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BOOK: ‘White Debt: The Demerara Uprising and Britain’s Legacy of Slavery’

White Debt: Time for Britain to pay up for its legacy of slavery

Thomas Harding is author of ‘White Debt: The Demerara Uprising and Britain’s Legacy of Slavery’ published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson . You can order the book from One Tree Books in the UK, email . You can follow Thomas on Twitter @thomasharding

It was a warm dry day in October when I visited Bachelors Adventure on the East Coast of Demerara. With me, just a few steps from the public road, was the poet and social worker Ras Blackman, who grew up in the village and was kindly giving me a tour.

On 20 August 1823, more than 4,000 enslaved women and men had gathered here, Ras told me, in what had been a cotton field. On the other side of the public road were assembled 200 members of the British militia, each carrying a rifle. I was suddenly overtaken by a sense of awe. Awe at the courage of the enslaved people. Awe at their remarkable organisational skills. Awe at the profound legacy of freedom they had left behind, including for me, a White person.  Continue reading

GUYANA: Moray House Trust: Virtual Event- “Chapter & Verse: One” – January 20, 2022

Chapter & Verse 1.png

Title:          Chapter & Verse: One
Readers:    Konyo Addo, Michella Alli, Jennifer Branche, Francis Quamina Farrier, Keon Heywood and others.

Date:         Thursday 20th January 2022

Time:         5PM Guyana, 4PM New York, 9PM London

USA: Listen Up! — Dr. King Still Speaks to Us if We Will Listen – by Patrick Murfin

Dr. Martin Luther King


 Posted by Patrick Murfin – Dr. King Still Speaks to Us if We Will Listen

When the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jrwas being held in jail in Alabama in 1963 he received a letter signed by several well-known White self-proclaimed racial moderates and liberal ministers who decried the unpleasantness and social disruption of the on-going campaign against racial discrimination in Birmingham.

Since he had unaccustomed time on his hands he took the time to patiently, even lovingly explain the situation in America’s most segregated city and why he and the Black citizens of the city were compelled to launch their campaign of non-violent direct action braving beatings, dogs, firehoses, threats, bombings, and jail to do so.        Continue reading

U.S.A.: Filibuster: the 10-letter dirty word Democrats hope to clean up – By Mohamed Hamaludin


The Democratic Party controls the White House, the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives and yet cannot pass critical voting rights reform legislation because fellow travelers Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Krysten Sinema of Arizona, regarded as “moderates” in a party which has turned increasingly progressive, wield unofficial veto power through a political quirk.

The Senate is evenly divided but Democrats have a slim majority because the Vice President is also the Senate president with one vote, giving them a 51-50 majority. That should be enough for them to pass legislation not just in the House, where they have a majority, but also in the Senate, except for something called the filibuster. The word originated from the Dutch “vrijbuiter” or “freebooter” but came to mean “obstructing progress in a legislative assembly” or “political stonewalling,” Wikileaks notes.      Continue reading

GUYANA: Christmas is Christmas Eve – By Cynthia Nelson

STABROEK NEWS -By December 25, 2021

My Christmas Eve Cook-up Rice (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)
My Christmas Eve Cook-up Rice (Photo by Cynthia Nelson

We all know that Christmas is a season and while I acknowledge it as such, for me, Christmas is really the day before Christmas. Christmas Eve. Growing up it was where all the action and excitement was, and today, I still maintain some of the rituals and traditions. What about you? When is Christmas for you and what are the things that signal that it is Christmas?

The hustle and bustle of Christmas Eve is special, its energy and noise are different, and it is particular to each home – the songs being played in the background, the aromas, the busyness of bodies, the mingling of voices, tasks and rituals that mark Christmas. In our home, the buildup was to the climax of the midnight mass and nativity pageant at Sacred Heart Church. Church and theater! And then, the lime at home after midnight mass feasting on Cook-up Rice and Pepperpot; sorrel drink and cake.          Continue reading

Happy New Year Wishes and Messages| Picture Quotes and Saying Images| QuoteAmo video

Best Happy New Year Wishes and Messages| HD Picture Quotes and Saying Images| QuoteAmo

This video share you the Best Happy New Year Quotes, Sayings, Wishes and Messages that you can share and send to your family, friends and relations. Hope you have an amazing and wonderful New Year ahead.


Happy New Year 2022 – From Guyanese Online | Auld Lang Syne with Sing Along Lyrics | Music video

Happy New Year Song | Auld Lang Syne with Sing Along Lyrics | Video

A Happy New Year 2022 – from Guyanese Online

GUYANA: OIL Money Legislation Passes Amid Opposition Disruption

Defiant House Speaker proceeds with debate on ‘oil money’ legislation

Under the constant din of whistling and chanting opposition parliamentarians directly in front of his face, Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh piloted debate on the Natural Resource Fund Bill.

Dr. Singh was flanked by government ministers at the lectern while the opposition lawmakers remain a mere few inches from his face chanting “No thiefing bill will pass,” “No thiefing bill will pass”.

After the Finance Minister completed his presentation, Minister of Governance and Parliamentary Affairs Gail Teixeira put the Bill to the vote and the House Speaker put all 47 clauses and two schedules to the vote. As the vote was taken, there were opposition shouts of ‘shame’, ‘shame’, ‘shame’.          Continue reading

GUYANA: Think on that -The poorest of us – By Mosa Telford

By December 4, 2021

There are those of us who will never dance for our supper at the cost of our dignity.

We will not allow ourselves to be controlled like marionettes by puppeteers who wish to destroy us. We know who we are and are proud of our heritage. We know that the bones and biscuits handed out by those who keep the meat and wheat to make bread for themselves is not worth us selling our souls.

The psychological warfare to dehumanize us and the attempts to erase our history and destroy our present and future does not divert our path of freedom of thought, freedom of speech and the freedom to be honest.            Continue reading

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