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GUYANA: Rupununi Music and Arts Festival Village 2022 – A Presentation Video

GUYANA: Rupununi Music and Arts Festival Village 2022 – A Presentation Video

Rupununi Music & Arts Festival: A vison for the future in Region 9, Guyana:

(Get involved and support this exciting arts initiative:



(Supported by The Friends of Villages Museum & Archives Inc., a 501 C 3 non-profit organization in the USA )

Tel: 502-1970 Cell:659-967 – The Museum is currently open Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 1 pm- 5pm.

By Keith Easton– For BFMACC

As we acknowledge “International Museum Day “Wednesday May 18th 2022, the BUXTON / FRIENDSHIP MUSEUM, ARCHIVES & CULTURE CENTER (BFMACC) joins all museums around the world in celebrating another milestone of such an important day which theme is “ The Power of Museums” reflecting on (a), “The power of community building through education.” (b) “The power of innovating on digitalization and accessibility.” (c).”The power of achieving sustainability.”              Continue reading

GUYANA: Government: Auditing of the public accounts: – By Anand Goolsarran

 — What about non-Central Government activities?

In last week’s article, we discussed four of the seven infrastructure development projects financed by the Exim Bank of China that ran into serious difficulties during their execution stages – the Skeldon Sugar Modernisation Project; the One Laptop Per Family Project; the Fibre Optic Cable Project; and the Cheddi Jagan International Airport Project. The first three have failed completely to deliver in terms of their objectives, outputs, outcomes and impacts, thereby encumbering the Guyana’s public debt in the tune of US$115.4 million, with little or nothing to show for the expenditure incurred.

This is in addition to the significant amounts expended as counterpart funding on these projects. In the case of the airport project, the works are still on-going after ten years, with a revised completion date of 20 June 2022. The original construction cost was estimated at US$150 million. This has now been revised to around US$200 million.            Continue reading

GUYANA: POLL: Funded by the US government’s National Endowment for Democracy – three articles

US poll finds political representation on major problems generally poor; youths don’t see a future in Guyana

A United States (US)-funded opinion poll conducted earlier this year shows that cost of living, unemployment and the coronavirus are the biggest problems among Guyanese but elected representatives are not doing sufficient to address them.

The poll, which was conducted for the International Republican Institute (IRI) between January 4 and 24 through face-to-face interviews in the homes of 1,500 Guyanese adults 18 years and older across based on the 2012 census, shows that a mere 2 percent of Guyanese were concerned about the oil sector and 4 percent about crime and security.        Continue reading

Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter for January – March 2022

Here’s the Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter for January – March 2022. In this issue, the Lead Story is:

PUSH TO AID & SUPPORT YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS. Below is a glimpse of the first paragraph:

A collaborative effort between Atlanta-based educator & youth development advocate, Slater Jeffrey, and Buxton/Foulis NDC Vice-Chairman, Oswald Williams, may soon see the injection of millions of dollars into the village’s economy. This will come in the form of cash grants of up to GY$500,000 each to dozens of entrepreneurs who have applied for the stimulus from the Small Business Bureau, an agency within the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce. Of the forty-seven applications duly completed and submitted to the bureau, ten of them have reportedly been fully approved for disbursement of funds so far….

Click on the following link to access the newsletter to read more:         Continue reading

GUYANA: Georgetown: Several parts of city flooded after heavy rain – UPDATED

-taskforce on alert

A section of Subryanville
A section of Subryanville

The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) today said it has received reports that several locations in and around Georgetown are flooded.

As a result, the National Flood Taskforce, the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), the Hydrometeorological Office, relevant Ministries, City Engineers and the Mayor’s Office, all Regional Executive Officers and the CDC are on high alert and are closely monitoring the situation, a CDC release said.      Continue reading

Guyana: Victoria farmers to benefit from emergency drainage works after years of neglect

– works scheduled to commence in next 3-5 days

Victoria Village is located on the Atlantic coast of Guyana, 29 kilometres east of Georgetown and bordered by Cove and John to the west and Belfield to the east. It was the FIRST VILLAGE IN BRITISH GUIANA (GUYANA), to be bought by the combined resources of Africans who had recently won their freedom from slavery. Wikipedia

Dec 25, 2021 – Kaieteur News – Farmers from Victoria Village, a farming community located on the East Coast of Demerara, will soon benefit from a number of much-needed drainage works following years of neglect and underdevelopment.

This is according to a release issued by the Ministry of Agriculture. It noted that during a meeting on Wednesday afternoon, Agriculture Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha told the farmers that most of their drainage woes will soon be behind them in the coming week as emergency works will commence within the next three to five days.      Continue reading

Guyana: Georgetown: Main Street Decorated for The Holiday Season 2021 – Video

Guyana: Georgetown: Main Street Decorated for The Holiday Season 2021 – Video

GPL, Chinese community light up Main Street for Christmas

The Guyana Power and Light (GPL) and the Chinese business community have transformed Main Street  Avenue into a nighttime kaleidoscope of colours for the Christmas Season.

Chief Executive Officer of GPL, Bharat Dindyal told Demerara Waves Online News/ News-Talk Radio Guyana that the Chinese Association of Guyana and Main Street businesses have contributed to the beautification and illumination of the Avenue.        Continue reading

Venezuela: Did the EU Give the Venezuelan Regional Elections a Passing Grade? – Opinion

The first Electoral Observation Mission in 15 years released a preliminary report on the November 21st election. It describes how unfair voting is in Venezuela, but Maduro had assumed this risk 

José Alberto Vargas La Roche | Caracas Chronicles 

The day came and went without any big surprises. The results of the Venezuelan regional and local elections were as expected. Chavismo won at least 19 out of 23 gubernatorial races – with one result still too close to call – and in a majority of municipalities as well, far from surprising for an election organized by an authoritarian regime. Another expected figure was the turnout rate, which represented less than half of the electoral census, the second-lowest turnout since governor and mayor elections are held in Venezuela, confirming the steady decline in participation since the parliamentary elections of 2015. This makes sense in a country where almost 20% of its citizens migrated and most of the people who live there feel increasingly disenchanted with all political parties or are disenfranchised in one way or another.             Continue reading

Guyana: New Players in the Guyanese Sweet Drink Marketplace – By Vibert Cambridge

Stabroek News – By October 3, 2021

Sweet Drink: A Preliminary Exploration of the Social History of Nonalcoholic Carbonated Beverages in Guyana (1870–2020).

Demerara Distilleries Ltd

The early 1990s saw a new player in the Guyanese sweet drink marketplace: Demerara Distilleries Ltd. (DDL). The new company was established in 1983 from the merger of Guyana Distillers Ltd. (GDL) and Diamond Liquors Ltd. (DLL). These companies emerged from the nationalization of the sugar industry and ancillary rum distilleries in 1976.  Guyana Distillers Ltd. was a Bookers Bros. Ltd. company, and Diamond Liquors was owned by Jessels Holdings.

Although the new company’s core business was rum, there was a sweet drink strand in its DNA. At the dawn of the sweet-drink era in British Guiana, one of the early bottlers was Bookers Bros. Ltd., the original proprietors of the Guyana Distillers companies. Another strand comes from Russian Bear, which was produced by the R. M. Wight company.

Continue reading

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