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Guyanese Patriots with a Passion for Progress — by Francis Quamina Farrier

— by Francis Quamina Farrier

While there are those Guyanese who say openly that they have given up on the country of their birth, there are those who not only “Talk the talk” but certainly “Walk the Walk” in a very positive way. So when last have you walked along the Main Street Avenue in downtown Georgetown and observed the renaissance taking place? There are citizens who are working diligently to make it more and more as pleasant a walk as possible for citizens and tourists as well.

One such citizen is businessman Stanley Ming. “The avenue along Main Street between Middle and New Market Streets, west of the President’s official residence, has become a very popular venue for photography during the year-round celebrations of weddings, anniversaries and special occasions.” noted Stanley Ming, the General Manager of Mings Products and Services Limited.        Continue reading

Local authority tax compliance should be mandatory for business transactions – City Mayor

City Mayor Ubraj Narine.

Jan 10, 2021  – Kaieteur News – City Mayor, Ubraj Narine, has proposed making local authority tax compliance for business transactions as part of efforts to curtail the issue with businesses defaulting on payment of rates and taxes.

During a press briefing at City Hall on Friday, Narine explained that the proposal is to help give the various Councils some sort of authority and leverage to collect their dues. He noted that the problem with rates and tax collection is a universal one in the various local authority districts. The issue has resulted in the municipality losing billions in revenue.    Continue reading



What happened when an island with few infections let its guard down


Barracuda, blue marlin and red snapper were for sale before Christmas at Millie Ifill fish market, but only to those who observed pandemic protocol: “No Mask No Service”, said a large sign. Local discipline and tests on travellers kept COVID-19 cases in Barbados to a trickle. After a lockdown, bars and boutiques were doing brisk business. Reservations at restaurants such as the Fish Pot at Little Good Harbour were becoming hard to get. Locals said the island was in its own little bubble.        Continue reading

GUYANA: Georgetown Under Water from Heavy Rains- ” Like Never Before” – VIDEO

GUYANA: Georgetown Under Water from Heavy Rains- ” Like Never Before” – Video

Drive with me through the streets of Georgetown and see the effects of the flooding. Also see an aerial view of the city of Georgetown.

Guyanese Online: Editor’s Note:            

For over 200 years Demerara was a Dutch colony, along with Essequibo and Berbice. They designed  sturdy sea defences, and built a series of canals to drain the land after heavy rains. Their canal systems were inherited by the British after 1814 when the Dutch colonies were ceded to Britain creating British Guiana. However, over the last 200 years, many of the canals were filled in to make roads or are not properly maintained to ensure optimum drainage.        Continue reading

GUYANA: Georgetown businesses count millions in losses after severe flooding


An employee cleans up water from a store (News Room)

Businesses in Georgetown are counting millions of dollars losses, as well as an interruption to business, due to severe flooding from intense rainfall on Wednesday.

Up until Thursday, businesses were still trying to get rid of accumulated water and see what goods and materials can be salvaged.  Residents of Georgetown also suffered major losses and damages to their homes. Continue reading

GUYANA: Harmon promises `serious resistance’ if Local Gov’t Elections not held next year

Joseph Harmon


Leader of the Opposition Joseph Harmon today said that there will be “serious resistance” by the APNU+AFC coalition if Local Government Elections (LGE) are not held next year as mandated by law.

“…..Local Government Elections must be held so that communities can choose their leaders. Since the APNU+AFC came into office in 2015, we had two Local Government Elections in 2016 and 2018. The next LGE is due in 2021,” Harmon said.          Continue reading

Guyana: Georgetown: Stabroek Redevelopment Project Proposal – Video

City Council unveils five-year Stabroek redevelopment proposal

THE STABROEK MARKET REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT – was launched today, 18 August 2020. The Mayor and Councillors of Georgetown gave the green light for the project.

The execution of this project will result in the beautification of the Stabroek Market area and will boost local tourism in the surrounding environs, being that the market is a National Landmark and an integral part of Guyana’s history.          Continue reading

Emancipation Day 2020 – Message from President David Granger

Emancipation Day 2020 – Message from President David Granger

President Granger and First Lady, Sandra Granger

CANADA: Ten positive things that have come out of the COVID-19 pandemic – blogTO

CANADA: Positive Outcomes due to the COVID-19 pandemic

It’s difficult to see a potential silver lining from the devastating COVID-19 pandemic that’s been wreaking havoc around the world, and here in Canada. But amid the chaos and disaster, there have already been a few positives.

Here are some good things that have come out of COVID-19 in Canada that will hopefully stick once the pandemic is over.

1. Acts of kindness are trending              Continue reading

Beautiful Guyana – By Geoff Burrowes + 3 Videos

By Geoff Burrowes

Recently, my old friend Jai Naipaul made a very profound remark. He does from time to time – though not as often as he thinks!

        We became friends on the hatch of the MV Mabiri while we were waiting for the Demerara tide to turn so we could dock. We were 15 years old at the time and were returning from the Jubilee Jamboree in England, and Georgetown was so near and yet so far, until the tide came in! Jai and a scout called Edwin Moses and I had a good gaff and we found kindred spirits in one another! Hence our friendship, thousands of miles north in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 63 years later!         Continue reading