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Belgian mercenary admitted the killing of UN’s Dag Hammarskjöld in 1961

Emma Graham-Harrison, Andreas Rocksen and Mads Brügger | The Guardian

  • Man accused of shooting down UN Chief: ‘Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to…’
  • Exclusive research reveals that a British-trained Belgian mercenary admitted the killing of Dag Hammarskjöld in 1961

Jan van Risseghem was only a teenager when his mother ordered him to flee Nazi-occupied Belgium for her native England with his brother Maurice. After hiding in a convent, and an epic journey across the war-torn continent, they reached safety in Portugal, then took a ship north.

Once in England, the pair signed up with the Belgian resistance, and with the help of an uncle enrolled for flight training with the RAF, a decision that shaped not just their war, but the rest of their lives.   Continue reading

UN Warns: More Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants Expected in Region

Brace for more Venezuelans U.N urges scaled up support in Guyana, other Caribbean countries

…plan seeks to provide financial assistance

Venezuela – Click to enlarge

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency estimates that a Caribbean response in 2019 will cost at minimum US $34M based on the projection that the refugee and migrant population from Venezuela will grow to around 222,000 by the end of 2019 with irregular arrivals expected to continue.        Continue reading

The fire in Paradise. California: From natural disaster to social catastrophe – commentary -By David Brown…  

The basic obstacle to addressing the social causes of catastrophes like that in Northern California is the capitalist system, which subordinates all of economic life to the interests of the corporate and financial elite. There is not a single social problem, including the need for massive investment in social infrastructure, that can be solved without a frontal attack on the wealth of the ruling elite.

The US state of California has been devastated by the most destructive and deadliest wildfires in the state’s history. While wildfires, like hurricanes, are rooted in natural causes, the horrific consequences are the product of corporate malfeasance and government neglect. Continue reading

40 YEARS SINCE JONESTOWN – By Dmitri Allicock


[November 18, 1978]

By Dmitri Allicock


 Twas Guyana’s jungle on this day in November

Horror of Jonestown, sorrowfully remembered

Forty years since Jim Jones, a disciple of death

And here, 914 people, drew their final breath

. Continue reading

“Revolutionary Suicide”: Remembering the Jonestown Massacre – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Aerial view of Paradise off of Clark Road – Camp Fire, Northern California
November 15, 2018
Photo Credit: San Francisco Examiner (Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times)

As California burns and super-storms ravage our southern and eastern coastal states, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Reverend Jim Jones and the People’s Temple. Today, November 18th, is the fortieth anniversary of the mass murder-suicide of 916 Americans at the People’s Temple Agricultural Project at Jonestown in the northwest forested region of Guyana.

The 276 dead American children had no choice.

Teacher with Children Singing – Jonestown – Guyana
Photo Credit: California Digital Library

Victim of his own megalomania and alternate reality, the Pentecostal leader coerced his followers into ingesting cyanide-laced, grape-flavored Flavor Aid.

“Revolutionary suicide,” the Reverend Jim Jones called his final, defiant act.

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World Wars: Indians in the trenches: voices of forgotten army are finally to be heard

1.5 million fought with the British and 34,000 died. Now their sacrifice in the face of prejudice is being recognised

Indian soldiers serving with the British army make camp in 1916.
PHOTO:  Indian soldiers serving with the British army make camp in 1916. Photograph: Getty

They were the forgotten voices of the first world war: 1.5 million men, mostly illiterate villagers from northern India, fighting under the command of colonial masters who repaid their bravery and sacrifices with brutality and prejudice.

More Indians fought with the British from 1914 to 1918 than the combined total of Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and South African troops. Some 34,000 Indian soldiers were killed on battlefields in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. But the part they played in the war has been largely whitewashed from history.


Guyana: Jonestown tragedy remains a cautionary tale 40 years later – By Mohamed Hamaludin

Jonestown was in the Northwest District of Guyana, located between Port Kaituma and Matthews Ridge.

I don’t believe I ever met the Rev. Jim Jones in person but the story of the man who established the Peoples Temple of Love in Indiana in 1955, relocated his followers to a South American jungle, then led more than 950 men, women and children to their deaths on Saturday, Nov. 18, 1978, continues to haunt me 40 years later.

Claiming political and media persecution, Jones moved his followers — more than three in four African American — from San Francisco to my native Guyana, believing it to be among the safest places for radiation fallout in the supposedly coming nuclear war. The Guyana government, fearing invasion by nearby Venezuela over a border dispute, saw advantage in having an American presence in the disputed territory.       Continue reading

GUYANA: Fly Jamaica Plane crash at CJIA – By Cyril Bryan, Editor. Guyanese Online – passenger …UPDATED

Fly Jamaica Plane crash at CJIA Guyana on November 9, 2018Add Location
– By Cyril Bryan – (Passenger on the plane)
I am the publisher and editor of Guyanese Online, a blog that gives free advertising to Guyanese organizations worldwide.
I was in Guyana reporting on the work of CANGO – see  Regular Reports are on the CANGO FaceBook Page
Editor’s Note: I(Cyril Bryan), was on this plane on my way to Toronto from Guyana after spending three weeks with the CANGO Medical Mission to Indigenous Guyanese in the Pomeroon (Region 1) and Moruca (Region 2) areas of Guyana.

 ————- Here it is  my report ———–            

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GUYANA: Fly Jamaica plane crash-lands at Cheddi Jagan International Airport – UPDATED

Fly Jamaica flight to Toronto crash lands at airport in Guyana

Buxton-Friendship Heritage Fund – Autumn Sizzle – Brooklyn NY – October 7, 2018

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