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Guyana Police Questions Bharrat Jagdeo Over Statements Made At Babu Jaan

Jagdeo at Babu John 2019

The police indicated they are investigating a report that, on March 10 — at the Cheddi Jagan commemorative ceremony at Babu Jaan, Port Mourant — the Opposition Leader had said that “after the 21st of March, the government would be illegal and that if the President, David Granger, (Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo), if they come here, to chase them…because they are illegal”.          Continue reading

Guyana History: How Scotland Erased Guyana From Its Past – Yvonne Singh | Guardian UK

How Scotland Erased Guyana From Its Past

The portrayal of Scots as abolitionists and liberal champions has hidden a long history of profiting from slavery in the Caribbean.

Yvonne Singh | Guardian UK

Scotland’s role in empire does not belong in the margins or footnotes: Highland Scots had a huge role to play in the large-scale trafficking of human beings for profit. I believe that however unpalatable this history is, it is a shared one, and contributes to our understanding of race and how the movements of people from long ago fits with our story now. To obscure these facts is to rob individuals of their stories all over again, and to deny them any sense of belonging or place in the world.

The mangrove-fringed coast of Guyana, at the north-eastern tip of South America, does not immediately bring to mind the Highlands of Scotland, in the northernmost part of Great Britain. Guyana’s mudflats and silty brown coastal water have little in common with the lush green mountains and glens of the Highlands. If these landscapes share anything, it is their remoteness – one on the edge of a former empire burnished by the relentless equatorial sun and one on the edge of Europe whipped mercilessly by the Atlantic winds.              Continue reading

Guyana Politics: I feel personally insulted by Irfaan Ali’s Press Conference – Freddie Kissoon

I feel personally insulted by what Irfaan Ali did

Guyana History: Village problems in Guyana 100 years ago – By Winston McGowan

-Stabroek News – April 12, 2001 – By Winston McGowan 

This article will focus on conditions in eighteen villages of Guyana, which one hundred years ago were under the control of the Central Board of Health. These villages were for the most part inhabited mainly by Africans.

They included Sparendaam, Plaisance, Beterverwagting, Buxton and Friendship, Golden Grove and Nabaclis, Victoria and Ann’s Grove and Two Friends on the East Coast of Demerara, Agricola, Mocha and Craig on the East Bank, Bagotville, Goed Intent and Sisters, and Stanleytown on the West Bank, Den Amstel and Fellowship and De Kinderen on the West Coast of Demerara, Queenstown and Danielstown in Essequibo and Cumberland in Berbice.

About one hundred years ago these villages were experiencing serious problems which made life for the residents very challenging. Perhaps their most fundamental and most disturbing problem was geophysical, namely, their inability for the most part to cope effectively with the formidable challenges of sea and river defence, drainage and irrigation. These difficulties stemmed from the fact that the coast was below sea level, the rivers often overflowed their banks and the country frequently suffered from seasons of heavy rainfall.

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Is Lincoln Lewis the Black version of White fascism? -By Freddie Kissoon

Freddie Kissoon | Features / Columnists Kaieteur News

I read Lincoln Lewis column in last Sunday’s Kaieteur News and the first question that flashed through my mind was if I was the editor for that day, would I have carried that piece? I probably would not.

As I kept reading this commentary all I could have thought of was how easy it is to fall prey to the virus of misplaced nationalism. Lewis’s presentation is directly out of the songbook of white fascism that is sweeping Europe and the USA. When you read Lewis, you wonder if he was in fact plagiarizing the words of the Trump, the Brexit advocates in the UK and those who presently rule Italy, Hungary and other countries that are implementing fascist xenophobia.          

Lincoln Lewis has been a friend for more than forty years. I didn’t expect that state of mind from him. I would never have thought that Lincoln could use the kind of canvas he painted to describe foreigners coming to Guyana to live and work.        Continue reading

Guyana: Oil Dorado: They are coming…are we prepared? – By Lincoln Lewis

Guyana’s New Immigrants …. are we prepared?

USA- The ‘War on Drugs’: A Race War started by the Nixon Administration in 1971- commentary

The ‘War on Drugs’ Really A Race War That Had Nothing To Do With Marijuana?
“…Former aide to President Richard Nixon pulls back the curtain on the true motivation of the United States’ war on drugs… John Ehrlichman, who served 18 months in prison for his central role in the Watergate scandal, was Nixon’s chief domestic advisor when the president announced the “war on drugs” in 1971” ( see video below)

Top Nixon Aide Admits The Drug War Is To Target Blacks

Continue reading

Eusi Kwayana (94)… is a priceless gift to Guyana, the Caribbean and humanity – By David Hinds

Eusi Kwayana – 2014

OPINION: Demerara Waves – April 6, 2019  – By David Hinds

This past week, one of the architects of our relatively young nation, Eusi Kwayana, celebrated his 94th birthday. Kwayana, by any measure, is a rare human being—a priceless gift to humanity. I use this occasion to remind Guyana that we have given this remarkable gift to ourselves and the world.

As a Caribbean civilization, we are not known for powerful armies, rich economies and high skyscrapers, but our contribution to world civilization has been mostly in the form of what another Caribbean treasure, Rex Nettleford, calls the creative intellect and creative imagination. It says something beyond the ordinary that these former colonial outposts could in the fields of art, sports, political economy and academia produce men and women of the highest caliber who sit and stand among the best of what humanity has produced.    Continue reading

Stop Racism Indoctrination – Only One Race: The Human Race – Jane Elliott Video

Anti-Racism Educator Jane Elliott: ‘There’s Only One Race. The Human Race’ | NBC BLK | NBC News

Known for her “blue-eyed, brown-eyed” experiment, where she ran her class as though the children with brown eyes were superior to children with blue eyes, educator Jane Elliott has spent the last 50 years fighting racism.

Jane Elliott (née Jennison;[2][3] born May 27, 1933) is an American former third-grade schoolteacher, anti-racism activist, and educator. She is known for her “Blue eyes–Brown eyes” exercise. She first conducted her famous exercise for her class the day after Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. When her local newspaper published compositions that the children had written about the experience, the reactions (both positive and negative) formed the basis for her career as a public speaker against discrimination.    Continue reading

UK to pay up to £200m in compensation to Windrush victims – The Guardian UK

UK to pay up to £200m in compensation to Windrush victims – The Guardian UK

22nd June 1948: MV Empire Windrush arrives at Tilbury Docks in London

The home secretary, Sajid Javid, has announced that the government will pay up to £200m in compensation to people whose lives were damaged by the Home Office’s mistaken classification of thousands of long-term British residents as illegal immigrants.

The announcement comes almost a year after the government admitted that its treatment of the Windrush generation had been “appalling” and promised reform of its immigration system and compensation to those affected by hostile environment policies.

“Nothing we say or do will ever wipe away the hurt, the trauma, the loss that should never have been suffered by the men and women of the Windrush generation, but together we can begin to right the wrongs of Windrush,” Javid said.

READ MORE: UK to pay up to £200m in compensation to Windrush victims


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