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CMIC: 39th Annual Diwali Gala & Fundraiser- Brampton Ontario – October 13, 2019

Download: CMIC Diwali Gala snapshot 

Download Flyer: CMIC-Gala-2019-flyer

“Your Body Is An Illusion” This Video Will Literally Blow Your Mind! – By Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr. Bruce Lipton : “Your Body Is An Illusion” This Video Will Literally Blow Your Mind!

It was once thought that genes could turn themselves on and off, and in the process, they could control the character of our lives. This belief led to the conclusion that our fate was controlled by the genome we acquired from our mother and father at the moment of conception.

Unfortunately, if we do not like the traits we inherited, we cannot change our genes. When we combine these facts with the notion that genes control their own activity, we are left with the inescapable conclusion that we are “victims” of our heredity and should anticipate expressing the diseases and negative traits passed down through our family lineage.          Continue reading

Video: The War on Consciousness – Graham Hancock

The War on Consciousness – Graham Hancock

What is death? Our materialist science reduces everything to matter, materialist science in the West says that we are just meat, we’re just our bodies. So when the brain is dead, that’s the end of consciousness, there is no life after death, there is no soul; we just rot and are gone.

Actually, many honest scientists should admit that consciousness is the greatest mystery of science and that we don’t know exactly how it works. The brain is involved in it some way but we’re not sure how. It could be that the brain generates consciousness the way a generator makes electricity, if you hold to that paradigm, then of course you can’t believe in life after death, when the generator’s broken, consciousness is gone.    Continue reading

Guyana Mass Committee Fund Raising Dance: Jamaica NY – December 14, 2019

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Trump’s ‘Disloyalty’ Smear Reflects Fury Over Broken Promise of Jewish Reward

For liberal U.S. Jews, the president’s anti-Semitism has now been proven beyond a reasonable doubt

Analysis: Shalev | Haaretz

The allegation that Jews are inherently “disloyal” is a basic building block of anti-Semitism. It has served Jew-baiters since the dawn of civilization, when Pharaoh worried in the Book of Exodus that his Hebrew slaves “may join our enemies in fighting against us and rise from the ground.”

Incitement against disloyal Jews fueled the first pogrom in Alexandria in the first century C.E. It has remained a potent mainstay of Jew-haters throughout 2,000 years of Jewish exile and persecution, taking center stage in the Dreyfus affair, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the lethal Nazi battle cry against a Jewish “knife in the back”.            Continue reading

India’s justice system does far too little to protect witnesses – The Economist

Conviction rates are just 6% in cases involving politicians

Print edition | Asia – The Economist
Aug 24th 2019| DELHI

INDIA: Silence or the grave

The teenager riding down National Highway 31 was already living a nightmare. Two years earlier she had been raped, she claimed, by a group of men starting with Kuldeep Singh Sengar, a powerful politician in her home district of Unnao, in Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state. Her family tried to file a complaint with the local police, who brushed them off. Then they began receiving death threats.    Continue reading

BOOK: “Songs Of My Soul” – By Damyantee Devi Dabydeen

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VIDEO: You’re never Indian or Caribbean enough in the UK – BBC News

Roti, doubles, Chutney music – is Indo-Caribbean culture under threat?

Chandani Persaud

Indian people have been living in the Caribbean for more than 180 years, but Chandani Persaud, founder of Indo-Caribbean London, says that their contribution to the West Indies is overlooked, and they are often excluded by the Asian community.

Fearing that young British Indo-Caribbeans are turning away from their culture, she is single-handedly organising the UK’s first Indo-Caribbean festival.

Video journalist: Asian Network‘s Nalini Sivathasan    – 05 August 2019  – 5.05 mins


America already knows the answers to her present woes – by Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam 

… it is our duty … of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for our rulers.                                    John Jay. First Chief Justice. U. S Supreme Court.

Once again America is caught in the throes of yet another mass shooting and caught once again scrambling for explanations amidst the damnation and ruination. Both America and the modern world broadly deny the existence of the spiritual, desiring only material explanation. As long as the spiritual connection is not made, there would be no peace in the land.    Continue reading

India’s cancellation of Kashmir’s special status will have consequences – The Guardian UK

— Modi government’s move comes amid already high tensions between India and Pakistan

Narendra Modi

The significance of Kashmir to India is difficult to exaggerate. The decision by Narendra Modi’s recently re-elected government to remove the disputed Himalayan region’s special status under the constitution is no legal technicality, but a statement of intent and ideology.

As the predominantly Hindu India’s only Muslim majority state, adherents of the country’s secular tradition of politics have long seen Kashmir’s continuing inclusion within the vast democracy as evidence that all faiths can thrive together. This contrasts India’s immense religious diversity with neighbouring Pakistan’s strong Muslim identity.


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