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Queen’s College (QC) again reigns supreme as 2018 CSEC results released

QC again reigns supreme as 2018 CSEC results released

Claiming the top spot this year is QC’s Christian Pile with 19 grade ones.

With 18 Ones and 2 Twos, Shakira Bholo of the Anna Regina Secondary School was named the second best performer. Following with 18 Grade Ones is Salma Majeed of ISA Islamic, while Areeb Ali of QC claimed the fourth best performing position with 17 Ones, 3 Twos and 1 Three.     Continue reading

Guyana Cultural Association New York – JULY 2018 e-Magazine

Download: Guyana Cultural Association NY -JULY 2018 e-Magazine

Guyana’s Oil Wealth Distribution: Articles by Lincoln Lewis and David Hinds

President Forbes Burnham: a Legacy with “Food For Thought” – by Francis Quamina Farrier

President Forbes Burnham: a Legacy with “Food For Thought” – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Burnham 33 Death Anniversary Feature of August 6, 2018

Forbes Burnham

Some say “Burnham”. Some say “Forbes Burnham”. Others say “Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham”, while there are those who say “The Founder Leader”. Of course, there are some who say, “The Dictator”.

Last Monday, August 6, 2018, dozens of individuals and groups converged at sunrise, at The Place of the Seven Ponds in the Botanical Gardens in Georgetown, where they payed homage to the memory of a man who, along with others, including Dr. Cheddi Jagan and Stephen Campbell, laid the foundations for an Independent Guyana. It was the occasion of the thirty third anniversary of the sudden passing, on August 6, 1985, of President Forbes Burnham; Guyana’s first executive President.

Guyana: The Debate over the Distribution of Oil and Gas Wealth heats Up

  • Cash handouts from oil wealth will spark ridiculous election campaigns – Nigel Hughes
  • Prof Clive Thomas advocates Money (e.g $5000 US/yr) for each Household 

 Nigel Hughes

Attorney-at-Law Nigel Hughes is completely against the suggestion by some that a portion of the nation’s oil wealth should be set aside to make direct cash handouts to every household.

At the recently held Eusi Kwayana Emancipation Symposium which took place on Sunday at Friendship Primary School, Hughes said that such a proposal would lead to ridiculous election campaigns which would distort, completely, the need to focus on true development of the state and its people.     Continue reading

AFC’s decision to contest LGE solo leaves it politically exposed – Dr. David Hinds

Local Government Elections – November 2018 – AFC’s decision to contest it sols leaves it politically exposed – Dr. Hinds

In a missive to the media, the political commentator said he is not the least bit surprised with the AFC’s decision. He opined that the only other choice it had was to not contest at all. If it had chosen to do that, then Dr. Hinds said it would have been an admission of defeat.    Continue reading

Backward Rules in a Backward Country – By Freddie Kissoon 

Jamaica’s Olivia Grange is doing what David Granger should do

The president’s rebuke of Black people on Emancipation Eve 2018 – By David Hinds

I have some difficulty with the president’s rebuke of Black people on Emancipation Eve

According to media reports, President Granger used the occasion of the Emancipation Eve event at Beterverwagting to deliver what one media house described as a “hard-hitting” speech in which he rebuked African Guyanese for not lifting themselves as their fore-parents did. It was one of those moments that caused all of Guyana to stop and listen because the rebuke came from the leader of the country and the political leader of Black people in Guyana on a day when those people turn out in their numbers to celebrate the anniversary of freedom from the worst form of human bondage.      Continue reading

Guyana: Reparations for Slavery: Afro-Guyanese deserve 15,000 square miles of territory

Afro-Guyanese deserve 15,000 square miles of territory as partial compensation for enslavement; law being drafted for African land rights

Photo: Chairman of the Guyana Reparations Committee, Eric Phillips and Retired Rear Admiral, Gary Best.

The Guyana Reparations Committee is drafting legislation to allow Afro-Guyanese to secure a percentage of Guyana’s territory as compensation for slavery in the same way that Amerindians have been legally guaranteed land rights, a move Retired Rear Admiral Gary Best supports.

“I believe that unless the State acknowledges its responsibility, we’ll only be looking towards the external reparations which is financial reparations but within the country itself, I think Guyana owes its own people to allocate a portion of land both onshore and offshore reparatory justice to the people of Guyana,” Best said.


Barbados Improvements Part 3: Agriculture – Future products

Guyanese Online – Editor’s Note:

Many of these ideas could be applied to Guyana, where there is a declining sugar industry and ample land and water available.

Barbados Underground

Submitted by Freedom Crier

Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) & Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera)

Investigate the production (oil palm) as the replacement for sugar cane production including on hilly or semi-arid lands. The infrastructure that we have in sugar plantations is the same as required for this type plantation crop and we have an oil processing plant in Barbados i.e. Roberts Manufacturing. Just a small amount of retooling is necessary. The by-products of Oil Palm production EG: palm kernel meal can be utilised and be consumed as chicken feed, cattle, sheep & goat feed, instead of the importation of feed and feed stocks. The soya bean stock that is imported now to make Oil, Margarine, etc. could be a thing of the past. Palms grow well in Barbados from coconut to ornamental palms. It is easy to include/change to Oil Palm & Date Palm if feasible and the topography and…

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