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Guyana Politics: PPP’s Irfaan Ali – A remarkable political decision- By Adam Harris

A remarkable political decision

Religion: Putting Words in Pope Francis’ Mouth – By Gideon Lasco

Pope Francis

It was a story that had all the elements of a headline: The unconventional Pope Francis saying something unconventional.

A boy whose dog had just died asked the Pope whether animals go to heaven, and he responded with words that had great doctrinal significance: “Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures.”

The remarks caught fire, and very soon there was commentary from all over the world — from activists who took the words as a boon for animal rights to theologians who weighed in on whether animals had souls.

But here’s the rub: Pope Francis never said those words. There was never a boy who asked him that question. It was an urban legend all along, starting with a misquote from an Italian newspaper that started a “journalistic train wreck” that took newspapers worldwide for a ride, with the United Kingdom’s Daily Express even declaring that “all donkeys go to heaven.”     Continue reading

The Library, the Novelist, the Community and the Movement – by Francis Quamina Farrier

The Library, the Novelist, the Community and the Movement – by Francis Quamina Farrier  

The four elements listed in the Headline above, will all be in their 110 anniversary this year 2019; they are The National Library in Georgetown, The Guyanese novelist, Edgar Mittelholzer, of New Amsterdam, The Village of St. Ignatius in Region Nine and the Guyana Scouting Movement; they all commenced in the year 1919. Novelist Edgar Mittelholzer, of course, passed on in May 1965.


The Guyana National Library which is located at the corner of Main and Church Streets in Georgetown, was founded in 1909. The 7,000 pound sterling cost for the construction, was donated by the Scottish-American philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie, who had a passion for literature, and for making  it possible for those who did not have the means to buy books for their reading pleasure and information, to still be able to read the books they desired, by becoming members of “Free Libraries”, and borrow the books they needed.          Continue reading

BOOK: “Cloaked in Faith” –  By Robert G. Lawrie

BOOK: “Cloaked in Faith” –  By Robert G. Lawrie

The Book and Author

Robert G. Lawrie, is formerly of Charity, on the Essequibo Coast of Guyana, South America.
He is presently residing in the United States, and has recently published a memoir titled “Cloaked in Faith.”
His unique story chronicles his experiences as a youth while living in Guyana, as a teenager and young adult living in the United States, his return to Guyana and then back again to the US.
All along the way Rob encountered numerous challenges and obstacles which for most would have inhibited success. On the contrary, Rob propelled himself past these impediments and has not only survived but has thrived. Read about Rob’s challenges of homelessness, abuse, and attempted suicide and how they have been overcome through faith and motivation.

Continue reading

The spirit of Christmas doesn’t have to be Christian – By Julian Baggini

Julian Baggini – Mon 24 Dec 2018

You needn’t take the Gospels as gospel: sharing in a collective celebration can be more important than what is being shared.

I once had a Taiwanese student who was about to spend his first Christmas in a culturally Christian country. In Taiwan, Buddhism and Taoism are the two main religions, so all Christmas meant to him was Santa and presents. I tried to explain the rudiments of the Bible story. I had never seen him laugh so much. He clearly had not yet learned the western tradition of showing sombre respect for people’s religious beliefs.

But you could hardly blame him for finding the whole tale ludicrous: God sending his son to die for the sins of humanity, a virgin birth, magi following a star, angels appearing to shepherds. Even those too polite to laugh out loud would surely have an inward chuckle at the credulity of their fellow humans.

READ MORE: The spirit of Christmas doesn’t have to be Christian

When Jihadis Kill Jihadis: The Implications of Militant Infighting – by Tore Hamming | WPR

When Jihadis Kill Jihadis: The Implications of Militant Infighting

Tore Hamming | WPR – World Politics Review

Last week’s attack against a Christmas market in Strasbourg, France, by a radicalized French Muslim illustrates that jihadis, or militant Islamists, still pose a serious threat to national security in the U.S.A. and Europe.

Since late 2013, jihadis have also become a threat to other jihadis, regularly killing each other on battlefields across the Middle East in numbers that have observers talking about a jihadi civil war.

In Syria, armed rebels affiliated with al-Qaida and the so-called Islamic State continue to fight each other, while the most potent force battling the Islamic State’s affiliate in Afghanistan is the Taliban.      Continue reading

Guyana: ​The story of your Christmas Pepperpot – by Francis Quamina Farrier + music videos

One of Guyana’s popular National Dishes, is the Pepperpot, which has it’s origins in the heart of the hinterlands where many of Guyana’s Indigenous Peoples reside. For many Guyanese, Pepperpot is prepared and consumed mainly at Christmas time, while for others, it is enjoyed all year ’round.
For example, in most hinterland communities and also at the Banks DIH Camp Street Quik Serv, located on the same block with Citizens Bank, which prepares Pepperpot among other dishes every Sunday morning, and the sessions are usually well patronized. Many of the customers turn up after attending their Sunday Morning Service.        Continue reading

Christmas: Deck the Halls with Crowds of Folly – By Yvonne Sam

Oh Holy Night when would Christians get it right?

By Yvonne Sam

Clearing the hall of crowds of folly.

Historically the season called Xmas has been the recipient of a multiplicity of revisions, and I feel that the time has come for yet another modification.  Do not get me wrong, but my main problem with Christmas does not lie in the celebration of itself, but instead the folly and ignorance of those who celebrate this highly commercialized holiday.  Millions of December 25th celebrants feel compelled to participate in an expensive holiday, burdened by guilt and shame if they are unable to crowd the base of the Xmas tree.

As one can discern the origins of Christmas are neither biblical nor North American. Christmas in North America is a fusion of cultural folklore from Africa and Europe, brought to North America by Europeans who themselves were divided on their view of the practice of Christmas as pagan.           Continue reading

Pope Francis’ Say— On clergy who are actively gay – By Yvonne Sam

Pope Francis’ Say— On clergy who are actively gay.

By Yvonne Sam

His expressed sentiments are very clear; homosexuality among the clergy is a veritable fear.  

In his soon- to- be published book, “The Strength of the Vocation”  based on interviews with a Spanish born missionary priest, Fernando Prado, Pope Francis dissertation  on the demands of being a priest, and bemoans the presence of homosexuality in the Church, saying that it is a serious matters  that truly bothers him. The issue of homosexuality is a grave situation that must be adequately discerned from the beginning with the candidates,” He further asserted that admission to the Catholic clergy should be denied males with ingrained homosexual tendencies, and actively gay priests should be encouraged to leave rather than live a double life.          Continue reading

Guyana pushes trade and investment at OIC meeting in Turkey

By Ray Chickrie
Caribbean News Now contributor – 

ISTANBUL, Turkey — Guyana attended the 34th meeting of the Guyanese, which was held last week in Istanbul, Turkey. Representing Guyana at the meeting was its permanent ambassador to the United Nations, Michael Ten-Pow, who promoted the opportunities for trade and investment in his country.

It was the first meeting of the COMCEC that Guyana has attended and is an indication that the government is serious about diversifying its economic partners in order to accelerate sustainable socio-economic development.        Continue reading

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