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OPINION: Dying to reach America – from Bimini. Bahamas – By Indranie Deolall

They had left land secretly that night, watching the little light along the Bimini shoreline fade away fast, and with it any final choice of changing their minds, thinking of the short voyage ahead and the dangerous chances they were about to take, like countless others searching for the elusive better life, so far from home.      Continue reading

Guyana: Emergency supplies for St. Vincent left on Tuesday April 13. 2021

Supplies being loaded onto the vessel to be dispatched to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

April 13, 2021. DPI Guyana Govt.

Guyana will be dispatching some 300 tonnes of emergency supplies, as its first response shipment to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, following the eruption of La Soufrière volcano last Friday and ongoing explosions and eruptions since.

The items were loaded onto a vessel docked at Muneshwers Wharf, and departed Guyana’s shores on Tuesday. The vessel should reach its destination by Friday April 16, 2021. Continue reading

Airports closed; houses collapse under the weight of La Soufriere ash – St. Lucia and Barbados affected


The effects of the La Soufriere volcano eruption is being felt way beyond the shores of St Vincent.

Regional airlines LIAT and Caribbean Airlines were forced to cancel flights and a thick plume of ash has blanketed St Vincent, parts of Saint Lucia and Barbados.


The Suez Canal: Container Ship Blocks A Critical Waterway – The Economist + Visual Capitalist

Why the Suez Canal and other choke-points face growing pressure

Shipping volumes, security threats and climate change put the squeeze on vital seaways

The Ever Given Container Ship – click to expand photo

The Economist – Mar 26th – 2021

TRAVEL: History of the MV Federal Palm and MV Federal Maple – By Roland Martins-Smith | Nautical Solutions 

Roland Martins-Smith | Nautical Solutions 

It is said that the British Colonial administration initiated an “Inter-Island Shipping Service” in the Eastern Caribbean with chartered coasters in 1947, of which little is known today.  Some 10 years later, when the West Indies Federation was being conceived, the importance of strengthening regional shipping appeared to be critical to the success of integration efforts, and so the Canadian government stepped in and offered to custom-build two cargo/passenger ships as gifts to the Federation. THESE TWO SHIPS WERE NAMED FEDERAL PALM AND FEDERAL MAPLE.     Continue reading

CANADA: This 26-year-old Toronto man is the youngest-ever TTC commissioner – CTV News

Saron Fanel Videojournalist, CTV News Toronto –  Thursday, February 25, 2021

TTC: Modern streetcar

TORONTO — Fenton Jagdeo has been riding the Toronto subway since he was a baby.

Jagdeo’s family is from Guyana, but he was born and raised in the city’s North York neighbourhood.   He still lives there today.

At 26 years old, Jagdeo is the youngest-ever commissioner to serve on the TTC board. He also adds diversity to the board of 10 members.        Continue reading

Jamaica Narcotics Police intercepts big cocaine shipment from Guyana


Law enforcement authorities in Jamaica announced today that they have unearthed over a hundred packages with more than 300 pounds of cocaine in containers from Guyana at the Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited (KFTL).

According to the Jamaica Observer newspaper, the drug was found in two of six containers that arrived on the island from Guyana en route to Haiti and China.      Continue reading

AIR TRAVEL: How will covid-19 change travel? | The Economist

How will covid-19 change travel? | The Economist

The falling cost and increasing speed of long-distance travel. Cheaper air fares, rising incomes and more leisure time have made foreign trips routine and a holiday abroad accessible to many in the rich world wishing to escape their daily stress.
The covid-19 pandemic has devastated the travel industry. But as vaccines are rolled out and global travel slowly picks up, how will the industry evolve, and will holidays ever be the same again?

TRAVEL: The Rise And Fall Of Pan American Airways – PAN AM

  • Pan Am was once the largest international airline in the United States.
  • In 1970 alone, it carried 11 million passengers to 86 countries worldwide.
  • Pan Am still holds cult status for its iconic aviation style. (see article at end)

Following is a transcript of the video.               Continue reading

TRAVEL: The Golden Days of Flying – The Pan Am Clipper – Photos


The ship analogy was appropriate, as the Clipper landed on the water, not runways.

The Clipper made its maiden trans-Atlantic voyage on June 28, 1939.
But once the US entered World War II, the Clippers were pressed into service to transport materials and personnel.

You Jet-jockeys & Frequent-flyers will really appreciate this nostalgic look back in time at the Pan Am Clipper!
Be sure to look at it all. The ‘fate’ of the Pan-Am Clipper was shocking…                Continue reading