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HISTORY: The History of the Three Guyanas – Video

HISTORY: The History of the Three Guyanas – Video

By Sebastian ioan

There’s a region in South America that seems awkward, out of its place, but quite interesting. This is a place where Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch and English speakers all meet, where the French and EU flags wave on polls, and where indigenous groups live side by side with African communities. I’m talking about the Guianas, the north-eastern chunk of South America. And we’re going to explore it today.

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Guyanese Patriots with a Passion for Progress — by Francis Quamina Farrier

— by Francis Quamina Farrier

While there are those Guyanese who say openly that they have given up on the country of their birth, there are those who not only “Talk the talk” but certainly “Walk the Walk” in a very positive way. So when last have you walked along the Main Street Avenue in downtown Georgetown and observed the renaissance taking place? There are citizens who are working diligently to make it more and more as pleasant a walk as possible for citizens and tourists as well.

One such citizen is businessman Stanley Ming. “The avenue along Main Street between Middle and New Market Streets, west of the President’s official residence, has become a very popular venue for photography during the year-round celebrations of weddings, anniversaries and special occasions.” noted Stanley Ming, the General Manager of Mings Products and Services Limited.        Continue reading

Guyana Tourism: HOTSPOTS – A Magazine featuring Guyana’s Tourism

HOTSPOTS – A Magazine featuring Guyana’s Tourism   


This is the second issue of the Regional Tourism publication. Emerging almost out of the belly of the pandemic it reaffirms the resilience of
the Regional Tourism Committees in their determination to place the tourism sector on a path to full recovery.
Editor-in-Chief: Donald Sinclair
Associate Editor: Cordell McClure
Publishers: Fox Media and Consulting           VIEW  MAGAZINE  BELOW            

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GUYANA: GDF and US Coast Guard joint operations commence

Scenes from yesterday’s Joint patrol by the GDF and US Coast Guard in Guyana’s waters.

Kaieteur News – The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and the United States of America (USA) Coast Guard, yesterday began day one of their first joint operation in Guyana’s waters. The joint patrol is aimed at combating illegal fishing activities in local waters.          Continue reading

GUYANA: Venezuelan Maduro vows to “reconquer” Essequibo; makes new presidential decree

Venezuela- President Nicolas Maduro

OPINION: My Favourite Photographs of 2020 – By Francis Quamina Farrier

Walking southward on the pavement of the Avenue of the Republic in Georgetown, I observed this English tourist taking a photograph of the statue of Queen Victoria which is in the forecourt of the High Court. That was a perfect scenario for me. Click, and this moment is forever frozen in time, which no doubt will please the hearts of members of the Guyana Tourism Authority. (Photo by Francis Q. Farrier)

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Guyana Memories: Pomeroon Times – By Dave Martins


Guyana is such a vast and multi-dimensional kind of country that one could a write a column about the different aspects of the place, every week for a year, and still not cover it all.  One such slant for me would definitely be the Pomeroon River, where I spent many August holidays when I was a student at Saint Stanislaus College on a scholarship, while the Martins family was living at Vreed-en-Hoop.

My father, Joseph Francis Martins, son of an immigrant family from Madeira, had two farms in the Pomeroon: one at Martindale, about 2 miles from Charity, and one, directly across the river from it, at Cozier.  JFM, a hard-working gentleman, also had a Government contract to clear vegetation from several of the small creeks draining into the big river, and I went with him as a teenager on some of those trips, including one, way upriver, near where the Pickersgill sawmill was located – I have written about that previously.      Continue reading

MUSIC: Feeling Blessed – By Dave Martins + Music video “Civilization”

By Stabroek News –

It’s one of the features of daily living that we often look back at our lives and feel fortunate for some of the things that have come our way.

I have several friends in this category who will, from time to time, make this point about their own situation, and it occurred to me very recently, after a very touching email from my friend and fellow musician George Jardim, who spoke about his own satisfaction with things on his plate, triggering me into reflecting on what he said as it related to my life.      Continue reading

GUYANA: CDB approves US$112 million to upgrade road linking Linden to Maburi Hill

GUYANA: CDB loans US$112 million; the UK contributes £50 million (US$66 million) grant; Guyana contributes US$12Million

Demerara Waves Friday, 11 December 2020

The project is the first phase of a wider plan to develop a transportation corridor from Georgetown, the capital city, to Lethem on the southwest border; connecting the Port in Georgetown with northern Brazil.        Continue reading

BRITAIN: UK papers paint grim picture of possible no-deal Brexit – Talks extended to December 31, 2020

— Bailouts, blame and broken glass..

PM ‘taking control’ of no-deal planning amid reports supermarkets told to stockpile and Merkel allegedly baying for blood

The Sunday papers were dominated by Sunday’s latest Brexit talks deadline.

Sun 13 Dec 2020 04.55 GMT – The Guardian