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Coronavirus is grounding the world’s airlines – A hard landing – The Economist

 The aviation industry may not fully recover from the effects of the pandemic

Business – The Economist Magazine

IT IS NO surprise that the industry clobbered hardest by the covid-19 pandemic is the one responsible for helping spread it to the four corners of the Earth. But the speed and depth of the nosedive which airlines have taken is nevertheless breathtaking. In a memo to staff on March 13th, entitled “The Survival of British Airways”, the carrier’s boss, Alex Cruz, spoke of “a crisis of global proportions like no other we have known” (for more coverage of the pandemic, see our coronavirus hub). Most of the industry should pull through if the situation lasts one or two quarters. Any longer, and the future of air travel could be altered for good.      Continue reading

Business: Covid-19 could cause permanent shift towards home working – The Guardian UK

Tech firms will benefit, but some companies could find employees don’t want to return to the office

 Internet service providers have come under pressure to lift bandwidth caps so remote workers don’t get cut off from their employers. Photograph: Joe Giddens/PA

Covid-19 could permanently shift working patterns as companies forced to embrace remote working by the pandemic find that their employees do not want to return to the office once the closures are lifted.      Continue reading

Guyana’s oil at world class low breakeven price of $35/barrel – Hess

… Projected to fall further

(Feb 25, 2020  News)  Hess Corporation has revealed that the current breakeven price for Guyana’s oil is US$35 per barrel Brent, among the lowest in the world. This was revealed by the Chief Executive Officer, John Hess. (photo at right)

For those unaware, the breakeven price is the price at which the oil must be sold to cover the cost to produce it. Every additional dollar on the barrel would be the profit.

Kaieteur News had revealed in December that Guyana’s crude will be priced against North Sea Brent crude, a competitive set of crudes extracted from fields in the North Sea.            Continue reading

BOOK: A virus called Wuhan-400 causes outbreak … in a Dean Koontz thriller from 1981. – Commentary

How is it that some books appear to prophesy events?

The Eyes of Darkness features a Chinese military lab in Wuhan that creates a virus as a bio-weapon; civilians soon become sick after accidentally contracting it

In fact, the one lab in China able to handle the deadliest viruses is in Wuhan and helped sequence the novel coronavirus the world is currently battling

Kate Whitehead | South China Morning Post

The Eyes of Darkness, a 1981 thriller by bestselling suspense author Dean Koontz, tells of a Chinese military lab that creates a virus as part of its biological weapons programme. The lab is located in Wuhan, which lends the virus its name, Wuhan-400. A chilling literary coincidence or a case of writer as unwitting prophet?                  Continue reading

Black History Month: Benjamin Banneker- first African-American scientist – Video

Benjamin Banneker, Astronomer | Biography

Naomi Ekperigin talks about scientist and astronomer Benjamin Banneker, his almanac writing, and how he saved Washington, D.C. #Biography

OIL: Suriname poised to bag hundreds of US$millions in signing bonuses

… capitalises on Guyana’s oil and gas discoveries

The State-owned oil company and regulator of Suriname’s oil industry, Staatsolie, is set to reap vast benefits when it starts selling stakes in a large area of its shallow waters, by year end.

Staatsolie Managing Director & CEO, Rudolf Elias

The value of those waters to oil and gas companies around the world has been buttressed by ExxonMobil’s discoveries in Guyana’s Stabroek Block.

Continue reading

Guyana: Telecoms Liberalisation: GTT’s complains about potential loss of revenues

  — Despite enjoying decades of massive profits…

Over the years, Kaieteur News has exposed the modus operandi of foreign companies—their Executives enter these shores and cut deals, which allow them to walk away with the lion’s share of the nation’s resources. This trend often contributes to the underdevelopment of country’s industries.

ATNI CEO, Michael Prior

In this special series, Kaieteur News will endeavour to show that the same has occurred with the Atlantic Tele-Networks Inc. (ATNI), the US-based company that owns GTT. Specifically, this newspaper will examine GTT’s monopoly and its effects on Guyana’s development.

All who wish to share in this constructive discourse are welcome.      Continue reading

Guyana: Digicel blames govt for “dark ages” telecoms sector, as GTT celebrates 29 years

GTT vs Digicel

A day after Public Telecommunications Minister, Cathy Hughes boasted of improved Internet access, Digicel Guyana used results of a petition to lampoon the administration for foot-dragging on liberalising the telecoms sector to coincide with the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph’s 29-year old monopoly.

“With Guyana stuck in the telecoms dark ages, liberalisation must happen immediately to give Guyana the internet it deserves. The stakes couldn’t be higher,” Digicel said.

Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T), which wanted a US$44 million tax debt settled before  moving ahead with liberalisation, last year May signed a secret memorandum of understanding with government committing both sides to settling all outstanding issues.            Continue reading

Guyana: Power Generation: Giftland to supply GPL with 4.5 megawatts of power

– Power Purchasing Agreement finally signed

The state owned Guyana Power and Light Inc. has finally sealed the deal with Giftland Mall to supplement more than four mega watt (Mw) of power to the grid after almost two years of back and forth.

This disclosure was made by the Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson, yesterday on the sidelines of an event.

According to Minister Patterson, “the Power Purchase Agreement has been signed…The technical modalities have been worked out and I think very shortly the licence will be granted.”

“Giftland will be supplying about four megawatts into the power grid to augment what GPL has at the moment,” Patterson added.      Continue reading

Business: Big Oil has a do-or-die decade ahead because of climate change – The Economist

Schumpeter …….The 2020s are poised to be to energy firms what the 2010s were to utilities—disruptive
The Economist – Business –Jan 18th 2020 edition

Many will scoff. Oil companies are, after all, widely regarded as the villains of the climate crisis. Repsol is a relatively puny producer; its vow may simply be a gambit to woo investors keen on “sustainability”. Yet it deserves a pat on the back. Without the oil industry’s balance-sheets and project-management skills, it is hard to imagine the world building anything like enough wind farms, solar parks and other forms of clean energy to stop catastrophic global warming. The question is no longer “whether” Big Oil has a big role to play in averting the climate crisis. It is “when”.  Continue reading

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