BOOK: Big Ole Home By De Sea – By Neena Maiya

Slices of daily life in a sunny home by the sea. For good measure, the goings-on of the locals around the home are thrown in. The book is liberally sprinkled with madcap…at times, philosophical…conversations between mother and daughter, visitors, tradesmen. Food is plentiful. Tall tales add to the sauce. A ghost seeks help. Stones grow. A snake dances.

Around the home, the wind and the birds whistle. Sunbeams, filtered by trees, limbo across the lacquered wooden floor.

Some nights, danger lurks. Bandits. Gunshots in the wee hours of the morning. A thief sneaks into a neighbour’s home.

Despite the fears, mother and daughter create a haven.                

The mother is wise, kind to one and all. Yet she shoots words so sharp, she quells the petty thief and his foul-mouthed girlfriend into submission. The daughter wallows in self-deprecation. The two engage in power struggles over pepper-sauce, wild flowers, the killing of a fly and other such drama.

Through the keen observations of these two, and their interaction with others, the culture of the well-to-do and poor is revealed. Nature takes on a personality of its own, is discussed like beloved and some mad relatives.

The book, a collection of conversations, stories, quips and musings, highlights hope, grief, beauty and humour in a 3rd world setting. It is, in essence, an irrepressible celebration of home.

Available ebook formats: epub mobi lrf pdb html

AUTHOR: About Neena Maiya:

I was born in Guyana….  The Land of Many Waters, on the north-east tip of South America.

Y’all ain’t never see a place like where I come from. Trees walk. Jumbies (dead people spirit) walk day and night – though only a lucky few ever see them.
People tell stories more tall than coconut trees, in fact, they reach the moon before the USA ever land there.

Me? I only trying to record them long-tall tales and share them with the world.

Call me a story-teller addicted to people, music, books, craft, art, earth, sky, sea.

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