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GUYANA: Corruption?: The Queen’s College Living Quarters Contract – Opinion

Stabroek News

By December 29, 2021

Almost two months to the day after the World Bank had staged its October 25-28 forum on the subject of Data Analytics for Anticorruption in Public Administration, in which it had made some pointed observations about the nexus between corruption and poverty in poor countries, the Stabroek News published in its December 23 issue an article headlined “Education Ministry signed contracts for over G$15 million before Internal Tender Board’s approval.” (See article below)

The content of the article had to do with, not one, but a series of blatant irregularities in the official handling of a contract “for repairs to the Queen’s College living quarters,” a modest assignment in monetary terms, as state contracts go.

The article is worth reading because of its articulation of what continues to be the flippant manner in which political administrations in our country ‘play monopoly’ with public monies and lawful procedures, in this instance, seemingly in pursuit of the dispensation of what appears to be a political favour, even as government continues to trumpet the virtues of responsibility, accountability and good governance.               Continue reading

CRICKET: Racism in Cricket: Rafiq’s Revelations — By: Dhanpaul Narine

By: Dhanpaul Narine

Azeem Rafiq has accused English cricket of ‘institutional racism.’ 

Azeem Rafiq

    The International Cricket Council (ICC) Anti-Racism Code ? It has been going on for years. What Azeem Rafiq did in 2021 was to blow the lid, to unmask some of the culprits, and to allow the world to hear the meaningless apologies and promises ‘to learn from this.’ Racism in cricket is probably as old as the game. This article highlights its recent history.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) Anti-Racism Code says, “ICC and all of its members shall ensure that there is no discrimination of any form against any person because of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin.” There is also a rule for spectators that hurl offensive racial remarks at players as they can find themselves ejected or banned from the stadiums.          Continue reading

Guyana: DDL wants tighter security for transshipped exports in wake of cocaine bust at Rotterdam

The blue bags of cocaine were stashed among the cartons of El Dorado rum

Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) on Saturday night called for tighter security of transshipped exports, even as it remained confident that about 1, 000 pounds of cocaine were not placed in the shipping container of rum before it left Guyana.

The Guyana Revenue Authority and the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) have also both said that hard evidence shows that nothing illegal was placed in the shipping container in Guyana.

The Head of  CANU, James Singh told Demerara Waves Online News that the seals on the shipping container were “counterfeit” , but a DDL spokesman has said that “the seals were on intact when the container arrived at the warehouse.” The company spokesman said the seals were the same that they left Guyana with.          Continue reading

Guyana: JONESTOWN REVISITED: A People’s Tragedy, Lessons Learned – By Lear Matthews

43rd Commemoration of the Jonestown Tragedy in Guyana

 – By Lear Matthews

  •  Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.
  • None but ourselves can free our mind.
  • (Robert N. Marley)

Lear Matthews

November 18th 2021 marks the 43rdcommemoration of the People’s Temple tragedy in Guyana, South America, a nation that has been in the news again recently, but this time for good reason. According to Exxon Mobile, oil discovery off the northern coast of this southern Caribbean country, was expected to top six billion barrels by 2020, making it a leading oil producing nation.

The story of the People’s Temple symbolizes (a) fallibility of persons whose path to the ‘American dream’ had been  frustrated because of  economic hardship, political ideology or racism (b) the rabid power of a religious zealot over those seeking spiritual and material comfort (c) a developing nation’s vulnerability to sundry influences as it struggled to stymie conditions of poverty. The government of Guyana engaged in a policy and practice of offering resources to encourage efforts at hinterland resettlement and development.            Continue reading

Guyana: Infrastructure Projects: The Chinese are Coming – Opinion

Canada: Unlicensed Toronto cannabis dispensary caught with pot-filled knock-offs of big brands

BlogTO – 09 November 2021

Cannabis stores have become the new Starbucks, and you can find one in just about every Toronto neighbourhood now. In fact, you can probably find more than just one.

But not all dispensaries are legit: a black market still caters to a large share of cannabis consumers unsatisfied with the high prices and potency limitations imposed on government-approved pot products.            Continue reading

GUYANA: Steps now afoot to digitise Guyana Police Force records – Attorney General Anil Nandlall

— after fire destroys century old Brickdam Police Station

A.G. Anil Nandlall

Nandlall said, given that the fire destroyed all the paper records of firearm licences, court documents, files belonging to the CID, Narcotics, and Traffic Departments, it will take some time for the A Division Police Department to rebuild a database.

TAX EVASION: Pandora papers: what has been revealed so far? – The Guardian

Key revelations from leaked files exposing an alternative financial world where the super-rich can hide their assets and pay little or no tax

Illustration: Guardian Design
Guardian investigations team
Monday 4 Oct 2021 16.23 BST

What are the Pandora papers?

The Pandora papers are a leaked cache of 11.9m files from companies that specialise in creating offshore companies and trusts. They are the latest major data leak to expose an alternative financial world where the super-rich can hide their assets and pay little or no tax, following on from the Panama papers in 2016 and the Paradise papers in 2017.

Continue reading

OPINION: American Economist Jeffrey Sachs – How The West Is Keeping Africa Poor – Video

Eminent American Economist Jeffrey Sachs Exposes The Truth About How The West Is Keeping Africa Poor

Africa Web TV – August 3, 2021

American economist Professor, Jeffrey Sachs exposes how America, its Western allies, the CIA and the defence industry have rigged the system to keep Africa from being prosperous. It is a stunning expose and rebuke to the present world order. Jeffrey David Sachs is an American economist, academic, public policy analyst and former director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, where he holds the title of University Professor. He is also a renowned leader in sustainable development, a senior UN advisor and a bestselling author.*

HAITI: Chief prosecutor calls for PM to be charged in president’s killing – Now FIRED by PM

By – September 14, 2021
Prime Minister Ariel Henry

Prime Minister Ariel Henry

HAVANA, (Reuters) – Haiti’s chief public prosecutor has asked the judge overseeing the investigation into the assassination of President Jovenel Moise to charge Prime Minister Ariel Henry as a suspect and ordered migration services not to let him leave the country.

In a letter to Judge Garry Orelien, prosecutor Bed-Ford Claude said phone records showed Henry twice communicated with a key suspect in Moise’s killing on the night of the crime on July 7. That suspect, a former justice ministry official whom Henry has publicly defended, is now on the run.      Continue reading
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