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Why Cuba has decided to pull 8,000 doctors out of Brazil

According to the Cuban government, 20,000 doctors attended 113 million Brazilians in the last five years.

Why Cuba has decided to pull 8,000 doctors out of Brazil

Posted: 29 Nov 2018 – Caribbean News Now.

SAO PAOLO, Brazil — Thousands of Brazilians could be left without healthcare as Cuba begins pulling out 8,400 doctors who have been stationed in the country’s smallest and remotest towns for the past five years. In an official statement dated November 14, Havana announced it will end its agreement with Brazil as a response to […]

The post Why Cuba has decided to pull 8,000 doctors out of Brazil 

The new model of maleness? – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam

The decline and disappearance of much needed masculinity is indicative of societal changes?

Permit me from an estrogenic perspective to pose the following question: What has happened to men today?  A rising tide of books, blogs, lectures, social media posts and magazine articles all point to the growing unmanliness, and whiny immaturity of current males. More and more males (men) are seen as fearful, weak, indecisive, effeminate, childish inept creatures, no longer sure of their proper role in society.

Terms such as wuss, sissy, snowflakes and others not suitable for print are terms we hear used to describe men, especially younger men. While this new model of maleness can be charged to men of all ages, the presenting evidence shows it is especially predominant among men in their 20’s and 30’s.     Continue reading

Fashion: High Heels—To Wear or To Fear?- By Yvonne Sam

Appearing Tall—Poised for the Fall and the Sexist History behind it all

By Yvonne Sam

Let’s get it right, from the start coming straight from the heart.  I do not hate high heels, but instead abhor the idea that they are seen as indicators of female elegance when in my experience the vast majority of females find them extremely painful and hobbling.

Learning to walk in heels is a rite of passage for many women and can be an untrustworthy road paved with broken heels, sore feet, and unexpected tumbles. And on first learning to walk in heels first learning you tend to look like a baby giraffe taking its first steps.      Continue reading

Child Abuse v Discipline—The Inference and The Difference – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam

Each and every child has rights, the chief of which is the right to be respected.  Another such right is the one not to be abused. Do not get me wrong for I am not saying spare the rod, nor am I saying that discipline is unnecessary.  I am merely making the inference to point out the difference between discipline and abuse. Parents and caregivers had better grasp the inference and learn the difference, or they could find themselves becoming unwilling residents of the big house.

There are some who would immediately respond by saying “my parents beat me and I turned out OK”. And others may be saying “I got a fine cut tail and I did not die”. What I am simply saying is that you may have been abused, or damaged yet never knew it?      Continue reading

Guyana President diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma – undergoing treatment

Guyana: President Granger diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma – undergoing treatment

President David Granger

President David Granger has been diagnosed in Cuba with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and underwent surgery and began a second phase of treatment today, according to a statement from the Guyana Embassy in Havana, Cuba.

The statement said that the President is expected to make a full recovery under the supervision of his doctors.


Wellness Industry Boom: By Adrian Loverage – Barbados Underground Blog


The global wellness industry grew by 12.8 per cent in the last two years from US$3.7 trillion in 2015 to US$4.2 trillion in 2017, according to a recent report by Global Wellness Economy Monitor released by the non-profit Global Wellness Institute (GWI).

At a recent conference held in St. Eustatius, founder of the marketing and business development consultants, Mind Body Spirit Network, Sallie Fraenkel, stated that the wellness sector is ‘three times larger than the global pharmaceutical industry and growing exponentially’.      Continue reading

Healthcare delivery to be decentralized across Guyana

Healthcare delivery to be decentralized across Guyana

Participants at the two-day workshop

The Regional Services Department of the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) in hosting its final capacity-building workshop for 2018, sought to educate Regional Health Officers (RHOs) on decentralizing healthcare delivery across Guyana.

The exercise, which ran for two days from October 31, was designed for RHOs, medical superintendents and other senior medical personnel across the region. The workshop ran under the theme “Collaboratively, we build a resilient healthcare system that is acceptable, accessible, timely and appropriate to meet the needs of every person in Guyana”.    Continue reading

Treating domestic violence, calls for meeting the invisible victims—The children – By Yvonne Sam

Yvonne Sam

The children also have a tale to tell and we must listen very well.

Almost daily we mourn the loss of lives (and rightfully so) to domestic violence—a situation that has reached epidemic proportions, and still appears to be spiraling out of control. . Currently, domestic violence in Guyana, affects one in four women, accounting  for one-third of the murders in the country, making it one of the countries with the highest per capita rate for women being murdered as a result of domestic violence.

However, while much talk and efforts is being made to rid the country of the scourge, even to the point of male violence awareness programs etc.,  it is evident that there is no coherent plan, policy or program for the true victims of  domestic violence—the children.  Yes, I reiterate children, for they are also victims of domestic violence.  Seeing that one or both parents are dead for them a bleak future lies ahead.      Continue reading

CANGO – Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission to Guyana – Report for October 21. 2018

This Report has been prepared by CANGO
Good morning from beautiful Guyana….already its very hot but there is a nice breeze blowing and I am so happy to be back in the land of my birth.

We just got back from Moruca and are presently in Charity and will be on our way to the Upper Pomeroon in a very short time. There is no internet service in the Upper Pomeroon so I will not be posting until tomorrow or Tuesday.

The Atlantic was slightly rough going over to Moruca yesterday morning, but this morning coming back the water was smooth as glass. The Moruca River was also very calm.          Continue reading

Genetics: Essays reveal Stephen Hawking predicted race of ‘superhumans’

The Guardian UK – By Sarah Marsh

Physicist said genetic editing may create species that could destroy rest of humanity

The late physicist and author Prof Stephen Hawking has caused controversy by suggesting a new race of superhumans could develop from wealthy people choosing to edit their and their children’s DNA.

Hawking, the author of A Brief History of Time, who died in March, made the predictions in a collection of articles and essays.

The scientist presented the possibility that genetic engineering could create a new species of superhuman that could destroy the rest of humanity. The essays, published in the Sunday Times, were written in preparation for a book published on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.


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