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New York Times report on Guyana leaves a bad taste in the mouth – By Mohamed Hamaludin

New York Times report on Guyana leaves a bad taste in the mouth


Down the years, some foreign journalists have written about Guyana in the most cavalier fashion, sometimes departing from the truth in startling manner. A few decades ago, there was a report making the rounds of one of them who actually wrote about the country without leaving Timehri – now Cheddi B. Jagan — International Airport, describing it as a place overrun with mud.

Clifford Krauss has lived up to that tradition with his lengthy July 20 New York Times report which I read online. Krauss, the bureau chief in Buenos Aires and Toronto of one of the world’s best newspapers, was writing about the discovery of oil in Guyana and cautioning about the potential blessings and curse of the oil industry. It is obvious in the story, headlined, “The $20 billion question for Guyana after oil find,” that he is knowledgeable of the industry. That is not surprising because he is also, according to a note at the end of the story, “a national energy business correspondent based in Houston.”But when it comes to Guyana, it is a different story. The opening two paragraphs are not only inaccurate but also downright offensive:         Continue reading

There is no longer the Medvedev syndrome in Guyana – By Freddie Kissoon 

There is no longer the Medvedev syndrome in Guyana

Jul 11, 2018  Features / ColumnistsFreddie Kissoon 

After serving two terms, Vladimir Putin could not run for the presidency in 2008. Though the Russian constitution does not impose term limits, a president can only serve two consecutive terms. He can later down the years be elected again. What happened then is that Putin manoeuvred his ally, Dmitry Medvedev, into the presidency in 2008 waiting to return in 2012.

Thus was born the Medvedev syndrome, meaning Medvedev was simply a surrogate of Putin. Real power was not with Medvedev, the president, but the powerfully placed Putin. Why it is referred to as the Medvedev syndrome is because Medvedev was simply holding on for Putin to come back. Medvedev could not have become his own man between 2008 and 2012, because after 2012 he would have felt the wrath of Putin.              Continue reading

After 25 Years of Being Homeless, – By Gregory P Smith | The Guardian UK

After 25 Years of Being Homeless, I Learned There’s One Simple Thing You Can Do to Help

Gregory P Smith | The Guardian UK

There are as many pathways to homelessness as there are homeless people in the world. For some, it’s a sudden freefall triggered by a lost job, a broken home life or some other seismic personal upheaval.

For others the road to sleeping rough winds down a slow, steady and depressing gradient until it arrives – quite literally – at rock bottom. Tragically, some are even born into it. Many have mental illness to contend with.

No matter how they got there, however, every homeless person has one thing in common:

They know how it feels to be an outcast.               Continue reading

Notorious Drug Lord – Roger Khan – Could Be Back In Guyana In A Year

By  newsamericas -July 9, 2018

Roger Khan

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. July 10, 2018: In under a year from today, July 10, 2018, a notorious Guyana-born drug lord could walk out of a U.S. prison a free man and face deportation back to the South American country where he once ran a Phantom death squad and was considered the Pablo Escobar of the CARICOM nation.

Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan, aka ‘Shortman,’ is due to be released on July 8, 2019. Khan is now 46 and has been in jail in the US since June 2006, when he was arrested in Paramaribo with three of his bodyguards in a sting operation that Surinamese police said netted more than 200 kilograms of cocaine – the biggest cocaine haul in Suriname of that year.         Continue reading

Jagdeo has no moral authority to speak on corruption – Badal

Jagdeo has no moral authority to speak on corruption – Badal

Bharrat Jagdeo

Robert Badal

Local businessman, Robert Badal has declared that this is the last time he will respond to former President, Bharrat Jagdeo, who is “fading into insignificance.”

However, in his “last” response, Badal insisted that he manages all his businesses “above board.” Badal is the owner of Pegasus Hotel and the majority shareholder of Guyana Stockfeeds Limited.

The fallout between Jagdeo and Badal goes way back. However, it was recently provoked when Jagdeo realized that Government lost 31 percent of ownership it had in Guyana Stockfeeds.        Continue reading

Barbados and Guyana to deepen relations on matters of mutual interest

Prime Minister Mia Mottley shares a light moment with Guyana’s President, Brigadier David Granger, ahead of their bilateral talks on the sidelines of 39th CARICOM Heads of Government Conference in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Looking on is Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Dr Jerome Walcott

Barbados and Guyana to deepen relations

By Shamkoe Pilé -Caribbean News Now

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica (BGIS) — Barbados has signalled its interest in collaborating with Guyana on matters of mutual interest.

Barbados Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley expressed this during bilateral talks with t  he president of Guyana, David Granger, on the sidelines of the 39th CARICOM heads of government conference in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Continue reading

Caribbean: CARICOM report says legalize marijuana use

CARICOM report says legalize marijuana use

As a preparatory step to rendering marijuana as a legal substance, the CARICOM Regional Commission on Marijuana recommended the decriminalization of the drug for personal use in private premises and medical purposes

Marijuana plant

By Sloan Smith – Nassau Guardian

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica — The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Regional Commission on Marijuana has recommended the declassification of marijuana as a dangerous drug in all legislation and the reclassification of the drug as a controlled substance in its report presented at the CARICOM heads of government meeting in Montego Bay, Jamaica, last week.

The commission presented its findings and recommendations into the social, economic, health and legal issues surrounding marijuana use in the Caribbean.      Continue reading

Ramson most likely interrupted a “carefully orchestrated selection process” for PPP presidential candidate – Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Ramkarran, a former long-standing member of the PPP, made his view known in his most recent column.

There, he acknowledged that Ramson recently announced publicly that he would seek the PPP’s nomination to be its presidential candidate for the 2020 general elections. But, Jagdeo chided Ramson and said that he deviated from party principles.            Continue reading

Royalty and Nuptiality — By Yvonne Sam

Royalty and Nuptiality — By Yvonne Sam

Hold on to your fascinator a while longer—the Royal family remain in the news even with different marital views. Is the season just getting started?

The Royal family has been in the spotlight recently – what with the marriage of the uncommon commoner Meghan Markle to Prince Henry of Wales – better known as Prince Harry, and the scheduled marriage on Friday, October 12 of the Queen’s granddaughter Princess Eugenie, seventh in line to the throne.  The latter union will be solemnized at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor and will likely be more low-keyed and not likely to be televised as that of Harry and Meghan.

Before Eugenie officially walks down the aisle, another member of the Royal family announced that he will be tying the knot, albeit different but keeping the family in the spotlight. Lord Ivar Mountbatten, the third cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth, will marry his longtime partner James Coyle this summer. Such a union will mark the extended royal family’s first same sex marriage.  In 2016 Lord Mountbatten made headlines when he became the first openly homosexual member of the family.       Continue reading

GUYANA SPEAKS: London UK – “OIL” by Chris Ram on July 13, 2018; + “Emancipation and Beyond” – July 29, 2018

 GUYANA SPEAKS – Featuring CHRIS RAM – 13 July 2018. London. England.

Chris Ram, who was one of our speakers on What will oil do for Guyana? in November 2017, has just received a certificate for the Masters of Laws in Oil and Gas from Reading University and is currently in the UK.  Guyana SPEAKS will therefore be holding a one-off special in which Chris will talk for 30 mins on “First Oil in 2020: Are We Ready?” followed by a Q&A session.  If you are able to attend, please RSVP so that we have an idea of numbers. The event will be held on Friday, 13th July (6.30pm for a 7pm start) at the Classic.       Continue reading

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