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TRAVEL: The 23 Richest Cities in Africa – Video

African cities have potentials that make them keep the great names they have today. There are many such potentials and characteristics ranging from natural to man-made and why not human resources. All of these jointly make up the wealth of these cities. There are uncountable cities spread across the 54 countries of the African continent, and each of these cities has something which is unique and special. We shall be throwing light on some 23 wealthiest African cities in 20 22 according to the Africa Wealth Report.

The wealth report of African cities given by The New World Wealth in December 20-21 considers the private wealth of individuals. The report also defines the total wealth of cities excluding government funding. The total wealth of African cities combined together, yields worth more than a trillion dollars.

VENEZUELA: How Rum and Cocuy Came Back to Life During the Crisis

Thanks to the denominations of origin that protect their ancestral quality and technical standards, these two drinks endure Venezuela’s economic downfall and illicit competition

Kaoru Yonekura | Caracas Chronicles

As real as the liquor market crisis is, two Venezuelan liquors manage to avoid that same crisis: Pecaya cocuy and rum. And all while complying with the rules and regulations by which the Servicio Autónomo de Propiedad Intelectual (SAPI) gave them the Denomination of Origin (DO); cocuy pecayero got it in 2001 and rum in 2003.

With this top-tier distinction on intellectual property, producers stick to the traditional and standard techniques when manufacturing these liquors, as well as the environmental care in their production areas. This way, the original product seal indicates that the Pecaya cocuy and rum are unique, one-of-a-kind, high quality, culturally valued, and especially, Venezuelan products.              Continue reading

GUYANA: EDUCATION: Clean sweep: All of Guyana’s top CSEC students from Anna Regina

  • Clean sweep: All of Guyana’s top CSEC students from Anna Regina

While Guyana’s top performers were previously announced, it is usually up to the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) to make the determination.        Continue reading

GUYANA: Christmas time in Guyana – video.

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GUYANA: Martin Carter: POEMS OF AFFINITY – Guyana – 13 December 2022

MC Poems of Affinity Flyer.png
Compliments of the season!

You are warmly invited to join us for an hour of poetry. We will feature Martin Carter’s Poems of Affinity in a recital on Zoom.

EVENT:           Poetry recital
TITLE:            Martin Carter’s Poems of Affinity
DATE:            Tuesday 13th December 2022
TIME:             5.00 PM Guyana
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MEDICAL: Hospitals: “We’re Near Breaking Point” (This Is Serious)

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Video :BY Neil McCoy Ward

MUSIC: Top 100 Best Classic Rock Songs Of All Time – video

MUSIC: Top 100 Best Classic Rock Songs Of All Time – video

🔥 SOME Songs: Track List: 01. I Want To Break Free 02. Don’t Cry 03. Zombie 04. Bohemian Rhapsody 05. I Remember You 06. With or Without You 07. We Will Rock You 08. Open Arms 09. The Show Must Go On 10. Don’t Stop Me Now 11. Every Breath You Take 12. I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing 13. Radio Ga Ga 14. The Unforgiven 15. Losing My Religion 16. Californication 17. Livin’ On A Prayer 18. Nothing Else Matters 19. Dust In The Wind 20. Have You Ever Seen The Rain.

BUSINESS: DEAD MALL – Full Walkthrough of Sunrise Mall (Creepy) – Massapequa NY

BUSINESS: DEAD MALL – Full Walkthrough of Sunrise Mall (Creepy) – Massapequa NY (Est 1973)

The year 2023 will see a number of malls closing permanently. This Sunrise Mall closes on December 31, 2022. It is located in Long Island NY.

This is because of changing shopping patterns and the rise of on-line shopping plus competition from newer malls. However, the most destructive has been the over-supply of shopping options and changing demographics.

This video gives an example of the “Death of The Mall”  — especially speeded up as large department stores (anchor stores) close. I am sure that it will remind you of the older malls in your town or city.

GUYANA SPEAKS: Bourda Bazaar : London UK: 10 December 2022


With the holiday season just around the corner, Guyana SPEAKS will be hosting our annual BOURDA BAZAAR!  As usual our stallholders and special guests will be celebrating all things Guyanese.  If you’re looking for Guyanese food, drink or produce including cassareep, look no further! 

If you’re looking for entertainment, look out for the KweKwe group – they’re scheduled to appear between 2.15pm and 2.30pm (for 20 minutes).  If you’re hoping to purchase gifts, look out for the book stalls and much much more!  There will also be a raffle with wonderful prizes to win.  

GUYANA: The Guyana Police Force : Remuneration and corruption

Guyana Police Force Badge

By EDITORIAL: Stabroek News – December 6, 2022

Last week’s public disclosure of the emoluments of policemen and women evoked some level of public ‘hum.’ Comments focused mostly on what was felt to be the paltriness of the remuneration.  Some of the discussants wondered aloud as to whether the salaries afforded those cops on the lower rungs of the ladder, particularly, do not, in fact, contextualize embedded allegations of corrupt practices in the Force.

The argument that salary levels ought not to be posited as justification (or explanation) for the perpetration of practices that bring the Force into disrepute will always hold a generous measure of weight. One of the responses to that argument has been that functionaries who fall into the categories of Public Servants (and the Police are, in effect, Public Servants) have all, traditionally, found themselves in the same circumstance as far as emoluments are concerned but that not everyone had yielded to the temptation to subsidize their incomes through the pursuit of unwholesome options.      Continue reading

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