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ART: Ron Savory: A Guyanese quest – Moray House Presentation – By Alim Hosein

Ron Savory 1933-2019

of the interesting things about Ron Savory is that while he was an active artist, and an innovator in Guyanese painting, very little critical work has been done on him. This is true of all Guyanese artists, but some have received scholarly attention in Guyana and even abroad, such as Stanley Greaves, Philip Moore, and Aubrey Williams.         

Savory felt this lack of recognition, as his niece Denise Savory-Archer wrote in a posthumous tribute to him in 2019: “He always spoke of the lack of appreciation for his art throughout the Caribbean.      Continue reading

MUSIC: The Tradewinds Saga – By Dave Martins + Music video ‘Honeymooning Couple’

By Dave Martins –  November 15, 2020 – Stabroek News

Following a recent gyaff with my long-time Guyanese musician friend George Jardim, who was asking me about the emergence of the Tradewinds band, I wrote a few lines which I later saw as well-suited to this SO IT GO column. Here is what I wrote George:

Okay, Jardim. Soon after migrating to Toronto in 1955, and seeing all the entertainment spots operating there, six nights a week, I had my mind set on that market and a year or so after I landed I started a four-piece combo, The Latins, doing the usual Guyana mix of Latin, MOR pop, and kaiso.        Continue reading

GUYANA: Linden Fund USA (LFU) – Project to assist vulnerable senior citizens in the Linden


Download: LFU seniors care basket project solicitation letter  (PDF)

Earlier this year, Linden Fund USA (LFU) embarked on a project to assist vulnerable senior citizens in the Linden area during these difficult times that were brought about mainly by the pandemic.

So far, we have fed 150 seniors with hot meals twice per week for a total of 9 weeks, receiving coverage by local NCN News for both Phase One and Phase Two of the feeding program.  Continue reading

COVID-19 Journeys of the mind – by Francis Quamina Farrier

– by Francis Quamina Farrier

The very first thing which I would advise anyone about living in a world with a pandemic as we’re all experiencing now, is to observe all the instructions which are laid out by the medical experts. With fingers crossed and doing all the right things, obeying all the COVID-19 protocols, I continue to hope that I will remain coronavirus-free until this pandemic becomes a thing of the past. My hope, too, is that others in Guyana will be disciplined and keep themselves healthy.          Continue reading

DETAILS: RE-MIGRATING TO GUYANA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 READ MORE: DETAILS: Remigration – to Guyana

Continue reading

OPINION: ‘Privilege’ and ‘The Decision’ – two articles by Geoff Burrowes


        I recently wrote a story about the Demerara Rowing Club, which was generously published in Guyana Online. One of the comments was by someone who only got one thing from the story: “Only the rich and famous?” I was irritated by the comment and responded “that while I am exceedingly rich I was never famous.” and asked if the reader had ever been interested in rowing?”

        My daughter had enjoyed reading the story and despite being the only “born in Canada” member of our immediate family she is a true Burrowes ! She said ” You all lived a privileged life in Guyana – why are you getting upset about when someone points it out?”        Continue reading

GUYANA: OPINION – Remigration is not the answer

BOOK: The River Flows On – by Ivan Watson (Author)

BOOK: The River Flows On – by Ivan Watson (Author) – Paperback

Amazon link:

The River Flows On is a story of two places-Guyana and Brooklyn, US. It sets out the tale of the main character, a young man born into a riverain family with a rich heritage, who is conflicted about his family and the river and delves into his relationships and actions that culminate into a downward spiral.

The struggle to survive in both places and a small part of the unheralded and oftentimes overlooked narrative of many Caribbean immigrants in their quest for a better life in the US are essential to the telling of this story.        Continue reading

GUYANA: MEMORIES: The Demerara Rowing Club – By Geoff Burrowes

— By Geoff Burrowes

Little known, the Demerara Rowing Club was hidden on the East Bank of the Demerara River at the end of a dirt road running down the North side of the La Penitence Police Station. The Club was flanked on the North by one of the many Bookers wharves, on the other side of a drainage trench and on the South by a mangrove swamp with a float plane ramp.

I think it belonged to the flying pioneer, Bungles Clavier. It was perched on the edge of the khaki coloured river, surrounded by mangroves, their long crooked roots thrusting up from the river water.        Continue reading

OPINION: Where Are You From? I hear an accent! – By Lear Matthews + 4 videos – REBLOGGED

This entry appeared in Guyanese Online on August  06, 2015 . It has four videos.

Where Are You From? I hear an accent! –  By Lear Matthews

The question, “where are you from? You have an accent” is one that is quite familiar to immigrants.  The stimulus for such a query is usually based on one’s speech pattern, accent or other linguistic attributes that appear to be different or “foreign.”  A good friend told me that his initial inclination is to respond by saying “Earth! Where are you from?” when asked this question.  But he quickly declared that because he was raised to be polite, he exercises self restraint, empathy and diplomacy.

He further stated that his response may be followed by pointing out to the questioner that she/he too has an “accent”.      Continue reading