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GUYANA: Mississauga Monarch Lions Club – Anniversary Brunch – June 1. 2023

Mississauga Monarch Lions Club in District A711 of Lions Clubs International has an anniversary brunch. 

The theme is “Lions Quest” which promotes Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Skills For Action programs in schools and communities.  The focus should be for youths to have mentorship and be taught leadership and emotional coping skills; so that they can dream without boundaries, to enhance their personal lives. The mental health and well-being of youths in all spectrums of their lives are imperative to a successful future.  As District A711 Lions Quest Chairperson and President of Mississauga Monarch Lions Club, we invite you to the brunch on June 11, 2023.  The Lions Quest Fellowship Award recipients are our supporters and youth advocates.  The news media teams are invited.                    Continue reading


May 14, 2023 – By Stanley Greaves


Today was payday. Waterfront workers received wages from the pay office of companies. My Father’s was Sandbach Parker Ltd. Sometimes when he was working elsewhere I had to take his tag, a piece of round copper stamped with a number to receive his pay. Men in the line would ask questions about my identity then send me to the head of it.

Women consorts and common- in- law wives would be waiting outside to secure the household money. Most men usually went to rumshops to celebrate the end of a work week. Huston’s Rum Shop and Bar was conveniently situated in Robb Street between Main and Water Streets near Sandbach Parker. When my Father came home I would examine his pocket. If the rounded end of a big can of sardines or salmon in tomato sauce revealed itself I knew that he had earned twelve dollars, a good week. I eagerly awaited Sunday morning.

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