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– By Geoff Burrowes

They rode down from the low hills toward a long fringe of trees, through which, there was a glimpse of sparkling water!

The savannah stretched away in the distance as far as the eye could see, interrupted only by the savannah islands, unexpected outcroppings, that were as large as mountains, forested on their slopes and breaking the monotony of the flat grasslands.      Continue reading

VIDEO: Take a Break– Listen to the Birds – Enjoy each day!!

We are living in stressful and uncertain times…. Take a break and “Listen to the Birds!” .. Enjoy!!!

GUYANA: Wha Mo Yo Want?!! – By Eric Matthews

GUYANA: Wha Mo Yo Want?!! – By Eric Matthews

Just  sun,  an’  more  sun,  an’  rain,  an’  more  rain,

An’ mud  an’ slush,  an’ sandy  beaches,  an’  northeast  trades,

An’  a  hundred  waterfalls,  an’  rapids,  an’  rivers,  an’  creeks,

Black,  fresh,  muddy,  slow,  swift- flowing,

All heading  fo’  de  Atlantic.

Cool  mountains,  dark  starry  night  skies,  an’  wide  open  savannahs,

Rich  earth,  virgin,  pristine  forests.

Wha’  mo’yo’  want?  Everytingyo’  want  deh  hay!

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SHORT STORY: GUYANA: Incident In A Jungle Path – By Ted Eric Matthews

By  Ted  Eric  Matthews

We arrived at Kurupung Creek Mouth at about 5.00 pm.

River sounds and jungle shadows, semi-dark and mottled undergrowth, shimmering leaves, all seemingly playing with the fading patterns of the late afternoon sunlight on vines, on the barks of tree trunks, on everything botanic. River and jungle sounds were all around us, enveloping, pulling us into the dark, heaviness of the unfamiliar, the spirit of the forests, and of the mountains; the spirit of the “bush,” the pull of the “interior.”      Continue reading

GUYANA: “Millie” – The Swearing Parrot on a Postage Stamp – #philately video

The Swearing Parrot on a Postage Stamp – #philately

A swearing parrot gets kicked out of Canada’s World Expo because of its foul language, only to be immortalized on a set of postage stamps in Guyana. Learn about the fascinating story of Millie the macaw in this episode of #philately

UPDATE: A viewer found more information on what happened to Millie: https://exploringstamps.files.wordpre…

Links: Episode on New York Worlds Fairs… Learn about Expo 67 The deportation of Millie…the macaw… The Bilingual Cussbird… Was Millie a bilingual macaw or a bilingual parrot?…

Guyana: Tourism Awareness Month – Tour Specials

 As we celebrate Tourism Awareness Month under the theme “Preparing for a New Frontier – Stimulating Innovation within the Tourism Sector”, it is important that we recognise the innovative ways that our sector has undertaken to regenerate and rebuild amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

This resilience, aided by extensive support from the Guyana Tourism Authority has since yielded impressive results. To date, 53 tourism businesses have been granted conditional approvals for reopening and can now welcome travellers and guests to their establishments safely. Of these, several have carefully crafted tour packages in recognition of Tourism Awareness Month. These packages can be found on the GTA’s Facebook page under the album titled “Tourism Awareness Month 2021 Special Tour Packages”.            Continue reading

Video: Animal love .. Relax and enjoy them as they play

Venezuela: How to Briefly Explain Venezuela to an American Audience – Pedro Graterol | Caracas Chronicles

 After going through several stages of migratory grief, I’ve learned some useful things during my experiences talking about my country 

Pedro Graterol | Caracas Chronicles

A couple of weeks ago, I was profoundly moved by a piece written by Nai Gonzalez in Caracas Chronicles. Nai described the dissonance and pain that she felt when she lost her uncle in Venezuela after a long battle with cancer, amid the difficulties that dealing with an oncology patient in Venezuela brings. This pain only increased when she saw a daycare in San Francisco that hailed the Bolivarian revolution as a noble cause rather than the movement responsible for the biggest crisis in Venezuelan history.

As I was sitting at my desk at my job, I found myself forwarding the story to my friends. To Venezuelans abroad because it captured a familiar feeling and to Americans because it illustrated a common yet devastating reality. The reality that Venezuelans abroad face when hearing others talking about our country in a way that dilutes the reality and pain of our crisis.           

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Comedy: Video: Cats and Dogs — Have a Laugh!

Comedy: Video: Cats and Dogs — Have a Laugh!

Guyana Ex-Police Association of Canada (GEPAC) Annual Remembrance Brunch via Zoom – November 7. 2021 – 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Subject: Invitation to Guyana Ex-Police Association of Canada (GEPAC)

Annual Remembrance Brunch via Zoom

Date: November 7, 2021 – Time: 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

The Guyana Ex-Police Association of Canada (GEPAC) would like to share an afternoon of appreciation with you and members of your esteemed organization at our Annual Remembrance Brunch via Zoom.

 Please see attached flyer for more details.


READ MORE: GEPAC 2021 Brunch invitee letter flyer

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