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BUSINESS: “Digital Nomad”: Working Remotely in Barbados

I worked remotely in Barbados for 3 weeks and now I want to become a ‘digital nomad’ all over the world

rachel barbados brightened
Photo: Working with a sea view made me more calm and productive. Rachel Hosie/Insider
  • After spending three weeks working remotely from Barbados, I’d love to try the digital nomad lifestyle in other countries when it’s safe to do so.
  • It felt like such a privilege to be there that I was motivated to work extra hard, and many digital nomads told me they felt the same.
  • Being so close to the ocean did wonders for my mental wellbeing, and it also inspired my work.
  • Travel is currently discouraged to limit the spread of the coronavirus, but when it’s safe again, I’d love to explore more of the world while working remotely.
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TRAVEL: Guyana Bucket List: 12 Places to Visit & Things to Do

By Annette White

From bird watching in the dense rainforest to pirana fishing to taking a puddle jumper to the spectacular Kaieteur Falls, the adventurous things to do in Guyana will certainly wow you. The lessor known South American country sits between Venezuela, Brazil, and Suriname, and actually sees its fair share of tourists each year. The main city of Georgetown is definitely the most popular place to visit in Guyana, but if you are looking for outdoorsy adventure and wildlife, head outside of the city center for epic activities and breathtaking attractions.

So, if exploring rainforests, going on exciting hikes, and interacting with the locals is your thing, then immediately put the English-speaking country on your bucket listWarning: this country is not the place to visit if all you want to do is unwind at a fancy resort pool sipping a fruity cocktail.


GUYANA: Morning ride and black coffee – Short Story by Geoff Burrowes


Fo’ day mornin’ is when life starts on a ranch. By the time this story starts we had milked the cows, had breakfast,  saddled up and ridden out into the savannah.  We were some distance from the ranch (Dadanawa Ranch, Rupununi), the Takatu mountains were grey-blue on the horizon and  and  directly in front of us was a hollow choked with bush out of which we were going to round up cattle who had managed to avoid previous roundups.

In my innocence I didn’t realize that this made the cattle different from those I had worked with before. My first realization was when the cow I had startled didn’t run at the sight of this terrifying vacquero (cowboy) but pawed the ground and lowered its head and eyed me and my valiant steed threatingly, head lowered its head swung its wide sweep of horns from side to side.      Continue reading

GUYANA: NOSTALGIA: Great Picnic Spots! – By Geoff Burrowes

 By Geoff Burrowes

 There were- not far from Georgetown, some great spots for picnicking.

What do you need for a really enjoyable picnic? A beach is nice, preferably not too crowded; a safe place to swim; a ball, it may be a tennis ball (wimpuss), a beach ball or even a balata ball: a spot to play cricket or football, good company, people you enjoy being with; good drink; good food; and people who are willing to prepare it and make sure it keeps coming and also, but not absolutely necessary, good music.

If there’s no music available, the willingness to sing or play instruments helps, the picnickers don’t have to be good, just willing! Continue reading

VIDEO: Haiti’s Century of US Coups, Invasions and Puppets – By Abby Martin – Empire Files

Haiti’s Century of US Coups, Invasions and Puppets – By Empire Files

Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise has been assassinated. This came amidst mass protests against their US-backed dictator, Abby Martin covers how the US Empire has determined the destiny of the Haitian people for generations. This video was released on February 20, 2021.

This history is NOT in the history books or well known. Haiti is an extreme example of over-exploitation of resources (gold) and people.  The video does not mention the billions in $$$ reparations that Haiti has paid to France, for over 200 years, for the loss of their colony.            Continue reading

TRAVEL: Grenada named world’s first ‘Culinary Capital’

Tourists walk on the white sand of the Grand Anse Beach, Grenada.
Associated Press Photo/David McFadden, File
The London-based World Food Travel Association (WFTA) on Tuesday named Grenada and its sister islands Carriacou and Petite Martinique the world’s first “Culinary Capital.”+

WFTA said “Culinary Capitals” is a regenerative tourism program that it devised “to put the spotlight on culinary cultures around the world, as the tourism industry begins to recover after its long hiatus.”        Continue reading

GUYANA: Close to 90 percent of Nation’s crops and livestock destroyed by floods – Agri. Minister

Mapped | The Happiest Countries in the World in 2021, by Region – Visual Capitalist

  • Mapped: Global Happiness Levels in 2021

“Are you happy?” is a deceptively complex question to both ask and answer.

It’s generally understood that having enough money to cover your needs and wants can help you live a relatively happy, comfortable life—and recent research shows this relationship may increase linearly as income levels grow, as well.

However, there’s much more to it than that. Happiness levels depend not just on financial security, but also broader perceptions of one’s social support, personal freedom, and more.          Continue reading

GUYANA: OIL: Geopolitics of oil and water in Guyana: Part 2 – By Ivelaw Griffith

The Liza Destiny FPSO – Guyana’s first oil production vessel

By Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith – OilNOW – June 25, 2021

The first article discussed Guyana’s geography and environmental conditions against the backdrop of South America’s lone English-speaking petro state. I turn attention now to the nature and impact of the flooding and offer a few prescriptions to address the challenge.

Water, Water Everywhere

Guyana’s current aqua condition calls to mind the memorable line in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s classic poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: “Water, water, everywhere.” Heavy rains are expected in Guyana at this time of the year, part of the country’s May-June rainy season.        Continue reading

Geopolitics of oil and water in Guyana: Part 1 – By Ivelaw Griffith

By Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith – OilNOW

In the first of this two-part series on Guyana’s current flood travails, I offer an analysis of the country’s geography and environmental circumstances against the backdrop of the country as a petro state. The second article will explore the impacts of the flooding, explore strategies for current and future governments to leverage oil revenues, aid recovery efforts, and mitigate future disasters.

Oil Blessings 

Mother Nature has been blessing Guyana effusively in recent years, with 19 offshore oil finds between May 2015 and April of this year by a three-member consortium of ExxonMobil, Hess Corporation, and China’s National Offshore Oil Corporation.    Continue reading