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Guyana: The Diaspora Times – August 2018 Issue

Dear Friend

The Diaspora Times – August, 2018 Issue is attached.  Kindly circulate to friends and well wishers and all who might benefit from reading our Diaspora Times magazine.


In addition, you can click on to view an on-line copy of the current issue. Under the Archives/PDF Magazines link on the Website you will see several past PDF issues of the Newsletter.  In the future, this site will contain more pertinent and informative content.

Our highest regards.

Desmond Roberts
Editorial Board
Diaspora Times

Infographic: What Does Google Know About You? – from

What Does Google Know About You?

Data is what fuels the information economy.

And while there are many varieties of data clogging up the internet’s bandwidth, there is one specific type of data that is known to be particularly lucrative: personal data.

Like many other enterprising tech giants, Google must accumulate massive amounts of personal data to monetize its services – and in the process, the company develops an astonishingly robust picture of what you’re all about.           Continue reading

“Hothouse Earth” – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Mendocino Complex Fire August 2018 - Northern California - USA

Mendocino Complex Fire now largest fire in California history – August 2018 – California/USA
Photo Credit: ABC News (Noah Berger/AFP)

In Southern California, we’re experiencing temperatures of 88 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit. At our local garden center two Saturdays ago, around ten o’clock, I had to seek shelter from the Sun. Heat stress aborted my fun-time outdoors while selecting succulent plants. Then, the following week, I suffered another episode of heat stress at the hair salon. The air-condition system in the one-story, flat-roof building wasn’t up to the task.

The danger is far greater in areas where firefighters battle to contain ferocious wildfires. The Carr and Mendocino Complex Fires in Northern California have together burned more than 486,000 acres of land and destroyed 1,828 structures. Hundreds more structures are damaged or under threat. Only 51 percent of the wildfires is contained. The California Fire Department expects to contain the Mendocino…

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Family—A View Anew – By Yvonne Sam

Family—A View Anew – By Yvonne Sam

Family is not only defined by last name or by blood  but also by love.Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family

It is so blatantly apparent that many of our people in the Black community have forgotten the meaning of family.  The meaning that our grandparents and their parents understood. Each and everyone of us can sit back and relate,“I remember when” stories. However, what are we doing to bring the “when” of yesterday into our families of today?

Are we too busy? Is the concept of family outdated or unimportant?  Or are we taking for granted that loved ones will always be there. For a nano second let us not forget that family is not defined only by last name or by blood but also by love. Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family.       Continue reading

Central High School Alumni – 3rd International Reunion – Guest Speaker Yvonne Sam


Alumni Association (Toronto Chapter)  – 3rd International Reunion

Saturday August 4, 2018. The Rembrandt Banquet Hall.  Toronto, Ontario. Canada.

Guest Speaker: Yvonne Sam. R. N. S.C.M., M.Ed. B.SN, Dip. Adult Ed.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guest, president and fellow alumnae. No one can image how great an honour it is for me to speak to you this evening, and that is not a cliché or a hyperbole but the plain truth. However, I stand before you not only in the capacity of guest speaker but also a senior prodigy of Guyana, and a proud alumna of Central High School.

Here we are all ready to celebrate our common history, seated among some of the individuals with whom we spent so many years in the early learning part of our lives, being fully cognizant of the fact that during those early years, our talents, beliefs and personalities were shaped colored and impacted by our experiences and interactions with teachers and fellow classmates.      Continue reading

BOOK: Foundation of the Guyana Defence Force – by Compton Liverpool and Khalilah Campbell

BOOK: Foundation of the Guyana Defence Force – A Soldier Of Valour Story

This publication documents how the Guyana Defence Force emerged out of the earlier forms of law enforcement entities that British Guiana inherited after Britain relinquished governmental control of the only English-speaking country in South America.

Have a LOOK INSIDE at the Table of Contents, Foreword and Introduction on -HERE.- Also ORDER


2018/2019 Local Authors Showcase at Brampton Library. Ontario. Canada

To Khalilah Campbell – co-author of Book

Congratulations! Your work Foundation Of The Guyana Defence Force – A Soldier Of Valour Story has been selected for the 2018/2019 Local Authors Showcase at Brampton Library     Continue reading

Backward Rules in a Backward Country – By Freddie Kissoon 

Jamaica’s Olivia Grange is doing what David Granger should do

Guyana: “MEMORIES” – A Short Story By Royden V Chan

Download: “MEMORIES”- A Short Story By Royden V Chan

UBUNTU – “I am because we are” – an African story

The $20 Billion Question for Guyana – By Clifford Krauss – New York Times

The $20 Billion Question for Guyana

This largely underdeveloped country on South America’s northern Atlantic coast is the unlikely setting for the world’s next big oil boom. But is it ready to handle the riches? ….READ MORE

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