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Guyana Floods – March 2012 – Several drainage pumps fail as city is submerged

Several drainage pumps fail as city is submerged


City Mayor, Hamilton Green, has blamed continuous heavy rainfall, non-functional drainage structures and clogged drains for flooding in and around Georgetown yesterday,  (February 29).

Green held an emergency press briefing at City Hall where he said that even if all the drainage structures were operational Georgetown would have still experienced flooding because of the City’s capacity to drain only one inch of rainfall in a 24-hour period.

He stressed that during the course of the rainfall Georgetown experienced 5.15 inches of rainfall which is unusual but added that with unpredictable weather patterns anything is possible.

Green emphasized that visits to the various drainage facilities across the Capital City, Georgetown earlier during the day revealed that the relief structures at Kingston, Princes Street, and Lamaha Street were non-functional.   Continue reading

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