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EU Observers urge Guyana to heed recommendations after contentious 2020 Elections

Kaieteur News – The European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) yesterday addressed reporters one year after the 2020 general and regional elections on the purpose of its visit to Guyana – to help kick-start reforms pivotal to ensuring the smooth process of future elections.Notably, the final report was released on June 5 last year. However, at that time, the mission was not in the country. It had left in March 2020. This time, it is back to meet with stakeholders to talk about those recommendations.

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GUYANA: MPs open Budget 2021 debates with insults and vulgarity

Speaker of the House Manzoor Nadir.

Senior Minister in the  Office of the President with responsibility for Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, recently presented to the National Assembly and by extension the country, the largest budget it has ever seen.

During that presentation, the Senior Minister had disclosed the whopping $38.1B budget would catapult the country’s economic recovery, and improve the performance of critical sectors that were severely affected by COVID-19 shockwaves.      Continue reading

GUYANA: Encouraging Events, Disturbing Developments – By GHK Lall

Vaccine, frontline workers, inclusive oil governance, US diplomats, the president and mayor

Kaieteur News – The biggest piece of encouraging news was that Pfizer announced that a COVID-19 vaccine is close. As the weather gets colder up north, and Guyanese airports are reopened as it turns cooler here down south, a vaccine in the vicinity is most uplifting.

I would take a vaccine willingly. The issue is when and how many vaccines Guyana is going to get. We may not be high on the priority list of places to be offered relief. Then, there will be a fight here over who gets vaccinated first, who are compulsory recipients. Those all trouble, and there is something else sure to raise its head.      Continue reading

GUYANA 2020: GREG QUINN – On Five Eventful Years in Georgetown – Watch on YouTube

Greg Quinn


GREG QUINN is leaving Guyana after five eventful years as British High Commissioner there. They have been eventful. What are his takeaways: —– About this Event – FREE 



Greg Quinn arrived as Her Majesty’s High Commissioner to Guyana in 2015.Since then it has been eventful. Three Presidents and two election seasons including the five month ‘hiatus’ in 2020. He was one of the three leading diplomats who refused to accept any election rigging. Greg has made his mark in many ways ‘back home’. What is he taking away from Guyana to the UK?            Continue reading

GUYANA: OIL BLOCKS: Harmon says Coalition dependent on KN’s information to take action

— on Kaieteur/Canje oil blocks giveaway

Despite such shocking revelations being put into the public domain, leader of the APNU+AFC Opposition, Joseph Harmon, yesterday declared that the coalition is “awaiting more information” before any action is taken in the National Assembly to hold those responsible parties accountable.      Continue reading

GUYANA POLITICS: Charrandass Persaud back in Guyana

Former government MP Charrandass Persaud (at right in foreground) after his stunning vote in favour of the PPP/C’s motion of no-confidence against the government. (Stabroek News file photo)
Former government MP Charrandass Persaud (at right in foreground) after his stunning vote in favour of the PPP/C’s motion of no-confidence against the government. (Stabroek News file photo)

Sunday Stabroek was reliably informed that Persaud returned here on October 9th, 2020.          Continue reading

GUYANA: No talks with APNU+AFC unless Harmon recognises PPP as “legitimately elected” gov’t – Pres. Ali

President Infaan Ali

President Irfaan Ali on Tuesday categorically ruled out any political engagement with the opposition A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) unless he is recognised as the Head of State and Government by Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon.

“Mr. Harmon must be honest enough to correct the wrongs he has done in that narrative and go out to the public and say the PPP (People’s Progressive Party) has been legitimately elected and it is the recognised government of Guyana and then we talk,” he told reporters at his Vlissengen Road-based office.    Continue reading

Guyana: Speaker is Manzoor Nadir; Deputy Speaker is Lenox Shuman for 12th Parliament

Manzoor Nadir
Manzoor Nadir

Former Minister of Labour and Tourism for the PPP/C, Manzoor Nadir was today elected Speaker of the 12th Parliament.

Nadir was nominated to the post by Prime Minister Mark Phillips and was seconded by Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Gail Teixeira. There were no other nominations for the post of Speaker and Nadir was therefore declared elected Speaker in the House where the PPP/C has a majority of 33 in the 65 member Parliament..            Continue reading