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Guyana officials concerned over high traffic fatalities – By Tangerine Clarke

BY TANGERINE CLARKE – Caribbean Life News NY

Guyana’s Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, has expressed grave concern for the high number of road fatalities — a staggering 115 lives lost to date, many of them children, according to the traffic chief.

Patterson, in a recent exclusive interview with Caribbean Life in Georgetown, condemned reckless driving, and opined that most of the accidents were a direct result of the major works completed by the ministry, that made roadways smoother and nicer to traverse.        Continue reading

Impeachment aside—Is everything all right with a Democratic field so White – By Yvonne Sam

 — By Yvonne Sam

Candidates of color out of the presidential  race by the restrictions, rules and norms in place.

On December 19, the day after President Donald Trump was impeached by the House for abuse of power, the Democratic presidential candidates held their final debate of the year at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. On the stage were Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar, along with Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former Vice President Joe Biden, billionaire Tom Steyer and entrepreneur Andrew Yang, the only non-white contender.  Visibly absent from the lineup was Cory Booker and Kamala Harris who regrettably is completely out of the race, although former President Barack Obama  recently said that women were better leaders. 

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Guyana featured among top travel destinations on NBC’s ‘Today Show’

Jan 04, 2020    News

The majestic Kaieteur Falls, beautiful beaches and its close cultural ties to the Caribbean are among some of the breathtaking features that have landed Guyana among the top travel destinations for 2020.

The Majestic Kaieteur Falls

For that, this small oil-producing nation was yesterday featured on a segment of U.S. television network NBC’s ‘Today Show’ during which Mark Ellwood, contributing editor for Conde Nast Traveler, revealed a list of top travel destinations to explore.      Continue reading

Guyana: My twelve Favourite Photographs of 2019 – by Francis Quamina Farrier

— by Francis Quamina Farrier
This is the third consecutive year in which I am publishing my twelve Favourite Photographs of the previous year. This is a rather subjective exercise. However, I always hope for, and do receive, many favourable comments. So, here goes: My twelve favourite photographs of 2019.

Mayor Muriel Browser of Washington, DC, USA, interacts with 101 year old Plaisance-born, DC-based Geraldine McRae at the 33rd. Annual Senior Citizens Luncheon Hosted by the Mayor, in the Capital of the USA. Mayor Muriel Bowser was most gracious in response to my request for her to pose with the Guyanese centenarian and her two children for this photograph. (Photo by Francis Q. Farrier)

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Guyana: Ministry submits application for new Parika stelling

A view of the Parika stelling in 2017 (SN file photo)

A view of the Parika stelling at left …in 2017 (SN file photo)

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure has submitted an application to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for an Environmental Authorisation to construct a new ferry stelling at Parika.          Continue reading

Will Brexit be the End of English as an Official EU Language? Jane Setter | The Guardian UK

Jane Setter | The Guardian UK

Now that we know that Boris Johnson will “get Brexit done” by the end of January 2020, what are the implications for English as an official language of the European Union and in the European parliament? Could it stop being used when Britain leaves? 

In 2016 Danuta Hübner, a MEP and chair of the European parliament’s constitutional affairs committee, was quoted as saying, “If we don’t have the UK, we don’t have English.” But is it as simple as that?        Continue reading

Guyana Tourism: Experience a Wild(er) Guyana – Ashley Holland’s Story – video

In this short video, Guyana Truly Wild owner Ashley Holland takes us deep into the Guyanese wilderness, and discusses how he brings comfort, and makes new friends, in the remote jungle.
Watch the video.

Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Continues Drifting, Crosses Prime Meridian

By Stephanie Pappas |

Earth’s magnetic north pole, which has been wandering faster than expected in recent years, has now crossed the prime meridian.

Magnetic north has been lurching away from its previous home in the Canadian Arctic toward Siberia at a rate of about 34 miles (55 kilometers) a year over the past two decades. The latest model of the Earth’s magnetic field, released Dec. 10 by the National Centers for Environmental Information and the British Geological Survey, predicts that this movement will continue, though likely at a slower rate of 25 miles (40 km) each year.

This model is used to calibrate GPS and other navigation measurements.             Continue reading

Video: Great Britain: Monarchy – The Royal Family at Work – Part 1 of 5

Great Britain: Monarchy – The Royal Family at Work – Part 1 of 5

This video was published on March 21, 2016



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