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Barbados opening skilled labour jobs to CARICOM and other nationals

BY GEORGE ALLEYNE – February 12, 2019

Edmund Hinkson

Responding to a growing demographics imbalance in which the retired and close to retirement members of the population are growing while the number of working-age nationals is dwindling, Barbados will soon open its doors to skilled labour, especially persons from the Caribbean Community.

This situation caused Minister of Home Affairs, Edmund Hinkson, to say recently, “I as minister of immigration am firmly of the view that we have too small a population for Barbados to sustain and grow this economy and we will have ‘managed migration’ into this country especially among our fellow Caribbean people who are productive, who will make a mark.”      Continue reading

Venezuela Politics: Two Presidents Vie for Power – Nicolás Maduro versus Juan Guaidó

Congressman Juan Guaidó of the Popular Will party, president of the National Assembly since January 5, was sworn in on January 23 before a crowd as Venezuela’s interim president. (Credit: National Assembly)

By Humberto Márquez

CARACAS, Venezuela, Friday January 25, 2019 (IPS) – Venezuela entered a new and astonishing arena of political confrontation, with two presidents, Nicolás Maduro and Juan Guaidó, leading the forces vying for power, while Venezuelans once again are taking to the streets to demonstrate their weariness at the crisis, which has left them exhausted.         Continue reading

Trinidad chief justice’s alleged gay friend, Dillon Johnson, back in the news

Trinidad chief justice’s alleged gay friend back in the news

Photo: Dillian Johnson (front) feared being killed for his sexuality and his relationship with Chief Justice Ivor Archie, prompting him to seek asylum in the UK after an attempt on his life

By Youri Kemp – Caribbean News Now associate editor –

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — The United Kingdom has reportedly granted humanitarian protection to the alleged gay friend of Trinidad and Tobago’s chief justice Ivor Archie, Dillian Johnson, allowing him to seek refuge in Britain.

Johnson fled Trinidad and Tobago in December 2017 following a shooting attempt on his life he claims was orchestrated by Archie.        Continue reading

UN Warns: More Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants Expected in Region

Brace for more Venezuelans U.N urges scaled up support in Guyana, other Caribbean countries

…plan seeks to provide financial assistance

Venezuela – Click to enlarge

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency estimates that a Caribbean response in 2019 will cost at minimum US $34M based on the projection that the refugee and migrant population from Venezuela will grow to around 222,000 by the end of 2019 with irregular arrivals expected to continue.        Continue reading

Commentary: The global revolt against fake democracy – By Jean H Charles

By Jean H Charles

Jean H Charles

As the year 2018 is coming to a close, we are watching in the world today what could be labeled the manifestations of a global revolt against fake democracy. As in two centuries earlier in 1789 and in 1803, two sister countries linked by a colonial past are leading the way, France and its former colony Haiti. Each weekend, the yellow vests, now supported by the students, are marching into Paris in force, demanding the end of this fake democracy that cares only for the wealthy citizens and leaves almost nothing for the middle and the working classes.

Haiti has been since October 6 and 7, 2018, the scene of violent revolts against a government that did not realize the status quo of scant respect for the mass poor could not continue as usual in a world where Facebook and Whatsapp is almost within the reach of everybody.         Continue reading

Dispelling Myths About Migration — my quest blog

From the Rosaliene Bacchus Blog – Three Worlds One Vision 

Three Worlds One Vision

With thousands of migrants from Central America currently stranded just south of the US border in Mexico, it’s time to ignore the political rhetoric coming from Washington for a few minutes and focus on the reasons so many choose to leave country, culture and family behind and walk 2,500 miles (4,000 kms) to an unknown […]

via Dispelling Myths About Migration — my quest blog

This Christmas, I find no reason for celebration. My thoughts are with the desperate mothers and fathers from Guatemala and other Central American countries who seek only a secure life for their children. If we, the world’s largest economy, cannot provide them with refuge, who will?

Learn about Henry Lewis, my guest blogger.

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Cultural Genocide: Canada’s Indigenous “Boarding Schools” – commentary

The Most Revolutionary Act

Canada’s Darkest Secret

Al Jazeera (2017)

Film Review

This documentary concerns Canada’s infamous “boarding schools,” a program for indigenous Canadian children started in 1876 by Canada’s first prime minister John McDonald. Under this system, native children were forcibly removed (and in some cases kidnapped) from their families to attend religious boarding schools. The goal was to forcibly totally separate the children’s from their families’ native language and culture.

The government wanted access to mineral deposits on treaty lands. Rather than going to war with their indigenous population, they stole their children to extinguish them as communities and nations.

The last boarding school closed in 1996.

Most of the film consists of interviews with boarding school survivors. They talk of being forbidden to speak their native language, harsh beatings for minor infractions, a continuous diet of mushy oatmeal, lack of heating in winter and frequent sexual abuse. The death rate for…

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Panel to analyze Guyanese migration to NYC – By Alexandra Simon

Panel to analyze Guyanese migration to NYC

The Brooklyn Historical Society is going to explore the city’s Guyanese community with a panel about the group’s history in Brooklyn on Nov. 20. At “Brooklyn’s Guyana,” three Guyanese women in literature will discuss the impact of Guyanese immigration to New York City, and more so the borough.

Organized by Grace Aneiza Ali, who will moderate, and Karen Wharton, the event will also bring forth some interesting facts about Guyanese that go largely ignored.


UK Councils Condemned For ‘Shameful’ Rebranding of Black History Month 

Appropriation row comes as councils scrap the Black History Month name in favour of celebrations of all different ethnicities

Sally Weale and Robert Booth | The Guardian UK

For more than 30 years, Black History Month has been a fixture in Britain’s cultural calendar, celebrated every October in schools and at tens of thousands of events across the country.

But this year the event is at the centre of an appropriation row as campaigners complain that a number of councils have scrapped the name, describing it instead as a celebration of all different ethnicities.        Continue reading

Trump at the UN General Assembly – Full Speech – BBC News

Full Speech: Trump at the UN general assembly – BBC News

  •  Published on Sep 25, 2018
US President Donald Trump has attacked the Iranian leadership, accusing it of sowing “chaos, death and destruction” across the Middle East. Addressing the United Nations General Assembly in New York, he defended his decision to abandon the nuclear deal. Mr Trump also boasted that his administration had accomplished “more than almost any” other in US history. His words were greeted with laughter but he laughed back, saying: “Didn’t expect that reaction.”
EDITOR’s NOTE          
In reality, Nationalism vs Globalism was the underlying focus of this speech.      Continue reading
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