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Parliament of World Religions held in Toronto: the world class Interfaith city

Parliament of World Religions held in Toronto: the world class Interfaith city

By Habeeb Alli – Founder of  One Love Media

Parliament of Religious Leaders

I had the honor of presenting for the second time at the Parliament- a 100 year old Interfaith Institution- on my work as a Chaplain as well as my community engagement work with Toronto’s interfaith bodies. It was indeed a satisfying experience given that Toronto was host to such a global family of some 80 countries from 220 spiritual paths.      Continue reading

Faith! Tolerance! and Aberrance!? – By Yvonne Sam

Faith! Tolerance! and Aberrance!?

By Yvonne Sam

Did the Vice President’s guffaw reveal a special kind of chutzpah.

It is now blatantly apparent that while in life the Trump Administration can get nothing right, that record has now been extended to the dead.  Two days after the horrific massacre of eleven Jews in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Vice President Mike Pence while campaigning in Grand Rapids, Michigan made a cringe-generating blunder—another for the records. Granted the Vice president had earlier condemned the atrocity (“what happened in Pittsburgh was not just criminal, it was evil”), and promised that “justice would be swift and severe”.       Continue reading

Violence in America: At least 12 killed at California bar shooting – Commentary by Hubert Williams

Thousand Oaks: At least 12 killed at California bar shooting – BBC News

Sergeant Ron Helus (killed)

Twelve people, including a police officer, have been killed by a gunman at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California.

The shooting began at 23:20 local time on Wednesday about 40 miles (65km) north-west of Los Angeles, police say.

At least 200 people were reportedly inside the Borderline Bar and Grill, which was hosting a university student night, at the time of the attack.

Police have named the suspect as 28-year-old Ian David Long, who had suspected mental health issues.  Officials believe the US Marine Corps veteran and local resident took his own life inside the bar.



—  Commentary by Hubert Williams below   —-

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Happy Diwali – 2018 + Details regarding Diwali from Wikipedia

Diwali – Festival of Lights

DIWALI – Festival of Lights

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Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship first award at McMaster University. Hamilton. ON. Canada 

Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship first award at McMaster University. 

….. “Treat others as you wish to be treated”.

Photo: Adrianna Michell (in picture with Ram Sahadeo beside bust of Gandhi)

It’s a simple creed, but one that Ramnarine Sahadeo wishes more people would live by – which is why he’s established in 2017 a scholarship in the name of famed Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi who used nonviolent civil disobedience to fight British rule and inspired civil rights and independence movements around the globe.   Ramnarine Sahadeo (

Born on the tiny island of Leguan, Guyana, just nine months before Gandhi was assassinated, Ramnarine credits this tiny, self-sufficient, multicultural community for exposing him to the closet example of what a society would look like if it practiced the principles of Sarvodaya – live in order to help others to live. In his retirement, this lawyer is actively researching the life of Gandhi, writing, reading and speaking about those universal principles that can improve the life of every individual who can make a significant contribution to any country they call home.     Continue reading

Guyana: Towards an indigenous education – By Felician Medino Abraham

Guyana: Towards an indigenous education

 September 24, 2018 –   By Felician Medino Abraham

Felician Medino Abraham is from Santa Rosa Moruca. He holds a Masters in Society and Frontier from the Federal University of Roraima UFRR, Brazil in 2017, where he produced a study on the Wapichans’ experience of formal education.

The Wapichans of the South Rupununi region have a strong indigenous worldview,  supported by extensive use of the local language and strong cultural practices. This can be interpreted as a result of the relative lack of interest that the colonizers had towards indigenous peoples of the interior over the years (as opposed to the plantations on the coast). A belief that they were incapable of bringing any economic benefits – that they could not be profitable in a capitalist sense – meant that they were left to the care of the missionaries.      Continue reading

Jesus for the non religious – Retired bishop John Spong on religion – video

Jesus for the non religious – Retired bishop John Spong on religion.

SourceCode10 Published on Oct 17, 2012 
Who wrote the bible and was it inspired by God? How many disciples did Jesus have? Did he have woman disciples and was he married?

Religion: How an ancient Islamic holiday became uniquely Caribbean

How an ancient Islamic holiday became uniquely Caribbean

Hosay procession in St James Trinidad. Nicholas Laughlin, CC BY-NC-SA

By Ken ChitwoodUniversity of Florida

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — A throng of Trinidadians line up along the streets of St James and Cedros to admire the vibrant floats with beautifully bedecked models of mausoleums. Their destination is the waters of the Caribbean, where the crowds will push them out to float.

This is part of the Hosay commemorations, a religious ritual performed by Trinidadian Muslims, that I have observed as part of the research for my forthcoming book on Islam in Latin America and the Caribbean.

What fascinates me is how a practice from India has been transformed into something uniquely Caribbean.

Re-enacting tragedy             Continue reading

GCA honours 90-year-old, Dharmaaacharya Pandit Ramlall at the 2018 Awards Ceremony

90-year-old Guyanese honored at GCA Awards

Award recipients with GCA plaques, citations and certificates.

The Guyana Cultural Association, New York, on Wednesday, August 28, honored 90-year-old, Dharmaaacharya Pandit Ramlall Ji, a priest and scholar, who pioneered the Phagwah and Diwali parades in Queens.

He was among a group of gifted, accomplished Guyanese, at the 2018 Awards Ceremony at Brooklyn Hall, on Joralemon Street.     Continue reading

History of Capitalism: The Tragic and Shameful Roots of the African Slave Trade

via History of Capitalism: The Tragic and Shameful Roots of the African Slave Trade

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