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BUSINESS: The office is dead! Long live the office in a post-pandemic world – Opinion

By The Conversation – July 24, 2000

Introduction: The future of the office has become an open question after the coronavirus lockdown forced tens of millions of Americans to work from home. Will office workers flock back to their cubicles and water coolers when the pandemic ends? Or will employees want to hold on to their newfound freedom and flexibility, while employers eye the lower costs of the lack of a physical footprint?

At least a few companies have already answered this question: Twitter, for example, says most of its employees can continue working from home forever, making the office merely a place to meet clients. We asked three scholars to weigh in on the future of the office.        Continue reading

ARTS: The rise and rise of professional theatre in Guyana – By Al Creighton

One of the important cultural developments was the rise of professional theatre in the Caribbean.  This started in Jamaica roughly around 1970 and gradually moved southward across the region to Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados, eventually reaching to Guyana in 1981.

But even this neat outline requires qualification, because professionalism in stage performance and an industry in show business had been thriving for several decades before that. Furthermore, the history of theatre in the region will show two major streams that coexisted in segregated fashion throughout the centuries of colonialism. One was the performance of dramatic plays on the western/European stage, while the other was the theatre of the folk that developed during slavery.            Continue reading

ECONOMICS: DEBT A Bigger Crisis Is On The Horizon, And It Will Last For Decades – Video

ECONOMICS: DEBT A Bigger Crisis Is On The Horizon, And It Will Last For Decades – Video

5,088,563 views – Apr 6, 2020 – By Jack Chapple

As the news talks about enforcing mandatory lockdowns, and handing out money to citizens… There has been a problem that has been rapidly expanding in the background of all of this news. …And It is a problem that the world has never really seen before. In fact… it might create a crisis that won’t just be felt in the next week, the next month, or even the next year… but it might be felt for several decades to come…

HISTORY: The History of the Three Guyanas – Video

HISTORY: The History of the Three Guyanas – Video

By Sebastian ioan

There’s a region in South America that seems awkward, out of its place, but quite interesting. This is a place where Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch and English speakers all meet, where the French and EU flags wave on polls, and where indigenous groups live side by side with African communities. I’m talking about the Guianas, the north-eastern chunk of South America. And we’re going to explore it today.

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BUSINESS: Visualizing The Top 50 Most Valuable Global Brands – Visual Capitalist

Visualizing the Top 50 Most Valuable Global Brands

For many brands, it has been a devastating year to say the least.

Over half of the most valuable global brands have experienced a decline in brand value, a measure that takes financial projections, brand roles in purchase decisions, and strengths against competitors into consideration. But where some have faltered, others have asserted their dominance and stepped up for their customers like never before.        Continue reading

Moray House Trust: Guyana’s Oil: Priorities for 2021 – Virtual Event – January 16, 2021

Moray House Trust warmly invites to you to attend our fourth virtual event:

TitleGuyana’s Oil: Priorities for 2021

Panel: Dr. Vincent Adams, Dr. Janette Bulkan, Christopher Ram

Date: Saturday 16th January 2021
Time: 4.00 pm Guyana time [3.00 pm Toronto & New York, 8.00 pm UK].

Video: “Are We Going Into Another Great Depression?” – By Neil McCoy-Ward

“Are We Going Into Another Great Depression?” – By Neil McCoy-Ward –  He shows similarities to the present, by reading the diaries written in the 1930’s.

Comment: Unfortunately the average person in the street has no clue how to prepare for this. Most people live from pay check to pay check, have no idea how to invest or navigate the stock market and believe implicitly what the mainstream media tells them. People are dying alone because their family members are terrified, or being stopped from caring for them. It’s disgusting and frightening.

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Linden Fund (LFU) Welcomes Cohort 3 in its Scholarship for Success Program

LFU Welcomes Cohort 3 in its Scholarship for Success Program

Earlier in December 2020, LFU welcomed its 3rd Cohort (2020-2021) of seven incoming students to its Scholarship for Success program, which was renamed in honor of our late founding member and longtime Board member, Eustace “Sammy” David in 2020.

The scholarship program, which began in the 2018-2019 school year, supports one deserving student, starting from Grade 7, from each of the seven secondary schools in Linden and Kwakwani for their five years in high school.

READ MORE: Cohort 3 – 2020-2021 SfS program COLLAGE

VIDEO: The World in 2021: five stories to watch out for | The Economist

VIDEO: The World in 2021: five stories to watch out for | The Economist

The World in 2021 will start to look beyond covid-19: to the launch of an asteroid-smashing space probe, the next step in the fight against climate change and China’s supremacy at the box office. Here are five stories to watch out for listed below:  .  Continue reading

HISTORY: 1930’s Diary Warning – Great Depression SHOCKING Financial Corruption!- By Neil McCoy-Ward

HISTORY: 1930’s Diary Warning – Great Depression SHOCKING Financial Corruption!- By Neil McCoy-Ward – Published December 27, 2020

Is history repeating itself.?  Are we heading into another Economic Depression? This video focusses on Financing and Banking.

Comment on this video by Handyman:

One of my favourite quotes of all times is “There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see.” I’ve tried to explain some things to people and it’s like talking to a wall! Thanks for another excellent video 😉

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