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UK Election debate: Johnson and Corbyn clash over Brexit – BBC News

Photo: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn locked horns over the NHS, Brexit and the Royal Family
  • Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have clashed over Brexit in the first TV election debate of the campaign.
  • Mr Johnson promised to “end this national misery” and said Labour offered “only division and deadlock”.
  • Mr Corbyn said Labour would “get Brexit sorted by giving you, the people, the final say”.
  • The two leaders also locked horns over the NHS, trust and leadership, the future of Scotland – and the Royal Family.


Guyana’s Villages: Pray Tell- What has happened to our Village? – By Yvonne Sam

  – By Yvonne Sam

Way back then during my growing up years, there were many things that Black folks did not have.  Nevertheless, there was one thing that we did have, which replaced and made up for those things we lacked. 

The Black village of yesteryear was not restricted to just family members; essentially any face you saw that looked like yours was most likely a part of the village. Basically everybody looked out for everybody. Although we did not have cell phones, like many people today, we were more connected to the latest updates and happenings in each other lives, than we are now.                  Continue reading

President Granger joins 180th Victoria Village celebrations

… Victoria Village … Guyana’s First Village

President Granger addresses residents

“The Guyanese nation will be forever grateful to Victoria.”
President David Granger made this statement on Saturday evening, as he addressed thousands of East Coast of Demerara residents, at the Victoria Community Centre Ground.

Headlining the village’s commemoration ceremony in honour of the 180th anniversary of its purchase, the Head of State said that long before he became president, he selected the historic day as the National Day of Villages due to the date of its purchase. This was done by way of a parliamentary motion on November 7, 2013, but never assented to or implemented by the then PPP government.            Continue reading

PROFILE: Mayor, City of Georgetown, Guyana – Pandit Ubraj Narine – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

– By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Mayor Ubraj Narine

He is a Hindu priest, twenty-seven years old, and is the Mayor of Georgetown in Guyana. Pandit Ubraj Narine was recently in New York where he met with Guyanese in the diaspora and brought them up to date with his plans for Georgetown.

In another twenty years, Georgetown will become unrecognizable as oil and gas will transform the city into a bustling international center. One of the highlights of Pandit Narine’s visit was his meeting with the Mayor of New York City, Mr. Bill de Blasio. The meeting was to explore ways and means in which  the two cities can benefi t from each other’s resources.

Download: Pandit Ubraj Narine – Mayor of Georgetown

Guyana Police Force needs 600 more ranks – Minister of Public Security

Min of Public Security – Khemraj Ramjattan

“Globalism”: which U.S. President Donald Trump criticizes is a double-edged sword – By Mohamed Hamaludin


In his three addresses to the United Nations, President Donald Trump has increasingly stressed his belief in nativism and his distaste of multilaterialism or “globalism.” It is a theme that plays well with his base.

 “If we are to embrace the opportunities of the future and overcome the present dangers together, “ he said In 2017, “there can be no substitute for strong, sovereign, and independent nations — nations that are rooted in their histories and invested in their destinies; nations that seek allies to befriend, not enemies to conquer; and most important of all, nations that are home to patriots, to men and women who are willing to sacrifice for their countries, their fellow citizens, and for all that is best in the human spirit.”      Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Toshao Chairman upbraids Opposition for disrespecting President Granger

Chairman of the National Toshaos Council (NTC), Nicholas Fredericks

However, while heading to the podium, a small number of opposition leaders refused to stand.          Continue reading

Guyana Politics: I Stand with the Poor: A New Coalition Government must uplift them – Dr. David Hinds


This compartmentalisation has worked against a holistic discourse which in turn inhibits an overarching vision. It occurs both at the level of those who seek to influence government and those who actually govern. It is not that I am against single-issue advocacy, but what is lacking is the linkages between and among those issues—a relationship between the tree and the forest.            Continue reading

Conventional Education and Indigenous people in Guyana – By Felician Medino Abraham

September is Indigenous Heritage Month


September is Indigenous Heritage Month. It is also Education Month. In this column I will reflect on the entry of conventional education through schools in indigenous communities, beginning with colonialism. Schooling was designed to “educate us” into being submissive to a foreign, central authority. The strategy was one of social transformation, but with the intention of introducing radical changes to our indigenous cosmology, since indigenous education in essence is based on social interactions and collective actions.          Continue reading

Guyana: Georgetown City Hall to get tough on dishonest officers – Mayor

Georgetown City Hall

In an effort to make changes to such predicaments, Councillor Heston Bostwick at the most recent statutory meeting proposed a motion for City Council officers being sanctioned for providing to them incorrect information.    Continue reading

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