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Over 36,000 Venezuelans now in Guyana – mostly in Region One

— Region One chairman concerned about food, medical supplies.

Brentnol Ashley
Brentnol Ashley
The Chairman of the Regional Democratic Council told Stabroek News yesterday that food for migrant families continues to be in high demand. He observed that during 2019, the Civil Defence Commission was distributing food hampers to families but he has not observed any distribution for this year.        Continue reading

NYC: Guyanese man charged in NY with killing 92-year-old woman

Reeaz Khan (centre) (New York Post photo)

Reeaz Khan (centre) (New York Post photo)

Guyana in 2050: Old Dhanpaul’s Dream! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Guyana in 2050: – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Old Dhanpaul had a dream. He assembled the brethren at Cuffy Square, in Georgetown.

“Comrades, I had a dream. Why are we the biggest racists at election time? By 2050, our country, Guyana, will be taken over by a foreign clan. It will be done legally and legitimately. This is how it will happen: There will be a large influx of foreigners with second Guyanese passports. Some will inter-marry with Guyanese and will become naturalized as citizens.

These two classes will form their own political parties that will outnumber the ethnic or indigenous Guyanese. They will win the elections and take over the country. It’s that simple. The children, born from inter-marriages, will not be loyal to Guyana, but to other countries. The textbooks, schools, and universities will teach this to them.

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Trinidad: Lawyer and Pastor Charged with Human Trafficking Bust at Church Rehab Centre

Police executed a raid at the Transformed Life Ministry rehabilitation centre in early October 2019.

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Tuesday January 7, 2020 – A lawyer and three other people were granted bail when they appeared in court yesterday charged in connection with the human trafficking bust at a church rehab facility three months ago.

The court appearance of 37-year-old civil attorney, Lena Jaggernauth – who is accused of human trafficking – came three days after her mother, Indra Jaggernath, and Pastor Glen Awong of Transformed Life Ministry (TLM) appeared in court on similar charges.          Continue reading

U.S.–Trump’s judicial picks advance the wealthy, right-wing takeover of the nation – By Mohamed Hamaludin


With much of the nation focused on Donald J. Trump’s presidency since he took office in January 2017 and, more recently, his impeachment, not nearly enough attention has been paid to his appointment of federal judges, even though one in every four Circuit Court judge was nominated by him, 187 federal judges and two U.S. Supreme Court justices.

The result, The Washington Post has noted, is that Trump “has remade the federal judiciary, ensuring a conservative tilt for decades and cementing his legacy, no matter the outcome of the November elections.” That is because all are lifetime appointees and most are relatively young, including Allison Jones Rushing, who, at 37, is now the youngest federal judge and who is notorious for being anti-LGBT, and Eric Murphy, 39, who is also known for being anti-LGBT and for trying to make it harder for people to vote while he was Ohio’s Solicitor General.        Continue reading

Guyana: Reflections on gas and oil discovery: How does the Diaspora fit in? – By Lear Matthews

 — By Lear Matthews

Dear Guyana, you’re now an open door
You are attracting droves of folks to your shores
You’re ranked number one for the eco tours
A lot has changed since oil is dripping from your pores”

(Ronald Daniels, Guyanese-Online 12/24/19).

The question that belies the observation in this opening poetic verse is to what extent does the attracted “droves of folks” include the Guyanese Diaspora? Following the pomp and ceremony of Guyana’s 50th independence anniversary in 2015 attended by thousands in the Diaspora, there has been much reflection on that unprecedented milestone in Guyanese history by those residing within and outside that nation-state. So too is contemplative attention now warranted about the ramifications of recent gas and oil discovery.        Continue reading

Congressman Meeks Supports DACA – in Queens NY – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

– By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

When you are living history, you don’t realize it. Richard David’s first Town Hall event was an unqualified success. He was able to bring out a galaxy of political stars, including Congressman Gregory Meeks, and a number of elected officials from the City Council. There were twenty-five organizations that co-sponsored the Town Hall. When US Senator Chuck Schumer walked into the Richi Rich Palace it was the icing of what was an afternoon of political education and enrichment.

District Leader, Richard David thanked all for their support. He singled out Jarnail Singh for always supporting the community. This is the 550th Anniversary for Sikhism and Jarnail Singh, a popular Sikh, was happy to serve in the footsteps of Guru Nanak, the founder of the religion. He welcomed all to Richi Rich and he promised to be of help in the future.

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Guyana: Security cameras with facial recognition for Ports of Entry – NDMA

  • Executed by Chinese Government aid under the Safe City Solutions Programme

THE Ministry of Public Telecommunication’s National Data Management Authority (NDMA) is gearing up to launch a major security initiative, which will see the installation of high quality surveillance cameras equipped with facial recognition, at the country’s ports of entry.

In a statement on Monday, the Public Telecommunications Ministry said the project is being executed in partnership with the Chinese Government under the Safe City Solutions Programme. Tech giant Huawei Technologies is spearheading the security project which falls under the US$37.6 million venture that has already seen over 100 Close Circuit Television (CCTV) high-technology security cameras being installed around the country, particularly the capital– Georgetown.        Continue reading

“Confession” – Poem by Tunisian American Poet Leila Chatti – by Rosaliene Bacchus

– by Rosaliene Bacchus – Three Worlds One Vision ~ Guyana – Brazil – USA

Tunisian American Poet Leila Chatti – Photo Credit: Leila Chatti Website

My Poetry Corner December 2019 features the poem “Confession” by Tunisian American poet and educator Leila Chatti, published in the anthology of poetry Halal If You Hear Me: BreakBeat Poets Vol. 3, edited by Fatimah Asghar and Safia Elhillo.

Born in 1990 in Oakland, California, Leila Chatti is one of four children of a Tunisian father and American mother. Her parents met when her father came to the United States to study for his PhD. Her father, the only one of seven children to leave Tunisia, maintained a close relationship with relatives by having his American-born family spend the summers with them.


United States financing humanitarian aid to Venezuelan refugees in Guyana

Millo Yiftach, Field Coordinator of HIAS, a global Jewish nonprofit that protects refugees, and Programme Officer of the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration at the U.S. Department of State Rebecca Alvarado.

The United States (U.S.) says it has provided nearly US$4 million in humanitarian assistance to Venezuelan refugees in Guyana since fiscal Year 2017.          Continue reading

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