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France in Shock at Gang-Rape Trial of Police from Famous BRI Unit 

France in Shock at Gang-Rape Trial of Police from Famous BRI Unit 

Court hears how Canadian woman was allegedly raped by terrorism officers at 36 Quai des Orfèves

Kim Willsher in Paris | The Guardian UK

Emily Spanton grew up with police officers – her father had been a high-ranking officer in the Toronto force – so when two French officers she met while drinking in a Paris bar invited her to see their famous headquarters, she agreed.

Spanton was, she says, drunk and shaky on her feet. “I knew I wasn’t in a state to find my hotel. And I thought that going to a police station would sober me up as there would be plenty of lights and people,” the Canadian said.

But after she went upstairs at the celebrated 36 Quai des Orfèvres to the fifth floor and entered room 461, Spanton said she walked into “the worst night of my life”.            Continue reading

ITALY: Senator Convicted Over Racist Remark About Italy’s First Black Minister 

Angela Giuffrida in Rome | The Guardian UK  

Roberto Calderoli

Roberto Calderoli of far-right League likened Cécile Kyenge to an Orangutan during a Rally

A senator from Italy’s far-right League has been given an18-month prison sentence for likening the country’s first black minister to an orangutan.

Roberto Calderoli said during a party rally in July 2013 that whenever he saw pictures of Cécile Kyenge, a MEP who at the time was integration minister,“I cannot but think of the features of an orangutan”.    

Calderoli argued his comments about Kyenge, who moved to Italy from Zaire – now the Democratic Republic of the Congo – in 1983 to study medicine, were “playful banter”.          Continue reading

Global Woes: World’s Richest Entities Are Now Corporations – Not Governments – commentary

At the Heart of Global Woes, 157 of World’s 200 Richest Entities Are Now Corporations, Not Governments

From massive inequality to the climate crisis, these powerful corporations “are able to demand that governments do their bidding”

As corporations in the United States and around the world continue to reap record profits thanks to enormous tax cuts, widespread tax avoidance schemes, and business-friendly trade and investment policies, an analysis by Global Justice Now (GJN) published recently found that the world’s most profitable companies are raking in revenue “far in excess of most governments,” giving them unprecedented power to influence policy in their favor and skirt accountability.           
The vast wealth and power of corporations is at the heart of so many of the world’s problems—like inequality and climate change.”  —Nick Dearden, Global Justice Now          Continue reading

“Venezuela’s Aggression Towards Guyana” – By Joseph G Singh, Major General (retd)

“Venezuela’s Aggression Towards Guyana” – By Joseph G Singh, Major General (retd)

This is a Power Point presentation titled: “Venezuela’s Aggression Towards Guyana”, first presented in January 2019 at the Critchlow Labour College in Georgetown, Guyana.

Download/ View: venezuela’s aggression towards guyana

‘Brextinct’: front pages on Wednesday after May’s Brexit vote defeat + Full Report

The papers focus on the historic margin of the rejection, while looking ahead to the no-confidence vote

Front pages of the UK papers on Wednesday, 16 January, 2019 after Theresa May loses a crucial vote on a Brexit deal.
Front pages of the UK papers on Wednesday, 16 January, 2019


FRANCE: President Macron seeks to turn “Anger into Solutions” – The Guardian UK

President Emmanuel Macron President Macron is inviting the public’s opinion on topics such as taxation, the role of the state and green initiatives. Photograph: Ian Langsdon/AFP/Getty Images

Emmanuel Macron has launched a two-month “great national debate” in France with a 2,330-word open letter to the country.

The French president hopes the nationwide public consultation will take the sting out of the widespread public anger behind the rise of the gilets jaunes(yellow vests) movement and the civil unrest across France.         Continue reading

Belgian mercenary admitted the killing of UN’s Dag Hammarskjöld in 1961

Emma Graham-Harrison, Andreas Rocksen and Mads Brügger | The Guardian

  • Man accused of shooting down UN Chief: ‘Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to…’
  • Exclusive research reveals that a British-trained Belgian mercenary admitted the killing of Dag Hammarskjöld in 1961

Jan van Risseghem was only a teenager when his mother ordered him to flee Nazi-occupied Belgium for her native England with his brother Maurice. After hiding in a convent, and an epic journey across the war-torn continent, they reached safety in Portugal, then took a ship north.

Once in England, the pair signed up with the Belgian resistance, and with the help of an uncle enrolled for flight training with the RAF, a decision that shaped not just their war, but the rest of their lives.   Continue reading

Joss Stone – RIGHT TO BE WRONG -Music Video

Joss Stone – RIGHT TO BE WRONG (Live SWU Music / Arts Festival- Brazil 2010)

Joss Stone is at Theatre Guild, Georgetown, Guyana – On 28 Jan 2019

Ten Reasons Why Smart People Have Fewer Friends – video

10 Reasons Why Smart People Have Fewer Friends – video

Published on Jul 18, 2018  By BRAINY DOSE 
Psychological studies show that smart people have fewer friends in general. Yes, the realer you are, the fewer friends you have! That being said, highly intelligent people do value their friends, and they keep them tight. And, if you’ve got a tight circle of friends yourself, this video may explain why!        Continue reading

Guyana among Caribbean states listed as “flawed democracy” – EUI Index


Guyana is listed as a “flawed democracy” in the latest Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Democracy Index, which considers a number of rankings across different areas, including the electoral process and pluralism, the functioning of government, political participation, political culture and civil liberties.

The Democracy Index provides a snapshot of the state of democracy worldwide for 165 independent states and two territories in 2018. It covers almost the entire population of the world and the vast majority of the world’s states (microstates are excluded). The EIU is the research and analysis division of The Economist Group, the sister company to The Economist newspaper.

DOWNLOAD: EUI Democracy_Index_2018

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