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USA: HOUSING: How bad will the wave of evictions be? 

— Over 20 million US households face eviction (David Plotz)

Mitch McConnell and Trump seem to have capitulated on extending the $600 unemployment benefit, which implies that Republicans will also accept a renewal of the federal eviction moratorium. That moratorium, which expired July 24, protected the one-third of renters whose landlords have federally-backed loans from being evicted during the pandemic. 

That’s a huge relief for millions of households, but colossal numbers of renters whacked by the pandemic and job losses are still facing imminent eviction. The question is: Will there be an eviction wave and a surge in homelessness?      Continue reading

Back to the Future: Americans should stop harking back to the 1950s

Lexington  – Mid-century modern

Americans should stop harking back to the 1950s. Many of the decade’s delights are still available

United States August 1st 2020 – Te Economist

Bengies, a drive-in outside Baltimore, does not allow alcohol, profanity, car-horns or headlights—which seemed reasonable. It also bans barefoot children (even when carried), photography, vehicles left unoccupied without an explanatory note, and refunds or ticket changes of any kind, which seemed a bit over the top. “This is not an exclusive list of our rules, but it’s a pretty good start,” said Mr Vogel, as the sky darkened over the 120-foot-long movie screen. He still hadn’t got through his covid-19 stipulations.      Continue reading

US Elections 2020: Why Trump cannot delay the election + plus truth about mail-in voting

The president suggested postponing the presidential election in a tweet on Thursday July 30, but he doesn’t have that power

Donald Trump boards Air Force One in Maryland on 29 July.

Donald Trump boards Air Force One in Maryland on 29 July. Photograph: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

in New York – The Guardian – Published onThu 30 Jul 2020 18.18 BST

No. The president cannot act on his own to move the date of the election. The constitution gives state legislatures and Congress the ability to set the dates of elections. It does not give the president any power to do so.          Continue reading

USA: Sen. Tom Cotton calls slavery ‘necessary evil’ in attack on New York Times’ 1619 Project

  • Senator wants to ‘save’ US history from New York Times
Tom Cotton speaks at a press conference in Washington.

Tom Cotton speaks at a press conference in Washington. 

@bryanagraham – Published onSun 26 Jul 2020  – The Guardian

USA: The federal ban on evictions ends; 28 million Americans may lose their homes

  – Business Insider – 24 July 2020

no job no rent coronavirus economic recession job loss eviction housing crisis
Signs that read “No Job No Rent” hang from the windows of an apartment building in Northwest Washington
Andrew Harnik/AP Photo
  • The coronavirus pandemic and ensuing economic shutdown prompted unprecedented job losses and financial hardship starting in March.
  • It prompted states and the federal government to create eviction bans so people don’t lose their homes.
  • These bans are now expiring, and there’s little political movement to renew them.
  • The American Apartment Owners Association reported that 60% of landlords say their tenants can’t afford rent, while 80% said they are willing to work with their tenants to come up with a solution to this problem.          Continue reading

US Politics: The eight questions that will shape the last 100 days of the presidential campaign

Busines Insider – Friday July 24, 2020 – Commentary

Donald Trump versus Joe Biden

The election is 100 days from Sunday. This has been the weirdest of all presidential campaigns — hardly a campaign at all. Joe Biden, who seemingly has not left his basement since March, has quietly issued extraordinarily vast and progressive policy proposals.

President Trump meanwhile has been talking about all kinds of weird things, notably the dementia test he took and the urban invasions he is ordering. The pandemic rages, recession shadows the country, and Americans have scarcely noticed that we’ve entered a very, very cold war with China.

It promises to be a strange and sad sprint to November. Here are the eight things we’ll be watching in the next 100 days.        Continue reading

USA: THE  COLOR OF LAW—The Forgotten Root of the Truth – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam

Revelation of the horrific history undergirding America’s ongoing and seemingly perpetual racial problem(s).How the government separated America

Again and yet again, one does not need to be reminded of the race issue that is front and center of the news in America, or what has become a way of life. Protests, demonstrations, marches, petitions, kneels, lie-ins etc. are just some of the actions that have been taken on the path to awareness and possible change. Change especially as it refers to Blacks in America, and according to the 45th, a change towards making America great again. America as we see it today, with Blacks being so severely disadvantaged  on all levels did not occur haphazardly, but was carefully orchestrated at all levels of government. The racial caste system had to be preserved at all costs.      Continue reading

US Politics: Trump refuses to commit to accepting election result as Biden enjoys poll lead

in New York  @MartinPengelly – 
  • President refuses to say whether he will accept election result
  • President Trump goes golfing on Sunday July 19, 2020

    Repeats claim that virus is ‘going to disappear, and I’ll be right’


Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 15% among registered voters nationally and holds a 20-point lead when it comes to who Americans trust to handle the coronavirus pandemic, according to a major poll out on Sunday.

In the same ABC News/Washington Post poll, Biden led by two points in March and 10 points in May. Now, among respondents who said they will certainly vote in November, Biden leads by 11%.

Fox News also released a poll on Sunday. It put Biden ahead on coronavirus, race relations and the economy and eight points up nationally.      Continue reading

US Politics: Civil rights activist and politician John Lewis – a life in pictures – The Guardian UK

“American Sonnet for My Past and Future Assassin” – by African American Poet Terrance Hayes

BLOG: Three Worlds One Vision  – By Rosaliene Bacchus

My Poetry Corner July 2020 features sonnet 13 from the poetry collection American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin (2018) by African American poet Terrance Hayes. (Note: The following excerpts of poems are all sourced from this collection.) Born in 1971 in Columbia, South Carolina, Hayes is a national award-winning poet and university professor.

After receiving his MFA from the University of Pittsburgh in 1997, he taught in Japan, Ohio, and Louisiana before returning to the University of Pittsburgh where he worked for several years. In Pittsburgh, he gained local fame as co-director of the Center for African American Poetry and Poetics.         Continue reading

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