Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia once housed 500 children – Reuters

A mass grave containing the remains of 215 children has been found in Canada at a former residential school set up to assimilate indigenous people.

The children were students at the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia that closed in 1978.

The discovery was announced on Thursday  May 27, by the chief of the Tk’emlups te Secwepemc First Nation.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it was a “painful reminder” of a “shameful chapter of our country’s history”.

USA: Can Democrats Beat The Odds In 2022? – Katrina vanden Heuvel | The Washington Post

 OPINION: By Katrina vanden Heuvel | The Washington Post

Would you put big money on Democrats winning big in 2022? Recently, a wealthy progressive donor stated on a Listserv for political junkies that he expected Democrats to sweep the House and Senate by large margins. Conventional wisdom, of course, holds that Democrats are likely to lose control of the House and quite possibly the Senate, putting an abrupt end to the progressive reforms that President Biden is advancing. Can Democrats beat the odds next year?       Continue reading

MUSIC VIDEO: Terry Nelson – Welcome Independence /Nations of Guyana

MUSIC VIDEO: Terry Nelson – Welcome Independence /Nations of Guyana

Two of Guyana’s Independence songs sang by UK/Guyanese artist Terry Nelson

GUYANA: Independence – 55 years – Editorial from Kaieteur News

May 27, 2021  Editorial – Kaieteur News

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