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Martin Luther’s Death…  Dream Realized or Fate Finalized – By Yvonne Sam

Five decades+ after Martin Luther’s Death.  Dream Realized or Fate Finalized.

By Yvonne Sam

Heaven is the word for Canada said M.L.K in a 1967 lecture. As we celebrate his birthday does such a statement still hold true?

An assassin’s bullet on April 4, 1968 fell Dr. Martin Luther King at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, where he was planning to join a strike by sanitation workers the next day. The anniversary of his death as well as his birthday January 15, have become important dates in the annals of both American and Canadian history, as well as in the long drawn out struggle for racial and economic justice. Montrealers will celebrate the 51st anniversary by looking back at what has been achieved and what has not been done since his famous speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., when he petitioned the federal government to make real the promises of democracy for blacks.          Continue reading

PPP Presidential Candidate Irfaan Ali accused of academic fraud

Irfaan Ali

The academic achievements of one of the frontrunners in the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) race for presidential candidacy, Mohamed Irfaan Ali, are under question.

Recently, Ali has been featured in the media over the 19 charges with which he was slapped by the Special Organized Crime Unit (SOCU) of the Guyana Police Force.

Now, Ali is making more rounds in the media as documents suggest he may have used a fraudulent transcript to pursue a master’s degree programme at an Indian University.       Continue reading

Joss Stone – RIGHT TO BE WRONG -Music Video

Joss Stone – RIGHT TO BE WRONG (Live SWU Music / Arts Festival- Brazil 2010)

Joss Stone is at Theatre Guild, Georgetown, Guyana – On 28 Jan 2019

Ten Reasons Why Smart People Have Fewer Friends – video

10 Reasons Why Smart People Have Fewer Friends – video

Published on Jul 18, 2018  By BRAINY DOSE 
Psychological studies show that smart people have fewer friends in general. Yes, the realer you are, the fewer friends you have! That being said, highly intelligent people do value their friends, and they keep them tight. And, if you’ve got a tight circle of friends yourself, this video may explain why!        Continue reading

Guyana among Caribbean states listed as “flawed democracy” – EUI Index


Guyana is listed as a “flawed democracy” in the latest Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Democracy Index, which considers a number of rankings across different areas, including the electoral process and pluralism, the functioning of government, political participation, political culture and civil liberties.

The Democracy Index provides a snapshot of the state of democracy worldwide for 165 independent states and two territories in 2018. It covers almost the entire population of the world and the vast majority of the world’s states (microstates are excluded). The EIU is the research and analysis division of The Economist Group, the sister company to The Economist newspaper.

DOWNLOAD: EUI Democracy_Index_2018

GIHR- Guyana Institute of Historical Research Newsletter – January 2019

Download: gihr online newsletter january 2019

The Dumbing Down of America – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Anti-Intellectualism and Common Core

The revolution is in our living rooms and it is digitized! We are surfers and facebookers that sit for hours becoming dumb on smart gadgets. We live in a culture of low expectations. We laugh at ourselves when we fail to grasp the most basic of concepts and what is worse is that we shrug it off and simply refuse to revisit the problem and correct our mistakes. Who is using education for a voyage of self- discovery or to seize the technological moment?

President Donald Trump accuses the media of fake news. But he produces a fake claim by saying that his administration received the most electoral votes in the last election. Trump has told the world for years that Obama’s birth certificate was a fake but he was forced to recant it publicly.

READ MORE: the dumbing down of america – dhanpaul narine

“Unwritten Poem” – Poem by Barbados’ First Poet Laureate Esther Phillips

Three Worlds One Vision

minister of culture appoints poet esther phillips as barbados' first poet laureate - february 2018

Minister of Culture appoints Poet Esther Phillips as Barbados’ first Poet Laureate – February 2018
Photo Credit: Barbados Government Information Services

My Poetry Corner January 2019 features the poem “Unwritten Poem” from the poetry collection, The Stone Gatherer, by Esther Phillips, a poet and educator born in Barbados, where she still resides. In February 2018, she was appointed the first Poet Laureate of the Caribbean island-nation.

After attending the Barbados Community College at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, she won a James Michener fellowship to the University of Miami where, in 1999, she gained an MFA degree in Creative Writing. Her poetry collection/thesis won the Alfred Boas Poetry Prize of the Academy of American Poets.

In 2001, she won the leading Barbadian Frank Collymore Literary Endowment Award. Years later, the third of her three well-received poetry collections, Leaving Atlantis (2015), won the Governor General’s Award…

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Parental Rectitude & Children’s Attitude – By Yvonne Sam

Parental Rectitude & Children’s Attitude – By Yvonne Sam

It is not what you leave to your children, but what you leave in them.

The immediate question that I am throwing out to parents is “What is your child’s attitude really like?  Is he/ she generally a happy child?  Does he/ she honor Mom and Dad? Who do you think is responsible for developing his / her attitude?  The attitude that parents develop in their children

whether good or bad will come back in the future. So let us look at ways to properly develop your child’s attitude to impact not only its return but also the accompanying manifestations and repercussions.               Continue reading

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