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Guyana SPEAKS – Guyanese Food as a Unifying Force -30th April at 3.30pm – Zoom

Dear friends, family and GS members,

Please register to join Guyana SPEAKS on Sun, 30th April at 3.30pm for a Zoom discussion on Guyana’s culturally diverse foods. We explore with each of our presenters how food is a unifying force within Guyana and across the wider diaspora.   Our distinguished speakers are: Faye Gomes (owner of the Original Kaieteur Kitchen), Sonia Gossai (Guyanese food critic) and Eon John (the Singing Chef/TV Chef).
Please circulate the link and contact us in the event of any difficulties signing up.            Continue reading

Harry Belafonte: Singer and civil rights activist dies aged 96

  • By Mark Savage

Harry Belafonte, the singer and actor who smashed racial barriers in the US, has died at home in Manhattan, aged 96.

One of the most successful African-American pop stars in history, he scored hits with Island In The Sun, Mary’s Boy Child and the UK number one Day-O (The Banana Boat Song).

But his greatest achievements were as a campaigner for black civil rights in the US.

He died of congestive heart failure, said his spokesman Ken Sunshine.

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Rockefeller Foundation – Fireside Chat with the Prime Minister of Barbados and UK’s Minister of FCDO


April 17, 2023

Anxiety over academics. Post-lockdown malaise. Social media angst.

Study after study says American youth are in crisis, facing unprecedented mental health challenges that are burdening teen girls in particular. Among the most glaring data: A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report showed almost 60% of U.S. girls reported persistent sadness and hopelessness. Rates are up in boys, too, but about half as many are affected.              Continue reading

GUYANA: Short Story:- When I was in the Diamond business in Guyana – By Royden V Chan.

Stories of incidents I experienced and people I encountered during my life and when I was in the Diamond business in Guyana.

By Royden V Chan.

I will be 91 years old in August this year 2023 and throughout the years, from my childhood, my working in the diamond business and to my retirement, I have experienced interesting incidents, and came into contact with diverse people who impacted my life with both good and bad impressions.
I think that I should write about these people and the incidents I experienced before I pass on.

By Royden V Chan.             

PDF VERSION-31 pages- Royden V Chan- Short Story #2 Continue reading

RACE and Society — How secrets affect families

Walter seated surrounded by family (Credit: Alexandria Gamlin)

Many families have a hidden past that is often never spoken about – Cagney Roberts explores what impact these can have after his friend Alexandra Gamlin revealed her own family’s secret.
Last year, my friend Alex came to visit me in London from the US. We met over 10 years ago in New York City: I am a Black British Londoner, and Alex is originally from Michigan. During her visit, we talked about our careers, our families – and family secrets.                        Continue reading

GUYANA: Walk with me in Subryanville – Full video

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GUYANA: Walk with me in Subryanville – Full video

GUYANA 2023 — Easter on the seawall – Video

GUYANA 2023 — Easter on the seawall – Video

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GUYANA: Unfinished Genesis: a discussion with Dennis de Caires and Stanley Greaves

UG flyer.pngYou are warmly invited to attend the next event in the Samaan Tree Series. This will take the form of a dialogue between artists Dennis de Caires and Stanley Greaves about the process of creating:
Title:                Unfinished genesis: the process of painting/making
Participants:   Dennis de Caires, Stanley Greaves
Moderator:      Isabelle de Caires
Date:                Tuesday 18th April 2023
Time:               11.00 AM Guyana [4.00 PM UK]
Platform:         Zoom [please register in advance: details below]

CHANGE: Capitalism Hits Home: All Empires Rise and Fall, The US Is No Exception -video

CHANGE: Capitalism Hits Home: All Empires Rise and Fall, The US Is No Exception -video

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162,812 views • Mar 30, 2023 • Capitalism Hits Home with Dr. Harriet Fraad

[S06 E07] All Empires Rise and Fall, The US Is No Exception

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