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India: Rahul Gandhi: Is this the end of the Gandhi dynasty? – commentary

Rahul Gandhi

On May 29, 2019 when Indian PM Narendra Modi won a landslide victory in the Indian elections, Rahul Gandhi, the scion of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and leader of India’s Congress party, emerged at the other end, battered and mauled.

He is the primary heir to the ultimate poli tical dynasty. His great-grandfather, Jawaharlal Nehru, was the first and longest-serving prime minister of India. His grandmother, Indira Gandhi, was the first female prime minister of the country, and his father was India’s youngest prime minister.

If the 2014 election was Congress’ worst political showing ever, Thursday’s  (May 29, 2019) poll delivered a double blow to Mr Gandhi. Congress won just over 50 seats against the 300 plus that Mr Modi’s BJP got; and if that was not bad enough, he lost his own seat in the family bastion of Amethi in Uttar Pradesh.


Guyana Politics: Balancing Ethnic fear and Civic Responsibility – By Dr. David Hinds

To our peril, we have not managed to balance Ethnic fear and Civic Responsibility

 May 19, 2019  Features / ColumnistsHinds’ Sight with Dr. David Hinds 

There has understandably been some commentary on the achievements and non-achievements of the current government. The government itself set the tone with a lengthy statement which has become the subject of discussion by a few columnists and beyond.

Predictably, the PPP has given the government a failing grade. Government supporters, on the other hand, have been full of praise for the administration and have been very hostile to any criticism. Their constant refrain has been two-fold. First, they speak feelingly about the bad days of the PPP. Second, they argue that four years is too little time for the government to create the miracles the critics wanted.            Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Whither Independence – commentary

Whither Independence

May 21, 2019 –Columnists,– Kaieteur News Peeping Tom 

Sunday May 26, 2019 is Independence Day. It has been fifty-three years since Guyana attained its instruments of independence from Great Britain.

During the fight for Independence, the British were reviled. They were accused of all manner of things. Yet in the early days after Independence, Guyana found comfort operating with a Westminster political system.

Then suddenly there was an aborted uprising in Trinidad which sent shivers down the spine of Forbes Burnham 

It was only then that he realized that the system of foreign ownership of the commanding heights of the economy was not bringing benefits to the average man.        Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Time for another National “HUG” – by Francis Quamina Farrier

– by Francis Quamina Farrier

Do you recall when Guyana did a “HUG” so big that it almost stretched all around our 83,000 square miles? That was back in May 1996, as Guyana was celebrating our Thirtieth Anniversary of Independence.

By-the-Way, for those who do not know what this “HUG” I’m referring to is all about, let me explain. Some Patriotic Guyanese got this great idea, that for Guyana’s thirtieth Independence anniversary, we should all hold hands while standing along our Public roads, stretching from town to town, village to village, community to community – a sort of human chain called “HUG” – an acronym for “Hands Uniting Guyana”.

So let me pose this question; “Is it time for Guyana to have another National “HUG”? Let’s say either during Republic 2020 or Independence 2020?          Continue reading

NYC: Interfaith Service to celebrate 53rd Anniversary of Independence

Interfaith Service brings Guyanese together to celebrate 53rd Anniversary of Independence

Flag bearer, Guyanese American NYPD Officer, Kyhume Khan, Rev. Carl Stuart, pastor of Ebenzer AME of Charlestown, Guyana, and Ministerial Staff at St. Matthew AME, New Jersey, Rudoph Ten-Pow, permanent representative of Guyana to the UN, Barbara Atherly, consul general of Guyana to NY, Imam Abdul Aziz Khan, and ex-Guyana Defense Force soldier, Kenneth Arthur, honoring flags of the two countries.

U.S. — Implications of abortion debate range far beyond a woman’s control of her body – By Mohamed Hamaludin


Amid the noise surrounding tough anti-abortion laws enacted around the South, in particular, a few comments are especially worthy of attention.

Emma Brockes’ commentary in The Guardian on May 16 carried the headline, “Alabama’s abortion ban is about keeping poor women down.” The sub-head read, “For the 25 white, male senators voting for it, this is not about the fetus but about maintaining the social order.”

The Huffington Post reported on May 17: “A recent CDC study found that black women are 3.3 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than white women.”

The Associated Press, reporting on the May 16 execution of a man in Alabama, quoted his attorney Steven Sears as saying he had hoped for clemency from Republican Gov. Kay Ivey, who signed a tough anti-abortion bill into law. Ivey had said the measure “stands as a powerful testament to Alabamians’ deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God,” The Washington Post reported on May 15, 2019.        Continue reading

US Politics: Over Four in 10 Americans Believe Socialism a ‘Good Thing’: Gallup

It’s likely not a coincidence that rise in popularity across all Americans came as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became two of the most prominent  politicians in the U.S. 

Four in 10 Americans think socialism is a good thing for the United States, a shift in attitude that reflects the modern 21st century political landscape and changing social mores.

Results from a Gallup poll released Monday show that 43 percent of U.S. adults polled from April 17-30 think socialism is a “good thing.” It’s likely not a coincidence that rise in popularity across all Americans came as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), both of whom identify as democratic socialists, became two of the most prominent  politicians in the U.S.    Continue reading

US Politics: Trump’s Wall … A Trumped-up  call – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam

Growing evidence shows that the real threat lies within the wall not outside the wall. 

The Democratic leadership and its various committees totally blinded and blindsided by a strong dislike of President Donald Trump, his pugnacity, his banality, along with an ongoing quest to bring about his downfall, are failing to see the multiplicity of problems that America and her citizens are facing. Regrettably, Robert Mueller’s report did not produce the ammunition that they had hoped for.

The U. S- Mexico border is a distraction and the reasons proffered for its erection are both unfounded and factitious.  Evidence exists that undocumented immigrants commit crime at lower rates than American born citizens, and additionally are a crucial part of the labour force.              Continue reading

Rihanna’s Fenty label aims to rip up fashion industry rules

 Singer’s new clothing line, on sale this week, has ditched traditions such as catwalk shows

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