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VIDEO: Toronto and Montreal Compared

VIDEO: Toronto and Montreal Compared

Guyana Infrastructure: 28 traffic lights still inoperable due to stolen batteries

The vandalized traffic lights

Since then, the vandalized traffic lights are unable to function causing much concern to commuters. All the traffic lights are solar-powered.

According to the Ministry, the batteries cost over G$2M to replace. Not only did the thieves remove the solar powered batteries, they also removed the backups as well.  Continue reading

Boeing’s Tough Challenges as Civilian Aircraft Maker – Marshall Auerback | Asia Times

— Marshall Auerback | Asia Times

The dismissal of Dennis Muilenburg as chief executive of Boeing might have looked like an early Christmas present to the employees and shareholders of Boeing, but the company’s disease has gone way past the point where any single corporate surgeon can save the patient. For those who bothered to look – and this evidently did not include the US Federal Aviation Administration – Boeing’s increasing degeneration has been evident for decades, even as the stock price continued to rise, as a consequence of quirky accounting practices that masked the company’s deteriorating cash flow position.

If the 737 Max 8 is killed off for good, it will create a huge existential risk for Boeing’s future as a viable civilian aviation manufacturer, as the company had projected revenues from its 737-related sales into its business plans for many years to come – it goes without saying that the Pentagon will keep the company afloat, with Boeing effectively operating as a military subdivision of the Department of Defense.          Continue reading

Guyana officials concerned over high traffic fatalities – By Tangerine Clarke

BY TANGERINE CLARKE – Caribbean Life News NY

Guyana’s Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, has expressed grave concern for the high number of road fatalities — a staggering 115 lives lost to date, many of them children, according to the traffic chief.

Patterson, in a recent exclusive interview with Caribbean Life in Georgetown, condemned reckless driving, and opined that most of the accidents were a direct result of the major works completed by the ministry, that made roadways smoother and nicer to traverse.        Continue reading

Venezuela: Russia Is Gearing Up for a Conflict with the United States in the Caribbean – opinion

With Moscow propping up Maduro, evading oil sanctions, and moving its troops around the coast, Washington needs to rethink its own strategies.

Ryan C. Berg | Foreign Policy 

New conflicts in the rest of the world may be looming large, but one in the United States’ own backyard is about to get more dangerous. Despite U.S.-led sanctions on Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), oil from the country is still flowing onto world markets. A central facilitator of the exports is Rosneft, Russia’s state-owned oil company, which has been accepting Venezuelan crude as a form of loan repayment. In this way, Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing a leading role in keeping Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro afloat. As long as he does, current U.S. sanctions policy will do little to force a change in Venezuela, which is why Washington needs to rethink its strategy for dislodging the Venezuelan leader — and soon.          Continue reading

Guyana: Competitions commission proposes state airline to increase competition

— Study recommends state-sponsored airline to reduce fares

A study has called on Government to consider sponsoring its own airline to protect travellers from high prices. The CCAC disclosed that the study was designed to gain insight into the operations of the Georgetown/North America route.

The Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC) conducted a recent study on the airline industry and it has recommended Guyana has its own state-sponsored airline.

Ticket prices for economy have touched almost US$1,700 in the past, with travellers calling for other carriers. Flights, especially those to New York and Toronto, have been in high demand, with thousands of Guyanese living there.

In recent months, American Airlines started competing against Trinidad-controlled Caribbean Airlines on the New York route.      Continue reading

Guyana: Ministry submits application for new Parika stelling

A view of the Parika stelling in 2017 (SN file photo)

A view of the Parika stelling at left …in 2017 (SN file photo)

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure has submitted an application to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for an Environmental Authorisation to construct a new ferry stelling at Parika.          Continue reading

GUYANA: The GOOD LIFE eluding Mini Bus Passengers – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Minibus crash

– by Francis Quamina Farrier

Over Ten Thousand Guyanese have lost their lives on the roads of Guyana since Independence in 1966. This figure is in a country with less than a million in population and mini buses have made a significant contribution to that staggering total. Those killed include a Minister of Government. A Police Commissioner. Two teenage daughters of a Prime Minister. Two Boxing Champions. A Chief Librarian. A foreign diplomat.

Yet the MADNESS on Guyana’s Roads continues unchecked. Early this year, 2019, a vehicle in which the current Police Commissioner Leslie James was a passenger, was struck by another vehicle. Fortunately, the Commissioner was not injured. Will the lawlessness on Guyana’s roads continue in 2020 and beyond? Will you be killed in a Traffic Crash? Will I be Killed? On four occasions during this year, I was almost run over while using a Pedestrian Crossing in the city of Georgetown.          Continue reading

Guyana Politics: A relatively dignified December – mainly politically speaking – By GHK Lall

 December 21, 2019 – Demerara Waves – By GHK Lall

By Guyanese standards, it has been a relatively dignified December. In fact, it has been the most placid month of this stormy year. Still, I had to wait for the safety of over two thirds of the month to pass, before I am able to say that a strange quiet took hold, mostly on the political front.

I begin with that coal-pot of the raging constitutional entity called GECOM, which itself sounded reasonably becalmed. The chair herself led by example; she is not seen, only heard, like some Greek goddess of yore handing down the unique Guyanese electoral wisdoms from Olympus. I hope that things do not fly to her head, and the lady actually begins to believe (in true Guyanese fashion) that she actually is a goddess. But whenever she speaks, everybody straightens up and listens; this was what happened in December with polite listening across the political force field. The rowdy political pack named commissioners did comport themselves as adults in December, and everybody survived to tell the tale.          Continue reading

Police eye Lamaha St. railway embankment to relocate city bus parks

The Stabroek Market area – congestion

This disclosure was made on Tuesday by Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Linden Isles. He was speaking at the time on ‘The Legal Mind’, hosted on Kaieteur Radio.

Answering questions about congestion, the Traffic Chief said that the police force is cognizant of the problem. The force is short of personnel to man the streets effectively, with Isles not immediately providing details.        Continue reading

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