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American Airlines begins service to Guyana

Fashion: High Heels—To Wear or To Fear?- By Yvonne Sam

Appearing Tall—Poised for the Fall and the Sexist History behind it all

By Yvonne Sam

Let’s get it right, from the start coming straight from the heart.  I do not hate high heels, but instead abhor the idea that they are seen as indicators of female elegance when in my experience the vast majority of females find them extremely painful and hobbling.

Learning to walk in heels is a rite of passage for many women and can be an untrustworthy road paved with broken heels, sore feet, and unexpected tumbles. And on first learning to walk in heels first learning you tend to look like a baby giraffe taking its first steps.      Continue reading

USA: A Fate Worse Than Slavery, Unearthed in Sugar Land – By Brent Staples – New York Times

Bodies of sugar cane workers recently discovered in Texas reveal gruesome details about the convict leasing system.

Brent Staples

By Brent StaplesMr. Staples is a member of the editorial board. – New York Times

The blood-drenched history that gave the city of Sugar Land, Texas., its name showed its face earlier this year, when a school construction crew discovered the remains of 95 African-Americans whose unmarked graves date back more than a century. The dead — some of whom may have been born in slavery — are victims of the infamous convict leasing system that arose after Emancipation. Southerners sought to replace slave labor by jailing African-Americans on trumped-up charges and turning them over to, among others, sugar cane plantations in the region once known as the Sugar Bowl of Texas    Continue reading

Headlines: News Americas – November 16. 2018

November 16. 2018

Continue reading

Ontario Is Begging For Skilled Trade Workers And Is Looking To Give Free Education

Ontario Is Begging For Skilled Trade Workers And Is Looking To Give Free Education To Get 1,200 People In The Workforce

It’s the perfect time to make a career switch and learn a new trade.

While some people head to university for good career prospects, there is another way to make a good living in Canada without having to rack up school debt. If you’re someone who likes to get their hands dirty then it may be time to start exploring your options working in a skilled trade.

Right now, Ontario is looking to send 1,200 Ontarians into apprenticeship programs absolutely free because the province is in need of more specialized workers. Tradespeople are workers who specialize in a particular field that requires work experience, on-the-job training, and some formal education.


Healthcare delivery to be decentralized across Guyana

Healthcare delivery to be decentralized across Guyana

Participants at the two-day workshop

The Regional Services Department of the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) in hosting its final capacity-building workshop for 2018, sought to educate Regional Health Officers (RHOs) on decentralizing healthcare delivery across Guyana.

The exercise, which ran for two days from October 31, was designed for RHOs, medical superintendents and other senior medical personnel across the region. The workshop ran under the theme “Collaboratively, we build a resilient healthcare system that is acceptable, accessible, timely and appropriate to meet the needs of every person in Guyana”.    Continue reading

Govt takes control of Berbice River Bridge….. in light of “threat to public safety”

Govt takes control of Berbice Bridge in light of “threat to public safety”

Berbice River Bridge. Guyana

The Government of Guyana decided to take control of the Berbice Bridge from yesterday. Thus, the Berbice Bridge Company Inc. (BBCI) will no longer have jurisdiction to try to impose “unconscionable” increases on the people of Guyana.

This was made known by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MPI) via a missive it released to the media early yesterday.
The Ministry noted that the government and the BBCI have been engaged in a public dispute regarding a unilateral announcement on October 16, 2018 by BBCI to impose “draconian” toll increases at the Berbice River Bridge.   Continue reading

Artificial intelligence will change the nature of Caribbean tourism

Artificial intelligence will change the nature of Caribbean tourism

David Jessop

By David Jessop

Among the extraordinary technological advances that will take place globally over the next decade, the most potent for the Caribbean may be artificial intelligence (AI).

This is because its rapid introduction into almost every commercial aspect of tourism means that it will change fundamentally the relationship between visitors, destinations and profitability.

AI is fast becoming a pervasive business tool for those who sell travel, vacations, and services to visitors.        Continue reading


Guyana: There are jobs but the takers are few – By ADAM HARRIS

Guyana was once a country of carpenters, masons and other artisans. These people were in such number that the Caribbean countries reached out to them for their skills. Barbados, in particular, attracted numerous skilled Guyanese, to the extent that when the Barbados government clamped down on illegal Guyanese, their construction sector suffered.

To a man, Barbados acknowledged that Guyanese were among the most skilled in the region. I suspect that there has been a relaxation of the clampdown, because I am not hearing too many complaints from the Barbados construction sector.

However, this past week, there was the announcement that Guyana is desperately short of these very skilled artisans. Imagine, from the days when carpenters were a dime a dozen and masons could be found at every corner, Guyana is now complaining.      Continue reading

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