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BARBADOS: A Visitor’s Thoughts os living in Barbados fo two years – video

BARBADOS: A Visitor’s Thoughts os living in Barbados fo two years – video

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DISASTERS: How Long Would Society Last During a Total Electric Grid Collapse?

DISASTERS: ELECTRICITY: How Long Would Society Last During a Total Grid Collapse?

A summary of how other systems of infrastructure (like roadways, water, sewer, and telecommunications) depend on electricity and how long each system could last under total blackout conditions.

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GUYANA: Short Stories: Red Brick Gravel Rash – By Geoff Burrowes

By Geoff Burrowes

       Breakfast (which we didn’t have a name for) was the same as always – a bowl of plantain porridge topped by a swirl of fresh cow’s milk and washed down by a cup of cocoa, sweetened with brown sugar. Since we didn’t know any different we contentedly ate our porridge and drank our cocoa and pulled on our nearly white yachtins before going under the house  to play.

       At least I went under the house. Mary my younger sister trotted upstairs to play with her dolls! What a waste of perfectly good play time! I headed straight for my new bike. It was actually second hand, a gift from my parents for my 4th birthday. It was bright shining red. The frame was actually a little small for me but I could get up to speed on it really quickly and whip it around corners and thoroughly control it with minimum effort. I must admit that I sometimes showed off on my little red bike.        Continue reading

WORLD ECONOMICS: Globalization is About to Collapse. Here’s Why – Video

WORLD ECONOMICS: Globalization is About to Collapse. Here’s Why – Video

No economic model can compete with Globalization. It has lifted billions out of poverty, virtually eliminated famine, and provided untold riches that our ancestors could only dream of. Despite the pros and cons of globalization, it is doomed to fail.

Chapters: 00:00 – What Is Globalization? 01:24 – History of Globalization 02:38 – Modern Globalization 05:34 – Globalization After the Cold War 07:35 – Pros and Cons of Globalization 13:11 – Anti-globalization in the US 16:48 – Fragility of Supply Chains 18:57 – Geopolitical Pressures on Globalization 25:17 – Population Collapse.

TRAVEL: 23 Most Beautiful Caribbean Islands – Travel Video

GUYANA: US$5M to upgrade Kingston Wharf to facilitate new North West ferry

A section of the goods wharf at Kingston. (Photo courtesy of Ernestine Leonard)

Dec 16, 2022 – Kaieteur News – The Ministry of Public Works has signed a $1,056,452,458 (US$5M) contract with Kares Engineering Inc. to upgrade the Kingston Goods wharf ahead of the arrival of the new North-West Ferry – MV Ma Lisha.

The US$5 million project was estimated to cost $1,094,079,547. Four firms submitted bids for the project.

The US$12.7 million new passenger and cargo ferry is scheduled to arrive in Guyana after being built in Kolkata, India.    Continue reading

AIRLINES: Travel within the Caribbean in crisis – Sir Ronald Sanders

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author(s) do not represent the official position of Barbados TODAY.

Sir Ronald Sanders

The closure of LIAT in 2020, without establishing air transport to fill the vacuum, has led to chaos in regional transportation, gravely affecting the movement of people and goods throughout the Caribbean region.   

Anyone who has tried to travel from one country to another in the Caribbean can attest to the nightmare it has become. Whereas in the heyday of LIAT, there were at least two daily flights from which to choose, allowing for transfers through the airline’s main hubs in Antigua and Barbados, flights are now few and far between. Additionally, connectivity from one Caribbean island to another, which are physically close to each other, often requires travel to Miami or some other country with overnight stays, lengthening journeys and increasing costs.               Continue reading

GUYANA: Christmas time in Guyana – video.

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TRAVEL: Guyana and Canada in talks for visa-free travel

November 29, 2022. NEWSROOM Guyana

The Government of Guyana has expressed an interest in having visa-free travel to Canada and Canadian High Commissioner Mark Berman said that the two governments are discussing this.

Berman, at the sidelines of an event on Monday, said that High Commission raised Guyana’s interest with the Canadian government. He, however, noted that Canada’s visa policy is different from that of the United Kingdom (UK).    Continue reading

GUYANA: India delivers new US$12.7M North-West Guyana ferry

MV Ma Lisha launched

Jun 16, 2022  – Kaieteur News

Works on the new ocean-going passenger and cargo vessel which is set to benefit the people of Region One has been completed.

The vessel which is called MV Ma Lisha was being built in India to the tune of US$12.7 million by Gardens Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Limited (GRSE) as part of the Government of India’s Line of Credit-cum-Grant project.

The newly built MV Ma Lisha, which will soon set sail for Guyana      Continue reading

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