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USA: How Deregulation Made Flying More Dangerous – commentary

Boeing-737 Max 8

The FAA Let Boeing Certify the Safety of Its Own Planes

Terry H. Schwadron | DCReport New York Editor

Once the decision was made to ground the Boeing 737 Max 8 airplane last week, somehow it made sense. Until then, mysteriously, we were somehow still awaiting more information as country after country suspended their use. Indeed, the United States was the last to declare emergency grounding.

Did our FAA have some special knowledge here that other international agencies do not? Or was this lack of action the result of protectionist action for American business or political power? Was it the FAA or the president who delayed? And how, after all, is this looking out for the best safety interests of Americans?     Continue reading


Boeing 737 MAX 8
Is Boeing Canceling the Boeing 737 MAX?

After the Ethiopian Flight ET302 crashed on Sunday, the whole world is still grieving the 157 victims of the disaster.

However, this is the second deadly Boeing 737 MAX 8 crash in the span of fewer than 6 months. Back in October, a Lion Air MAX 8 plunged into the sea on flight JT 610. The two accidents have raised quite a few safety concerns about the newest Boeing 737 jet.

Subsequently, after the crash in Ethiopia, airlines and aviation authorities have grounded MAX 8 jets. In just three days, almost all of the global Boeing 737 MAX 8 fleet is sitting parked on the ground, generating millions of losses for airlines.


Airlines fear long grounding of Boeing 737 MAX jets after Ethiopian crash

A Boeing Co. 737 Max8

PARIS/ADDIS ABABA,  (Reuters) – The grounding of Boeing’s 737 MAX jets after the crash in Ethiopia has had no immediate financial impact on airlines using the planes, but it will get painful for the industry the longer they do not fly, companies and analysts said yesterday.

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed soon after take-off from Addis Ababa last weekend, killing 157 people, the second such calamity involving Boeing’s flagship new model after a jet came down off Indonesia in October with 189 people on board.

Investigators in France on Friday examined the black boxes of the jet that crashed in Ethiopia as the global airline industry waited to see if the cause was similar to the disaster in Indonesia.

Air Canada and United Airlines on Friday became the first major carriers in North America to warn of negative financial implications to business as a consequence of the grounding of the Boeing planes.            Continue reading

Guyanese Flying the Friendly Skies with Caribbean Airlines – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Guyanese Flying the Friendly Skies with Caribbean Airlines

– by Francis Quamina Farrier

Before Caribbean Airlines flew into the Friendly Skies of the wide blue yonder, there was the British West Indies Airways (BWIA). Back in the day, BWIA was regarded as the analogy of, “But Will It Arrive”. Fun was poked at that airline on the streets of Guyana and even on the Theatre Guild stage with the popular BRINK SHOWS because of the constant late arrivals of BWIA flights.

During that period of the 1970s and 1980s, Guyanese complained bitterly about being treated very shabbily by British West Indian Airways (BWIA), even though the Airline regularly stated that Guyana was its most profitable route and source of income. Nonetheless, shabby treatment of the Guyanese passengers never relented. BWIA continued to “Bite the Hands” which fed their coffers handsomely and made their Bottom Line very impressive year after year”, according to a veteran BWIA customer.            Continue reading

CARICOM: Caribbean Leaders Cautious About Regional Ferry Service

Caricom Headquarters
Georgetown. Guyana.

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts and Nevis, February 27, 2019 (CMC) – Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders, today, adopted a more cautious approach, towards establishing a regional ferry service that has been bandied about, for more than a decade.

The leaders are ending their two-day inter-sessional summit, where they discussed recommendations from a Special Meeting of the CARICOM Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) on Transportation, held earlier this month in Kingstown, the capital of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The meeting in Kingstown dealt with, among other things, the Multilateral Air Services Agreement (MASA), proposals for a regional ferry service and easier security check-in for in-transit passengers.


Former UK marine boats 3,000 miles from Sierra Leone to Guyana

— as part of Commonwealth Row challenge

Richard Allen

Former UK Marine, Richard Allen, yesterday completed a solo 3000-mile journey from Sierra Leone in West Africa to Guyana in a small boat.

Allen docked his boat, named “Tamu’kke”, which in the Patamona language means, ‘Together’ or ‘United’, at the Harbour Master’s Boathouse in Georgetown just after 6pm. When he made his way on to the dock, his documents were checked by Immigration officers.

The journey took just about three months. According to the Guyana Foundation, the challenge, which was coined ‘The Commonwealth Row’, was to row the Atlantic Ocean without leaving the Commonwealth.    Continue reading

Automation and Robotics: Humans Need Not Apply – Video

Automation and Robotics: Humans Need Not Apply – Video

Comments: We’ll need to basically rethink our economy because capitalism won’t work in a world where most humans don’t need to work. Wow, this video is already 4 years old? It still feels so relevant. Definitely one of my favourites on YouTube.

Im extremely worried about the futures of young, aspiring children and teenagers who haven’t graduated yet, what will happen to their careers in a world where every job is done by bots? How will we survive if there isn’t demand for any job?

HAPPY MASHRAMANI and Congratulations to the Good Mini Bus Operators–by Francis Quamina Farrier

Commentary: Guyana’s Mini Bus Operations

Mashramani Parade

Let me begin this feature Article by extending to you and yours, HAPPY MASHRAMANI, and hoping that the 49th Republic Anniversary of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana was a positive, happy and memorable one for you.

The hope, as well, is that MASHRAMANI will always be a grand celebration here in Guyana, and will never be de-emphasised or stymied by any other non-Guyanese event. MASH “Is We Own” and as patriotic Guyanese, we must do everything we can to “BIG Up” we MASH with pride and dignity as we sing along with Rudy Grant, “MASH in GUYANA”.

Georgetown- Parika Mini Bus

At this time, I’ve chosen to write this article which I consider to be of grave importance to the day-to-day running of our Beautiful Guyana at this time of our history; the mini bus operations.  Continue reading

China extends its reach into Guyana – By Mat Youkee – Dialogo Chino

Poised to become a top oil producer, the small country is also a key logistical link in regional trade

With Chinese investment that isolation could soon be a thing of the past.

In the coming months, the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) is set to deliver its report on a Guyana–Brazil transport link and a deepwater port project for the northern coast.          Continue reading

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