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GUYANA: MARTIN CARTER– Carter’s Poetry of the “Negative Yes”

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This year we celebrate the birth of Martin Carter with a look at his poems against the backdrop of contemporary Guyanese and Caribbean writing. In 1981 the late Kamau Brathwaite published an essay in Caliban assessing the metaphysical (elements and stages) in the poetry of Martin Carter. The essay was reprinted 20 years later in Stewart Brown’s collection of essays about Martin,             

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GUYANA: Short Story:- When I was in the Diamond business in Guyana – By Royden V Chan.

Stories of incidents I experienced and people I encountered during my life and when I was in the Diamond business in Guyana.

By Royden V Chan.

I will be 91 years old in August this year 2023 and throughout the years, from my childhood, my working in the diamond business and to my retirement, I have experienced interesting incidents, and came into contact with diverse people who impacted my life with both good and bad impressions.
I think that I should write about these people and the incidents I experienced before I pass on.

By Royden V Chan.             

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RACE and Society — How secrets affect families

Walter seated surrounded by family (Credit: Alexandria Gamlin)

Many families have a hidden past that is often never spoken about – Cagney Roberts explores what impact these can have after his friend Alexandra Gamlin revealed her own family’s secret.
Last year, my friend Alex came to visit me in London from the US. We met over 10 years ago in New York City: I am a Black British Londoner, and Alex is originally from Michigan. During her visit, we talked about our careers, our families – and family secrets.                        Continue reading

GUYANA: US Ambassador Lynch speaks: It is a long large mouthful – The GHK Lall Column 

GHK Lall

Hard truths… By: GHK Lall

Kaieteur News – Her Excellency, American Ambassador Sarah Ann Lynch has spoken; she could not have spoken more clearly, or with more authority.  Ambassador Lynch has praised the Government of Guyana for honouring, abiding by, being obedient to the ironclad dictates of sanctity of contract (SN March 19).  Whether I like this or not, there is this fact set in US steel: Ambassador Lynch speaks on behalf of the American Government.

After all the silence, all the subtleties and sophistications, this is to what and where the clashes over this contract stand: the business of America is business.  A hundred years ago, Calvin Coolidge reportedly coined that storied, pregnant string of words.  He was an American President, not a tiny plenipotentiary.  In more recent times, Ronald Reagan and that unmentionable brother who came before the present White House occupant have also signaled American business as the central focuses, thrusts, and priorities of their presidencies.    Continue reading

USA: The 10 Most Asian Cities in the United States – video

USA: The 10 Most Asian Cities in the United States – video

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Guyana: 53 years as a Republic – By The GHK Lall Column

GHK Lall

By GHK Lall –  Feb 23, 2023

Kaieteur News – After 53 years of existence as a Republic, Guyana should have so much more to show for that time, so much to be proud about, even boast about, considering our fabulous endowments.  In people.  In the fruits of the earth, and now of the sea.  In the reality of potential and possibilities actually in our hands, in how well we are now positioned.  Though I am loathe to acknowledge, after 53 years, we have fallen short of our grand promise, been a huge disappointment.  So much given, so little to show for it.

Half of our citizens, however counted, have foreign addresses as their home.  The most telling demographic is our youth, the vigorous bloodstream of a polity and people, only for them to live and relive the ancient prejudices and bigotries of their forebears.  It is what punishes our social environment, what tampers with our minds, yokes our thinking.  We can have all the riches in the world (and we do), but if we do not have the skills and smarts and strengths to make the most expansive (inclusive) use of them, then we are all the poorer for what we have failed to contemplate, prioritize, achieve.  We have failed to do so, haven’t we?        Continue reading

GUYANA: African Guyanese existence again systematically targeted, continually eroded – By GHK Lall

GHK Lall

Kaieteur News – The PPP Government and leadership can either be congratulated or condemned for its relentless commitment, its premediated visions, to target African Guyanese communities, interests, ways of life, and then systemically erode all three.  The latest involves cooperatives and idle lands (Demerara Waves, January 23), as presented by the Hon. Minister of Labour.  On the one hand, I go out of my way to congratulate the PPP brain trust for coming up with yet another perverse scheme that indicates the energies that are devoted to delivering the vindictive, vengeful, and vicious thrusted again at the breast of African Guyanese.      Continue reading

GUYANA: Where the Rich Hide in Guyana – video

Check out Guyana!

Beautiful modern homes, but the streets still have pot holes and some rubbish lying around.

The architecture is not particularly admirable. 

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GUYANA: Mocha confrontation – Editorial by Stabroek News

Stabroek News

By January 6, 2023

In this country commonplace problems in need of practical solutions are frequently prone to metamorphose into political controversies. Never mind that they are in essence not political issues; the leaden hand of politics leaves its imprint on everything here. And so it is in the case of the situation in Mocha: on the one hand the allegations of discrimination reverberate around, and on the other the response echoes across the airways that progress is being stymied. And all this because a group of squatters refuses to remove from land earmarked for a new road between Eccles and New Diamond.

It would seem that they are not actually in the path of the road itself, but on land adjacent to it, and that the proposed highway will pass behind their structures. It may be that the position of the Ministry of Housing has shifted over the months, since in September of the year before last, according to residents of the area appropriately named Pepper Field, they had been told to reposition their houses so they would face the new road. While this would have recommended itself as an offer to be accepted, especially if some kind of compensation were to be paid, the residents did not take the Ministry up on this. As one resident explained, if people didn’t get permission to build there, then no one was going to do it.            Continue reading

GUYANA: Demolition of Afro-Guyanese houses in Mocha, Linden points to racial discrimination- WPA

The headquarters of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA).

Just days after President Irfaan Ali fended off opposition accusations of racism against Afro-Guyanese such as the demolition of houses in Mocha, East Bank Demerara, the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) insisted that the grant of titles to stronghold supporters raises concerns about apparent racial discrimination.

“ These actions are in stark contrast to the issuing of titles to “squatters” in communities deemed to be supportive of the government. The government cannot not know that the perception and reality of unequal treatment undermine its own stated mantra of One Guyana,” the WPA said. “The events in Mocha Arcadia, therefore, opens the government to charges of racial profiling and racial discrimination in the process of governance,” that party added.            Continue reading

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