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Barbados: Rastafarians to Get Green Light to Use Cannabis for Religious Purposes

Caribbean 360 – 08 November 2019

During debate in Parliament on the Medical Cannabis Industry Bill – which was passed – Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister Dale Marshall said draft legislation to allow the use of cannabis for religious purposes is being drafted and should be ready within the next few weeks.

“I have taken to Cabinet and I have got Cabinet’s approval for the preparation of a Bill to bring to this chamber which will facilitate the use by members of the Rastafarian faith of cannabis for the purpose of their religion,” he said.    Continue reading

CARICOM seeking to have telephone roaming charges eliminated throughout community


A release today from CARICOM said that this is one of the priorities which they identified as an early benefit in achieving a CARICOM Single ICT Space.         

At a Special Meeting of the Council for Trade and Economic Development (ICT) on November 8. by video-conference, the Ministers agreed that this would provide social and economic benefits to the people and to the Region.          Continue reading

MEDICAL: Use of technology to improve mental health care – By Annan Boodram – The Caribbean Voice

By Annan Boodram – The Caribbean Voice

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) one in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. In fact it nearly two billion people suffer from mental illnesses every year. Furthermore, those who live with severe mental illness are more likely to face chronic medical conditions and die around 25 years earlier as well as routinely suffer gross human rights violations.

While nations struggle to diagnose and service their increasing mentally ill populations, technology is gradually moving front and center in that process. In fact, one way in which mental health care is more easily and extensively accessed is through apps.              Continue reading

Oil and Gas in Guyana: Company Formed to Provide Platform for Opportunities

President & CEO of NSB Omega, Michael Critch

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Friday November 1, 2019 – Against the call for Guyanese to position themselves to benefit from the budding oil and gas sector, Action Invest Caribbean Incorporated has partnered with NSB Energy and Omega Project Solutions to form NSBomega Guyana Incorporated to do just that.

Headed by Managing Director Vishnu Doerga, the company provides a platform where individuals can be trained for technical positions in the industry and offer their services.        Continue reading

Lord Kitchener – ONE OF THE MASTERS – By Dave Martins + Music Videos

ONE OF THE MASTERS – By Dave Martins

It could well be that my time as a musician has left me prejudiced, but I have long felt that there are striking examples of creative genius about in the musical world that we glide by without noticing or appreciating what is sitting right there before us until some circumstance or occasion brings the condition clearly into focus.

Just in these past two months, for example, I have been jolted (and that’s not too strong a word) by some examples that came to me in diverse ways but each making the point of these wondrous instances of music mastery, unfortunately almost forced into the background by the sheer volume of music that comes at us these days in so many forms.          Continue reading

The UK’s BREXIT agonies: Lessons from Jamaica’s Referendum – By Steven L. B. Jensen

By Steven L. B. Jensen ….He is a Research Visitor at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights in Oxford.

Norman Manley

On 12 May 1962 (the then recently deposed) Jamaican Prime Minister Norman Manley wrote in his diary the following:   (read about Norman Manley in Wikipedia)

“Why […] did I decide on the referendum? Why did I so totally commit myself and the Party to its result? Why did I leave out the smallest loophole for escape back to the old road if the Referendum failed?”

While the Brexit debates have been busy with historical references there is arguably no historical event which comes closer in resemblance to BREXIT than the 1961 Jamaican referendum on membership of the West Indies Federation. This event – unknown to most – carries echoes to the present and provides a certain diagnosis of the current political situation in the United Kingdom.        Continue reading

Agriculture: Coconut venture for 700 acres of Wales Estate land

Dr. Arlington Chesney

Dr. Arlington Chesney

– By

Approximately 700 acres of the shuttered Wales Sugar Estate has been leased to the newly formed Amazonia Expert Services Limited (AESL) which has expressed the intention to enter the coconut industry.

Former Executive Director of the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI),  Dr. Arlington Chesney, who is a principal in AESL.          Continue reading

Barbadians Urged to Trade and Invest in Guyana and Suriname

Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Sandra Husbands

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Friday November 1, 2019 – Businesses in Barbados are being urged to deepen trade with Caribbean Community (CARICOM) neighbours Suriname and Guyana,

The call was made this week by Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Sandra Husbands, at a Business to Business Forum on Trading Opportunities in Suriname and Guyana, who said Barbados was already exploring opportunities for development in the two countries in agriculture, agro-processing, construction, renewable energy, tourism, education, and services.          Continue reading

Dave Martins: News to Me – Things I Did Not Know

No matter how long ago you were born, no matter how long you live, we keep running into stuff that leaves you gaping and saying something like, “I think I know a lot of stuff, but I that’s news to me. I never knew that.”

For instance, we generally assume that the manufacturing of steel band instruments would be a Trinidad thing; not necessarily. A Trini friend of mine in Cayman, who is a maniacal steel band aficionado, sent me a note this week about a US company going full bore into that business.  It’s the typical US business approach, offering “Lowest price for high quality full size music instruments. Packages for schools, Steel pans for musicians, Steel drums for beginners, Steel pan stands, Drum Mallets, Steel band music, Steel pan cases, Lead Steel pans.” (“Drum mallets, by the way, are what we know as “pan sticks” – wooden sticks with a rubber tip that the musicians use to play the instruments.)    Continue reading

Grenada Receives Over EC$77 Million From Its Citizenship By Investment Program

Map of Grenada and its islands

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, October 23, 2019 (CMC) – Grenada says it has received more than EC$77.7 million ($1 US = $2.66 EC}, during the first nine months of this year, after approving 156 applications under the Citizenship by Investment Program (CBI).

According to the figures, published on the website of the Ministry of Finance, the authorities had received 252 applications under the CBI, which allows for foreign investors to make a substantial investment in the socio-economic development of the island, in return for being granted citizenship.    Continue reading

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