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Future World: Demonetizing Everything: A Post Capitalism World | Peter Diamandis

HOW ABUNDANCE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD … Maybe if allowed to happen.

Published on Jul 21, 2017 – Singularity University Executive Chairman & Co-founder Peter Diamandis will share his views and predictions on the “demonetization of living” and how this shift will impact your life, your career, your organization, and the global economy.

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KungFuChess   10 months ago

Must have decentralized and distributed public ownership of these technologies or we’ll all become slaves to these techno monopolies!

—————                           Continue reading

Jesus for the non religious – Retired bishop John Spong on religion – video

Jesus for the non religious – Retired bishop John Spong on religion.

SourceCode10 Published on Oct 17, 2012 
Who wrote the bible and was it inspired by God? How many disciples did Jesus have? Did he have woman disciples and was he married?

TRINIDAD OIL IN DECLINE – By Bert Wilkinson – Caribbean Life News



– By Bert Wilkinson – Caribbean Life News NY – September 20, 2018

Trinidad’s Prime Minister Keith Rowley flew to Guyana for two days at mid-week with official pronouncements indicating the two will sign a pact relating to energy, agriculture and other issues but speculation was rife that the visitors might well make a pitch to refine some of Guyana’s oil there, thereby preventing a large and lifeline refinery from closing in Trinidad.

Rowley and Guyana’s President David Granger signed the memorandum of understanding at midday on Wednesday as controversy swirled in Trinidad over the impending closure of the Petrotrin Refinery in South Trinidad and the loss of jobs of more than 4,000 workers. Original figures had put the job losses level at about 2,000 but cabinet ministers and top Petrotrin officials are now admitting that the final figure will double original estimates.    Continue reading

Don’t Let The Windrush Outrage Die While The Scandal Continues – Gary Younge | The Guardian UK

Don’t Let The Windrush Outrage Die While The Scandal Continues

22nd June 1948: MV Empire Windrush arrives at Tilbury Docks in London

Gary Younge | The Guardian UK

They call it “the scandal”. And in Bethel church in Bristol, two independent advisers to the Home Office called on those who had been blighted by it to testify. Sitting in front of a sign that read “Moving forward – together in faith” and a union flag propped alongside a Jamaican flag, they appealed to the orphans of empire to share details of how the place their parents had referred to as the “Mother Country” had abandoned them. In a tone owing more to bewilderment than belligerence, they stepped up.      Continue reading

Guyana, Trinidad sign Energy Agreement- President Granger: “There is no sell-out here”

Guyana, Trinidad sign Energy Agreement-Granger:There is no sell-out here– Rowley: We need to stop talking and start doing – T&T may store oil; maintain and help develop related facilities

President Granger and PM Rowley of Trinidad

Photo: President David Granger and Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago,
Dr. Keith Rowley, during the press conference shortly after signing a
Memorandum of Understanding on the Energy Sector Cooperation.

President David Granger yesterday insisted that an Energy Agreement with Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), a sister CARICOM state, is no sell-out.

The Head of State gave this assurance at State House, shortly after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on the Energy Cooperation between the two states.
T&T’s Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley is leading a two-day visit here.             Continue reading

“Thank You Canada” – Robert Meadows (Circuit Court Judge, Florida)

GUYANA: Let’s go south of the Kanuku Mountains – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Let’s go south of the Kanuku Mountains – by Francis Quamina Farrier 

Here in Guyana, September is observed as “Amerindian Heritage Month”, or to be politically correct, “Indigenous Heritage Month“. And September is also a special month for Native Americans – the North American cousins of Guyana’s Indigenous Peoples. That was told to me by a Native American Elder when I interviewed him, while on one of my visits to the awesome Museum of the American Indian, located in Washington, DC, in the United States of America.

At this time in September 2018, I invite you to come with me south of the Kanuku Mountain range, which divides the North and South Rupununi Savannahs in Region 9 of the country. I know this area of our beautiful country reasonably well, having gone there on many occasions over a fifty year period and has decided to share a few of my own experiences with you.          Continue reading

Nuclear Plants, Toxic Waste Sites Under Threat as Hurricane Florence reaches the Carolinas

by Jon Queally, staff writer
With reports of skyscraper-likes waves out at sea, the potential for historic coastal surges and rainfall, and severe threats to vulnerable nuclear plants and other industrial waste sites—a behemoth Hurricane Florence is fast-approaching the southeastern U.S. coast on Wednesday as weather experts and emergency management officials intensifying their warnings about the dangers the storm poses.

Genocidal attacks on defenseless peoples is the biggest stain on the human race – By Mohamed Hamuldin

Genocidal attacks on defenseless peoples is the biggest stain on the human race


Jean Rostand, in his 1939 book Thoughts of a Biologist observed, “Kill one man, and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill them all, and you are a god.”

History is replete with at least the conquerors. The Nazis killed six million Jews. Stalin’s forced famine killed up to 7.5 million Ukrainians. Pakistan’s Operation Searchlight killed three million in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. Cambodian communists killed up to three million. Around two million African captives perished on slave ships during the Middle Passage. Another Stalin-imposed artificial famine killed up to 1.75 million Kazaks. Up to 1.5 million Armenians died at the hands of the Ottomans.  A Roman general massacred one million Jews to quash a revolt in what is now Israel and Julius Caesar’s wars against the Gauls killed more than a million Celts.       Continue reading

UK’s Influence falters in Africa. China moves in with $60B Development Funding (2 articles)

While the British media dined out on Theresa May’s Africa trip last week, Africans are still reeling from the reporting. Sky News captioned Uhuru Kenyatta as “president of Africa”, while the BBC gave the title he should have had, “president of Kenya”, to his rival, Raila Odinga.       Continue reading

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