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Cricket: Guyana will host countries for the 14th edition of the ICC Under-19 World Cup in 2022

Guyana to host U19 World Cup in 2022

Providence will be hosting matches during the ICC Under-19 World Cup in January
Providence will be hosting matches during the ICC Under-19 World Cup in January

Guyana has been named as one of the host countries for the 14th edition of the ICC Under-19 World Cup next year.

The tournament will run from January 14 to February 5 with Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, as well as Trinidad and Tobago confirmed as other venues. A total of ten venues will be used for the 48-match tournament.

The National Stadium in Providence will host the matches while Everest Cricket Club will be used as a warm-up venue only.              Continue reading

Guyana: Parenting by Fostering or Adopting – by Francis Quamina Farrier

– by Francis Quamina Farrier
In many countries around the world, November is observed as Adoption Month. Adoption, which is a step further than fostering, is not a widely-discussed topic in Guyana.
There are quite a number of Guyanese adults, especially married couples who do not have children of their own, but are not sure whether they want to foster or adopt. There is also the likelihood that they may never have even thought of fostering or adopting. One of the reasons could be that in Guyana, fostering and adopting have not been readily done in an official way. Yes, there are many youngsters who have no parents or permanent guardians, and are sometimes tossed “from pillar to post” as the saying goes. Others spend many of their formative years living in institutions such as orphanages.

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Guyana: Climate Change impacts could cost oil rich Guyana US$800M – Gov’t Report

— Govt. Report says over 300,000 citizens could be harmed

By Kiana Wilburg – Nov 25, 2021 – Kaieteur News – Since the 1960s, increases in temperature, sea level and extreme rainfall have exposed just how vulnerable Guyana is to climate change. This frightening global phenomenon has resulted in more than US$600M in losses. That figure could however see an alarming spike as two government reports predict that more climate woes of potentially catastrophic proportions lie ahead for the world’s latest oil exploration hotspot.

Some of the homes that were almost submerged during the May-June 2021 flooding.


According to the 2015 Climate Resilience Strategy and Action Plan for Guyana, climate change will no doubt alter the characteristics of hazards Guyana is exposed to (e.g. average annual rainfall) and the nature of variability (e.g. more intense storms, irregular seasonal rainfall), which will hamper the nation’s socio-economic development objectives.              Continue reading

Guyana: Poems from Kyk-over-al – Third Recital – Moray House ZOOM Meeting – 27 November 2021


You are warmly invited to attend the third recital of poems from Kyk-over-al.
Title:           Kyk Poems 1990s: Whistles and Dream-banks 
Readers:    Al Creighton, Stanley Greaves, Nicholas Laughlin, Jennifer Branche, Eliana Sampson and others.

Date:          Saturday 27th November 2021

Times:       5.00 PM Guyana  –  4.00 PM New York
                   9.00 PM London

Guyana is continuing on the same corruption trajectory – Letter by Geoffrey Da Silva

Nov. 21, 2021- Letter by Geoffrey Da Silva

Many governments throughout the world experience an increase in corruption as they enter the second year of their 5-year mandate because, by then, those politicians and officials who are intent on wrongdoing have “learnt the ropes” and have become bold and shameless in carrying out illegal activities. This happened from the second year of the APNU / AFC government..

The Kaieteur News and the Stabroek News published many articles and letters about real or possible corruption between 2015 and 2020 such as: [1] the scam at the government-owned asphalt plant at Garden of Eden where some private contractors got huge discounted prices, and a non-existent company from Trinidad and Tobago was paid $9.8 million; [2] at the Ministry of Public Health, 300 truckloads of expired medicine worth GUY $10 Billion had to be dumped; [3] at the Guyana Revenue Authority, some of the major oil importers abused tax exemption letters with the alleged support of some officials; [4] at the Environmental Protection Agency, a 20-year environmental permit was illegally granted to Exxon and the High Court had to  rule that the law only allowed a 5-year permit; [5] large contracts were granted to local an d foreign construction companies that had track records of not completing Government-awarded projects on time and within costs.        Continue reading

Canada: Montreal: The Police force is not a health service – By Yvonne Sam

 – By Yvonne Sam

On November 1, when I heard the news on the radio that a male had been pepper sprayed at close range by the Montreal police ( SPVM), that he was experiencing a mental crisis, and had been taken to the hospital, the only words that evoked an egress from my lips were “ Not again!”

Surprisingly, not for a nanosecond did an inkling of a thought linger on the color aspect, as I intuitively knew the color that most often gets in trouble with law enforcement.

In 2019, in the face of harsh criticism for its handling of past interactions, the SPVM declared that it will train all its patrol officers to use tools that will help them deal with those suffering from mental health issues.          Continue reading

Guyana: The Public servants’ 7% increase unilaterally imposed by Government – Opinion

Stabroek News

Stabroek News Editorial – November 21, 2021

It was only the week before last when President Irfaan Ali told the nation that discussions were ongoing on wages and salary increases for public servants, and that an announcement would be made very soon. Well an announcement was made not long after that by Finance Minister Ashni Singh, who said that government would be paying an across-the-board increase of 7% to public servants, teachers, members of the Disciplined Services, constitutional office-holders and government pensioners. He went on to say that it would not be tax free but that it would be retroactive to January 1, 2021. Furthermore, it would be paid with salaries for December, “and in time for the festive season.”            Continue reading

Guyana: Tourism Awareness Month – Tour Specials

 As we celebrate Tourism Awareness Month under the theme “Preparing for a New Frontier – Stimulating Innovation within the Tourism Sector”, it is important that we recognise the innovative ways that our sector has undertaken to regenerate and rebuild amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

This resilience, aided by extensive support from the Guyana Tourism Authority has since yielded impressive results. To date, 53 tourism businesses have been granted conditional approvals for reopening and can now welcome travellers and guests to their establishments safely. Of these, several have carefully crafted tour packages in recognition of Tourism Awareness Month. These packages can be found on the GTA’s Facebook page under the album titled “Tourism Awareness Month 2021 Special Tour Packages”.            Continue reading

Guyana: Building Consensus: A National Development Plan – ZOOM Meeting – Moray Trust – November 20. 2021

You are warmly invited to attend our third panel of 2021.
Title:             Building Consensus: A National Development Plan for Guyana
Speakers:     Dr. Collin Constantine, Lance Hinds, Dr. Anna Perreira
Moderator:  Stuart Hughes

Date:            Saturday 20th November 2021

Time:           5.00 PM Guyana – 4.00 PM New York – 9.00 PM London

Guyana: ExxonMobil audits will be done; locals must be involved- says Vice President Jagdeo


OilNOW – 18 November 2021

Guyana’s Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo said the Government is seeking to assemble a group of strong local auditors to collaborate with an international firm for the audit of ExxonMobil’s post-2017 costs.

“We have made it clear what our intention is, to have local people involved,” the VP said on Wednesday, November 17, 2021.

The government came in for criticism lately from sections of Guyanese civil society because it hasn’t yet contracted a firm.      Continue reading

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