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Caribbean Children Foundation: 18th Annual Boat Cruise – Toronto – Sunday July 3rd. 2022

CANADA: This is the shocking amount it actually costs to live in Toronto these days – By blogTO

People are really feeling the pain of inflation lately as prices for food and other everyday items rise, especially in and around big cities like Toronto, where the cost of rent continues to spike and homes get even less affordable to the average resident.

As the price of housing has increased at an exponentially higher rate than everything else over the years — in Ontario at large, the average home is now about 22.5x one’s disposable income — housing is accounting for a larger and larger chunk of people’s paycheques, pricing many out of the city or region completely.                Continue reading

GUYANA DIASPORA: Guyana Police Force – ZOOM webinar – 17th May 2022 @ 6.00pm EST

You are invited to a webinar to engage with the Commissioner of Police (ag) and other senior officials of the Guyana Police Force on 17th May 2022 at 6pm EST. The zoom ID number and passcode are stated on the flier to join the meeting.        

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GUYANA: Diaspora – to come or not to come back to Guyana

May 14, 2022 Editorial – Kaieteur News

Guyana’s President is reported to have said that the diaspora must not be “lazy” in taking advantage of the rich opportunities and sweet promises offered by this country. Quite a few members of the widely scattered Guyanese diaspora, largely concentrated in America and Canada, have contemplated whether to return to Guyana, or to stay where they are, and keep building on the foundations that they have erected for themselves.

On the other hand, some Guyanese have actually taken the plunge and retraced their steps to take up permanent residence in the land of their birth, their memories, their love. Still, the challenge lingers for many, regarding whether they should heed the national leader’s call, and make the move back to their homeland.          Continue reading

TORONTO: GUYANA’S 56th Independence Anniversary- Flag Raising Ceremony – May 21. 2022

CANADA: Toronto: Long Lines and Delays at Toronto’s Pearson Airport

BlogTO- 02 May 2022

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Travellers have returned to Toronto Pearson International Airport in droves, with the spring travel season and recent easing of border restrictions triggering an en masse return to vacationing that means more delays and headaches at Canada’s busiest airport.            Continue reading

Canada’s Charter Turned 40 On April 17, 2022 – And It’s Still As Radical and Enigmatic As It Was In 1982

The Queen signed Canada’s Constitution in Ottawa on April 17, 1982. While the notwithstanding clause gives governments a unique way to override basic rights, Supreme Court judges have had a broad mandate to set out what those rights are

SEAN FINE – Justice Writer | Globe and Mail Toronto  

For 40 years the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has been a wild ride in a leaky boat.  

Canada is the only major democracy with a constitution that permits governments to override basic rights. Retired Supreme Court judge John Major calls it a “boat with a big hole in the bottom.”

Yet that uniquely Canadian boat, hesitating here, plunging ahead there and reversing course at will, continues on its tumultuous, country-changing journey.    Continue reading

GUYANA: St. Stanislaus College Alumni – Spring Dance – Toronto – Saturday April 23. 2022

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Guyana’s 56th Independence Gala Dinner – Toronto – Saturday May 7. 2022

Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission: CanGO Medical Team – GoFundMe Donations Request

Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission – CanGO Medical Team for Guyana in 2022
After a two-year hiatus due to the Covid pandemic, the CanGO medical team will be returning to Guyana in the Fall of 2022 to provide healthcare to the mostly indigenous peoples in the interior of the country. In preparation for this mission, three directors, i.e., Dr. Clare Mitchell (Medical Director), Conrad Joseph (member-at-large) and Yvonne Triesman (President), will be traveling to Guyana in May to meet with officials at the Ministries of Public Health, Foreign Affairs and Indigenous Peoples Affairs. They will also visit Kwakwani (Region 10), Warakaba and Akawini (Region 2).
If you would like to support our Fall medical mission, donations could be made on our GoFundMe page at:
For additional information about our organization (annual reports, pictures, etc.,) please visit our website at
Thank you for your support.
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