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BOOK: Big Ole Home By De Sea – By Neena Maiya

Slices of daily life in a sunny home by the sea. For good measure, the goings-on of the locals around the home are thrown in. The book is liberally sprinkled with madcap…at times, philosophical…conversations between mother and daughter, visitors, tradesmen. Food is plentiful. Tall tales add to the sauce. A ghost seeks help. Stones grow. A snake dances.

Around the home, the wind and the birds whistle. Sunbeams, filtered by trees, limbo across the lacquered wooden floor.

Some nights, danger lurks. Bandits. Gunshots in the wee hours of the morning. A thief sneaks into a neighbour’s home.

Despite the fears, mother and daughter create a haven.                

The mother is wise, kind to one and all. Yet she shoots words so sharp, she quells the petty thief and his foul-mouthed girlfriend into submission. The daughter wallows in self-deprecation. The two engage in power struggles over pepper-sauce, wild flowers, the killing of a fly and other such drama.

Through the keen observations of these two, and their interaction with others, the culture of the well-to-do and poor is revealed. Nature takes on a personality of its own, is discussed like beloved and some mad relatives.

The book, a collection of conversations, stories, quips and musings, highlights hope, grief, beauty and humour in a 3rd world setting. It is, in essence, an irrepressible celebration of home.

Available ebook formats: epub mobi lrf pdb html

AUTHOR: About Neena Maiya:

I was born in Guyana….  The Land of Many Waters, on the north-east tip of South America.

Y’all ain’t never see a place like where I come from. Trees walk. Jumbies (dead people spirit) walk day and night – though only a lucky few ever see them.
People tell stories more tall than coconut trees, in fact, they reach the moon before the USA ever land there.

Me? I only trying to record them long-tall tales and share them with the world.

Call me a story-teller addicted to people, music, books, craft, art, earth, sky, sea.

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GUYANA: The Sage of Buxton—a special tribute to Baba Eusi Kwayana 

A long way from the block

    • Education – Listen on Apple Podcasts  —  1 hour 20 mins Podcast
In this episode I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia  for a celebration,  It was Baba Eusi’s  98th birthday.  Friends, family, former students and many others who walked with him in the struggle gathered to pay homage to one of Guyana’s greatest treasures.  These are their testimonies.

Eusi Kwayana, formerly Sydney King (born April 4 1925) in Lusignan, Guyana. A cabinet minister in the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government of 1953. Later he left the PPP to form ASCRIA (African Society for Cultural Relations with Independent Africa), a Pan-Africanist grassroots political group that, after a brief time with the People’s National Congress (PNC) of Forbes Burnham, fused into the Working People’s Alliance (WPA).              Continue reading


May 14, 2023 – By Stanley Greaves


Today was payday. Waterfront workers received wages from the pay office of companies. My Father’s was Sandbach Parker Ltd. Sometimes when he was working elsewhere I had to take his tag, a piece of round copper stamped with a number to receive his pay. Men in the line would ask questions about my identity then send me to the head of it.

Women consorts and common- in- law wives would be waiting outside to secure the household money. Most men usually went to rumshops to celebrate the end of a work week. Huston’s Rum Shop and Bar was conveniently situated in Robb Street between Main and Water Streets near Sandbach Parker. When my Father came home I would examine his pocket. If the rounded end of a big can of sardines or salmon in tomato sauce revealed itself I knew that he had earned twelve dollars, a good week. I eagerly awaited Sunday morning.

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SANKOFA Pilgrimage to Barbados Set for May 6-13 2024

Liberia Map

Barbados Today-

Nearly 160 years after hundreds of Barbadians travelled and settled in Liberia, a group of diaspora and home-based Liberians are preparing for a historic pilgrimage to the Caribbean Island bearing significant historical ties to Liberia.

Barbados Map

Under the umbrella of the SANKOFA PILGRIMAGE TO BARBADOS, the trip is being organised by Ambassador Llewellyn Witherspoon in collaboration with the Barbados government, 159 years after the forebears departed Barbados for Liberia. It is a product of dreams of Barbadian-Liberians in Crozierville and Prime Minister Mia Mottley to “revitalize the deep historical ties between Barbados and Africa.”

Liberia has produced two presidents of Barbadian ancestry, including President Arthur Barclay, who, as a boy, spent the first 11 years of his life in Barbados, and his cousin, Edwin Barclay, who was born in Liberia.                  Continue reading



With songs like ‘Boyhood Days’ and ‘Is We Own’ – Dave Martins told many stories through his unique style of music. Whether the message behind the music stemmed from a good old joke as in ‘Honeymooning Couple’ or from a serious state of affairs like in ‘Not A Blade of Grass’, Martins composed lyrical masterpieces.

In this News Room Insider, the musician shares how he constructed his hits. Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer (Fair Use) under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

GUYANA: Short Story: THE LOTTERY TICKETS – By Royden V. Chan. 1995

Tumereng Landing 1960 Mazaruni River Guyana

Short Story: THE LOTTERY TICKETS – By Royden V. Chan. 1995

According to the Buddha, man himself is the maker of his own destiny. He has none to blame for his lot since he alone is responsible for his own life. He makes his own life for better or for worse.
When you read this tale of Aubrey and Elsie Robinson, you can decide if this is true or if we are powerless pawns manipulated by conditions and circumstances beyond our control.


Harry Belafonte: Singer and civil rights activist dies aged 96

  • By Mark Savage

Harry Belafonte, the singer and actor who smashed racial barriers in the US, has died at home in Manhattan, aged 96.

One of the most successful African-American pop stars in history, he scored hits with Island In The Sun, Mary’s Boy Child and the UK number one Day-O (The Banana Boat Song).

But his greatest achievements were as a campaigner for black civil rights in the US.

He died of congestive heart failure, said his spokesman Ken Sunshine.

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RACE and Society — How secrets affect families

Walter seated surrounded by family (Credit: Alexandria Gamlin)

Many families have a hidden past that is often never spoken about – Cagney Roberts explores what impact these can have after his friend Alexandra Gamlin revealed her own family’s secret.
Last year, my friend Alex came to visit me in London from the US. We met over 10 years ago in New York City: I am a Black British Londoner, and Alex is originally from Michigan. During her visit, we talked about our careers, our families – and family secrets.                        Continue reading

GUYANA: Unfinished Genesis: a discussion with Dennis de Caires and Stanley Greaves

UG flyer.pngYou are warmly invited to attend the next event in the Samaan Tree Series. This will take the form of a dialogue between artists Dennis de Caires and Stanley Greaves about the process of creating:
Title:                Unfinished genesis: the process of painting/making
Participants:   Dennis de Caires, Stanley Greaves
Moderator:      Isabelle de Caires
Date:                Tuesday 18th April 2023
Time:               11.00 AM Guyana [4.00 PM UK]
Platform:         Zoom [please register in advance: details below]

EUROPE: Ghost Towns: The Silent Depopulation of Eastern Europe

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