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VIDEO: A Tour of Trinidad’s Market – By Chef Debra Sardinha-Metivier of DSM Creative Cuisine

A Tour of Trinidad’s Market – The Culinary Institute of America

In Port of Spain’s markets, ingredients from Europe, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent come together on vendor tables. Culantro here is known as shadow benny or chadon benni — a corruption of the French chardon benit or “blessed thistle.” It is a part of the green seasoning that is a Trinidad and Tobago culinary basic. Chef Debra Sardinha-Metivier of DSM Creative Cuisine, gives us our first look at the diversity of the Trinidadian market basket.

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MEDICAL: Vitamin-D is Your PPE [Personal Protective Equipment] against viruses – Video

MEDICAL: Vitamin-D is Your PPE [Personal Protective Equipment]

An interview with Wayne Cezair, a Caribbean man, talking about Vitamin D and its ability to boost our immune systems so that it is able to fight infections like COVID-19. Wayne Cezair is a practitioner in “Natural Medicine”. He is concerned about the mixed messages and the false information that we are getting in regard to COVID-19 and similar viruses.

You may agree or disagree with his analysis of the COVID-19 virus and Vitamin D as a protective measure against it. This website is just giving you alternate information and is not promoting his ideas as being valid.

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TRAVEL: COVID-19: How clean is the air on planes – National Geographic


Tuesday, September 1, 2020 – National Geographic



By George StoneTRAVEL Executive Editor

How do you measure pandemic pessimism among travelers? The evidence is in the air—or not in the air, to be precise. At the pandemic’s peak in the U.S., there was a 96 percent reduction in air travelers; this figure shifted to a 73 percent reduction by mid-summer. According to a poll of transportation engineers, air travel figures in the U.S. are predicted to remain at 50–70 percent capacity a year from now.
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GUYANA: GYD$25,000 per household for COVID-19 relief- President Ali

President Dr. Irfaan Ali

President Irfaan Ali on Monday announced that government would be providing a GYD$25,000 in relief to each household due to the adverse impact of the coronavirus, COVID-19.

In an address to the Annual General Meeting of the Private Sector Commission, he said in addition to the disbursement of funds to the health and education sectors, the household assistance would be provided. “We are working on a household intervention of about $25,000 per household,” Dr. Ali said.        Continue reading

GUYANA: COVID-19: Penalties for persons flouting mandatory mask-wearing orders

— Says Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Frank Anthony

Minister of Health, Hon. Dr Frank Anthony has warned that persons who choose not to wear a mask when in public can be fined. However, he said that this is not a direction that is necessary as everyone can simply do what is necessary to prevent becoming infected with COVID-19.

In  an interview with the DPI on Saturday August 22, 2020, the Minister emphasised that the revised emergency protocols for August 16-31, 2020, provides for persons found flouting the measure to be fined and even imprisoned.

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COVID-19: Worse Than 9/11 – The Decline of New York City – Opinion

Worse Than 9/11

New York City Boroughs Map – click to enlarge

NYC always bounces back… right? “No. Not this time,” says James Altucher, inveterate resident and lover of all things Big Apple

  • NYC comeback? “Not this time”
  • James Altucher watches the dominos fall
  • Gimme shelter: New York refugees
  • Real estate’s death spiral
  • New York (uncertain) state of mind

While optimists argue: “NYC is the center of the financial universe. Opportunities will flourish here again.”

Or this: “NYC has experienced worse.”

James counters: “Not this time”… and “no it hasn’t.”

Take Midtown Manhattan — the city’s business center — for example. Virtually empty these days…

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GUYANA: Reflection on what ‘International Day Of Indigenous People’ means for us

Aishalton Village, South Rupununi. The writing on the banner is in Wapichan and reads: `Strongly and happily we will maintain our customs for future generations`. Photo taken by Immaculata Casimero.

Aishalton Village, South Rupununi. The writing on the banner is in Wapichan and reads: `Strongly and happily we will maintain our customs for future generations`. Photo taken by Immaculata Casimero.

By Immaculata Casimero, Junisha Jonny, Romario Hastings  and Medino Abraham

Immaculata Casimero is Wapichan from Aishalton, a women’s rights advocate and chairman of Aisharatoon Women’s Association. Junisha Jonny is Macushi  and an indigenous activist. She is a former indigenous queen for region 9 and in 2017, was the first runner up at the national indigenous heritage pageant in Georgetown. Romario Hastings is an emerging indigenous cultural advocate and educator from the KaponAkawaio Nation. He is a graduate of the University of Guyana with a background in Environmental Studies. Medino Felician Abraham is Lokono/Arawak from Moruca.  He worked among the indigenous people in the Rupununi and Pakaraimas for 10 years, and holds a Masters in Society and Frontiers from the Federal University of Roraima, Brazil.          Continue reading

MEDICAL: The aliens among us…… How viruses shape the world – The Economist

  • They don’t just cause pandemics
Leaders – Aug 22nd 2020 edition – The Economist

MEDICAL: President Ali announces US$60m response to COVID-19


With the number of COVID-19  cases rising  in the country and five persons dying from the disease in the last four days, President Irfaan Ali on Wednesday August 19, announced a number of measures his Government is taking to tackle the pandemic which includes the sourcing of some US$60M to assist in its efforts.

The monies will be sourced from the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank. Another US$2M has also been sourced from the Government of India.    Continue reading

VENEZUELA: How COVID-19… or Something Like It… Killed Pablo – opinion

The names and locations of this story have been changed to protect the victims. The rest, the dollarized everything, the wrecked hospital, the overcrowded morgue, the corrupt funeral home, is all real 

Kaoru Yonekura | Caracas Chronicles 

It happened just after midnight on Tuesday, June 16th: Pablo died without coughing, his chest choked with fear. To avoid pain, he’d cough while sleeping knowing, perhaps, that he couldn’t live like that anymore. He could’ve died of COVID-19 the same way, at least, four people did in the previous hours. It was never confirmed:    Continue reading