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GUYANA: Mississauga Monarch Lions Club – Anniversary Brunch – June 1. 2023

Mississauga Monarch Lions Club in District A711 of Lions Clubs International has an anniversary brunch. 

The theme is “Lions Quest” which promotes Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Skills For Action programs in schools and communities.  The focus should be for youths to have mentorship and be taught leadership and emotional coping skills; so that they can dream without boundaries, to enhance their personal lives. The mental health and well-being of youths in all spectrums of their lives are imperative to a successful future.  As District A711 Lions Quest Chairperson and President of Mississauga Monarch Lions Club, we invite you to the brunch on June 11, 2023.  The Lions Quest Fellowship Award recipients are our supporters and youth advocates.  The news media teams are invited.                    Continue reading


May 14, 2023 – By Stanley Greaves


Today was payday. Waterfront workers received wages from the pay office of companies. My Father’s was Sandbach Parker Ltd. Sometimes when he was working elsewhere I had to take his tag, a piece of round copper stamped with a number to receive his pay. Men in the line would ask questions about my identity then send me to the head of it.

Women consorts and common- in- law wives would be waiting outside to secure the household money. Most men usually went to rumshops to celebrate the end of a work week. Huston’s Rum Shop and Bar was conveniently situated in Robb Street between Main and Water Streets near Sandbach Parker. When my Father came home I would examine his pocket. If the rounded end of a big can of sardines or salmon in tomato sauce revealed itself I knew that he had earned twelve dollars, a good week. I eagerly awaited Sunday morning.

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With songs like ‘Boyhood Days’ and ‘Is We Own’ – Dave Martins told many stories through his unique style of music. Whether the message behind the music stemmed from a good old joke as in ‘Honeymooning Couple’ or from a serious state of affairs like in ‘Not A Blade of Grass’, Martins composed lyrical masterpieces.

In this News Room Insider, the musician shares how he constructed his hits. Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer (Fair Use) under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

GUYANA: Short Story:- When I was in the Diamond business in Guyana – By Royden V Chan.

Stories of incidents I experienced and people I encountered during my life and when I was in the Diamond business in Guyana.

By Royden V Chan.

I will be 91 years old in August this year 2023 and throughout the years, from my childhood, my working in the diamond business and to my retirement, I have experienced interesting incidents, and came into contact with diverse people who impacted my life with both good and bad impressions.
I think that I should write about these people and the incidents I experienced before I pass on.

By Royden V Chan.             

PDF VERSION-31 pages- Royden V Chan- Short Story #2 Continue reading

GUYANA: Walk with me in Subryanville – Full video

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GUYANA: Walk with me in Subryanville – Full video

CHANGE: Capitalism Hits Home: All Empires Rise and Fall, The US Is No Exception -video

CHANGE: Capitalism Hits Home: All Empires Rise and Fall, The US Is No Exception -video

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162,812 views • Mar 30, 2023 • Capitalism Hits Home with Dr. Harriet Fraad

[S06 E07] All Empires Rise and Fall, The US Is No Exception

GUYANA: Governing Georgetown – Editorial By Stabroek News

Governing Georgetown

City of Georgetown North-western section

The capital city has always represented a challenge for a PPP government. With its predilection for controlling every conceivable political space, the fact that the most important urban region in the country does not fall directly under its sway has been a source of considerable vexation for it. The southern wards of Georgetown are the PNC’s traditional heartland, and its best efforts notwithstanding, Freedom House has never made much of an inroad into changing voting patterns there. Its response has been, therefore, to prevent the City Council from functioning, and then to swoop in occasionally and perform a task which falls under the municipality’s remit in order to demonstrate that only the government can run the capital effectively.          Continue reading

CRICKET: BOURDA – By Ian McDonald.


On March the 8th I attended a Night of Recognition in honor of Reds Perreira at Bourda. It reminded me of so much.

It is good that the Providence Stadium is now well established in the game. But it remains sad that Bourda is no longer the site for hard-fought cricket between nations. A long tradition, the most remarkable in the whole West Indies, ended. So much was therefore lost. That long brightness fell into shadow. One of the most famous and revered grounds in all cricket history came to an end of its great days at the sunlit summit of the game.          Continue reading

GUYANA: Walk with me on Hadfield Street. Georgetown

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This video is about six years old, but is still very interesting.

GUYANA: US Ambassador Lynch speaks: It is a long large mouthful – The GHK Lall Column 

GHK Lall

Hard truths… By: GHK Lall

Kaieteur News – Her Excellency, American Ambassador Sarah Ann Lynch has spoken; she could not have spoken more clearly, or with more authority.  Ambassador Lynch has praised the Government of Guyana for honouring, abiding by, being obedient to the ironclad dictates of sanctity of contract (SN March 19).  Whether I like this or not, there is this fact set in US steel: Ambassador Lynch speaks on behalf of the American Government.

After all the silence, all the subtleties and sophistications, this is to what and where the clashes over this contract stand: the business of America is business.  A hundred years ago, Calvin Coolidge reportedly coined that storied, pregnant string of words.  He was an American President, not a tiny plenipotentiary.  In more recent times, Ronald Reagan and that unmentionable brother who came before the present White House occupant have also signaled American business as the central focuses, thrusts, and priorities of their presidencies.    Continue reading

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