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BOOK: The NATION BUILDERS – by Tony Phillips (Author) 

A DOME MURAL IN GUYANA – An Absorbing story of Creativity, Innovation and Resilience

This is about the painting on the ceiling of Barclays Bank on Water Street. Georgetown. Guyana


The successful completion of the mural “THE BUILDERS” is a story of the generosity and willing contributions of several individuals from both local and international organisations spread across three continents, all of who collaborated to ensure the success of a project born out of a simple idea/request from an architect looking to enliven the interior of this financial institution.

The book retraces for the first time, the unexpected series of events and situations which occurred at every stage of its development and covers the two years of planning and execution that Tony Phillips and Stanley Greaves set out on, until its completion on 8 June 1974.      Continue reading

GUYANA: New Georgetown Buildings after the fire of 1945 – By Geoff Burrowes

By Geoff Burrowes
When the fire ignited that destroyed the downtown area in 1945 I was only 3 years old. My dad and my uncle who lived side by side rushed downtown to see if they could help fight the fire and I have a vague memory of all the wives and children gathered together in my Uncle Charlie’s house watching the red glow in the western sky as the fire raged unchecked.

Post Office in flames – 1945 fire in Georgetown

I remember an excitement in the air and a sense of fear but not much else.

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GUYANA: Georgetown City Hall makeover to commence with G$780M construction contract

Sep 27, 2021 – Kaieteur News – A contract for the Georgetown City Hall restoration project totalling $780M has been signed by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Prema Roopnarine, and the contractors of Fides Guyana Inc.

The signing of the contract took place at City Hall on Friday in the presence of Senior Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall, Minister within the Local Government Ministry, Anand Persaud, Mayor of Georgetown, Pandit Ubraj Narine, and other officials.          Continue reading

VIDEO: Living Off-Grid for 17 Years on a Self-Built Island Homestead – Built with Salvaged Materials

Living Off-Grid for 17 Years on a Self-Built Island Homestead – Built with Salvaged Materials

Shadow built this incredible floating island with salvaged and reclaimed materials. The island comprises a 2-story float home, a floating chicken coop, floating gardens, and even a floating compost shed! He’s been living on the water for 17 years and working hard to protect the Widgeon Slough area in BC, Canada.

He gathers wood from the river to use as firewood, he grows some of his own fresh food in barrel gardens, and he collects fresh water from a nearby spring. He filters his greywater on a floating raft with multiple plant and husk filtration layers, and he composts his food and human waste to ensure that nothing goes overboard.          Continue reading

GUYANA: D’Urban Park. Georgetown – By Ralph Ramkarran

– The Horse-Racing Mecca in the 1950’s


D’Urban Park and D’Urban Backlands are named after Sir Benjamin D’Urban, appointed Governor of Demerara-Essequibo in 1824. He became, with the addition of Berbice in 1831, Governor of British Guiana from 1831 to 1833. D’Urban Park was home to Guyana’s most famous horse racing track. I remember when, still a child, I was taken there to horse racing, perhaps in the early 1950s.

I don’t know by whom, but I believe that it might have been an uncle, a lifelong horseracing enthusiast. I distinctly recall the crowd and the noise, over which the resonantly distinctive voice of the announcer, expertly modulated and paced to evoke tension and excitement as the race came to a climactic end. That voice announced horse racing over the radio throughout my youth.      Continue reading

BUSINESS: Sarwans’s State-of-the-art Amazonia Mall opens its doors at Providence

The ribbon cutting ceremony at the mall’s opening

Continue reading

GUYANA: Saving the Georgetown City Hall Building – commentary

City Hall . Georgetown. Guyana


It is entirely possible that there is a point to the Guyana Fire Service (GFS) once again deeming City Hall hazardous, but it is certainly very murky. For one thing, the heritage building is over 130 years old. Not that there is anything wrong with that per se, there are older buildings in this country and around the world that are not only still standing, but are in superlative condition. Sadly, that is not something anyone can say about City Hall. For another, while its faulty electrical wiring is definitely a fire hazard, this finding had already been made by the GFS so why is there need for repetition?

Here’s the thing, City Hall’s overall deterioration is very well known by those who occupy it, those who pass by it, and the powers that be. However, over the years, it has seen only very basic, stop-gap repairs that have likely done little but prevent it from collapsing.        Continue reading

BUSINESS: Five trends fueling one of the hottest housing markets in US history


  • The housing market is on fire, with a supply shortage driving prices to record highs.
  • But alternative signals show the market isn’t just tight, it’s changing in much more fundamental ways.
  • Here are the five structural shifts that are fueling the red-hot US housing market.

The housing market is on fire.               

What began as a pickup in demand early in the pandemic has evolved into an all-out buying spree. Sales of new and previously owned homes, while off their peaks, remain elevated. Construction has picked up somewhat, but contractors are struggling to shore up supply. With inventory sitting near record lows, price growth has accelerated to rival the 2000s housing bubble.          Continue reading

Moray House Trust: Georgetown: The 1945 Fire and the Phoenix City – By Wayne Mc Watt- 5th June. 2021- 5PM Guy; NY; Toronto 10PM UK  

The 1945 Fire.png
This is the third in a series of illustrated talks about Georgetown by Wayne Mc Watt, who curates the Wooden Architecture (Guyana) Heritage Group on Facebook. The theme for the series is Re-imagining Georgetown: a reflection on the past built environment in the city.
Title:         The 1945 Fire & the Phoenix City
 Wayne Mc Watt
Date:         Saturday 5th June, 2021
Time:        5PM Guy, NY, Toronto 10PM UK

VIDEO: The 25 Most Beautiful Cities In Africa – A Continent Containing 54 Countries

25 Most Beautiful Cities In Africa – YouTube

Africa is the world second largest and populous continent made up of 54 countries and each of these countries offer unique experiences for travelers especially through its cities.     

In this video we’ll present the 25 most beautiful cities in Africa. The most developed cities in Africa presented in this video take into consideration the most beautiful and advanced cities in the African continent with real opportunities and excellent infrastructure. Investment in Africa by country is at all-time high.       Continue reading

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