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US POLITICS: Dan Rather comments on President Donald Trump and the US Elections 2020

Dan Rather

Dan Rather, 88, says we are in ‘a moment of reckoning unlike any I have seen in my lifetime’

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather has become a beloved voice of reason, knowledge, and experience for many Americans on social media the past few years. At 88, Rather has seen more than most of us, and as a journalist, he’s had a front row seat as modern history has played out. He combines that lifetime of experience and perspective with an eloquence that hearkens to a time when eloquence mattered, he called us to our common American ideals with his book “What Unites Us,” and he comforts many of is with his repeated message to stay “steady” through the turmoil the U.S. has been experiencing.

All of that is to say, when Dan Rather sounds the alarm, you know we’ve reached a critical historical moment.                   Continue reading

Guyana, ExxonMobil about to ink Payara oil well approval

— Hefty fines for flaring, dumping untreated water

Guyana is on the verge of signing an agreement with ExxonMobil for its Payara Development Plan that would provide for hefty fines for flaring and the dumping of untreated water back into the sea, Minister of Natural Resources Vickram Bharrat said Friday.

He told News-Talk Radio Guyana 103.1 FM/Demerara Waves Online News that the actual fines were still under discussion and would be ironed out before the draft agreement is approved by Cabinet and make way for its signing.

“We have managed to negotiate on a number of environmental issues…..flaring will carry a fine. Water will have to be treated to international standard before dumping. I think we have a better agreement than Liza,” he said.          Continue reading

GUYANA: A new conversation for Guyana’s Indigenous People – Stabroek News Editorial


Umana Yana Building

Umana Yana Building, Main St. Georgetown., built by the Wai Wai

It is never easy for an Indigenous population to preserve its culture in the context of a dominant society whose language, economy and social structure are quite different.

It was easier in the days when there was a greater geographical divide between coastlanders and the Indigenous people, because the latter were largely based in the interior, and the former, who for the most part were located on the littoral, were less prone to intrude into the regions beyond it than they are now.              Continue reading

OIL: COVID-19 Pandemic crushes Guyana’s dreams of big oil profits

— ‘Resource curse’ looms over oil-producing nations

From The Conversation – Research professor, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with Guyana’s president, Mohamed Irfaan Ali, Sept. 18. Pompeo is the first U.S. secretary of state to visit Guyana. AFP via Getty Images

This year was supposed to bring great things for Guyana.

ExxonMobil discovered massive oil deposits off the South American country’s Caribbean coast in 2015, and Guyana sold its first cargo of crude oil this February. As production ramps up, its first stage offshore wells were projected to produce 750,000 barrels a day by 2025, tripling the size of Guyana’s economy, from US$3.4 billion to $13 billion.

Guyana also received its first U.S. secretary of state when Mike Pompeo visited on Sept. 17, reflecting both its rising international status as a major oil exporter and U.S. hopes that it will be an American partner in dealing with its troubled neighbor Venezuela.  Continue reading

Guyana Speaks: COME LEH WE GYAFF – Via Zoom – Sunday, 27th September (2pm– 4pm BST)

Sunday, 27th September (2pm – 4pm BST)
This Month’s Speakers: Aubrey McWatt, Gina Agnew & Sandra Agard
Dear Friends,
It’s far too long since we last gathered together.  Rod and I had hoped to hold a Guyana SPEAKS event at the Classic this coming weekend but given the latest guidance on COVID-19 that is not possible.    Continue reading


—  By  Hubert  Williams

Boston, Massachusetts, October 21, 2014 — In 2003, in a lengthy document sent the office of Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, reacting to her extremely well presented book “Living History”, I had expressed misgivings over societal weaknesses and the emerging role of well-educated, highly-placed working women which could have the unintended consequence under Democracy of an ‘underclass’ literally controlling small jurisdictions such as those in the English-speaking Caribbean… and, in the fullness of time, large jurisdictions, too.

She is absolutely a “women’s libber” and a very strong proponent of an education system which separates girls and boys, particularly at the secondary and tertiary levels. Of her own experience at Wellesley College in Boston (one of the world’s foremost women’s universities), she wrote:      Continue reading

COVID-19 has killed another friend of mine – by Francis Quamina Farrier

–  by Francis Quamina Farrier

I have lost another long-time friend to the COVID-19 pandemic. Brilliant Guyana-born, England-based actor Gordon Case lost his brave battle with the COVID-19 and took his final bow on life’s stage, after ‘starring’ for just a little over the biblical allotted three score and ten years of life. Today, September 27, 2020, he would have been celebrating his 72nd Birthday. But instead of Happy Birthday Greetings and Congratulations, it is sad Condolences to his relatives, friends and colleagues.

Gordon Case, like Jimmy Bacchus, Billy Braithwaite, Hewley Harris, Michael Gilkes, Pat Thompson and other Guyanese who I have known for many years, have all died of complications due to the COVID-19 – a nasty and merciless killer disease which continues to take countless lives worldwide.          Continue reading

GUYANA: President Ali to investigate the US$150M decade-long CJIA renovation scandal…

I will not accept this project …President Ali tells Chinese contractor, other stakeholders

Years of anger over the ongoing US$150M-plus expansion at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timehri, culminated yesterday with an angry President Irfaan Ali making it clear that Guyana will not be accepting the project as is.

President Irfaan Ali with Chinese ambassador to Guyana, Cui Jianchun.

During a meeting and tour of the project, the president also vowed an investigation will be coming and that it is unacceptable that a fixed-price project could be so drastically reduced in scope.


Barbados as a republic; soon to be free of tarnished ‘global Britain’ – The Guardian

The Queen in Bridgetown during her silver jubilee tour of the Caribbean, 1977.

The Queen in Bridgetown during her Silver Jubilee tour of the Caribbean in 1977. Photograph: Ron Bell/PA

Tue 22 Sep 2020 13.39 BST
The decision to drop the Queen had long been planned, but the shameful Windrush scandal altered perceptions of the ‘mother country’ 

Continue reading

GUYANA: Sawmillers welcome opportunity to export more logs – But there are concerns

said increased competition will benefit the forestry sector
Sawmillers are excited to grasp at the opportunities that will be created as the Government enacts a new policy that will allow those without concessions to export their logs.

The new policy is covered among a vast list of measures in the emergency budget for 2020 that is designed to stimulate economic growth.

In his declaration on Monday, His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali said the comprehensive budgetary measures are in part intended, “to increase our productive capacity, to reduce the cost of doing business, to improve efficiency and facilitate the growth and development of businesses.”

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