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Caribbean Dialects: Di way we does talk – By Dave Martins

   – Stabroek News

This week, on the ground in Guyana, I ended up in an online conversation with my friend George Jardim (East Coast businessman and erstwhile musician) that involved our various dialect pronunciations or creations across the Caribbean.  As someone like George, who grew up familiar with that form in Guyana, I had, from those early years, an irritation with the people who would often correct me to say “you’re using bad English,” or “that’s not proper English” and here we are in 2018 and that attitude is still around.

Beyond that, as someone involved with the deliberate creation of Caribbean music going back now some 60 years, it is interesting that while the dialect is there in my songs, it comes largely as interjection or emphasis.      Continue reading

China will determine the future of Venezuela – Opinion

by – 

PHOTO: Chinese President Xi Jinping walks next to Venezuela”s President Nicolas Maduro during his welcoming ceremony in Beijing, China September 14, 2018 [File: Reuters]

On January 23, when US-backed opposition leaderJuan Guaido declared himself interim president of Venezuela, he thought deposing President Nicolas Maduro from power would be easy.

He had a simple, three-thronged plan: declare Maduro’s presidency illegitimate by exposing the irregularities in the election that brought him to power, establish a transition government, and hold new elections that would bring the opposition to power.


Caribbean governments should tax cruise sectors more than air passengers – Commentary

July 8, 2019 – By Robert MacLellan – Caribbean News Now

Caribbean taxes on cruise passengers vary widely….

Can tourism dependent Caribbean governments learn something from oil producing countries? When relatively small and poor oil-producing governments sought to get a fair price for oil, their main source of national revenue, they banded together to negotiate more effectively with the multi-national oil companies and the larger developed nations, which were the major consumers of their oil….. thus OPEC was formed.          Continue reading

Thieves hit ATMs in Barbados, leaving some customers broke

Stabroek News – 08 July 2019

(Barbados Nation) Police are probing reports that scores of bank accounts were hit over the weekend, leaving some customers broke.

And it appears that it is the work of thieves using skimming devices again – this time gaining access to accounts at Republic Bank, CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank and Scotiabank.        Continue reading

The education system is failing Guyana’s young people – By Adam Harris

The education system is failing Guyana’s young people

  Jul 07, 2019  Features / ColumnistsMy ColumnBy Adam Harris

Once more attention has been shifted to the school curriculum. This was caused by the recent results of the Grade Six Examinations. Again attention was on the top performers.

For starters, people began to look at the performance of the public schools. The two top performers came from public schools in rural Guyana. That in itself tells a story that one does not have to pay exorbitant fees for one’s child to do well. It boils down to the ability of the child to learn and the quality of the teachers.

EXCELLENT TEACHERS : THE KEY                Continue reading

Venezuela crisis: Opposition announces talks in Barbados

  • 8 July 2019- BBC NEWS

President Nicolás Maduro versus Juan Guaidó

Talks between the Venezuelan opposition and the government to resolve the country’s political crisis will resume this week in Barbados.

The Norwegian foreign ministry, which has been acting as a mediator, said the two sides would meet “to move forward in the search for a negotiated and constitutional solution”.

The two sides have been engaged in a bitter power struggle since January.   Preliminary talks held in May in Oslo petered out without an agreement.

What is known about the talks?          Continue reading

Guyana Institute of Historical Research (GIHR) Newsletter – July 2019

Download: GIHR Online Newsletter – July 2019


LOW RATES: Contact Cyril Bryan –

My loyalty to CAL will be severely tested if the Trinidadians persist with this foolishness

  • Unnecessary Security checks at Piarco Airport

Stabroek News – Dear Editor,

I arrived in Trinidad & Tobago on Caribbean Airlines flight BW483 from Miami at approximately 7:30 p.m on Sunday, 30th June, 2019. The flight was on time and due to depart at 8:55 p.m for Guyana. The passengers for Guyana, however, were required to leave the plane. I was a wheelchair passenger.

To my astonishment, the wheelchair attendant informed me that my wife, travelling with me, could not accompany me in the elevator to the security check required for all passengers who are in-transit to Guyana. I pointed out that in every other airport I have travelled through as a wheelchair passenger my wife has remained with me to the check-in.      Continue reading

Guyanese artist in residency on Governors Island NY Harbor

Carl E. Hazelwood


Guyana-American artist, Carl E. Hazelwood is among five artists, whose works of art are on display at the Triangle Artist Studios residency program, which opened on June 7, at picturesque, Governors Island, New York Harbor.

The Triangle Arts Exhibition is open on public days for art lovers to get an inside look at what artists are working on: Saturdays and Sundays, 11 am – 5 pm, June – October 2019.        Continue reading

Guyana: No custodial sentence for 30 grams of ganja or less – Cabinet

Possession remains an offence; however, persons will not be sentenced to terms of imprisonment as in the past, the release said.

This is the first of several steps that government intends to take as it considers the recently submitted Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Report on the use of marijuana, and in particular, “usages by our Rastafarian brothers and sisters who require it for use in their worship and sacrament”.

The decision comes after a long period of lobbying of the government by the Rastafarian  community and key members of the governing partner, the AFC.


Continue reading

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