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GUYANA: Feeling Blessed – By Dave Martins + Music Video

 Stabroek News – By Dave Martins – January 1, 2022

It’s one of the features of daily living that we often look back at our lives and feel fortunate for some of the things that have come our way.

I have several friends in this category who will from time to time make this point about their own situation, and it occurred to me very recently, after a very touching email from my friend and fellow musician George Jardim, who spoke about his own satisfaction with things on his plate, triggering me into reflecting on what he said as it related to my life. I have noted this before, but it bears repeating.            Continue reading

GUYANA: World Bank predicts massive economic growth for 2022

Georgetown.  Guyana

–- says regional forecast weaker without this nation’s input

— Guyana is the only country in the Latin America and Caribbean region that is likely to see double-digit economic growth this year

AT a time when the global economy is plagued with myriad uncertainties, Guyana remains one of the fastest growing nations in the world, with an economy that is projected to expand by a massive 49.7 per cent this year, according to the latest edition of the World Bank’s “Global Economic Prospects”.

The report, issued on January 11, 2022, indicates a significant improvement from the one released in June 2021, which estimated Guyana’s growth at a mere 23.7 per cent.          Continue reading

MOVIES: Sidney Poitier: The actor who broke down Hollywood’s racial barriers

Sidney Poitier

Sidney Poitier, who has died aged 94, once turned down the role of Othello because he did not want to be typecast as a black actor.

It underlined the dilemma faced by a man who broke down many of Hollywood’s racial barriers.

As the first black winner of the Academy Awards’ best actor statuette, he was always aware of being the standard-bearer for greater racial integration.

But often he felt he had become something of a racial token, and this denied him the opportunity of taking on more varied roles.

He died on Friday January 7, 2022, aged 94, the Bahamian foreign minister announced.

Continue reading

TRAVEL: InterCaribbean Airways to hire Guyanese cabin attendants, pilots

InterCaribbean Airways plans to train Guyanese to become cabin attendants, the carrier’s Chief Executive Officer of the airline, Trevor Sadler announcement on Friday minutes after the inaugural flight arrived from Guyana from Barbados.

“On Monday, we start a new class of flight attendants here in Georgetown so we don’t just speak but we follow on with the words and hiring of additional Guyanese is on the way. We’re also looking at the active hiring for pilots,” he said at a brief welcoming ceremony held at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.          Continue reading

Medical: New COVID variant Omicron triggers global alarm, market sell-off

WASHINGTON/GENEVA, (Reuters) – The discovery of a new coronavirus variant named Omicron triggered global alarm yesterday as countries rushed to suspend travel from southern Africa and stock markets on both sides of the Atlantic suffered their biggest falls in more than a year.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said Omicron may spread more quickly than other forms, and preliminary evidence suggested there is an increased risk of reinfection.

Epidemiologists warned travel curbs may be too late to stop Omicron from circulating globally. The new mutations were first discovered in South Africa and have since been detected in Belgium, Botswana, Israel and Hong Kong.          Continue reading

Barbados: Sweet Bajan Spouge Medley gifted to Bajans and the Diaspora + music video

Loop News – Barbados – 21 November 2021

The sound of spouge music is back and just in time for the 55th anniversary of Independence and Barbados’ transition to republic status… on November 30, 2021

As the world’s eyes, ears and in some cases, hearts, are inclined towards the Gem of the Caribbean this month, there is a Sweet Spouge Medley filling the air comprising an array of Bajan artistes – vocally and instrumentally.

The Sweet Spouge Music Medley by The Nicholas Brancker Band features Edwin Yearwood, Nikita and Adrian Clarke. Background vocals are provided by Shekara Straker, Nareesa Lynch and Dorhonda Smith The Nicholas Brancker Band includes Nicholas Brancker on bass, Andre Daniel and Darien Bailey on keys, Andre Forde on pan and percussion, Jermone Waithe is guitars, while Jomo Slusher is on trombone, Kevyn Lynch on trumpet, Melvin Alick plays the drums and Romaro Greaves plays the saxes.

The songs in the medley are Spouge Music, Any Day Now, Hello There Baby, Standby Love, and Bet Your Life I Do.               Continue reading

Guyana: Tourism Awareness Month – Tour Specials

 As we celebrate Tourism Awareness Month under the theme “Preparing for a New Frontier – Stimulating Innovation within the Tourism Sector”, it is important that we recognise the innovative ways that our sector has undertaken to regenerate and rebuild amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

This resilience, aided by extensive support from the Guyana Tourism Authority has since yielded impressive results. To date, 53 tourism businesses have been granted conditional approvals for reopening and can now welcome travellers and guests to their establishments safely. Of these, several have carefully crafted tour packages in recognition of Tourism Awareness Month. These packages can be found on the GTA’s Facebook page under the album titled “Tourism Awareness Month 2021 Special Tour Packages”.            Continue reading

Cricket: CWI and USA CRICKET to Host ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024

Nov. 16, 2021, Cricket West Indies

Cricket West Indies

West Indies and USA partnership is a vision for growth of the game

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Cricket West Indies (CWI) and USA Cricket have confirmed their partnership to host the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Men’s T20 World Cup 2024. The world governing body announced the joint bid was successful on Tuesday.

The strategic partnership and vision of CWI and USA Cricket for the 2024 T20 World Cup is geared towards growing the game in the Americas by re-energising the sport with a new generation of fans in the West Indies and unlocking cricket’s potential in the USA.    Continue reading

Short Stories: Sonny’s Cake Shop –  By Geoff Burrowes

–  By Geoff Burrowes

People tell me I have a good memory because I can remember things that happened nearly 80 year’s ago. Not true – when you reach my age those things are fresher in memory than what I had for breakfast this morning! But I must admit that I often remember more impressions and flavours than actual events!

Ask any kid who grew up in BG in the 40s 50s or 60s about cake shops and calculate the wattage of their smiles and be impressed! Cake shops were generally single floor buildings got to by a board bridge over a gutter or trench and containing a plethora of delights within the price range of most children! For example 3 cents for a small lemonade. or a penny for butterscotch, colourful soury, pink nuttin or fat white peppermints, all wrapped in thin greaseproof paper. Slightly sweet tennis rolls and satisfyingly sweet, crunchy, rock buns, all were within reach.        Continue reading

Comedy: The Best of Trevor’s Accents – Between The Scenes | The Daily Show Video

Comedy: The Best of Trevor’s Accents – Between The Scenes | The Daily Show

From musing on French raps to imagining Trump speaking Arabic, here’s a roundup of Trevor’s best accents. #DailyShow

#TrevorNoah 00:00 – Growing Up with Accents 02:14 – Impersonating People, Not Places 03:50 – If Trump Spoke Arabic 05:05 – Learning German From Hitler 06:57 – Running Out of Spanish 08:39 – French Words, French Fries, and French Rap 12:10 – Trinidad and Tobago Will Never Go to War 13:13 – 911 in South Africa 15:28 – Trevor Gets In Trouble with the French

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