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WORLD– Former slaving-owning nations getting reparations bills for trillions – By Mohamed Hamaludin

By MOHAMED HAMALUDIN – Final installment in a series

The African continent has sent Europe a $777 trillion reparations bill for enslaving 32 million of its people between 1450 and 1850 and theft of its minerals. The demand came during the first conference of the African World Reparations and Repatriation Truth Commission, held in Accra, Ghana. The Accra Declaration called for the debt to be paid within five years and also that African nations’ international debt be “unconditionally cancelled.”

The demand, made 21 years ago, has not been met. However, additional claims for reparations have also been made, including, in some cases, for the atrocities committed under colonialism. The Mau Mau in Kenya won a lawsuit in 2013 against the British government in a case filed by five elderly persons for torture and forced labor, Quartz Africa’s Lynsey Chutel reported. The court ordered the British government to pay $24.8 million to 5,000 Kenyans; another 40,000 filed a similar lawsuit.          Continue reading

Commentary: Two Decades since 9/11- by Francis Quamina Farrier

— By: Francis Quamina Farrier
Times does fly, and September 11, 2021 is 20 years since the horrific tragedy of 9/11 in New York city in which 25 Guyanese perished when terrorists hijacked two commercial airplanes and crashed them into the World Trade Center Twin Towers in lower Manhattan, New York city. Another Guyanese lost his life when another hijacked plane was crashed into the Pentagon in Virginia. With that number of victims and with the small population of Guyana, our country actually lost the highest number of citizens per capita.
The total number of victims that day as officially recorded as 2,977. The percentage of the Guyana loss on that fateful day is something most Guyanese are unaware of, and certainly most of the rest of the world. Sister Commonwealth country, Canada, also lost 24 citizens as Guyana did in that horrific incident; however, Canada had a population of 31 million at the time of the 9/11 terrorists’ attacks, while Guyana had a population of only about 740,000.

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WAR and CONFLICT: Another One Bites the Dust in Afghanistan – Opinion

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Another One Bites the Dust

For the better part of three thousand years, the bleak yet beautiful land we now call Afghanistan has enticed, entrapped, and ultimately humiliated one ambitious conquering power after another.  The United States of America is merely the latest in a long list of hubristic nations to see its vainglorious pretensions laid low by Afghanistan’s daunting terrain and deadly history. 

 As the last Americans on the ground scurry to escape before the curtain finally drops on a twenty-year, two trillion-dollar war, we leave behind nothing but blood and ignominy.  Thousands of Afghans who believed our promises have been betrayed.  Thousands of American families, whose daughters and sons were told they were fighting for a noble purpose, will be left with nothing but flag-draped coffins.  Friends and foes around the world  will see in this debacle dispositive proof — as if any more were needed — that the United States is neither the great power it pretends to be nor the trustworthy ally it claims to be.      Continue reading

SEA DEFENCE: How The Dutch Reclaim Land and Build Sea Walls – 2 videos

The Sea Wall That Saved a Nation- Video #1

This 32-kilometre sea wall saved an entire country from flooding. Now it’s getting a super-sized upgrade. Discover how –   The project team are using 2020s technology to upgrade a 1920s sea wall – …Full story here –…

—   Video #2 Below:   

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GUYANA: Plane crash lands in swamp at Eccles backlands on way to Ogle Airport


– Pilot thanks God for life as passengers escape with minor injuries

Some of the rescuers on the scene

Aug 15, 2021 – Kaieteur News – A pilot, Learie Barclay, yesterday thanked God for life after the aircraft he was piloting with a co-pilot and three passengers onboard, experienced some mechanical difficulties and crash landed in a swamp located at the Eccles Backlands, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

The plane Barclay was piloting, a Britten Norman Trislander owned by Roraima Airways, had reportedly experienced mechanical difficulties as it was approaching the Ogle Airport after returning from a trip to Imbaimadai, Region Seven.          Continue reading

CLIMATE: Humans Have Pushed The Climate Into ‘Unprecedented’ Territory – Analysis

 Brady Dennis and Sarah Kaplan | The Washington Post 

More than three decades ago, a collection of scientists assembled by the United Nations first warned that humans were fueling a dangerous greenhouse effect and that if the world didn’t act collectively and deliberately to slow Earth’s warming, there could be “profound consequences” for people and nature alike.


That same body — the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — described how humans have altered the environment at an “unprecedented” pace and detailed how catastrophic impacts lie ahead unless the world rapidly and dramatically cuts greenhouse gas reductions.    Continue reading

Global food supplies will suffer as temperatures rise – climate crisis report

Politicians around world continue to respond to report from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Wheat harvesting season in Ghaziabad, India. When heat and humidity is high, people cannot work safely in the fields.
Wheat harvesting season in Ghaziabad, India. When heat and humidity is high, people cannot work safely in the fields. Photograph: Pradeep Gaur/SOPA Images/REX/Shutterstock
— Tue 10 Aug 2021- THE GUARDIAN
Food production around the world will suffer as global heating reaches 1.5C, with serious effects on the food supply in the next two decades, scientists have warned, following the biggest scientific report yet on the climate crisis.


Rising temperatures will mean there will be more times of year when temperatures exceed what crops can stand, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, in its sixth assessment report published on Monday.



USA: California Faces Extreme to Exceptional Drought…Yet Again – by Rosaliene Bacchus

New post on Three Worlds One Vision

I was so consumed with the COVID-19 pandemic that I paid no attention to the lack of rainfall in the early months of 2020 and 2021. To tell the truth, I enjoyed the dry winter months. I got to spend more time gardening. Cold and damp days kill the joy of being outdoors. Then, on May 10, California Governor Newsom grabbed my attention when he placed 41 counties, 30 percent of our state’s population, under a drought state of emergency.


GUYANA: Close to 90 percent of Nation’s crops and livestock destroyed by floods – Agri. Minister

GUYANA: Education and the COVID-19 Pandemic – Stabroek News Editorial

Stabroek News

By EDITORIAL –       

One of the consequences of Covid is the widening of the gap between the affluent and the poor, a problem which applies to developed countries as much as developing ones. But nowhere is inequality between the groups more evident than in the area of education.  Children from better-off families as well as those whose parents are professionals or semi-professionals will emerge from the pandemic less disadvantaged than those of their peers who do not have this kind of family background. A Dutch study for example found that learning loss during the period of the coronavirus was more than 50% greater for children who had poorly educated parents.          Continue reading