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U.S.A — Florida’s Home Insurance – homeowners lose insurance battle – By Mohamed Hamaludin

U.S.A. — As Florida governor, Legislature wage culture war, homeowners lose insurance battle


It sometimes starts simply. Someone knocks on a homeowner’s door, offers to inspect the roof and often follows up with the paperwork to file a claim. In some cases, the roof is not even checked but the homeowner is told a replacement is necessary. All that remains is to sign an “assignment of benefits” or ABS form, handing over the project to the contractor. If the insurance company rejects the claim, a lawsuit is threatened or filed, even without the homeowner’s consent. Faced with the possibility of hefty legal costs, the insurance company pays up.

Welcome to the Florida property insurance crisis. This is how bad it is, based on information which Gov. Ron DeSantis’s office and several news outlets have provided:            Continue reading

GUYANA: Diaspora – to come or not to come back to Guyana

May 14, 2022 Editorial – Kaieteur News

Guyana’s President is reported to have said that the diaspora must not be “lazy” in taking advantage of the rich opportunities and sweet promises offered by this country. Quite a few members of the widely scattered Guyanese diaspora, largely concentrated in America and Canada, have contemplated whether to return to Guyana, or to stay where they are, and keep building on the foundations that they have erected for themselves.

On the other hand, some Guyanese have actually taken the plunge and retraced their steps to take up permanent residence in the land of their birth, their memories, their love. Still, the challenge lingers for many, regarding whether they should heed the national leader’s call, and make the move back to their homeland.          Continue reading

ASSOCIATION: Guyana Association of Georgia (GAOG) – Events – May 2022

From: Guyana Association of Georgia (GAOG)

Please post the attached flyers under upcoming events, in the chronological order listed below:

  • 2022 Flag raising ceremony – 5/26/2022
  • 2022 Guyana Association of Georgia – Welcome Party – 5/27/2022 – PDF File
  • 2022 Guyana Association of Georgia – Annual Family Fun Day – 5/29/2022
  • GAOG Last Lap – 5/30/2022. – PDF file
  • Information about the Guyana Association of Georgia

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ASSOCIATION: CIMBUX 31st Anniversary Souse Party – Latham. MD- July 2. 2022


Greetings Everyone:

CIMBUX.INC welcomes you to a fresh start. The past 3 years were a stress test for all of us as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some of us have lost close relatives and friends.              Continue reading

USA: COVID: I Read The Mask Mandate Court Decision So You Don’t Have To – By Lucian K. Truscott IV

This is why “conservatives” have wanted to control the judiciary

KN95 Mask

Lucian K. Truscott IV 

I had to take two ibuprofen followed quickly by two naproxen sodium for the headache that set in only three pages into the decision by the federal court judge striking down the CDC’s public transportation mask mandate, and still there is a spot between and just above my eyes that feels like somebody drove a nail into it.

Here is the problem, if you want to boil a 59-page decision full of them into just one:  The Judge, a Trump appointee only eight years out of law school named Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, is myopic.

Presented with a case involving a regulation written by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the judge manages to spell out the full name of the federal agency in the suit only once, in the first paragraph of the decision, and then she proceeds to treat the case like she’s dealing with the department of sanitation.            Continue reading

Blossoms of Guyana – Charity Bike Ride and 5K Walk – Register Now – Sunday May 15. 2022

Blossoms of Guyana – Charity Bike Ride & 5K Walk – College Park, MD

Register Now —Registration fee $25.00

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GUYANA: Profile: Lyndon O. Barton: Buxtonian Solves Age-Old Problem of Geometry

  Photo: Lyndon O. Barton

For background, the historical significance of this paper lies in the fact that besides being rooted in antiquity (around 250 B.C.), it was, until now, one of the three unsolvable problems of Geometry -the other two being the doubling of a cube and the squaring of a circle. Now that Lyndon has solved the trisection problem, it is no longer one of the unsolvable problems of Geometry.

Guyana-born Lyndon O. Barton, author of Mechanism AnalysisSimplified Graphical and Analytical Techniques 1st and 2nd Editions (a textbook written for mechanical engineers and students of mechanical engineering) has recently published a research paper entitled, “A Procedure for Trisecting an Acute Angle.”  The procedure sets forth the construction of an angle that is exactly one-third of any acute angle (less than 90-degrees) in a finite number of steps, using only an unmarked straightedge and a compass.

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Buxton Heritage Fund: Bar-B-Que Lime – Howard Beach, NY – June 25, 2022

FUNDRAISER: Pre Mothers Day Dinner and Gala: Brooklyn. NY – May 7. 2022

NEW YORK: Hundreds of excluded workers shut down Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges

Hundreds of excluded workers march for improve benefits on Brooklyn Bridge.
Hundreds of excluded workers and elected representatives came together on Tuesday March 08, in massive marches over the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges to raise the heat for an additional $3 billion for the Excluded Workers Fund in the State budget and a permanent program dubbed “Excluded No More” to provide compensation to workers who have lost a job or income and are ineligible for unemployment insurance.

Workers in helmets, vests, cleaning supplies and other work tools linked arms to shut down the bridges as the deadline approaches for the State Senate and Assembly to release their one-house budgets.            Continue reading

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