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GUYANA AT DUBAI EXPO – Video of the Presentation – October 19. 2021


Take a look at Guyana’s performance at the Dubai Expo. Very good showcase from #TeamGuyana

Released October 19, 2021

Guyana: Oil Minister Vickram Bharrat projects US$600M by year-end

OILNOW – 21 October 2021

Guyana on its way to racking up around US$600 million in oil sales by year end – Bharrat

If Brent crude price continues to hover around US$85 a barrel, Guyana could comfortably get US$150M for its last two oil lifts this year, pushing the total revenues received so far to around US$600 million, says Natural Resources Minister, Vickram Bharrat…Read More

Guyana: Agreement signed for US$5M concrete manufacturing facility by United Arab Emirates (UAE) company

GUYANA CHRONICLE – October 20, 2021
Smart City Clearing Company Limited Managing Director, Gavin Smith, and Global Infrastructure Solutions CEO Troy Phillips participating in the Unidome signing ceremony in Dubai on Tuesday
Smart City Clearing Company Limited Managing Director, Gavin Smith, and Global Infrastructure Solutions CEO Troy Phillips participating in the Unidome signing ceremony in Dubai on Tuesday

A US$5M investment to develop a 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility intended to produce biaxial voided slab technology in Guyana is the first manufacturing international joint venture partnership and investment between Guyana and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The partnership was facilitated by Guyanese merchant bank, Smart City Clearing Company Limited, between Guyanese-based engineering, procurement, and construction firm, Global Infrastructure Solutions Guyana Inc, and Undiome Global DWC LLC, an Emirati-owned company.      Continue reading

Guyana Personalities in Personalities Caribbean 1970-1971 – 40 pages


The list is from the 1971 Edition of PERSONALITIES Caribbean – 1970-1971

We have extracted the GUYANA section of this publication and inserted it on this Blog

This list was previously published on Guyanese Online on March 27, 2012

Here are the entries for the first five persons in this list – page 1:

ADAMS, Bertrand Oswald, Q.C., B.A. (Lond.), LL.B. (Lond.), B.C.L. (Oxon.), Barrister-at-Law. Born May 5, 1921, New Amsterdam, Berbice. Educated Queen’s College, Georgetown; St. Catherine’s Society, Oxford Univ.; Middle Temple, London, and external student, London Univ. Govt Junior Scholar (first place in Colony); twice placed at Guiana Scholarship; called to the Bar in England in April, 1947 and appointed Queen’s Counsel, June 1960. Acted Puisne Judge 1961 -1962; Chairman and Member Govt. Advisory C’ttees; Vice- Pres. Bar Association 1959, Pres. I960.Married; 2 sons and 1 daughter. Address: 215 South & King Streets, Georgetown, Guyana.        Continue reading

Guyana: Education: Primary and Secondary Education in Deep Crisis – commentary

Kaieteur News – Oct 17, 2021 Features / Columnists, Peeping Tom

Let us not be fooled by the deservedly happy faces on those high-flyers of the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA), or what was previously referred to as the Common Entrance Examination.

Those whose names appeared in the newspapers represent the cream of the crop, the top one per cent of the students who sat these examinations. There will be another four per cent which represent the cream of the country’s top performers at that level. They will gain spots to the top schools around the country.

For the remaining 95 per cent however, the results will not be encouraging and these will be relegated to junior secondary schools, most of which do not perform creditably at the ‘O’ Level examinations.        Continue reading

Guyana: Sweet Drink – The Puma Presence – By Vibert Cambridge

Stabroek News – By September 19, 2021

A Preliminary Exploration of the Social History of Nonalcoholic Carbonated Beverages in Guyana (1870–2020).

On February 23, 1970, Guyana adopted a Republican constitution and became the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. This signaled a substantial shift in governance and the adoption of a new economic paradigm. By 1970, Banks DIH had emerged as the dominant player in Guyana’s sweet drink marketplace. Its bottling plant was new, and the company had a robust national distribution system with storage bonds in New Amsterdam, Linden (formerly Mackenzie), and Bartica, as well as on the Essequibo Coast.

By the 1970s, cakeshops and cakeshop–salt goods shops, rather than soda fountains (as anticipated by the U.S. consul in 1924), were the primary outlets for nonalcoholic carbonated beverages. Cakeshop–salt goods shops were at almost every intersection in the urban areas. Cakeshops and grocery outlets were in every village and settlement in the rural areas. A variant was also evident in many hinterland settlements. Most of these businesses were connected to the Banks DIH distribution network. This distribution infrastructure was used to deliver a fortified food: Puma, a product that evoked fond memories for many Guyanese, even in 2020.

Continue reading

Guyana: Oil: Guyana greenlights 8 more shore base facilities – Public Works Minister

Noting a need for more shore base facilities to service the oil sector’s expansion, Guyana’s Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill said the Government has given ‘no-objections’ to eight such projects, in addition to expansion works at the Guyana Shore Base Inc. (GYSBI).

“Most of the applications for shore bases are in port Demerara,” Mr. Edghill said. “We used to have 7-9 ships… Right now, the average is about 52 per week. Now, that’s just with 1 [floating production, storage and offloading] FPSO. When the next FPSO comes onstream, the anticipation from [Maritime Administration Department] MARAD; they have told me the traffic will go up between 70% to 80%. These ships need to have places to berth.”        Continue reading

Guyana: Education: National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) – 2021

ASPIRING teacher, Nirvana Wimal of Success Elementary School, attained 524 out of the maximum 527 marks at the 2021 National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) to prevail as the best performing pupil.

This announcement was made during a ceremony held at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre on Friday October 15, 2021.
Wimal is followed by Parris Timmerman of Chateau Margot Primary and Deja Datt of New Guyana School, who both attained 523 marks to share the second spot. Jada Persaud of Success Elementary secured the fourth position with 522 marks.          Continue reading

Guyana SPEAKS ZOOM Event: New book ‘Year of Plagues: Memoir of 2020’ – By Fred D’Aguiar – Sunday, 24th October @ 3.00 UK Time

Guyana SPEAKS ZOOM Event: New book ‘Year of Plagues: Memoir of 2020’ – By Fred D’Aguiar
You are invited to attend two Guyana SPEAKS events: one on Sunday, 24th October (Fred D’Aguiar) and the other on Sunday, 31st October (Black History Month) – Both at 3pm UK time.  Here is the first event:
1. FRED D’AGUIAR talks with Juanita Cox about his new book Year of Plagues: Memoir of 2020.The Audience will be invited to ask questions – please send these to prior to the start of the event.  This Guyana SPEAKS event is being hosted in collaboration with Renaissance One.
REGISTER    Continue reading

Guyana: Mabaruma – Region1 – Welcome to Spice Country – Video

Guyana: Mabaruma – Region1 – Welcome to Spice Country – Video

News Room Guyana with Neil Marks

GUYANA: MABARUMA. In this third episode of the series GUYANA, the News Room’s Neil Marks travels to the fertile Hosororo Hills at Mabaruma, at the top of Guyana, to meet the farmers who grow Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Ginger and Turmeric. The focus is on Organic Farming with no pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals…. real “Natural Farming”.

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