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GUYANA: African Guyanese existence again systematically targeted, continually eroded – By GHK Lall

GHK Lall

Kaieteur News – The PPP Government and leadership can either be congratulated or condemned for its relentless commitment, its premediated visions, to target African Guyanese communities, interests, ways of life, and then systemically erode all three.  The latest involves cooperatives and idle lands (Demerara Waves, January 23), as presented by the Hon. Minister of Labour.  On the one hand, I go out of my way to congratulate the PPP brain trust for coming up with yet another perverse scheme that indicates the energies that are devoted to delivering the vindictive, vengeful, and vicious thrusted again at the breast of African Guyanese.      Continue reading

GUYANA: Where the Rich Hide in Guyana – video

Check out Guyana!

Beautiful modern homes, but the streets still have pot holes and some rubbish lying around.

The architecture is not particularly admirable. 

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GUYANA: Mocha confrontation – Editorial by Stabroek News

Stabroek News

By January 6, 2023

In this country commonplace problems in need of practical solutions are frequently prone to metamorphose into political controversies. Never mind that they are in essence not political issues; the leaden hand of politics leaves its imprint on everything here. And so it is in the case of the situation in Mocha: on the one hand the allegations of discrimination reverberate around, and on the other the response echoes across the airways that progress is being stymied. And all this because a group of squatters refuses to remove from land earmarked for a new road between Eccles and New Diamond.

It would seem that they are not actually in the path of the road itself, but on land adjacent to it, and that the proposed highway will pass behind their structures. It may be that the position of the Ministry of Housing has shifted over the months, since in September of the year before last, according to residents of the area appropriately named Pepper Field, they had been told to reposition their houses so they would face the new road. While this would have recommended itself as an offer to be accepted, especially if some kind of compensation were to be paid, the residents did not take the Ministry up on this. As one resident explained, if people didn’t get permission to build there, then no one was going to do it.            Continue reading

GUYANA: Demolition of Afro-Guyanese houses in Mocha, Linden points to racial discrimination- WPA

The headquarters of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA).

Just days after President Irfaan Ali fended off opposition accusations of racism against Afro-Guyanese such as the demolition of houses in Mocha, East Bank Demerara, the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) insisted that the grant of titles to stronghold supporters raises concerns about apparent racial discrimination.

“ These actions are in stark contrast to the issuing of titles to “squatters” in communities deemed to be supportive of the government. The government cannot not know that the perception and reality of unequal treatment undermine its own stated mantra of One Guyana,” the WPA said. “The events in Mocha Arcadia, therefore, opens the government to charges of racial profiling and racial discrimination in the process of governance,” that party added.            Continue reading

AFRICA: Ghana grants citizenship to African Americans & Caribbeans as part of initiative

Ghana grants citizenship to African Americans & Caribbeans as part of beyond the return initiative

Ghana grants citizenship to African Americans & Caribbeans as part of beyond the return initiative. Ghana has granted citizenship to several African Americans and Afro Caribbeans as part of the country beyond the return initiative to attract resettlement of Africa descendants. In 2019, Ghana successfully hosted the Year of return with a raft of activities, at home and abroad, to encourage the descendants of those who were forcibly sent into slavery to return home to Africa.


GUYANA: A New Year’s Resolution for Guyana’s Politicians: – Letter by Andre Brandli

Hasn’t the time come for a new political culture of reconciliation and compromise or will this remain a fantasy forever?

As a Guyanese of the Diaspora living in Switzerland and Germany, I have been following Guyanese politics closely for the last few years. What has struck me most is the uncompromising nature of politics in my mother’s homeland.

There is the absence of a political culture of seeking solutions to the nation’s key problems by genuine consultation, assessing the positions of the key stakeholders, and finding compromises that tie in also the parties in the opposition.                Continue reading

GUYANA ECONOMY: Not one Guyanese should be without, not with so much – By GHK Lall

GHK Lall

Dec 30, 2022 Features / Columnists, News, The GHK Lall Column

Kaieteur News – Happy holidays to all Guyanese, no exceptions.  Happy holidays also to those who have made Guyana their home, some temporarily due to commerce, others because of the necessity of circumstances.  Having been there and lived with my own circumstances for an eternity, I know what it is like to be away from the land of one’s birth.

Every Guyanese should have plenty, enough to enjoy a hearty holiday season; enough leftover to share a little good cheer.  This is the size of the endowment that has been given, the inheritance that is ours.  The wish and prayer are that what is in mind is accurate.  All have something, none is without.  In a land as filled to overflowing as it is with riches, we are the ones that should be sharing joy to the world because we have such joy in our times, and also resonating in our hearts.  Look at our numbers and how they gleam. Listen to how we feature in the conversations of countless others.  When we were always on the move to elsewhere, others are tumbling over themselves to get here.      Continue reading

 SPORTS: FOOTBALL: Pelé: Why black Brazilians like me mourn the King

 By Malu Cursino –   BBC News – Sports

Brazil and the world are grieving, and many of us mourn an idol we never saw on the pitch.

Being 23 years old, I was not around during the start, middle, or even the end of his glowing football career. But that does not matter. Pelé was and always will be a household name.

Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, a city of exuberance and vibrancy, football played a crucial role in our life.

Maracanã, where Pelé scored his thousandth goal, was emblematic of my day-to-day routine until I moved to the UK, aged 11.

We were always nearby. The buzz and frenzy during match days could be felt across the city. Traffic would be slower, restaurants busier, and the streets much louder.

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GUYANA: Oil wealth must drive inclusionary growth – US Ambassador

Steer clear of corrupt vices – US Ambassador to Guyana

As Guyana continues efforts to build out a robust regulatory and legislative framework for the oil industry, it would also be wise to keep its eyes on policies and programmes that target inclusionary growth. United States Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah Ann-Lynch made this point during a recent discussion hosted by Plaza Central (a podcast from the Wilson Center’s Latin American Programme).

The envoy agreed that Guyana is on a remarkable trajectory as it is poised to register an almost 60% growth rate on account of the oil industry. She recalled that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) projected that the new oil producer will see about 30% growth from 2023 onward. While Guyana is set on an enviable pathway, she said the road ahead will have its fair share of challenges, two of which she opined to be achieving inclusion and guarding against the potential for corruption.          Continue reading

HISTORY: Patrick Dargan – Guyana’s original non-White politician

By Nigel Westmaas – December 11, 2022 – Stabroek News  Patrick Dargan

Patrick Dargan is accredited as Guyana’s first ‘formal’ non-white politician to occupy one of the highest rungs of government under the British colonial order, namely the Combined Court.

Described as “the most dominant and fearless politician in his era” and celebrated as “Tribune of the People” and “national hero,” Dargan epitomised the era and the struggle to break the barriers of institutional racism amid a colonial order defined by the aristocracy of sugar. Described variously as a ‘Creole of mixed blood’, ‘mixed’ or black lawyer,

Dargan became prominent, according to Walter Rodney (1981), after the political gains of the 1891 constitution, which gave “public spirited colonists their opportunity”  and  opened the possibilities for future black and brown (and mixed race) political aspirants.     

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