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A Summary Of USA – Guyana Relations In Light Of ‘Oil’ And ‘2020’ Vision – by Nigel Westmaas


The geo-political situation in the region and Guyana-US relations have attained a new level of intensity and focus amid the Exxon/Mobil contract. The 2020 elections and the apparent need of the Guyanese state (no matter the occupant) to “make good” with United States foreign policy and ideological orientation in the Caribbean region has shadowed the election and the aftermath. One dimension of this new situation has to do with the “tale of two contracts”. In 2019 the PPP announced that they had contracted Mercury LLC to assist in “strategic consulting” for the 2020 elections.        Continue reading

USA: Presidential debate: Key takeaways from the Trump-Biden showdown – BBC News

  • US election 2020 – Report from BBC News
Composite image of Donald Trump and Joe Biden debating

Trump vs Biden Debate

The mute button, or at least the threat of it, seemed to work. In the second presidential debate, Donald Trump and Joe Biden candidates were more restrained.

The candidates allowed each other to speak. They used respectful tones. Even when they went on the attack, they did so in a calm, deliberate manner.

After a pugnacious first debate, during which Donald Trump’s constant interruptions may have cost him support in subsequent opinion polls, the president has very visibly dialed down the volume – and it made him a much more effective debater.

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America survived one Trump term. It wouldn’t survive a second.

David Frum | The Atlantic

The most important ballot question in 2020 is not Joe Biden versus Donald Trump, or Democrat versus Republican.

THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION IS: Will Trump get away with his corruption — will his crooked and authoritarian tactics succeed? 


AMERICANS HAVE LAVISHED ENORMOUS POWERS ON THE PRESIDENCY. They have also sought to bind those powers by law. Yet the Founders of the republic understood that law alone could never eliminate the risks inherent in the power of the presidency. They worried ceaselessly about the prospect of a truly bad man in the office — a Caesar or a Cromwell, as Alexander Hamilton fretted in “Federalist No. 21.”        Continue reading

COVID-19 EFFECTS: Economic Hell on Earth Is Coming- Warns Gerald Celente – Video

COVID-19 EFFECTS: Economic Hell on Earth Is Coming- Warns Gerald Celente – Video

Stansberry Research

Gerald Celente, the popular publisher of The Trends Journal, is sounding the alarm on what he sees as a coming economic catastrophe. “They are killing us,” says Celente referring to the current lockdown of many businesses. In the interview with Stansberry Research anchor Daniela Cambone, Celente discusses what he is doing to protect his assets. He also details how he is preparing for what he considers the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression.

Retired Persons: “99 great ways to save” – Reprint of Article from AARP Bulletin*

“99 great ways to save”
Reprint of Article from AARP Bulletin*
AARP – American Association of Retired Persons.
One can join AARP for just US $17 per annum AARP’s monthly newsletter delivered to your address carries a wealth of information for retirees

Here are some:
1. Let your online shopping cart sit. If you sign in to your account and stick a few items in your cart, don’t check out just yet. Retailers often will email you a coupon in a few days to entice you to place the order.

2. Sign up for texts. Surprisingly, you often can get better discounts from a store’s text message stream than from its emailed newsletter. You can unsubscribe once you’ve made purchases.            Continue reading

USA POLITICS: Military Medical Ethics and Dr. Conley’s Misrepresentations of the President’s Health – opinion

Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Stephen N. Xenakis, MD and Jonathan Moreno | Just Security

WHAT IS IT ABOUT THE SYMBOLIC POWER OF A LAB COAT? In 1961, the sociologist Howard Becker titled his great book about the transition from medical student to physician Boys in White. Also, around that time the psychologist Stanley Milgram found that some ordinary people were willing to impose pain on strangers at the command of a scientist in a lab coat.

The “white lab coat” symbolizes the unique role that we bestow on members of the medical profession. By standing at the platform in a white coat, the physician to the President, Dr. Sean Conley, and his colleagues leveraged the special trust and confidence that societies endow to their healers.          Continue reading

USA Elections: Kamala Harris v Mike Pence: Five takeaways from Vice-President debate – BBC News

Dodging questions and interruptions: While the VP debate was more civil, there were still moments of tension

Vice-presidential debates seldom shake up presidential races, and the face-off between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence on Wednesday night seems destined to be no different.

Both candidates had strong moments, and a few stumbles, over the course of the 90-minute affair. But as far as lasting memories go, they were few and far between.          Continue reading

Analysis | In a Just World; Trump Beats COVID-19 And Sees It Crush His Presidency and Party 

 The collapse of his delusional denial of coronavirus could lead to a Republican rout on November 3, delighting most Western democracies except Israel

  Chemi Shalev | Haaretz        

Given the extreme emotions that Donald Trump inspires and judging by some of the harsher reactions on social media to his hospitalization on Friday, it seems safe to assume that inordinate numbers of Americans and others around the world are NOT necessarily praying for the U.S. President to get well.          

The overwhelming majority, one wants to believe, would like nothing better than for Trump to quickly get back on his feet, return to the campaign trail and in exactly 30 days suffer the crushing defeat that he, his administration underlings and his Republican Party so richly deserve.        Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Mr. Pompeo’s visit to Guyana – By: Dhanpaul Narine – opinion

By: Dhanpaul Narine

     In 1766, the physician and scientist, Edward Bancroft, found himself in the Orinoco. He marveled at the minerals in the area and said that the native Indians had little interest in them. Bancroft’s findings were widely circulated in America and reached Congress through Benjamin Franklin. Gold was discovered in the Essequibo region in 1850, sufficient enough to attract a British settlement there.

There was also talk of oil. Many people believe that the veins of the oil are in Venezuela but the nest is in Guyana. The Venezuelan archive is replete with maps, drawings and pictures that attest to riches in Guyana. Gold, diamonds, lumber, fishing, fertile lands for agriculture, and the lush scenic beauty, comprise Guyana’s Amazonia, and Venezuela wants them all.        Continue reading

USA: President Trump and wife Melania, test positive for coronavirus, start quarantine

Trump, Melania test positive for coronavirus, president vows to bring quarantine ‘immediately’
John Fritze, USA TODAY – 02 October 2020

President Trump

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump has tested positive for the coronavirus, a stunning development that came hours after he confirmed one of his longest-serving aides with whom he had recently traveled also received a positive test result.

The revelation had implications for the president’s health, the administration’s response to the pandemic and also the Nov. 3 election, during which Trump has leaned on states to reopen and has claimed that the nation is “turning the corner” on the virus.

“Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19,” Trump tweeted early Friday morning. “We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!”            Continue reading