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GUYANA: Governing Georgetown – Editorial By Stabroek News

Governing Georgetown

City of Georgetown North-western section

The capital city has always represented a challenge for a PPP government. With its predilection for controlling every conceivable political space, the fact that the most important urban region in the country does not fall directly under its sway has been a source of considerable vexation for it. The southern wards of Georgetown are the PNC’s traditional heartland, and its best efforts notwithstanding, Freedom House has never made much of an inroad into changing voting patterns there. Its response has been, therefore, to prevent the City Council from functioning, and then to swoop in occasionally and perform a task which falls under the municipality’s remit in order to demonstrate that only the government can run the capital effectively.          Continue reading

DISASTER: How these buildings made Turkey-Syria’s earthquake so deadly

DISASTER: How these buildings made Turkey-Syria’s earthquake so deadly

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USA_CANADA: The New $4.4BN Mega Bridge Connecting US & Canada! – video

USA_CANADA: The New $4.4BN Mega Bridge Connecting US & Canada!

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GUYANA: A TRIP to BARTICA – Essequibo River – 2023 – Video

GUYANA: A TRIP to BARTICA – Essequibo River- 2023.

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HISTORY: Video: A Day in London 1930s in color – remastered – sound added

HISTORY: A Day in London 1930s in color [60fps,Remastered] w/sound design added

A Day in London 1930s in color [60fps,Remastered] w/sound design added
I colorized, restored and created a sound design for this video of Wonderful London 1930s, we can clearly see what is happening in broad daylight, a various shots of Trafalgar Square and various shots of Picadilly Circus and awesome train shots .


GUYANA: Inside STABROEK Market – Georgetown Guyana – Video

Videoing inside Stabroek Market and Outside Stabroek Market

CANADA: North Buxton- Crossroads- Between Boom and Bust – VIDEO


North Buxton is a dispersed rural community located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.[1][2][3][4][5] It was established in 1849 as a community for and by former African-American slaves who escaped to Canada to gain freedom. Rev. William King, a Scots-Irish/American Presbyterian minister and abolitionist, had organized the Elgin Association to buy 9,000 acres of land for resettlement of the refugees, to give them a start in Canada.

Within a few years, numerous families were living here, having cleared land, built houses, and developed crops. They established schools and churches, and were thriving before the American Civil War. (Wikipedia).


GUYANA: Building Expo 2022: Six international hotels with more than 1000 rooms on display

 …at least 3 more eyeing Guyana market

 Jul 23, 2022- Kaieteur News – In determining whether their investment in Guyana would be positive, six international hotels, some of which have commenced developmental work here, conducted a major market study that resulted in the entities wanting to develop around 1000 hotel rooms to cash in on the increase of business being conducted in the country.

This is according to Go-Invest Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Peter Ramsaroop who informed this newspaper that six international hotels would be on display for Building Expo which opened at the National Stadium yesterday. Ramsaroop said that each hotel is bringing a different value to the market, since they are presenting different types of rooms, “to potential tourists, business executives, technicians that are coming in for the support of the industry.” Continue reading

GUYANA: Building Expo 2022- Govt. pledges millions of dollars in free building materials for eligible applicants

Building Expo 2022… -Slashes interest rates for houses and buildings

Scenes from Friday 22 July Launch of Building Expo 2022.

By Shervin Belgrave – Kaieteur News  – Guyana’s largest and most anticipated Building Exposition officially opened on Friday afternoon at the Providence National Stadium.

The event was noticeably enveloped by grandiose decorations, state-of -the-art architectural layouts for hundreds of booths and all the pomp and ceremony, one could envision for the opening that featured presentations from President, Irfaan Ali; Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal; and Minister within his ministry; Susan Rodrigues.


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