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GUYANA: African Guyanese existence again systematically targeted, continually eroded – By GHK Lall

GHK Lall

Kaieteur News – The PPP Government and leadership can either be congratulated or condemned for its relentless commitment, its premediated visions, to target African Guyanese communities, interests, ways of life, and then systemically erode all three.  The latest involves cooperatives and idle lands (Demerara Waves, January 23), as presented by the Hon. Minister of Labour.  On the one hand, I go out of my way to congratulate the PPP brain trust for coming up with yet another perverse scheme that indicates the energies that are devoted to delivering the vindictive, vengeful, and vicious thrusted again at the breast of African Guyanese.      Continue reading

GUYANA SPEAKS: Sunday 29th January 2023 – London UK. – ZOOM Event

Please join Guyana SPEAKS on Sunday, 29th January 2023 for an uplifting start to the new year!   The zoom event starts at 3.30pm UK time / 10.30am Toronto & New York / 11.30am Guyana Time.  Please register your interest via the link and you will receive zoom details nearer the time:
This month we will be celebrating the achievements of three Guyana-born members of the UK diaspora: Adele Williams Sewell MBERussell Profitt MBE and (pending confirmationDr Yvonne Thompson CBE. They will be talking to us about their lives and as Auntie Joyce Trotman might say how they turned ‘adversity into opportunity’!

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GUYANA: ‘No money in budget to monitor & audit oil sector’ – Opposition Leader

Aubrey Norton

By Davina Bagot – Jan 19, 2023 – Kaieteur News – Opposition Leader, Aubrey Norton is stunned at the Government’s failure to appropriate funds in this year’s Budget to help the country improve its auditing and monitoring capabilities, as oil production activities continue to accelerate.

On Monday evening, following the Budget presentation by Minister with Responsibility for Finance Dr. Ashni Singh, Norton said he expected that this year’s fiscal plan would have made specific provisions to improve the country’s human resource capacity.

“I would have thought that in a Budget like this, the minister would have been speaking in terms of human resource development, that we have put resources there to improve our capacity to audit cost oil. We would have put resources there to be able to monitor what is happening offshore. There is none of that and therefore, you are not increasing our capacity to ensure we get what we deserve in terms of profit oil,” the Opposition Leader pointed out.        Continue reading

TECHNOLOGY: Elon Musk – Disturbing Details on Population and Artificial Intelligence – Video

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Wouldn’t it be a great day for Guyana if…? – By Ralph Ramkarran

By Ralph Ramkarran – December 4, 2022 – Conversation Tree Blog

On September 27, 1965, the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) delivered a 1965-page report into Rac ial Problems in the Public Service of British Guiana. By letter dated April 6, 1965, Prime Minister Burnham, in his invitation, said to the ICJ that his Government had been “deeply concerned with the need to remove from our society sources of racial disharmony and to promote the right of each individual, whatever his ethnic origin, to have an equal opportunity to play a meaningful part in the community.”

He said that his Government’s concern had been to “determine whether such [racial] imbalance as may exist in any particular field can be corrected and, if so, what is the shortest practicable period for such correction.” Burnham may well have been pressured by the UK to invite the ICJ having regard to searing ethnic strife of the early 1960s and the perceived undermining of Indian political representation by the imposition of proportional representation to defeat the PPP.            Continue reading

Happy New Year 2023

UK: King Charles’s speech left Tories squirming: he preached the values they’ve abandoned

King Charles lll

King Charles lll

Lauding public sector and voluntary workers, he evoked the compassionate conservatism the government has expunged from its ranks and rhetoric.

Do people still rise out of their Christmas Day torpor to listen to the monarch’s message to the nation at 3pm? It used to be the one immutable point of the day: the only time in the year when the Queen – and it was always the Queen in living memory – spoke directly to the nation in her own words, unscripted by ministers. Yet its familiarity and – let’s face it – frequent vacuousness make it feel less relevant or significant to many these days.

Although in her later years the Queen often used the broadcast to speak movingly of her own faith, she steered, you might say religiously, clear of politics. But was there a slight tremor of difference this year in the new king’s lauding of public sector staff and voluntary workers – those who help at food banks and deliver aid to disaster zones across the world?    Continue reading

GUYANA: History:132 Carmichael Street – By Stanley Greaves

To celebrate my 88th birthday on the 23rd November 2022. I felt it would be good to share this history of the tenement yard, a cooperative environment that contributed much to my formative and subsequent years.

132 Carmichael Street was the location of a tenement yard on the eastern side of the street one lot away from Church Street on the south. I was born in the Georgetown Public Hospital to the sound of the six o’clock cannon in Kingston. A royal welcome but the only throne I ever occupied was a humble object found in working class homes that was given that honorific title. The cannon located in the Kingston Ward took the place of an alarm clock for the working class, signifying that it was time to “drink tea” ( bush tea with bread or Wieting and Richter “edger boy” biscuits, origin of the name is unknown) as breakfast was referred to and be off to work.          Continue reading

Caribbean: How Haiti and the Dominican Republic became two worlds

VIDEO: MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

3,129,148 views – Aug 3, 2021

In this video we are going to explore the most dangerous of all psychic epidemics, the mass psychosis. A mass psychosis is an epidemic of madness and it occurs when a large portion of a society loses touch with reality and descends into delusions. Such a phenomenon is not a thing of fiction. Two examples of mass psychoses are the American and European witch hunts 16th and 17th centuries and the rise of totalitarianism in the 20th century.

This video will aim to answer questions surrounding mass psychosis: What is it? How does is start? Has it happened before? Are we experiencing one right now? And if so, how can the stages of a mass psychosis be reversed?        Continue reading

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