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President Trump: Speech at African American History Month at the White House

President Trump STUNNING Speech at African American History Month at the White House
Published on Feb 21, 2019 – White House African American History Month Reception.
President Trump participates in a White House reception for African American History Month. Black History Month
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The Millennial Perspective…On Colourism and Beauty – By Kemol King

Kemol King

Guyana Politics: Many Candidates… Little Choice – By Verian Mentis-Barker

Two is a coincidence but three is a trend, says statisticians and now the three Political Parties that have taken advantage of the No Confidence Motion is a trend,  that may be even more alarming than the Charrandass vote itself.

By normalizing the consequences of MisGovernment all through its Post-Independence, politics in Guyana has become the producer of the nation’s leading product – moral hazard.

And if there is any hope that the upcoming snap elections will usher in some divine rectification, one need only look at the members of the Parties throwing their hats into the arena, to get the picture.


Reflection is essential as Guyana celebrates Black History Month – By Yvonne Sam

– By Yvonne Sam

History is a Weapon. History is to the nation as memory is to an individual.

As we begin to celebrate Black History Month in Canada and America, (not England), now more than ever Guyana needs to look at her history with an air of profound reflection and introspection. With the country as racially divided as it is now, does Black History hold any significance? Any display of racial identity or racial reference is oftentimes met with derision, suspicion or plain condemnation. Hence Black History Month or any celebration thereof smacks of a denial of ethno racial identity. Let it not be overlooked or forgotten that Black History Month emanated in the United States of America  from an acknowledgement of Black as a marker of racial identity.      Continue reading

“There are Many Traps in the World” by Brazilian Poet Ferreira Gullar

Three Worlds One Vision

Historical Center of São Luís – Maranhão – Brazil
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Portuguese colonial architecture
Photo Credit: Kamaleao

My Poetry Corner February 2019 features the poem “There are Many Traps in the World” (No Mundo Há Muitas Armadilhas) by Ferreira Gullar (1930-2016), a Brazilian poet, playwright, art critic, and essayist. Born in São Luís, capital of the northeastern state of Maranhão, he was the fourth child of eleven siblings of a poor, working-class family.

As a young man, while earning a living as a radio announcer and editor of literary magazines, Gullar frequented poetry readings and devoured books of poetry by the best of Brazilian and foreign poets. At nineteen, he published his first poetry collection. But he saw no future in his suffocating, small-town life in the impoverished northeast region. He fled to Rio de Janeiro in the early 1950s, where he worked as a journalist…

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RACISM: Africans worldwide must confront blatant public racist comments – By Freddie Kissoon

The African race worldwide has to confront this growing evil 

Freddie Kissoon

Guyana Politics: What are the REAL POSSIBILITIES of the new Presidency under the PPP?


As I pause occasionally to ponder the announcement of that presidential candidate, the first struggle is to overcome the sweeping distaste. Nevertheless, I encourage thoughtful, rational citizens to look beyond their disbelief, beyond the candidate, and beyond cult leader control and ask: what if? What if the improbability of ascendancy to the presidency?

What if the actual presidency? Broadly and selectively speaking, hard-earned gains of this government would be lost; the limited ethical and reputational strides will be deliberately and systemically reversed; and boiling racial animosities will intensify in degree and quantity. Specifically, the Guyana Police Force would lose ground through a resurgence of corrupt elements. They are still there; only less blatant, less populous, and less blessed, either politically or administratively; the criminalization of old within the force and on the outside Guyanese world would take root and flourish. Again.     Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Jagdeo again calls out Dr. Hinds for debate on PPP’s treatment of Afro-Guyanese

Bharrat Jagdeo

He has been accused of marginalizing Afro-Guyanese and sponsoring a “death squad”, which “killed over 400 black people.” It was even said that under his rule, Guyanese of African ancestry were “stifled.” But former President Bharrat Jagdeo is saying that this is not true. In fact, he is calling for a “fact based” debate with African leaders on his record regarding the treatment of Afro-Guyanese.
Jagdeo said this at a recent press conference.

The former President, who now operates as PPP’s General Secretary, said that A Partnership for National Unity, which has as its main party, the People’s National Congress—knows that it cannot now return to young people—“after three years of neglect—and tell them how much the partnership cares. Jagdeo said, “They cannot talk about corruption, they cannot promise jobs so they are coming with racial rhetoric.”      Continue reading

Medical: No Sexual Escape even in a vegetative state – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam – R. N BSc.N.  MEd.  S.C.M   R.M.N

If you cannot be a nurse then pray to God you don’t become a curse. Nursing is synonymous with caring not fearing.

The report of a woman who has been in a vegetative state giving birth at a long term healthcare care facility in Arizona is not only disturbing, repulsive and outrageously gut wrenching, but at the selfsame time deals a black eye to all adherents of the Hippocratic and Nightingalean Oaths, in addition to further highlighting the issue of the racial divide existing in the U.S.A.

The 29 year old victim was a Native American of the San Carlos Apache Tribe.  No other term should be applied to this case but outright rape, as common sense dictates that a woman in that condition is totally unable to give consent to sexual intercourse, irregardless of what form it takes.  Now after DNA samplings of all male staff associated with caring for the patient, Nathan Sutherland a 36 year old Licensed Practical Nurse has been charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of vulnerable adult abuse.      Continue reading

Diaspora says: Hold Guyanese Politicians Accountable! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

A Message to the Diaspora: Hold Guyanese Politicians Accountable!

By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

It came late during the discussions. One questioner wanted to know what the diaspora could do to help in the current crisis in Guyana. The discussions were held on a cold and wintry afternoon on Liberty Avenue, in Richmond Hill. This is an enclave in Queens in New York that is frequented by politicians, particularly from Guyana.

Queens has the single biggest concentration of Guyanese outside of Guyana. The unofficial number is around 200,000 persons. The current situation in Guyana has brought the diaspora into focus, and the role it could play in moving the debate forward.     Continue reading

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