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Why Are Most Caribbean Governments Ignoring A $500 Billion Marijuana Industry?

Potentially A $500 Billion Industry … recreational cannabis in Canada from Oct. 17th. 2018


Legal Marijuana in Canada

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 12, 2018: As per usual, most Caribbean governments are lagging behind the 8th ball when it comes to the multi-billion-dollar industry of marijuana – a herb that easily grown in the region and has for many decades now.

The snail like movement in some nations and the non-movement in most others, come as Vivien Azer, the only pot analyst from a major Wall Street research house, claimed this week that that the market could be one day worth $500 billion.     Continue reading

Caribbean: Jamaica and St. Vincent Join Marijuana Export Sector

St. Vincent to join marijuana export sector


Just about two weeks ago, authorities in Jamaica approved of the island’s first shipment of oil extracted from the increasingly trendy marijuana plant to be exported to markets in Canada paving the way for the island to earn valuable foreign exchange from its latest export product but not all of Jamaica’s neighbors are sitting back and are continuing to treat any engagement with cannabis sativa as criminal activity.

Governments and the medical sectors in Antigua, St. Vincent and others are also moving to develop medical marijuana industries both for local and international consumption.              Continue reading

UG – University of Guyana – Discussion on Marijuana and Guyana – October 17. 2018

Report on: “One Love Media”- “1838: Brown Sugar – A Fundraiser for Children of Guyana” By Kemahl Khan

“One Love Media”, sponsors “1838: Brown Sugar – A Fundraiser for Children of Guyana”,

 For many years now in Guyana and some Caribbean countries (and even here in Toronto), there have been annual events recalling the first arrivals of indentured labourers from India and honouring their invaluable contribution to the sugar industry in the region.

“Sugar” was the theme of one such event hosted by the Toronto-based voluntary organization, “One Love Media”, on August 17, 2018 at the Rose Garden Banquet Hall in Etobicoke, Toronto. Ontario Canada   (See Guyanese Online Advertisement of the event here}

Billed as “1838: Brown Sugar – A Fundraiser for Children of Guyana”, the funds raised by this event are earmarked to assist, in particular, the children of the employees of Skeldon (Berbice, Guyana) Sugar Estate who are facing economic hardships and whose incomes have been severely impacted by the closure of the estate at the end of 2017.    Continue reading

A Troublesome Man by Stella Bagot – Reviewed by Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Front Cover - A Troublesome Man by Stella Bagot

Front Cover of A Troublesome Man by Stella Bagot

In her authorized biography, A Troublesome Man: About the life of Dr. Ptolemy Reid, Prime Minister of Guyana, 1980-1984, Stella Bagot records Dr. Reid’s account of his journey from childhood to his entrance into political life. It’s an engaging and inspiring story of a poor village boy who, with determination and persistence, overcame the obstacles along each step of his journey.

Ptolemy was born on May 8, 1918, the youngest of five siblings, in Dartmouth Village on the Essequibo Coast of then British Guiana. He lost his father to pneumonia when he was ten years old. To contribute to the family’s income, he worked on their farm plot, in the sugarcane fields, and with local fishermen. His school attendance suffered.

On completing primary school at sixteen, Ptolemy pursued employment as a pupil teacher. Five years later, he took two years…

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Barbados Improvements Part 3: Agriculture – Future products

Guyanese Online – Editor’s Note:

Many of these ideas could be applied to Guyana, where there is a declining sugar industry and ample land and water available.

Barbados Underground

Submitted by Freedom Crier

Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) & Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera)

Investigate the production (oil palm) as the replacement for sugar cane production including on hilly or semi-arid lands. The infrastructure that we have in sugar plantations is the same as required for this type plantation crop and we have an oil processing plant in Barbados i.e. Roberts Manufacturing. Just a small amount of retooling is necessary. The by-products of Oil Palm production EG: palm kernel meal can be utilised and be consumed as chicken feed, cattle, sheep & goat feed, instead of the importation of feed and feed stocks. The soya bean stock that is imported now to make Oil, Margarine, etc. could be a thing of the past. Palms grow well in Barbados from coconut to ornamental palms. It is easy to include/change to Oil Palm & Date Palm if feasible and the topography and…

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BOOK: A Troublesome Man: About the Life of Dr. Ptolemy Reid – By Stella Bagot

BOOK: A Troublesome Man: About the Life of Dr. Ptolemy Reid, Prime Minister of Guyana (1980?1984).

Look inside the book – @Amazon

by Stella Bagot (Author)

Herein is the life story of Ptolemy Alexander Reid, minister in the government and prime minister of Guyana between 1964 and 1984.

Here is a record of Dr. Reid?s childhood and youthful years in Dartmouth, Essequibo, Guyana, an account of his educational endeavors, and the highlights of his experiences as a veterinarian, politician, and family man who maintained an ongoing love relationship with his place of birth.

Dr. Reid said of himself, “I am a troublesome man… always troublesome. I grew up troublesome”.                Continue reading

The Power of Timbuktu: Libraries in Exile – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

The Power of Timbuktu: Libraries in Exile

By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Canoes, carts, and camels. These were some of the methods used to save the manuscripts of Timbuktu. The story of Timbuktu is one of power in the written word and the struggles that it took to preserve it.

‘The ink of the scholar is more valuable than the blood of the martyr.’ This was a popular saying taken from the works of Ahmed Baba in 1603. Ahmed Baba was one of the most famous scholars in Timbuktu. This distant, mysterious and once powerful city has produced a rich stream of knowledge that continues to influence our thinking.

Read More: Profile- The Power of Timbuktu – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Guyana: Rice exports to Cuba double by first crop

Rice exports to Cuba double by first crop

Rice being loaded for Cuba.

For the period of January-April, 2018, Guyana exported 139,501 metric tonnes of paddy, rice, and rice by-products, equivalent to US $57.7M.

This surpasses 2017’s export of 120,811 metric tonnes worth US $47M.

This has been credited to new markets in Mexico and Cuba.     Continue reading



Mar 30, 2018  Editorial, Kaieteur News

For the last two decades, the sugar industry was kept alive with huge subsidies. Upon taking office in May 2015, the Granger administration realized that GuySuCo was ailing. A temporary solution was to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor and continue to subsidize it with billions of dollars. The reason was that there was no easy solution to salvage the bankrupt GuySuCo.

The Jagdeo administration decided to build the Skeldon sugar factory at a cost of more than US$200 million because as Jagdeo said, the factory would lower the cost of production and make Guyana’s sugar competitive on the world market.      Continue reading

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