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Thanks to Kammie Holder the blogmaster highlights the following reminder to Barbadians. Let us all do our part to keep the virus contained – David Blogmaster  – Barbados Underground Blog

AG (Dale Marshall) stated – ALL businesses with a few exceptions are closed from Saturday March 28th at 8pm until April 15th to reduce human interaction and compel social distancing.
The businesses permitted to operate during the day with social distancing are:
1) Supermarkets
2) Pharmacies
3) Abatoirs, butcher shops, fish markets
4) Bakeries
5) Farms
6) Pharmaceutical, food processors, drink manufacturers
7) Banks and Credit Unions (not insurance companies)            Continue reading

China sneezes: The world catches a bad cold; pneumonia and sometimes death! – By Jean H Charles

When China sneezes the rest of the world catches a bad cold that may lead to pneumonia and sometimes to death!

Jean H Charles

 By Jean H Charles  –  syndicated columnist. 

In my commentaries, I have often mused the rest of the world will be half Chinese in the long run. With its fluid population of 1.4 billion people (1.386 as of 2017) out of 7 billion (7.53 as of 2017) in the rest of the universe, China can make a lot of mischief or it can help to solve most of this world’s problems.

With the Chinese Revolution brought about by Mao Ts Tong in 1946 followed by the corrections of Zhou En Lai and the reformer Deng Xiaoping with his practical mind and now the global leadership led by Xi JinPing through the Chinese Silk Road, China in the past seventy years and beyond will heavily influence what’s in happening in the rest of the world. The corona virus known through its scientific name of COVID19 that is sweeping all over the world is a vibrant example of the worst and the best coming from China.            Continue reading

OPINION: Falling oil prices and COVID-19 will damage Caribbean growth – By David Jessop


In normal times a sudden drop in the price of oil would elicit a collective sigh of relief among Caribbean governments and Central Bankers. However, these are not normal times.

The ill-judged decision by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia, to pump more oil at just the moment the global economy is reeling from the impact of the Corona virus, COVID-19, has created a global shock that will touch the Caribbean in ways that may suppress growth for years to come.
In essence, what the Saudi Prince decided to do, just as international markets were going into free fall and global demand for oil was in decline as a result of the Corona virus, was  to flood an oversupplied world energy market with 12.5m barrels a day of crude. His aim was to try to take market share away from OPEC rivals and particularly Russia which has little spare capacity to compete.          Continue reading

Coronavirus Could Cause Crisis for Caribbean Tourism if Not Contained – CDB Economist

Map of the Caribbean

(Barbados Today) – BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Tuesday March 10, 2020 – With many Caribbean economies still performing below par, there are mounting fears among officials about the devastating impact the dreaded Coronavirus (COVID-19) could have on the region’s bread and butter tourism industry and related sectors.

This warning was sounded recently as the University of the West Indies (UWI) hosted a Vice-Chancellor’s Forum – COVID 19: Partnering in the Caribbean’s Response.

While panellists pointed out that governments and the university were working closely with national and regional institutions to minimize the threat to the region, they agreed that should the virus, which originated in China, reach our shores, it could have devastating consequences.         Continue reading

CORONAVIRUS: Caribbean News Update

COVID-19 Spreads: First Cases in Antigua, Trinidad, Cayman Islands; New Cases in Martinique, Jamaica

Caribbean Airlines Crew Members in Self-Quarantine Following Death of Passenger Who Had Coronavirus

Continue reading

Demand for Caribbean Economic Citizenship Increases as Coronavirus Spreads

— LONDON, England, Thursday March 5, 2020 – CS Global Partners, a London-headquartered government marketing agency specializing in investor immigration, says demand for Citizenship by Investment (CBI) has increased in light of the spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19).

And Director Paul Singh says Caribbean islands with CBI programmes are proving to be attractive as demand for citizenship of safer countries grows.

“We work with three Caribbean governments – Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis and St Lucia – promoting their CBI programmes worldwide and assist authorized agents with any enquiries their clients may have regarding obtaining economic citizenship of any of these three countries.  ( Note: Grenada also has a CBI Program)              Continue reading

Guyana Elections 2020: Guyana votes amid high hopes over oil discoveries – BBC News

Guyoil gas station in GuyanaImage copyrightALAMY

Voters in Guyana will go to the polls in a general election amid hopes that the discovery of huge new oil reserves could transform the South America nation, one of the region’s poorest.

A new 65-member National Assembly will be elected for a five-year term, and the leader of the largest coalition or party becomes the country’s president.

Incumbent President David Granger faces rival Irfaan Ali for the top post.

The economy is predicted to grow 85.6% in 2020, up from 4.4% in 2019.                Continue reading

Barbados Tourism Authorities Deeply Concerned At Tragic Shooting Incident

Attorney General, Dale Marshall, commented, “Barbados was always felt to be a safe place for visitors, and this kind of callous conduct, on the part of a few hooligans, can threaten the livelihood of our country.”

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, February 28, 2020 (CMC) – The Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) says it “deeply regrets” the incident that left a visiting Canadian national paralysed, after being shot.

The BTMI said that the incident, last weekend, “falls short of the founding values of our small community, as we pride ourselves on being a proven-safe destination, with many years of encouraging visitors to enjoy Barbados as their home, away from home.        Continue reading

Venezuela Economic Collapse: One in Three Venezuelans Not Getting Enough to Eat – UN Study

Venezuela- Food distribution

(Caribbean 360) – CARACAS, Venezuela, Wednesday February 26, 2020 – As a result of hyperinflation in Venezuela, about one-third of the population – more than nine million people – are not getting enough to eat and are in need of assistance, according to estimates published yesterday by the World Food Programme (WFP).

The finding is based on a Food Security Assessment conducted by the agency at the request of the Government between July and September of last year.

“Hyperinflation is affecting the ability of families to secure food and other basic needs,” according to the study.            Continue reading

Barbados investment delegation to Ghana calls on Tourism Minister

From Ghana News Agency (GNA)

Accra, Feb. 22, GNA– A delegation from Barbados, currently in Ghana for an investment tour, has called on the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, to share ideas on how to improve both countries’ tourism prospects.

The delegation was led by the Minister of Tourism and International Transport of Barbados, Mr Kerrie Symonds, and the Minister for Creative Economy, Culture, and Sports, Mr John King.            Continue reading

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