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China vs USA: China’s Focus On Infrastructure vs US Military Spending – By Shaun Rein -Video

China vs USA: China’s Focus On Infrastructure versus US Military Spending – By Shaun Rein -Video

China has built a network of high speed railway tracks that connect all cities with over one million inhabitants. These trains can travel up to 350 km/hour thus reducing the time for commuting. They are now building trains using maglev technology to double their speed and further reduce the time it takes to travel between their major cities.  Continue reading

TRAVEL: JetBlue announces new December 11 launch date for  NY to Guyana flights

A release from JetBlue said that flights will initially operate up to four times weekly on JetBlue’s new Airbus A321neo aircraft beginning December 11, 2020 with seats available for purchase starting today – 27 October 2020.  Continue reading

The Death of Conversation: We are living in our own bubble! – By: Dhanpaul Narine

Phone with apps

By: Dhanpaul Narine

We are in our own bubble. We are disconnected, twittered and photo-shopped. In our world of OMG, LMAO, GTG and WTF, we are by ourselves in a group, oblivious of the world around us. Our universe has shrunk to texts, emails, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instant Messaging, and Skype, and we communicate without lifting our eyes from the small screen.

Conversation has become a thing of the past. Face-to-face interaction, uninterrupted by a hand-held device, is to be mourned. Quality talk is dead. The planet of the apps has taken over. We are witnessing human devolution, according to some observers.       Continue reading


America survived one Trump term. It wouldn’t survive a second.

David Frum | The Atlantic

The most important ballot question in 2020 is not Joe Biden versus Donald Trump, or Democrat versus Republican.

THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION IS: Will Trump get away with his corruption — will his crooked and authoritarian tactics succeed? 


AMERICANS HAVE LAVISHED ENORMOUS POWERS ON THE PRESIDENCY. They have also sought to bind those powers by law. Yet the Founders of the republic understood that law alone could never eliminate the risks inherent in the power of the presidency. They worried ceaselessly about the prospect of a truly bad man in the office — a Caesar or a Cromwell, as Alexander Hamilton fretted in “Federalist No. 21.”        Continue reading



What’s better than bar jokes for English majors, grammar nerds and writers? When they also serve as mini grammar lessons! These jokes are all over the internet, and unfortunately, I couldn’t find the author. But here they are for you, with my lessons:

A dangling participle walks into a bar. Enjoying a cocktail and chatting with the bartender, the evening passes pleasantly.

A dangling participle is one intended to modify a noun that is not actually present in the text. The second sentence reads as if the evening is enjoying the cocktail and chatting, which makes no sense.        Continue reading

GUYANA: Gov’t says working to reopen international airports to commercial flights

The government today said it is working “aggressively” to commence commercial flight operations at the two international airports in the shortest possible time.

A statement from Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill follows:

Both the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) and Eugene Correia International Airports are open to facilitate repatriation flights, outgoing flights, cargo flights, medical evacuation flights, technical stop for fuel and special authorised flights.  Continue reading

Briefing With Senior State Department Official On Mike Pompeo’s visit to Guyana and Region

Guyana: Three arrested for murder; Home Affairs Minister urges residents not to block road – UPDATED

— The land owner, his son and an employee have been arrested for the murder of the two youths

UPDATE: Two more persons (Total now five), arrested for murder of teenagers. Police use tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters on Monday night 

Robeson Benn

After an overnight lull, residents of Number 5 Village, West Coast Berbice on Monday morning blocked the public road to continue venting their anger against the brutal slaying of two youths in the backlands of Cotton Tree village where they had gone to pick coconuts.

Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn appealed to the understandably grief-stricken villagers to cease said blocking that section of the east-west thoroughfare as it would hamper police from solving the crime speedily.  “I wish to urge all residents of the local communities to act in a manner that is lawful and helpful to the Police in aiding their work and in preserving the peace across and between all communities,” Mr. Benn said.      Continue reading

Guyana: Ramkarran, Gouveia, Shuman appointed as government advisors

The PPP/C government through the Office of the President, has announced the appointment of the following persons:-


The Office of the President is pleased to make the following announcements in relation to new appointments in the Government.

The following appointments are hereby made:
Capt. Gerald Gouveia – National Security Advisor to the President

Mr. Lenox Shuman – Advisor to the Minister of Public Works on Civil Aviation

Mr. Ralph Ramkarran – Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs on Border Issues.

Continue reading

Guyana: Georgetown: Stabroek Redevelopment Project Proposal – Video

City Council unveils five-year Stabroek redevelopment proposal

THE STABROEK MARKET REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT – was launched today, 18 August 2020. The Mayor and Councillors of Georgetown gave the green light for the project.

The execution of this project will result in the beautification of the Stabroek Market area and will boost local tourism in the surrounding environs, being that the market is a National Landmark and an integral part of Guyana’s history.          Continue reading