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USA: This Presidency Has Exposed My White Christian Friends – commentary

John Pavlovitz | Stuff That Needs to be Said

This President has been many things since arriving: A national embarrassment, a global punchline, an environmental disaster, a divider of people, a prolific murderer of the English language.

But he has also been a floodlight. He has fully exposed millions of people who had kept themselves carefully concealed. I can really see them now in ways I never could previously. It’s all out in the open.

Intellectually I always knew that racism was deeply embedded into the fabric of our nation, but I had convinced myself that it had slowly but certainly begun to unravel, that we weren’t as hopelessly bound by it as our ancestors had been.      Continue reading

Barbados: Rastafarians to Get Green Light to Use Cannabis for Religious Purposes

Caribbean 360 – 08 November 2019

During debate in Parliament on the Medical Cannabis Industry Bill – which was passed – Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister Dale Marshall said draft legislation to allow the use of cannabis for religious purposes is being drafted and should be ready within the next few weeks.

“I have taken to Cabinet and I have got Cabinet’s approval for the preparation of a Bill to bring to this chamber which will facilitate the use by members of the Rastafarian faith of cannabis for the purpose of their religion,” he said.    Continue reading

Religion: Governments can no longer hide—Who is on the Christians’ Side? – By Yvonne Sam

  By Yvonne Sam

Christians are the most persecuted religious group in modern times, governments must also show that they are on their side as they are with other religious groups.

While the eyes of the world are focused on seemingly more important issues a silent war against Christianity continues unchecked and seemingly unnoticed. Make no qualms about it, but Christianity is currently the most persecuted religion, a fact that is ignored in the West

In light of current displayed behaviors, one is left wondering questions the reason behind this growing silence.              Continue reading

Guyanese Catholics in New York continue to give Support  – by Francis Quamina Farrier

 – by Francis Quamina Farrier

On Sunday, October 13, 2019, New York-based Guyanese Catholics and Friends Celebrated the 30th. Annual New York Guyanese Holy Mass. The Brainchild of Guyana-born, New York-Based Monsignor Paul Jervis who was a young priest at the time, it was to Celebrate Holy Mass with Guyanese and their friends, pray for the Motherland and send Financial assistance for previously identified projects. Over the past thirty years, the event has always been well-attended and generous financial donations received and sent to Guyana.      Continue reading

CIOG In Canada Inc: Annual Fundraising Dinner: Toronto – November 09, 2019

Portugal: Lisbon museum plan stirs debate over Portugal’s colonial past – The Guardian UK

‘Museum of the Discoveries’ would glorify slavery and other historical abuses, critics say

Painting depicting the landing of the Portugese explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral in Brazil, 1500
 A painting depicting the landing of Portugese explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral in Porto Seguro, Brazil, 1500. Photograph: Alamy

A campaign pledge to build a museum in Lisbon dedicated to Portugal’s colonial history has sparked a debate over Portuguese national identity, the nature of historical memory and the question of collective guilt.

The controversy centres on the so-called Age of the Discoveries – the period starting in the 15th century when expeditions by Portuguese navigators helped the country lay claim to territories stretching from Asia to South America.


Guyana Dharam Shala Assoc: Fundraising Dinner/ Dance Gala -Toronto – November 30, 2019

Gandhi – King – Mandela Peace March – Hamilton ON. Canada – October 5, 2019

    Download: Gandhi- King -Mandela Peace March – Oct 5, 2019

Continue reading

Canadian students graduate without knowing the meaning of Genocide – By Yvonne Sam

No longer can we hide—Canadian students graduate without knowing the meaning of Genocide

 — By Yvonne Sam

During a speech in the House of Commons in 1948, Sir Winston Churchill changed the quote of George Santayana when he (said) paraphrased, ‘Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it”. . In 1944, Raphael Lemkin a Polish-Jewish lawyer sought to create a new term to describe Nazi policies of the systematic murder of Jewish people. He used the ancient Greek word genos (race, tribe) and the Latin cide (killing) to come up with the new word, “genocide.”   

It has become apparent that genocide and the steps/ antecedents that lead to it are not taught in high schools in Canada.      Continue reading

Video: Humanity- We Live at The Crossroads: THOTH’s PROPHECY – Hermetic texts read by Graham Hancock

Video: Humanity – We Live at The Crossroads: THOTH’s PROPHECY – text read by Graham Hancock

The Hermetic Texts, in which Troth’s Prophecy comes down to us, draw on ancient Egyptian wisdom traditions that are more than 4500 years old.

Graham Hancock is a British author who specializes in theories involving ancient civilizations, Earth changes, stone monuments or megaliths, altered states of consciousness, ancient myths, and astronomical or astrological data from the past. He has become recognized as an unconventional thinker who raises controversial questions about humanity’s past. Learn more at

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