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​​Georgetown Guyana: Under a Microscope in 2019 – by Francis Quamina Farrier

​​Georgetown: Under a Microscope in 2019 – by Francis Quamina Farrier

City Hall – Georgetown-Guyana

Following the hotly contested November 12, Local Government Elections last year, the (approximate) 202,000 citizens of Georgetown got a new Chief Citizen in the person of Pandit Ubraj Narine who received the Mayoral Chain from out-going Mayor Patricia Chase-Green. There was much work Mayor Chase-Green had on her hands, and there is equally much work for Mayor Narine, as Georgetown slowly inches its way to regaining its lost glory, and become “A Shining City on a Mud-Flat”. But it is an up-hill task in a city which falls below sea level whenever the tide rises.

There are so many things which the current citizens should be grateful for;  the Georgetown we inherited is one of the best laid-out cities on the planet, for starters. In past times, Georgetown used to be known as, “The Garden City of the Caribbean”. The city lost that impressive title about thirty years ago when standards began to tumble.   Continue reading

Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – November 2018

Here is our November 2018 issue of Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter. You may download it by clicking on the following link to access it:

Warm regards,

Lorna Campbell

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Buxton-Friendship Express

Georgetown. Guyana: Criminal proceedings against Town Clerk, other city officials – CoI Report

Terminate, begin immediate criminal proceedings against Town Clerk, other city officials – CoI Report …recommends SARA trace and recover assets

Royston KIng

A probe has found grounds to terminate embattled Town Clerk, Royston King, and institute criminal proceedings against him.

The explosive findings are contained in the final report from the Commission of Inquiry into the operations of City Hall. The report was handed over yesterday by Chairman of the CoI, Justice Cecil Kennard (ret’d) to Chairman of the Local Government Commission (LGC), Mortimer Mingo.       Continue reading

Ubraj Narine elected Mayor of Georgetown

Georgetown mayor-elect Ubraj Narine
Georgetown mayor-elect Ubraj Narine

APNU Councillor Ubraj Narine is the new Mayor of Georgetown. Narine, who won Constituency One (Kingston East and West, Thomas Lands, Nonpareil Park, Cummingsburg, Alberttown and Queenstown) at the November 12th local polls, was elected when the new councillors of the municipality met on 30th November 2018.


Continue reading

Guyana Politics: The Familiar Ring of the Elections Season – By Ralph Ramkarran

The Familiar Ring of the Elections Season 

By Ralph Ramkarran – 6th October 2018

Local government elections are to be held on November 12. With it, the never-ending stream of suspicions emerged as the Government established new local government units and merged others. The Opposition argued that these were done to give an advantage to the Government and the Opposition, through one of its representatives, promptly launched legal proceedings. This event provided the explanation for the ‘disappearance’ of the Chief Elections Officer, Mr. Keith Lowenfield, on one of the most critical days of the elections process, namely, the day after the submission of lists, when corrections have to be made and defects rectified.       Continue reading

Newark New Jersey USA: Linden Fund USA discusses twinning of Cities

Newark New Jersey USA: Linden Fund USA discusses twinning of Cities

LFU hosted a “Meet & Greet Reception” on Sunday, Sept. 16 in New Jersey in honor of visiting Mayor of Linden, Her Worship Waneka Arrindell. This official visit was to continue the dialogue with the City of Newark on twinning the two municipalities, as first proposed by former Linden Mayor Carwyn Holland in a 2017 meeting in Newark to explore the possibilities for cooperation between the two cities.          Continue reading

Santa Aratack also known as Santa Mission …A tranquil slice of destination Guyana + videos

Santa Aratack …A tranquil slice of destination Guyana

Santa Aratack also known as Santa Mission is a community located up the Kamuni Creek, a tributary of the Demerara River in Region Three.
Located 25 miles from the capital city, Georgetown, the village is only accessible by boat and the ride allows visitors to enjoy the lush vegetation along the creek.
The village was founded by Alfred Patterson in the mid-1800s. Patterson had stumbled on the location during his hunt for wallaba trees.

Taking a dip in the Kamuni Creek

With its sandy landscape surrounded by the cool waters of the Kamuni Creek and dense forest Santa Aratack is also well known for the Kamuni Women Craft shop, where tourists can purchase a wide range of Indigenous art and craft.
There are two famous landmarks in the community: a monument representing the former Toshaos and the popular ‘Kamaka’ – a silk cotton tree whose roots are said to extend throughout the entire village.    Continue reading

Buxton-Friendship Express News-Magazine – May 2018

The May 2018 issue of the Buxton-Friendship Express is now available.

We also take this opportunity to extend Best Wishes for a wonderful Caribbean-American Heritage MonthJune – to all our U.S. residents and subscribers. You’re specially invited to celebrate the occasion with us on June 30th at our Buxton Summer Soirée in Brooklyn, New York. (More information is available on page 3). Proceeds from this event will help fund the purchase of school supplies and sponsor the four-week Vacation Reading, Math, Art and Culture Enrichment Programme for schoolchildren in our Buxton-Friendship community. We look forward to your patronage and greatly appreciate your continued support and generosity.

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Waterfront enhancement at Bartica, Guyana

Waterfront enhancement at Bartica, Guyana

Now a town, Bartica, a Regional Seven riverain community that is one of the gateways to the hinterland, has been make strides in improvements.

This waterfront area, with its booths, was ready in time for the Annual Regatta over the weekend, is but one of them.

Bartica’s Waterfront Walkway

Ministry of Public Infrastructure boasts 27 major achievements in two years – Minister Patterson

Ministry of Public Infrastructure boasts 27 major achievements in two years – Minister Patterson

Min. David Patterson

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