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The Guyanese Online Blog celebrated its Eight Anniversary on February 9, 2018

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The Newsletter and Blog for Guyanese Associations and Groups, and individuals Worldwide

Welcome to the Guyanese Online Blog.

This Blog’s first entry was on February 9, 2010 and the first Newsletter was published in March 2010. It was created by Cyril Bryan, as a project to help Guyanese in the Diaspora to be connected to some of the positive news from Guyana, as well as to the work being done by Guyanese organisations around the world.   Blog entries are inserted regularly and there was also a monthly newsletter, emailed to thousands of Guyanese around the world.

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Guyanese Associations: Events, Conferences, and Publications


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Updated on January 16, 2019:

Dynamic Women as Changemakers Event – Richmond Hill. NY – 19 January 2019

UG – Philanthropy, Alumni & Civic Engagement (PACE) – 3 Events: January 21-25. 2019

OIL DORADO? – Featuring Dr. Mark Bynoe- In Conversation with John Mair and Sally Gibson – London UK – 24 January 2019

NEW- Guyana Speaks – A Feast of Poetry Prose and Art – London UK – 27 January 2019

7th One Love Gala and Awards: Rehab … by Habeeb Alli – Toronto – February 2. 2018

Guyana Christian Charities – Valentine Dinner/Dance – Toronto – February 9, 2019

Valentine’s Dance – Triple Play Band- Toronto – February 16. 2019

Alliance of Guyanese Canadian Organizations Luncheon – Toronto – February 24, 2019

Guyana Cultural Association of Montreal– Black History Month – February 24, 2019

CRICKET: CCUSA – National Championship – Registrations Open – April 26-28. 2019

GEMS International Cultural Association – Mother’s Day Brunch -Toronto – May 12. 2019

Call for Papers – Diaspora and Entrepreneurship Conference – Guyana- June 16-20. 2019 

St. Rose’s  Alumni USA – Brunch Honoring Males – Brooklyn NY – June 22. 2019

                 ANNOUNCEMENTS and NEWSLETTERS: 

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University of Guyana (UG) Renaissance Newsletter – June-September 2018

Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – December 2018

H.E.R.O.C. CANCER MISSION TRIP TO GUYANA  REPORT – October 24 – November 4, 2018

GCA – Guyana Cultural Association On-line Magazine – December 2018

The Diaspora Times International – October-November 2018

CSJAD “New Road” Newsletter – December 2018

The Guyana Institute of Historical Research – call for papers for June 2019 Conference

Guyana Institute of Historical Research Newsletter – December 2018

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Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Fund – Mc Master University

Updated on January 16, 2019

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View of Georgetown from Bank of Guyana Building. St George’s Cathedral is featured here.

 Guyanese Online Entries from January 1, 2018 

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Guyana Census 2012 highlights decline in main ethnic populations

Guyana Census 2012 highlights decline in main ethnic populations


The Bureau of Statistics announced, on July 18, its publications of Compendiums One and Two further detailing the findings of the 2012 Census.

This recent publication, Compendium Two, was disseminated earlier this month. It provides further information about the country’s population composition in terms of Ethnicity, Age structure, Dependency Ratios & Religion.  

Additionally new information about the population trends such as national population size by Region and population growth patterns are also detailed in this latest publication.

Continue reading


Here is the latest list of the various Ministries in the Government of Guyana. Information is automatically updated. 

***********  Previous Ministerial Announcements below **********

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Education, teaching and why I left Guyana – By Deborah Hamilton

Education, teaching and why I left Guyana

Stabroek News – By Deborah Hamilton

Deborah Hamilton worked for several years as a teacher at Queen’s College before moving to Canada, where she now teaches.

Recently I was following the social media posts of a friend who had returned to Guyana to spend the Christmas holidays with family and friends – some of whom were also returning from various overseas locations. I was happy that she was posting all the interesting foods and places she had visited, which allowed me to also see what my childhood friends and acquaintances were doing.  To tell the truth, she was making me quite homesick. I was missing the lively banter, laughter, excellent Guyanese cuisine and hospitality, the tales of old, the company – truly, there is no experience like a Guyanese Christmas.              Continue reading

GUYANA THE CASE FOR 34 – By  Verian Mentis-Barker – XpressBLOGG


WHAT SHOULD NEVER BE LOST IN THIS NO CONFIDENCE SHOWDOWN IS THAT REPEATED GOVERNMENTS of ALL existing parties lied, repeatedly and willfully to the citizens who have entrusted them to legislate on behalf of their well-being. So are the citizens to be expected to trust law makers to advocate on their behalf when they lie about who they are???

The shame remains the fact that Guyanese at the floor level are being told or are coming away with the false impression that Charrandass is to blame that he is illegal – and are not being told about the dual citizenship of many in their own parties.

Who is really working on behalf of the Guyanese people? Who really cares about them and not just the pomp of politics?  

GUYANA In the Land of Many Waters – 30 Poems – By Dmitri Allicock + video

READ MORE:   Go to the Dmitri Allicock Blog

Guyana Politics: Irfaan Ali selected as the PPP Presidential candidate

Anil Nandlall disappointed; Irfaan Ali, Jagdeo tout youth, experience, teamwork

Irfaan Ali

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) presidential candidate is Irfaan Ali. The former housing minister defeated former attorney general Anil Nandlall 24 to 11. The secret balloting followed the withdrawal of three other candidates: Gail Teixeira, Vindhya Persaud and Frank Anthony.
After winning, he touted his youthfulness and experience in the finance sector as major advantages going into the next general elections. “The very fact that our party leadership has elected a young person shows that our party is committed to young people, not only by talk but by action,” said Ali, 38. Continue reading

France in Shock at Gang-Rape Trial of Police from Famous BRI Unit 

France in Shock at Gang-Rape Trial of Police from Famous BRI Unit 

Court hears how Canadian woman was allegedly raped by terrorism officers at 36 Quai des Orfèves

Kim Willsher in Paris | The Guardian UK

Emily Spanton grew up with police officers – her father had been a high-ranking officer in the Toronto force – so when two French officers she met while drinking in a Paris bar invited her to see their famous headquarters, she agreed.

Spanton was, she says, drunk and shaky on her feet. “I knew I wasn’t in a state to find my hotel. And I thought that going to a police station would sober me up as there would be plenty of lights and people,” the Canadian said.

But after she went upstairs at the celebrated 36 Quai des Orfèvres to the fifth floor and entered room 461, Spanton said she walked into “the worst night of my life”.            Continue reading

USA: Florida’s new governor makes welcome moves – by Mohamed Hamaludin

– by Mohamed Hamaludin

They came to be known as the Groveland Four – African American youths living in Lake County in 1949 whom a 17-year-old white girl falsely accused of rape. One of them, Ernest Thomas, fled and a 1,000-strong posse hunted him down and shot him 400 times after finding him sleeping under a tree, the Associated Press recently recounted. Walter Irvin and Samuel Shepherd were sentenced to death and Charles Greenlee to life in prison but future U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall won them a new trial.

Lake County Sheriff Willis McCall shot Irvin and Shepherd, claiming they tried to escape, while being handcuffed. Shepherd died but Irvin survived, although, the AP pointed out, an ambulance refused to take him to a hospital because he was black. He was again convicted, was paroled in 1968 and was found dead in his car as he drove back to Lake County for a funeral in 1969. Greenlee was paroled in 1960 and died in 2012.     Continue reading

OPINION: “Shared governance it must be” – By GHK Lall

OPINION: “Shared governance it must be”

By GHK Lall

The pubic releases in the immediate aftermath of the political leadership talks last Wednesday represented a good beginning. The statements from the leaders of both parties were comforting and indicated awareness that de-escalation of the sharp rhetoric was necessary and appropriate. This can only be applauded.

Now the sobriety manifested in what appeared to have been a cordial atmosphere and reasoned exchanges needs to be continued. This sobriety must be accompanied by a continuing commitment towards the obligation to the peoples of this nation for mature sustained statesmanship. It has to be adhered to by both sides; it must cascade down to supporters, especially the more raucous and volatile ones, the ones given too easily to the inflammatory. Whatever the outcome of court hearings and decisions, there must be steadying influential voices on both sides calling for wisdom and calm; compelling recognition, respect for, and adherence to established processes.        Continue reading

ITALY: Senator Convicted Over Racist Remark About Italy’s First Black Minister 

Angela Giuffrida in Rome | The Guardian UK  

Roberto Calderoli

Roberto Calderoli of far-right League likened Cécile Kyenge to an Orangutan during a Rally

A senator from Italy’s far-right League has been given an18-month prison sentence for likening the country’s first black minister to an orangutan.

Roberto Calderoli said during a party rally in July 2013 that whenever he saw pictures of Cécile Kyenge, a MEP who at the time was integration minister,“I cannot but think of the features of an orangutan”.    

Calderoli argued his comments about Kyenge, who moved to Italy from Zaire – now the Democratic Republic of the Congo – in 1983 to study medicine, were “playful banter”.          Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Charrandass under investigation for gold smuggling -Top Cop

By Guyana Chronicle – 

Police Commissioner , Leslie James (second from right) and other senior members of Guyana Police Force

…extradition will be sought if necessary

Former Alliance for Change (AFC) Member of Parliament Charrandass Persaud is under investigation for gold smuggling and Police Commissioner, Leslie James told reporters on Friday morning that the authorities will seek to have him extradited from Canada if necessary.

The Top Cop also said that the investigations are at a significant stage at the moment and during Friday morning’s press conference at police headquarters at Eve Leary, he said that there may be reasons for local investigators to interview Persaud.        Continue reading

Guyana Politics: ANUG launched; says main goal is executive power sharing

`Politicians’ promises to the Guyanese people must mean something and the people should have some way of enforcing promises’

Appealing to citizens to help it create a new governance system where the main parties share executive power, A New and United Guyana (ANUG) was this afternoon launched at Moray House pledging to be held legally accountable for its commitments and declaring that corruption will be tackled by calling in the United Nations and Transparency International.

Unveiled on Christmas Day with its key figures including Senior Counsel Ralph Ramkarran, former minister Henry Jeffrey and attorney Timothy Jonas, ANUG now faces the challenge of finding  purchase in the public particularly if general elections are to be held by the end of March this year following the successful motion of no confidence against the APNU+AFC government.          Continue reading

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