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Born in the Land of the Mighty Roraima – By Geoff Burrowes

Born in the Land of the Mighty Roraima — Growing up in British Guiana (Guyana)

Mount Roraima

By Geoff Burrowes 

Although a proud Guianese (Guyanese), the only time I’ve ever seen Roraima was in the distance over the bush, on the horizon.

The British Guiana Museum was across the road from the new pink Post Office Building and as I was intensely curious I would go upstairs and run the gauntlet of the fearsome pork-knocker on the landing, and the caiman at the top to see the photographs and read about this mountain peak, which was the subject of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous fictional book  ‘The Lost World’.                Continue reading

Ontario Is Begging For Skilled Trade Workers And Is Looking To Give Free Education

Ontario Is Begging For Skilled Trade Workers And Is Looking To Give Free Education To Get 1,200 People In The Workforce

It’s the perfect time to make a career switch and learn a new trade.

While some people head to university for good career prospects, there is another way to make a good living in Canada without having to rack up school debt. If you’re someone who likes to get their hands dirty then it may be time to start exploring your options working in a skilled trade.

Right now, Ontario is looking to send 1,200 Ontarians into apprenticeship programs absolutely free because the province is in need of more specialized workers. Tradespeople are workers who specialize in a particular field that requires work experience, on-the-job training, and some formal education.


Artificial intelligence will change the nature of Caribbean tourism

Artificial intelligence will change the nature of Caribbean tourism

David Jessop

By David Jessop

Among the extraordinary technological advances that will take place globally over the next decade, the most potent for the Caribbean may be artificial intelligence (AI).

This is because its rapid introduction into almost every commercial aspect of tourism means that it will change fundamentally the relationship between visitors, destinations and profitability.

AI is fast becoming a pervasive business tool for those who sell travel, vacations, and services to visitors.        Continue reading

“Humanity” by Afro-Brazilian Writer & Poet Carolina Maria de Jesus – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Carolina Maria de Jesus - Favela of Caninde - Sao Paulo - Before publication of first book

Carolina Maria de Jesus with cart – Favela of Canindé – São Paulo (circa 1958)
Photo Credit: Jornal Estado de Minas (Collection Audálio Dantas)

My Poetry Corner November 2018 features the poem “Humanity” (Humanidade) by Afro-Brazilian writer and poet, Carolina Maria de Jesus (1914-1977), born in a rural community in Minas Gerais, Southeast Brazil.

An illegitimate child of a sharecropping family, Carolina was treated as an outcast. After just two years in primary school, when she learned to read and write, she developed a love for reading. She dreamed of becoming a writer.

“The book…fascinates me,” de Jesus writes in My Strange Diary (Meu Estranho Diário). “I was raised in the world. Without maternal guidance. But books guided my thinking. Avoiding the abysses that we encounter in life. Blessed the time I spent reading. I came to the conclusion that it’s the poor who must read. Because…

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CANGO – Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission to Guyana – Report for October 20. 2018

October 20 at 9:45 AM  –  REPORT

This Report has been prepared by CANGO

Well….we have arrived in Charity after an awesome early morning ride on the ferry. Weather is a bit overcast with some rain showers, but it is still

We are now waiting for our boat to take us on to Moruca. Essequibo. Guyana.


Book: “Stepping on Cracks: Reflections on my Homeland.” – By Carmen Barclay Subryan


Congratulations to renowned Guyanese author Carmen Barclay Subryan who recently launched her new website showcasing her new book, “Stepping on Cracks: Reflections on my Homeland.” You can purchase a copy on the website. –


After almost five decades away, Doreen, a retired senior citizen, returns to her birth country to discover whether she could spend the last days of her life in a place that had nurtured her and contributed to the woman she had become. Indeed, she had departed just two years after British Guiana had received its independence from Great Britain, lowered the Union Jack, raised the Golden Arrowhead, renamed itself Guyana, and set out to chart its path as a cooperative republic.      Continue reading

Russian foreign minister to visit Guyana and Suriname; Bouterse and Granger to meet in December

Photo: (L-R) Guyana President David Granger (seated) with Foreign Ministers Carl Greenidge (Guyana) and Yildiz Pollack-Beighle (Suriname) in Jeddah

Russian foreign minister to visit Guyana and Suriname; Bouterse and Granger to meet in December

By Ray Chickrie – Caribbean News Now contributor – 

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, will make his first visit to Guyana and Suriname, and the president of Guyana, David Granger, will also visit Paramaribo in December for talks with his Suriname counterpart, President Desi Bouterse.      Continue reading

Guyana: Towards an indigenous education – By Felician Medino Abraham

Guyana: Towards an indigenous education

 September 24, 2018 –   By Felician Medino Abraham

Felician Medino Abraham is from Santa Rosa Moruca. He holds a Masters in Society and Frontier from the Federal University of Roraima UFRR, Brazil in 2017, where he produced a study on the Wapichans’ experience of formal education.

The Wapichans of the South Rupununi region have a strong indigenous worldview,  supported by extensive use of the local language and strong cultural practices. This can be interpreted as a result of the relative lack of interest that the colonizers had towards indigenous peoples of the interior over the years (as opposed to the plantations on the coast). A belief that they were incapable of bringing any economic benefits – that they could not be profitable in a capitalist sense – meant that they were left to the care of the missionaries.      Continue reading

Visualizing the Rise of the Electric Vehicle – Infographic by

Visualizing the Rise of the Electric Vehicle


When will electric vehicles be the norm?

Today’s infographic uses projections from bank Morgan Stanley to show the expected rise of the EV.

See when EVs will surpass traditional autos in market share, and when the EV fleet will hit 1 billion vehicles in total.

View Visualizing the Rise of the Electric Vehicle

Guyana Tourism: JEWEL IN THE MOUNTAINS by Dave Martins – Credits Stabroek News


  • by Dave Martins – Credits Stabroek News

    Dave Martins

Partly from her conservation interest and partly from her access to Air Services Limited aircraft, my wife Annette has pretty much been all over Guyana, so when she came home last week raving from a trip to Karasabai, describing it as a standout in our country, I had to pay attention.

Essentially, this is her story, I’m only doing conduit work today, so when I report that the community’s name is derived from the Macushi word ‘krasa” referring to a canister found in one of the lakes in the area, you know that she’s the source of that footnote.        Continue reading

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