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China foreign minister to visit Guyana and Suriname on September 21-22. 2018

Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi. Photo: Wikimedia

By Ray Chickrie
Caribbean News Now contributor – 17 September 2018

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Georgetown is once again re-emerging as the diplomatic capital of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and will welcome a high level visit from the foreign minister of China, Wang Yi and a large delegation to Guyana this weekend, September 21-22.

Wang Yi will also pay a visit to neighbouring Suriname, where a large Chinese diaspora exists.                 Continue reading

Commentary: Rastafari prophesies – By Christopher Famous + Bob Marley Music video

By Christopher Famous –

Marcus Mosiah Garvey was born on August 17, 1887, in the rural parish of St Ann’s Jamaica. Coincidentally, or was it by fate, that this is the exact same parish in which Robert Nesta Marley was born some 60 years later?

Marcus Garvey

With Marcus Garvey being the ideological inspiration for Bob Marley, the world, specifically, the world views of Africans, and those of African descent throughout the Diaspora, has been changed forever through music.

“Look to Africa, for there a King will be crowned.” ~ Marcus Mosiah Garvey, prophesying the coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia.       Continue reading

Tringo Club – Back in Times Dance & Cricket Awards Presentation – Toronto – September 29. 2018

Caribbean Cricket: Exciting Playoffs Await Hero CPL Qualifiers…playing at Providence Stadium

Exciting Playoffs Await Hero CPL Qualifiers… Amazon Warriors tackle Knight Riders tonight; Tallawahs face Patriots tomorrow @ Providence

The Captains from left Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo, Chris Green and Andre Russell.

By Zaheer Mohamed
For the first time in the history of the Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) T20, Providence will be hosting matches in the playoffs and fans can expect more excitement since some of the biggest names in T20 leagues will be on show.       Continue reading

Only outcomes that improve lives will demonstrate that CSME matters – By David Jessop

The View from Europe: Only outcomes that improve lives will demonstrate that CSME matters

Most in the political class say that what drives them to seek high office is a desire for change in ways that will improve lives. However, in power too many become remote, caught in the web woven by bureaucrats, foreign powers or their colleagues, allow themselves to be corrupted, fail to deliver, and resort to empty rhetoric.

Having worked with multiple politicians in the Caribbean and Europe over more than four decades it has always seemed to me those most likely to succeed were the women and men able to mix intellectual agility, a sense of what touches the lives of others, an ability to speak well from the heart, a genuine social commitment, and the recognition that they were there for their citizens.       Continue reading

BCOCCA: 3rd Annual Caribbean Cultural Expo – Burnaby BC. Canada – September 29. 2018

Download Flyer: BCOCCA 3rd Cultural Expo


West Indian American Carnival hot, hot, hot! – By Nelson A. King

West Indian American Carnival hot, hot, hot!

Photo by Nelson A. KIng Essence Kelly and Tiara N in Suga Candy costume.

By Nelson A King – Caribbean Life News NY

On an unusually very hot Labor Day, over three million spectator and tens of thousands of masqueraders and revelers converged on and jammed down Brooklyn’s sprawling Eastern Parkway for the largest carnival parade in North America under the ubiquitous eyes of officers from the New York Police Department (NYPD).

In the stifling, sweltering, humid weather, police on Monday kept a very watchful eye on masqueraders, revelers and parade-goers in their attempt to avert any killing or violence that had marred the spectacular parade in previous years.    Continue reading

Petrotrin: Trinidad and Tobago’s state-owned oil refinery to close

State-owned oil refinery in Trinidad to close

Petrotrin refinery

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — As Trinidad and Tobago is about to celebrate its 56th anniversary of political independence, its state owned oil refinery company Petrotrin, which has employed thousands of permanent and contract workers over the last decades will now be shutting down in the near future, according to Petrotrin officials and government ministers.

Petrotrin is a state owned enterprise in the integrated oil and gas industry, engaged in the full range of petroleum operations including exploration for development of and production of hydrocarbons, and the manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of petroleum products.


Bob Marley and the Caribbean that made him – By Dr. David Hinds + Music Video

By Dr. David Hinds

Bob Marley was first and foremost a political singer; he used his talents to articulate and convey political messages. Reggae music is by definition political music; its birth and evolution were a response to the dynamics of political independence in Jamaica and the Caribbean. But while reggae artistes have concentrated on mild political messages, Marley and a few other have stuck to the hardcore, direct political messages.

Here I define politics in its broader sense to include a plethora of themes such as justice, freedom, empowerment, resistance, liberation, emancipation, human rights, struggle, revolution, self-reliance and nationalism.   Continue reading

News Americas – TOP HEADLINES for August 24, 2018

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