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Profile: The late Romesh Singh – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Profile: Romesh Singh -Engineer, Activist and Teacher

Romesh Singh, also known as Romesh Chandra Dutt was a person of many interests. He built radios and radars, set up communication links that brought the world closer and never lost sight of the fact that ordinary people matter. Romesh was one of the foremost telecommunications engineers of his generation that designed complex systems.

He was unassuming but firm in his convictions, and above all, he had an abiding love for his homeland, Guyana.

When you were with Romesh you knew that he stood for what was right. He did not play around with words, or said one thing and meant something else. Romesh was the genuine article, a scholar with varied interests, outspoken in his views, and always giving of his best to the community.

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Fight to take back Guyana starts at Local Government Polls –Jagdeo

By Stabroek News – 14 October 2018

Photo: A part of the crowd at the People’s PPP/Civic Local Government rally at Kitty on October 14. 2018. (Terrence Thompson photo)

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo last evening made it clear that for his party the 2018 Local Government Elections are a dress rehearsal for the general elections, when it intends to take back government.

Jagdeo delivered a feature address at a People Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) rally in Kitty last evening, during which he urged supporters to turn out in their numbers on November 12th because “what happens now is a sign of what will happen in 2020.”    Continue reading

Why Are Most Caribbean Governments Ignoring A $500 Billion Marijuana Industry?

Potentially A $500 Billion Industry … recreational cannabis in Canada from Oct. 17th. 2018


Legal Marijuana in Canada

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 12, 2018: As per usual, most Caribbean governments are lagging behind the 8th ball when it comes to the multi-billion-dollar industry of marijuana – a herb that easily grown in the region and has for many decades now.

The snail like movement in some nations and the non-movement in most others, come as Vivien Azer, the only pot analyst from a major Wall Street research house, claimed this week that that the market could be one day worth $500 billion.     Continue reading

New York: Town hall meeting answers urgent questions relating to Guyana

By Tangerine Clarke

A\t the head table, Director General in the Min. of Foreign Affairs, Audrey Waddle, VP and Min. of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge, Ambassador Rudolph M. Ten-Pow, and Consul General to New York, Barbara Atherly, during the town hall meeting.

Sept. 29, town hall meeting at York College, was clearly a success, since many pressing questions were answered by Guyana’s VP and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge, who, after issuing his statement to the United Nations 73rd GA, and a hectic week of bilateral meetings, addressed topics that included the Guyana territorial controversy, Guyana’s oil and gas sector, migration, charitable donation red-tape, and the disbursement of oil revenue to poor citizens.         Continue reading

GUYANA SPEAKS: Windrush: Chandra Panday, Joyce Trottman and George Edward Mangar MBE – AUDIO


Windrush: Chandra Panday, Joyce Trottman and George Edward Mangar MBE 

Guyana Speaks Windrush: Chandra Panday, Joyce Trottman and George Edward Mangar MBELINK:  


News Americas – Caribbean And Latin America Daily News news – Oct 5, 2018

Continue reading

Prejudice Will Never Be A Thing of The Past – Matthew Parris | The Times UK

Prejudice Will Never Be A Thing of The Past

Matthew Parris | The Times UK

We look back appalled at racial attitudes of the 1970s but maybe treatment of trans people is our generation’s blind spot

Guess when this was written: 1930, 1950, 1960 . . . when?

“Because we fall backwards to fill our posts by fair and open competition, we can only assume that, since the ethnic minority groups do not fare as well in our competitions as do people of European descent, the ethnic minority groups do not possess the qualities which we require, on average, to as high a degree as their British-born counterparts.”

And guess who wrote this memo. Some BNP racist thug, or publicity-seeking shock-columnist looking for a fight?               Continue reading

Masquerade Fete… by One Love Media – Toronto – October 27. 2018

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The truth is that Trump has a point about globalization – By Larry Elliott – The Guardian

The truth is that Trump has a point about globalisation

By Larry Elliott – Wed 26 Sep 2018  – The Guardian

The president’s belief that the nation state can cure economic ills is not without merit

Photo:  ‘The stupendous growth posted by China over 40 years has been the result of doing the opposite of what the globalisation textbooks recommend.’ AFP/Getty Images

Once every three years the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank hold their annual meetings out of town. Instead of schlepping over to Washington, the gathering of finance ministers and central bank governors is hosted by a member state. Ever since the 2000 meeting in Prague was besieged by anti-globalisation rioters, the away fixtures have tended to be held in places that are hard to get to or where the regime tends to take a dim view of protest: Singapore, Turkey, Peru.     Continue reading

News Americas : TOP HEADLINES FOR September 27, 2018

TOP HEADLINES FOR Sept. 27, 2018


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