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VIDEO: A Tour of Trinidad’s Market – By Chef Debra Sardinha-Metivier of DSM Creative Cuisine

A Tour of Trinidad’s Market – The Culinary Institute of America

In Port of Spain’s markets, ingredients from Europe, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent come together on vendor tables. Culantro here is known as shadow benny or chadon benni — a corruption of the French chardon benit or “blessed thistle.” It is a part of the green seasoning that is a Trinidad and Tobago culinary basic. Chef Debra Sardinha-Metivier of DSM Creative Cuisine, gives us our first look at the diversity of the Trinidadian market basket.

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GUYANA: SUGAR: The Skeldon factory and its reopening by the PPP Government

Skeldon Factory


In keeping with one of its major manifesto promises, the PPP/C government is moving ahead with plans to reopen the East Demerara, Rose Hall and Skeldon estates.  As part of this process, there have been visits to the various estates by the new Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha and officials of the government holding company, the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited.

The hasty closure of these estates in addition to the one at Wales and the callous retrenching of 7,000 workers will remain one of the major blunders of the APNU+AFC administration. It was not as if  APNU+AFC should not have taken steps to rationalise the sugar industry. There were clearly good grounds to make a critical examination of the industry and embark on consolidation and transformation considering the vast losses that were being registered and the bailouts this required.  Continue reading

WEATHER: Climate Crisis Update: Reasons for Hope in 2020 – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Stop Sign Extreme Heat Warning – Death Valley – California – USA

t is hot here in California. On August 16th, a heat wave sent temperatures soaring in Death Valley to 130℉ (54.4℃), believed to be the highest temperature recorded on Earth in over a century. With a historic wildfire season threatening life and property, Governor Gavin Newson has declared a state of emergency. On August 24th, as reported by Cal Fire, the state has had 7,002 fires this year, burning over 1.4 million acres…and growing. At the same time last year, 4,292 fires had burned 56,000 acres.


GUYANA: Man arrested in connection with killing of two teenagers, as unrest intensifies – UPDATED

UPDATE: Total of five persons arrested for murder of teenagers. Police use tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters on Monday night 

Burning debris on the Number 5 Village Public Road Bridge.

Police Sunday night said a man was arrested in connection with the discovery of the bodies of two teenagers  in the backlands of Cotton Tree Village , West Coast Berbice. (near Rosignol)

“Acting upon information received the police have since arrested a 57 year old male of Cotton Tree, West Coast Berbice. He is presently in custody,” police spokesman, Royston Andries said.

While crime scene detectives did not see any blood stains or weapon around the bodies or within the immediate vicinity, they found apparent blood stains at the suspect’s coconut farm.  Continue reading

GUYANA SUGAR: The Future of the Sugar Industry – Published May 8. 2017

State Paper  on the Future of the Sugar Industry presented to the National Assembly by The Hon. Noel L. Holder, MP.  Minister of Agriculture

Continue reading

Guyana Sugar: Reopening sugar estates would be throwing money away – Dominic Gaskin

Dominic Gaskin

President Irfaan Ali recently announced that the new People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) administration has begun the process of reopening three of the four sugar estates that were shut down by the previous APNU+AFC coalition government.

Such a move would require a proper plan or else it would be an utter waste of taxpayers funds. That was the opinion shared by former Business Minister, Dominic Gaskin.

“If you reopen them without any sort of plan, that would be madness. It would be just throwing taxpayers money down the drain and putting at risk our future oil revenues,” he told Kaieteur News, during an exclusive interview.      Continue reading

Guyana: Geography: The Savanna Region – Part 4 of 4

The Savanna Region – Geography of Guyana – Part 4 of 4
–A Documentary …. by Lal Balkaran
This is the fourth and final documentary on the Geography of Guyana in text and pictures that focusses on the fourth natural region known as the Savanna Region. It is over 25 minutes of viewing and consists of six maps, over 200 lines of text, and almost 100 photographs, the majority of which are stunning. The documentary profiles and captures the way to look at this region – both physical, political, economic, cultural, and human.          Continue reading

Guyana: British High Commissioner Dr. Greg Quinn saying “Goodbye” – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Dr. Gregg Quinn

– by Francis Quamina Farrier

The tour of duty by the British High Commissioner to Guyana and Suriname, His Excellency Dr. Greg Quin, concludes at the end of the month – August 2020. Following is an exclusive interview which I had with the out-going diplomat. 
My first question was for him to reflect on the first time he learnt that he was being posted to Guyana. “When I was told I was coming to Guyana, I was hugely excited. This was going to be my first Head of Mission post and it was in a part of the world I had spent little time in before (bar a couple of holidays).
I have spent most of my career working on the Former Soviet Union (with spells in Ghana, Iraq and Washington). I made a deliberate decision to apply to come to Guyana. I wanted a new challenge. To see a different part of the world. To have an opportunity to demonstrate my skills outside that FSU arena.”    Continue reading

German police seize 1.5 tons of cocaine hidden in Guyana rice

Part of the shipment (picture-alliance/dpa/D.Reinhardt photo)
Part of the shipment (picture-alliance/dpa/D.Reinhardt photo)

Authorities in the German port city of Hamburg have found over €300 million worth of cocaine in a cargo shi p container from Guyana containing rice.

According to Deutsche Welle,  Hamburg authorities discovered 1.5 tons of cocaine in a freight container, one of the largest quantities ever seized in the northern German port city, a spokesperson for the Customs Investigations Office said on August 10, 2020..

Rice from this country has been used on several occasions to conceal cocaine.  Some rice exporters from this country have previously been implicated in such shipments.    Continue reading

Commentary: Different places, different traces – By Dave Martins + Music video

Stabroek News- By Dave Martins 

One of the benefits of my life as professional musician for over 65 years is that I’ve seen many different countries, some of which I have lived in, during my time – starting with Guyana, where I lived on the West Demerara, first at Hague, my birth place, then Vreed-en-Hoop, where the family moved when I was going to school in town – first at Sacred Heart High School on Main Street and then St. Stanislaus College on Brickdam.

After graduating from Saints and getting a job with B. G. Airways, I then lived at Atkinson Field with my eldest sister Theresa’s family (she was married to Joe Gonsalves) before migrating to Canada in 1955, where I joined my mother and three other sisters in Toronto (they had migrated earlier).        Continue reading