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Guyana Elections: Over 17,000 persons yet to collect ID cards—GECOM Commissioners

Unrest Intensifies in Dominica Ahead of Elections on December 6, 2019

—  Airline Cancels Flights and Regional Security Troops Prepare to go in

The main road in Marigot has been blocked with burning debris. (Photo Credit: Dominica News Online)

ROSEAU, Dominica, Wednesday December 4, 2019 – Dominicans demanding electoral reform, including a clean-up of the voters’ list and the issuing of voter ID cards, have staged fierce protests, prompting Seaborne Airlines to cancel flights until at least tomorrow. And members of the Regional Security System (RSS) are to be deployed to maintain law and order.

The protests, which have attracted international media attention, saw demonstrators blocking the two main roads leading to the Douglas-Charles Airport.          Continue reading

Bombs VS Bridges – The USA competing with China – By Brandon Turbeville

 – How Two Empires Are Competing For Their Version Of The New World Order

 — Bombs VS Bridges – By Brandon Turbeville

There is a crisis in the Western world. Both in terms of domestic affairs and foreign policy, Western nations are showing all signs of impending collapse. This is despite the fact that the flagship of the Western world, the United States, continues to expand its empire across the globe. At the same time, the world is witnessing the “rise of China,” an empire in its own right though no one seems to have any interest in calling it what it is.

The American empire has come to terms with itself to some extent. Through all the claims of support for “democracy” and “freedom,” the United States has transitioned to an authoritarian state at home and a rampaging military of conquest abroad.        Continue reading

Guyana: ExxonMobil targets US$10B from Stabroek Block by 2025

EXXON-Mobil Drillship

Iwokrama will be the home of an International Institute for Biodiversity – President Granger

Dec 02, 2019  News 

President David Granger on November 30 said Iwokrama must change to survive while assuring that the area will be the home of an International Institute for Biodiversity to support its educational efforts.

Iwokrama International Centre.  Click here for more images of Iwokrama

“The Institute will allow students and researchers from the Continent, the Caribbean and the rest of the world to come to Iwokrama to study its biodiversity and to increase knowledge and understanding of our vital ecosystems,” President Granger said at the 30th anniversary of the Pledge of the one million acres of Iwokrama forests to the international community held at the Umana Yana.            Continue reading

Chinese city with 2.6m cameras is world’s most heavily surveilled

Big Brother is watching:

Commuters walk by surveillance cameras at a walkway between two subway stations in Beijing.
 Commuters walk by surveillance cameras at a walkway in Beijing. Photo: Andy Wong/AP

Qiu Rui, a policeman in Chongqing, was on duty this summer when he received an alert from a facial recognition system at a local square. There was a high probability a man caught on camera was a suspect in a 2002 murder case, the system told him.


Guyana Politics: OPINION: Manifestos: exhibitions in political pornography

 — by GHK Lall

What is a manifesto, other than a collection of words and a rush of marketing messages?

What is a manifesto, besides being a piece of paper made to mean something, especially that which the circumstances demand? Give the people what they want to hear, what sells, and the rest usually takes care of itself.

As I see it, a manifesto – and I do not care anymore from whom and where it originates – is a pack of pages, which has made jokers of the entire Guyanese population. It will continue to do this time again.              Continue reading

POLICING: Taking stock of the number of suicides in the lock-ups – By Yvonne Sam

“Something is rotten in the Police Force of Guyana”– Would lawsuits be the ultimate path to custodial reform?

— By Yvonne Sam

Once again the ranks have found themselves in a mire, or ( more aptly put) hell fire due to the recent death in Blairmont Police Station lockups of Chandatt Yodha, a 49 year old West Berbice fisherman. The deceased had been arrested earlier that day, and detained on a charge of alleged mistreatment of his wife and unruly behavior.

According to police report, the victim was alone in his cell and his underwear was used to bring about the untimely demise. Premature deaths of individuals in police custody are without doubt tragic occurrences.  From a moral stance, it is utterly heartbreaking to the family of the victim(s), and concomitantly heightens suspicion as to the conduct of police, operating in an already -existing climate of public mistrust.    Continue reading

Guyana Christian Charities Canada (GCC): Valentine Dinner/ Dance – Toronto – February 15. 2020

Guyana Politics: PPP’s Irfan Ali appeals to PNCR-led coalition supporters for a hearing

PPP Presidential candidate, Irfan Ali speaking at a press launch of its mini manifesto for the 2020 general elections.

Presidential candidate for the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC), Irfaan Ali on Friday appealed to non-traditional supporters to give him and his party a hearing and eventually cast their ballots for the PPP/C. that last ruled Guyana for 23 unbroken years.              Continue reading

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