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VIDEO: Job Interview: The Toughest Job In The World — Especially TODAY! – Mother’s Day

VIDEO: Job Interview: The Toughest Job In The World — Especially TODAY!

Please listen to the end of the video…. a surprising realization by applicants.

MOTHER’S DAY GREETINGS + Randall Butisingh’s Mother’s Day Speech

This was published in Guyanese Online on May 12, 2014


                   MOTHER’S DAY GREETINGS

               Also .. click link below to view: 

Mother’s Day Speech – by Randall Butisingh – 1912-2012

Moray House Trust: Early Colonial Georgetown – By Wayne Mc Watt- May 8, 2021 @ 5PM EST

 A bit of history, a little architecture and a dose of urban planning. 
Title:              Early Colonial Georgetown
Speaker:        Wayne Mc Watt
Date:             Saturday 8th May 2021
Time:            5PM Guyana, New York, Toronto, 10PM UK

U.S.A: The truly aggrieved are the descendants of slaves not of slave owners– By Mohamed Hamaludin

In this time of coronavirus/COVID-19, “herd immunity” has become a familiar phase but there are two versions. One says that nobody should be vaccinated, allowing everybody to be infected and the virus simply disappears. The scientific version is that everybody – or at least a sufficient number of people –should be vaccinated, making the population immune.

It is an absorbing intellectual exercise trying to determine which version applies to European Americans – the so-called white people – that has caused them to become immune to the reality of their original sin and the continuing agony of the descendants of the four million enslaved African Americans – the so-called black people.      Continue reading

GUYANA: GUYOIL was predictable, definitely inevitable – By By GHK Lall

Kaieteur News – It should disturb me tremendously, but it does not. That is because what unfolded at the State agency, GUYOIL, was so inevitable that it could not be prevented. I write today of the utterly disturbing, except that almost all Guyana would read and absorb, then move forward. That is, until the next ugly report of white-collar criminality hits the news.

After all, de adder people dem used to duh de ezact same ting wen dem bin in deh. Now I share with Guyanese the reasons why I am so completely settled in my convictions that this was so predictable and just had to happen, be it GUYOIL or elsewhere.      Continue reading

USA– ‘Decades ahead of his time’: history catches up with visionary Jimmy Carter

Former president Jimmy Carter with his wife Rosalynn in 2018. Was Carter actually so ineffectual?
Photo: Former president Jimmy Carter with his wife Rosalynn in 2018. – The Washington Post/Getty Images

A new film rejects the popular narrative and recasts the former president, 96, as hugely prescient thinker, particularly on climate change

Mon 3 May 2021 14.39 BST THE GUARDIAN

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  • * A sign on a Shoe Repair store in Vancouver reads:
  • We will heel you
  • We will save your sole
  • We will even dye for you.
  • * A sign on a Blinds and Curtain truck:
  • “Blind man driving.”
  • Continue reading

MUSIC VIDEO: The King of Calypso: The Mighty Sparrow – Party Classics

Some popular tunes by the Mighty Sparrow, some going back to the late1950’s….. These should bring back some memories… ENJOY!!!

1. Jean & Dinah,  2. The Lizard,  3. Melda,  4. Drunk & Disorderly,  5. Miss Mary,  6. Jane,  7. Royal jail,  8. Benwood Dick,  9. Sa-Sa-Yea,  10. Magarita,  11. Marajihn,  12. Doh Back Back

Mighty Sparrow
Birth name Slinger Francisco
Born 9 July 1935 (age 85)
Grand RoyGrenada
Genres Calypsosoca
Occupation(s) Musician, producer, Calypsonian, songwriter
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1949–present
Labels Balisier, RCA, National, Recording Artists, Warner, Charlie’s, B’s, Ice
Associated acts Byron Lee and the Dragonaires


Here is How To Start Building Wealth – By Lesley-Anne Scorgie | Toronto Star

Start Building Wealth…. Even Without Any Money – Seven steps

Lesley-Anne Scorgie | Toronto Star

If you’ve read my work for a little while you know I’m obsessed with Oprah Winfrey for a couple of reasons. First, she’s constantly inspiring people from all walks of life to rise up and do better for themselves and their communities; second, she got to where she is — a self-made billionaire — via hard work and having a plan, despite the odds stacked against her from childhood; and third, she changed my life completely after I was on her rags-to-riches show in 2001. The episode was called Ordinary People Extraordinary Wealth.            Continue reading

USA POLICING: There Will Be More Derek Chauvins – Adam Serwer | The Atlantic

Powerful political actors are committed to ensuring that the system of American policing remains unchanged.

Adam Serwer | The Atlantic

During his closing argument, Steve Schleicher, one of the prosecutors trying the former police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, insisted that jurors could convict Chauvin without convicting policing.

“This is not an anti-police prosecution,” Schleicher told the jury. “It’s a pro-police prosecution.”

For his part, Chauvin’s defense attorney, Eric Nelson, told the jury that “all of the evidence shows that Mr. Chauvin thought he was following his training. He was, in fact, following his training.”                Continue reading