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VIDEO: Retail Apocalypse Getting Worse: $15 Trillion Market Leads To Economic Collapse !!

Retail Apocalypse Getting Worse: $15 Trillion Market Leads To Economic Collapse !!

Epic Economist – 21 October 2020 — website:

The retail apocalypse proportions are getting so extensive that its downfall has been putting the commercial real state sector in big trouble. Experts have been warning that the $15 trillion market is at risk of bleeding over into the broader financial system as the U.S. struggles to come out of a deep economic collapse.    

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OPINION: Black Hair Care — Corona Virus Fear – By Yvonne Sam

It is no secret that hair plays a major role within Black culture.

By Yvonne Sam

As the rapid spread of COVID-19 — the novel virus that has affected hundreds of thousands globally — continues to upend lives and livelihoods, it seems hair care would be the least of any person’s concern. While the world is reeling from the ever–increasing death toll, the black hair care industry is feeling the effects of the virus in a different way—the importers cannot meet the orders due to restrictions meant to contain the virus.

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GCC- Guyana Christian Charities (Canada) Inc – October 2020 Newsletter

WHAT’S INSIDE – Our Special Edition During The Pandemic

President’s Message
Packing & Shipping Update
Berbice National Psychiatric Hospital – Congratulations 75th Year Of Service
Mercy Resident Care
Guyana First Skull Replacement Surgery
Ambulance Service
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Training Our Immune Systems: Why We Should Insist on a High-Quality COVID-19 Vaccine – Opinion

Byram W. Bridle; Samira Mubareka; Shayan Sharif | The Conversation

ATHLETES UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE TWO VERY DIFFERENT APPROACHES THAT CAN BE TAKEN WHEN TRAINING THEIR BODIES. For example, lifting heavy weights is a great way to achieve maximum strength. In contrast, low-load high-repetition training is ideal for developing the stamina required for endurance sports.

REMARKABLY, OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM CAN BE TRAINED IN A SOMEWHAT SIMILAR FASHION. It must choose between two different responses to dangerous pathogens, both of which lead to white blood cells called T cells and antibodies targeting the infecting microbe. However, the types of these T cells and antibodies is different depending on whether the pathogen lives outside of our cells, as many bacteria do, or inside our cells, as viruses do.                Continue reading

Citizenship: The scandal-hit market for passports and long-term visas is booming – The Economist

  Homes from home – The urge to escape covid-19 has given it a boost

GUYANA: The Story Within The Story… A looming immigrant crisis?

Kaieteur News – In the next few years, the country will be unrecognizable, especially when it comes to demographics.

The Venezuela crisis has pushed hundreds of thousands of residents of that oil-rich country elsewhere.

We have received, it is estimated, in excess of 50,000 of them here with a community established in Region One.

The figures would not take into account the number of returning Guyanese. Hundreds of them have come back home with hopes of reversing their dire financial situation.        Continue reading

MEDICAL: Guyana’s coronavirus death toll now 111, amid poor enforcement of measures

The Ministry of Health said the latest fatality is a 78-year-old man from Region One (Barima-Waini) who died while receiving care at “our medical facility.”    Continue reading

Caribbean seals deal for 1M doses of expected COVID-19 vaccines -Guyana not among listed countries

Dr Joy St John
Dr Joy St John
Guyana is not listed in the PAHO press release as one of the 12 states to benefit.                

CARPHA Executive Director Dr Joy St John today underscored her appreciation for the swift commitment of the two agencies which resulted in the transfer of funds as a down payment to PAHO to be routed through Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, which is the administrator of the COVAX Facility.    Continue reading

PAHO: New rapid antigen tests could transform COVID-19 response in region

nationnews Barbados – from CMC

Washington – The Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) says that a new affordable, reliable antigen diagnostic test that was recently approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and can be performed anywhere, is set to transform the region’s COVID-19 response by allowing health workers to carry out accurate, rapid testing, even in remote communities.

Unlike previous rapid, antibody tests, which can show when someone has had COVID-19 but often gives a negative result during the early stages of infection, PAHO Director Dr Carissa F Etienne said the new rapid, antigen tests are “much more accurate in determining if someone is currently infected”.  Continue reading

COVID-19 EFFECTS: Economic Hell on Earth Is Coming- Warns Gerald Celente – Video

COVID-19 EFFECTS: Economic Hell on Earth Is Coming- Warns Gerald Celente – Video

Stansberry Research

Gerald Celente, the popular publisher of The Trends Journal, is sounding the alarm on what he sees as a coming economic catastrophe. “They are killing us,” says Celente referring to the current lockdown of many businesses. In the interview with Stansberry Research anchor Daniela Cambone, Celente discusses what he is doing to protect his assets. He also details how he is preparing for what he considers the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression.