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Reds Perreira – A Guyanese Stalwart in the Sports Arena – By Dave Martins + video


Following my frequent exhortations for us in Guyana to tell the story of stalwarts among us as useful knowledge for our young people, I’m doing my own bit for one of them, the well-known sports commentator and organiser Reds Perreira, or the Pomeroon Man as I often refer to him.

We are family – his mother Claudia is a daughter of my father Joseph Francis Martins, from his first marriage, prior to his marrying my mother, Zepherina Barcellos, after his first wife passed on – but that is not in play in spotlighting Reds who is genuinely one of Guyana’s stalwarts for his stellar work in Caribbean sports over the years. Living now in St. Lucia, he was recently honoured by the West Indies Cricket Board for his 50 years of contribution, with 150 cricket commentary broadcasts, and the column below on Reds is totally in Reds’ own words – I am simply the conduit.

Looking Back: The Game Of Cricket – By Reds Perreira        Continue reading

Georgetown Guyana: Albouystown Christmas Nostalgia – By Peter Halder +2 videos

Albouystown Christmas Nostalgia – By Peter Halder

Growing up on Non Pareil Street, Albouystown, Georgetown in Guyana, in the 1940s Christmas was indeed the most wonderful time of the year. It was not just the greatest holiday but a season that lasted from Christmas Eve into the New Year. It was hustle and bustle for moms and dads but for children, it was jolly, merry, and festive with lots to eat and drink.

In Albouystown in the 1940, two weeks before Christmas Day, a Masquerade Band began to tune up and practice in Padmore yard, near where we lived. Members of the band were from Plaisance village on East  Coast Demerara.

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Buxton Friendship Express Newsletter – November 2019

Published by Buxton-Friendship Heritage Fund, Inc.
We are pleased to share with you the November 2019 issue of our monthly newsletter: The Buxton-Friendship Express. You may download your copy from the following link to access it:
Best regards,
Lorna Campbell. Editor
Buxton-Friendship Express <

Students serve Caribbean cuisine at industry showcase in NYC

By Tangerine Clarke
Kat Taveras, program manager for Food Education Fund, a non-profit, (forefront) with students, after lunch at the Food & Finance School showcase in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC
Eleventh grade students of Food & Finance High School, a culinary-arts institution, served fine Caribbean style cooking, on Thursday, Nov. 21, to impress top restaurateurs, at a showcase in the school’s Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan location.                Continue reading

GIHR Online Newsletter – December 2019 + GIHR 2020 Calendar

Download Newsletter: GIHR Online News December 2019

Download: Guyana Institute of Historical Research 2020 Calendar

Guyana SPEAKS: Bourda Bazaar – London UK – 8th December 2019 (11am-4pm)

Dear Friends,

The Guyana SPEAKS year comes to a close with our third Bourda Bazaar.  This event offers a unique opportunity to shop Guyanese-style, and nostalgically draws its inspiration from Bourda Market in Georgetown, Guyana.  Traditional Guyanese foods and drinks, hot and cold, will be on sale along with adult and children’s books (many heavily discounted), arts and crafts, creams and oils, jewellery and clothes and much, much, more.          Continue reading

Short Story: Roses on the Atlantic for a Flower from Guyana – By Bertrand Ramcharan


By Bertrand Ramcharan

They had traversed the Atlantic half a century earlier, from Guyana to London, in pursuit of higher education. They had both obtained doctorates from British universities, and their only son had also received a doctorate in Switzerland. They had been a happy family, and she was the inspiration: beautiful in mind and body, beautiful in honour, and gracious in personality. Such a lovely person.

And now, half a century later, she had been called to heaven. And he was again on the Atlantic, but this time alone. And he thought of her; much. What a gem of a person she had been. She had been his strength, his anchor, his solace.  Continue reading

Business Minister switches on the 60-foot Rahaman Christmas Tree to start the season

Christmas Tree at the Rahaman’s Park Triangle

Rahaman’s 60ft Christmas Tree stands bright!

DPI, Guyana, Friday, November 29, 2019

Joyfully ushering in the season of Christmas on Friday evening was Minister of Business, Hon. Haimraj Rajkumar, who happily switch on the lights to the 60-foot Rahaman Christmas Tree.

The amazing scene was witnessed by scores of commuters and children gathered at the Rahaman’s Park Triangle, on the East Bank of Demerara.

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Guyana Christian Charities Canada (GCC): Valentine Dinner/ Dance – Toronto – February 15. 2020

Profile: Thanksgiving, Unity and Gratitude! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

– By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to show gratitude. It costs nothing to be nice and to show appreciation. The power of nice has been recognized from time immemorial and in today’s society it is needed more than ever. As we sit and stare blankly at a screen or text or surf for endless hours how about doing something nice to others?

Councilman Eric Ulrich decided to do something to bring cheer to others. Last year, he organized a free Thanksgiving Day dinner for the less privileged. It was held at the Arabella Castle in Ozone Park NY. It turned out to be a great success. Councilman Ulrich said at the time, ‘The holidays can be stressful or sad or lonely for some people. There are some people that have nowhere to go. I wanted them to spend Thanksgiving with me.’

READ MORE: PROFILE – Thanksgiving, Unity and Gratitude!

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