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Guyana: Jonestown tragedy remains a cautionary tale 40 years later – By Mohamed Hamaludin

Jonestown was in the Northwest District of Guyana, located between Port Kaituma and Matthews Ridge.

I don’t believe I ever met the Rev. Jim Jones in person but the story of the man who established the Peoples Temple of Love in Indiana in 1955, relocated his followers to a South American jungle, then led more than 950 men, women and children to their deaths on Saturday, Nov. 18, 1978, continues to haunt me 40 years later.

Claiming political and media persecution, Jones moved his followers — more than three in four African American — from San Francisco to my native Guyana, believing it to be among the safest places for radiation fallout in the supposedly coming nuclear war. The Guyana government, fearing invasion by nearby Venezuela over a border dispute, saw advantage in having an American presence in the disputed territory.       Continue reading

Faith! Tolerance! and Aberrance!? – By Yvonne Sam

Faith! Tolerance! and Aberrance!?

By Yvonne Sam

Did the Vice President’s guffaw reveal a special kind of chutzpah.

It is now blatantly apparent that while in life the Trump Administration can get nothing right, that record has now been extended to the dead.  Two days after the horrific massacre of eleven Jews in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Vice President Mike Pence while campaigning in Grand Rapids, Michigan made a cringe-generating blunder—another for the records. Granted the Vice president had earlier condemned the atrocity (“what happened in Pittsburgh was not just criminal, it was evil”), and promised that “justice would be swift and severe”.       Continue reading

The Journalist: Jamal Khashoggi made poor judgement – By Norman Datt

This reminds me of when teenagers move their lips
They lie, like the Saudis with’s tips
Why a famous journalist go there expecting no problem
Why would he go there and also go alone knowing them
He was about to get married his wife to be was out side
Maybe he could not wait to go on his honeymoon ride
Maybe he was caught up in a giddy in a love suspense
He lost his head that day and disappeared in their dens
You cannot deal with folks who spout venom to others
Stifled women using selective justice with their brothers
Its time the West spill the beans, forget about trade and money
Get the truth of the Kingdom of Silence and Jamal Khashoggi!
 Norman Datt

Time to Start Short Circuiting Black Targeting – By Yvonne Sam

Time to Start Short Circuiting Black Targeting

By Yvonne Sam

America is awash in a midterm frenzy of “Get out and Vote”.  Even celebrities have cashed in on the act, geared to attract folks who would put the Dems back on track. However, seemingly lost in the ongoing shuffle and which is no attack, but little attention is being paid to the targeting of Blacks. The Merriam Webster lexicon gives the following as its definition for “target” – a mark to shoot at, something or someone fired at or marked for attack.

Looking both retrospectively and prospectively at the number of incidents taking place across the country, be it acts of violence, voter suppression, intimidation tactics or racial profiling, it is blatantly apparent that African Americans continue to carry the unnecessary  brunt of being aggressively  targeted and attacked.      Continue reading

Treating domestic violence, calls for meeting the invisible victims—The children – By Yvonne Sam

Yvonne Sam

The children also have a tale to tell and we must listen very well.

Almost daily we mourn the loss of lives (and rightfully so) to domestic violence—a situation that has reached epidemic proportions, and still appears to be spiraling out of control. . Currently, domestic violence in Guyana, affects one in four women, accounting  for one-third of the murders in the country, making it one of the countries with the highest per capita rate for women being murdered as a result of domestic violence.

However, while much talk and efforts is being made to rid the country of the scourge, even to the point of male violence awareness programs etc.,  it is evident that there is no coherent plan, policy or program for the true victims of  domestic violence—the children.  Yes, I reiterate children, for they are also victims of domestic violence.  Seeing that one or both parents are dead for them a bleak future lies ahead.      Continue reading

Politicians who deal with techno-mercenaries are playing with fire – By Mohamed Hamaludin

Politicians who deal with techno-mercenaries are playing with fire


In their heyday, Cambridge Analytica and its parent company Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL) became notorious for using Facebook data to influence the outcome of elections until the notoriety forced them to shut down in May.

Add racism to the sins of their CEO Alexander Nix.  The Guardian reported earlier this month that email exchanges in 2010 showed Nix used the “n-word” to refer to now Barbadian Prime Minister Mia Mottley and Senator Lucille Moe. The racist slur came after their Barbados Labour Party rejected an offer to manage their election campaign.  “We were not comfortable working with them so we took a decision not to engage their services,” Moe later told the Guardian.     Continue reading

Guyanese pilot who escaped with two planes dies in Long Island crash

Munidat “Raj” Persaud

Guyana: Hundreds of cases smuggled liquor seized from city hotels, restaurants

Guyana: Hundreds of cases uncustomed liquor seized from city hotels, restaurants

The sudden raids are targeting major hotels and restaurants. In all, more than 750 cases were seized, Kaieteur News was told.           Continue reading

Sexual violence is the savage manifestation of female domination – By Mohamed Hamaludin

Sexual violence is the savage manifestation of female domination


A healer to the sexually brutalized and a survivor of such brutality — the Norwegian Nobel Committee selects them for the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize.

The year is 1999 and Denis Mukwege, a French-trained gynecologist, opens the Panzi Hospital to treat women brutalized by war in his native Congo, dubbed the rape capital of the world.

Performing around 10 surgical operations in 18-hour days, Mukwege treats more than 85,000 women, 50,000 of them survivors of wartime rape. In a United Nations speech in September 2012, he denounces  “violence against women and rape as a strategy of war.” A month later, he escapes an assassination attempt because he is not at home at the time and goes into exile in Europe for three months. He returns after women in the area served by his hospital sell their crops to pay for his plane ticket.    Continue reading

Guyana- Property Dispute: Campbellville property sold to radio station… Two Transports surface

30 Garnett Street. Campbellville

There appears to be light at the end of the tunnel over a disputed piece of Campbellville property that has ended up in the hands of radio station controlled by a Trinidadian company.

On Wednesday, representatives of Ansa McAl disclosed that according to their files, the property at 30 Garnett Street was sub-divided more than 40 years ago between two brothers.  However, one is claiming that no sub-division happened and fraud was involved.      Continue reading

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