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OIL: OPEC+ production cuts have done little to boost oil prices – The Economist

The pandemic and the flexibility of America’s shale industry are keeping crude prices low

Graphic detail – Nov 30th 2020 – The Economist

GUYANA: Oil monitoring (we cannot compete); domestic violence (we cannot condone) – GHK Lall Column

  Nov 29, 2020  NewsThe GHK Lall Column 

>>>Encouraging Events, Disturbing Developments<<<

Kaieteur News – Vincent Adams, former Head of the EPA, highlighted the need for training and compensating our people for monitoring and effective compliance with our laws and regulations. I am encouraged that Dr. Adams pinpointed this policing of our ballooning oil industry, which has relevance in other resource areas. To be ahead of the multi-nationals, we must be better than them.    Continue reading

VIDEO: Guyana’s Game Changing Oil Discovery – By AR Global Security

VIDEO: Guyana’s Game Changing Oil Discovery – By AR Global Security

Could Guyana become the richest country (per capita) in the world, due to its small population.

GUYANA: OIL: I prefer an int’l investigation into oil blocks awards – Raphael Trotman

– Former Natural Resource s Minister, Raphael Trotman

GUYANA OIL: Low-cost Liza Phase 2 arguably best project in oil industry – Hess’ CFO

The Liza Unity FPSO

 Nov 05, 2020 – Kaieteur News – The Liza Phase Two operation, on track for first oil in 2022, is arguably the best project in the exploration and production industry, says Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Hess Corporation, John P. Rielly.

During its most recent earnings call for 2020, the Stabroek block co-venturer’s principals discussed Hess’ 2020 third quarter performance.    Continue reading

GUYANA: OIL: Rudolf Elias of Staatsolie sees great benefits from natural gas

02 November 2020 – OilNOW

Rudolf Elias, CEO Staatsolie

Large amounts of associated natural gas discovered with oil off the coast of both Guyana and Suriname can play an important role in the transformation of these neighbouring countries that are now on track to develop their deepwater hydrocarbon resources.
Rudolf Elias, Chief Executive Officer of Staatsolie, sees a lot of scope for cooperation.

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GUYANA: Local Content Policy must create long-term value for generations to come – Expert

Dr. Valerie Marcel

Oct 21, 2020  Kaieteur News – When looking at the sheer scale of its oil and gas discoveries, it is clear that Guyana has in its hands an enviable amount of wealth. But to ensure that resource benefits its citizenry – the true owners of this patrimony – the politicians in office have to get a few things right.    Continue reading

GUYANA: A low-cost oil supplier; as world still needs 50% oil and gas energy – Hess

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The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund: A bench mark for Guyana’s Natural Resource Fund

Norway flag

The following entry has been submitted by Andre Brandli, a Guyanese living in Switzerland.

The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund should serve as the bench mark for Guyana’s Natural Resource Fund

The readers of Guyanese Online, who follow current affairs in Guyana, may have noticed that the new government will not accept the Natural Resource Fund Act in its current form and will either repeal or amend it sometime early next year, Minister of Natural Resources Vickram Bharat has said ( The Natural Resources Fund is fed by the Guyanese oil revenues and needs to be managed with utter care and taken out of political interference.
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GUYANA OIL: Imports required for petroleum operations in Guyana are duty-free – GRA

Several imported equipment and supplies required for petroleum operations in Guyana are duty-free – GRA

OilNOW- 24 October 2020

The Guyana Revenue Authority said on Friday (October 23, 2020) that based on the Petroleum Agreement between the Government and ExxonMobil affiliate Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited, contractors and sub-contractors are permitted to import a number of equipment and supplies duty-free for use in petroleum operations, as stated in Annex D of the petroleum agreement.