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Guyana: The death of Nurse Apple—Did danger lurk where nurses work? – by Yvonne Sam

Letter by Yvonne Sam

Nurses are the heart of healthcare, present when the first and last breath is taken

Permit me in the first instance to extend sincere condolences to the grieving family and colleagues of slain nurse Schenise Apple.  While the circumstances surrounding the death of the healthcare employee is enigmatic to say the least, the ensuing behavior / actions of the Health Minister only serves to create further doubts.  Plainly stated, there is gross absence of the normal and huge presence of the abnormal.

Schenise Apple

According to newspaper report regarding information coming from the Ministry, when the nurse was found dead Dr. Chissundra Abdool, the Regional Health Officer for Region Eight contacted the police, who then launched an investigation. If she was discovered dead, who made the discovery? She was seen hanging in her room?  Who certified death?  How was the Health Officer made aware of the situation? Who undertook to cut the body down?    Continue reading

Why Busy-ness Is So Damaging to Individuals and Community Happiness

Published on Monday, July 08, 2019 by –by
Our economic and political order fuels a state of constant activity which harms both individual and community well-being
Thinking is also dangerous, primarily to those in positions of power.(Photo: Pixabay/B_me. Pixabay Licence)

Thinking is also dangerous, primarily to those in positions of power. (Photo: Pixabay/B_me. Pixabay Licence)

There never seems to be enough time to accomplish all the things we must do. Life gets busier and busier. But what does all that busy-ness add to our lives?

Mainstream culture tells us that being busy is a virtue, so we want to be busy even if we complain about it. It means we’re productive and have purpose.          Continue reading

Health: We are making ourselves ill – By Adam Harris

Suicide And The Young – Article by Caribbean Voice

As in the Caribbean, suicide in Caribbean America is still seen as a family ‘shame’ that needs to be hidden. Some years ago a young man died in the streets. A sibling disclosed at the wake that the brother would occasionally spend time by her home as he was living in the streets. On that night the young man called his sister around two or three in the morning requesting to drop by her.

She told him that it was very late and she needed to sleep, so he could drop by in the morning, as he knew where the spare key was kept. Next morning they learnt of the suicide of the young man but told the public that he died by a drug overdose. That young man, who came from an affluent family and whose father was well known in the community, was in the streets because of differences with a parent.

READ MORE: Suicide and the young 

Food for the Poor celebrates 28 years of charitable work in Guyana

  Jun 10, 2019  News

Since its establishment some 28 years ago, Food for the Poor (FFTP) Guyana Incorporated has been responsible for building hundreds of homes, distributing food, medical and essential supplies, and providing scholarships to those in need. This was disclosed by the FFTP CEO, Kent Vincent, when the organization held its annual anniversary dinner recently at the Pegasus Hotel.
FFTP commenced operations on June 3, 1991 in Kingston, Georgetown, before moving to 248 Forshaw and Oronoque Streets, Queenstown.

Because of the great need of essential services for the population, it quickly expanded and is today located at 1999-2002 Blue Mountain Road, Festival City, North Ruimveldt, Georgetown.  Continue reading

GHANA: Government to send 375 nurses to work in Barbados

Source: Ghana| | AI- Date: 15-06-2019
President Akufo-Addo with the Barbados PM Mia Amor Mottley
The President has, in principle, agreed to a request by the Barbados Prime Minister to send some 375 Ghanaian nurses to the Carribean Island to work in a number of their government medical facilities.

This came to the fore when President Nana Akufo-Addo and Mia Amor Mottley held bilateral talks on Friday June 14, in Bridgetown in Barbados after he paid a day’s working visit to the country.     Continue reading

Caribbean American Healthcare Awards: Meet the Honorees: NYC – June 25, 2019

Video: Suffering vs Happiness – “You are a Complex Machine” – Choose!

Guyana Medical Relief (GMR): Dinner Dance – Carson CA – September 21, 2019

TICKETS:  call 855-466-5887 – Make checks payable to Guyana Medical Relief.

Read about GMR Projects in Guyana… below:          Continue reading

Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission (CanGO): Report on Surgeries – 2019

Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission (CanGO)


 While on the annual Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission (CanGO) to Guyana in 2018, the following patients were diagnosed by Dr. Clare Mitchell (Developmental Paediatrician and Medical Director of CanGO) and referred to Georgetown. When possible, children were treated by local (Guyanese) surgeons. The outcome of this collaboration was:

  • Two (2) children with cleft lip and/or palate for surgery to Dr. John Mitchell, President of the Health and Educational Relief Organization (H.E.R.O.), an American organization.
  • One (1) child to Dr. Shawn Legall, a Guyanese Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon, for a tonsillectomy.
  • One (1) child to Dr. Marissa Seepersaud, a Guyanese Pediatric Surgeon for a hernia repair.

Continue reading

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