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Covid-19: why the economy could fare worse than you think | The Economist – Video

Three months after lockdown was relaxed in China, its economy is now running at around 90% of normal levels. Although 90% may sound fine, for many it could be catastrophic…. especially if the level of economic recovery is even lower.

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Business: Investors’ love affair with commercial property is being tested – The Economist

The sector faces a shake-up

You may not realise it, but a growing share of your savings and pensions pot has been wagered on the commercial buildings in which you work, shop and sleep. The original idea was that these investments would provide a steady stream of earnings for decades into the future, rather as government bonds did before interest rates fell so low. But now the virus has thrown that assumption into a cement mixer.

Across the world millions of tenants have stopped paying rent, leading to chaos among shopping-mall and office landlords (see article). In the longer term, a renewed appreciation of the threat from pandemics, and of the potential of new technologies, could lead to a sharp shift in how commercial buildings are used. Savers and fund managers need to be alert. A safe, slow-moving asset class has become an unpredictable one that demands scrutiny and active management.      Continue reading

Business: Former CLICO Barbados chairman Leroy Parris charged with theft

HEATHER-LYNN EVANSON– Added 24 June 2020 – Nation News


Former CLICO Barbados chairman Leroy Parris flanked by two police officers on his way to Magistrates’ Court on June 24, 2020. (Picture by Jameel Springer)

The former businessman of No 8 Dayrells Heights, St Michael, is accused of theft in relation to $3.333 million from CLICO International Life Insurance Ltd; conspiring to cheat the Crown by failing to submit income tax returns for the income year ending March 2010; conspiring to defraud CLICO and money laundering.       

Simon Sinek – Understanding Empathy: Leadership

A snippet form a recent Simon Sinek keynote,….

History: Britain’s culture war and the Caribbean: Colonialism and Slavery – By David Jessop

By David Jessop – June 23, 2020

Last week a culture war erupted in Britain over its colonial history.

Ostensibly the debate revolved around how to respond to public protests against the memorialising in city streets, squares, and public spaces of those involved in slavery. More profoundly, however, what happened and was said illuminated the need for Britain to find ways to rebalance the nation’s understanding of the role played by conquest, exploitation, and empire in creating its wealth.

The matter achieved prominence because of events on June 7 in Bristol in the West of England. There protestors had taken to the streets to join the international condemnation of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and to make clear that Black Lives Matter in Britain too.          Continue reading

US Elections – analyzing data to predict result in November 2020 – The Economist

Forecasting the US elections

The Economist is analysing polling, economic and demographic data to predict America’s elections in 2020

The Economist has just launched its first-ever statistical forecast of a US presidential election. Using machine-learning techniques to combine polls with fundamental factors, such as the economy and presidential approval ratings, it estimates Joe Biden’s and Donald Trump’s probabilities of winning each individual state and the election overall.

It is the first model to correct for differences in the willingness of supporters of each party to talk to pollsters. The model’s projections are updated daily to reflect the latest available data.


Music Video: “A Better Place” – Be part of the Global call to action

This song brings together musicians from around the world to speak out against inequality and for social justice.

No matter who you are – what religion, race, caste or gender – no matter where you live, each one of us has a right to live in freedom, dignity and peace.

Be part of the Global call to action.  

Make your voice heard and tell us what you think would make the world a Better Place!

Caribbean Resilience: Post Pandemic Economic Recovery – Virtual Discussion – June 24. 2020

       Guyana Economic Development Trust

Here is the link –

Coronavirus crisis could cause $25tn fossil fuel industry collapse

Value of reserves could fall by two-thirds as Covid-19 hastens peak in demand, study shows

 The looming fossil fuel crash could pose a significant threat to global financial stability, say experts. Photograph: Matthew Brown/AP

The coronavirus outbreak could trigger a $25tn (£20tn) collapse in the fossil fuel industry by accelerating a terminal decline for the world’s most polluting companies.

A study has found that the value of the world’s fossil fuel reserves could fall by two-thirds, sooner than the industry expects, because the Covid-19 crisis has hastened the peak for oil, gas and coal demand.          Continue reading

USA Politics: Trump in Tulsa: City faces up to violent past ahead of rally – BBC News

Supporters of US President Donald Trump camp outside the BOK Center, the venue for his upcoming rally, in Tulsa, Oklahoma on 17 June 2020.
President Donald Trump has rescheduled his Tulsa rally to Saturday

President Donald Trump is holding his first political rally since the start of the pandemic in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this weekend. His choice of location and the date have raised tensions in a city struggling to come to terms with its history of violent racism.

On 1 June 1921, a white mob ransacked the prosperous black neighbourhood of Greenwood, killing an estimated 300 people and burning 35 blocks of homes and businesses to the ground.            Continue reading

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