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U.S. -NRA official Marion Hammer should shut up already about gun safety in Florida


Here is a bit of unsolicited advice for Marion Hammer: SHUT UP ALREADY!

Hammer is the Florida strategist for the National Rifle Association (NRA) and, in the midst of a national crisis over mass shootings, this is her response, according to Newsweek, to a Florida petition drive to ban assault weapons: “How do you tell a 10-year-old little girl who got a Ruger 10/22 with a pink stock for her birthday that her rifle is an assault weapon and she has to turn it over to the government or be arrested for felony possession?”

And this also, according to the Tampa Bay Times: Gun safety measures would severely affect the fortunes of gun manufacturers lured by the state to set up shop in Florida.        Continue reading

Eddie Glaude Delivers ‘Incredibly Powerful’ Statement on US History of Racism and Violence

‘This Is Us’: In Wake of El Paso, — And You Can’t Just Blame Trump

“And if we’re gonna get past this, we can’t blame it on [Trump]. He’s a manifestation of the ugliness that’s in us.”

August 06, 2019 by Common Dreams By Jon Queally, staff writer

Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude received praise overnight for comments made on MSNBC Monday as he called on the American people to acknowledge that while blaming President Donald Trump might be easy to do—especially given the available evidence—for the racist-inspired massacre at a Wal-Mart in El Paso, Texas over the weekend it cannot be ignored that hatred and violence behind the attack is something deeply woven into the fabric of the country’s politics and culture.


The US Is a Financial Parasite on a Robust China – commentary

… The ‘Silk’ Road Will Delouse the Dragon

Dmitry Orlov – Club Orlov | Russia Insider

“Vis-à-vis China, the US looks like a typical 19th-century European colonial possession.”

The old Silk Road was an ancient trade route that tied together the Roman Empire and China, where silk came from. It was so called because silk was at the heart of the trade. Silk went to Europe, gold and luxury goods went back. Silk was important because silk garments worn against the skin prevented body lice, and wealthy Roman citizens were ready to pay for silk with gold, because the alternative was watching their wives and concubines scratch themselves.         

In addition to wearing silk, the Romans built baths, along with aqueducts to supply them.                  Continue reading

The Crisis Gripping The World’s Most Dangerous Waterway – By Paul Knott | The New European

  • IRAN and its strategic capability to close the Strait of Hormuz

Paul Knott | The New European

Donald Trump shows no signs of being a student of history. Let’s allow that his recent reference to the capture of “airports” by the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War against Britain in the late 18th century was a slip of the tongue.

More serious is his reckless policy towards Iran, which suggests he knows nothing of the ‘Tanker War’, which occurred in the Persian Gulf between 1984 and 1987.

Indeed, given the much-documented chaos in his administration, one wonders whether anyone in the White House is bearing past precedents in mind when developing current strategy. This omission matters because the looming repeat of a battle targeting commercial shipping could cause immense human and economic damage.  (See map below)      Continue reading

U.S. cities brace for immigration raids … Cities say they will not participate 

WASHINGTON,  (Reuters) – U.S. cities expecting to be hit by a wave of immigration raids intended to deport recently arrived families who are in the United States illegally said today they would not cooperate with federal authorities.

In a call with reporters earlier this week, Mark Morgan, the acting director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said the agency would target for deportation families that have received a removal order from a U.S. immigration court.

The Washington Post reported today that the operation is slated to launch on Sunday and is expected to target up to 2,000 families facing deportation orders in as many as 10 U.S. cities, including Houston, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles.  Continue reading

A Path to War With Iran – Philip H. Gordon | Foreign Affairs

A Path to War With Iran

How Washington’s Escalation Could Lead to Unintended Catastrophe

Philip H. Gordon | Foreign Affairs

When President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal last May, many critics argued that he risked setting off a chain of events that could lead to war.The nuclear deal wasn’t perfect, supporters of the deal acknowledged, but if the United States precipitously walked away and the deal collapsed, Iran might resume its nuclear enrichment program; and to stop it, the United States would end up with no option but to use force. This in turn could ignite a wider conflagration. But administration officials and other opponents of the deal dismissed such concerns — even as they insisted that in the agreement’s absence, the best way to block Iran’s nuclear program was with a “credible military option”.    Continue reading

American Nightmare: Facing the Challenge of Fascism – by Henry A Giroux


American Nightmare: Facing the Challenge of Fascism by Henry A Giroux is a collection of essays that aim to shake up Americans to the growing threat of Trump’s authoritarianism to America’s democratic institutions. The author observes that “while the United States under Trump may not be an exact replica of Hitler’s Germany, the mobilizing ideas, policies, and ruthless social practices of fascism, wrapped in the flag and discourses of racial purity, ultra-nationalism, and militarism, are at the center of power in Trump’s United States.”


World War II — D-Day And The Myth Of A U.S. Victory – opinion

D-Day And The Myth Of A U.S. Victory

Moon of Alabama | Russia Insider

Each D-Day anniversary the same question comes up. Who defeated Germany and its allies? The answer is, without any doubt, the Soviet Union.

But after decades of western propaganda the claims that the U.S. defeated the Reich has taken over many minds. Polls show that such propaganda works. More than half of the French people now believe that the U.S. contributed the most to the defeat of Germany.

The U.S. lost 411.000 people due to World war II, Great Britain lost 450,000, Germany some 7 million and the Soviet Union more than 20 million.    Continue reading

“Nothing to Worry About” ~ Poem by Palestinian-American Poet Remi Kanazi


My Poetry Corner June 2019 features the poem “Nothing to Worry About” from the poetry collection Before the Next Bomb Drops: Rising Up from Brooklyn to Palestine (Haymarket Books, 2015) by Remi Kanazi, a poet, writer, and organizer based in New York City. Born in 1981, he is the son of Palestinian refugees who fled Palestine during the Nakba of 1948 when the state of Israel was established. In this collection, he not only addresses the Israel-Palestine conflict, but also examines racism in America, police brutality, US militarism at home and wars abroad, Islamophobia, and more.


US Politics: Trump’s Wall … A Trumped-up  call – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam

Growing evidence shows that the real threat lies within the wall not outside the wall. 

The Democratic leadership and its various committees totally blinded and blindsided by a strong dislike of President Donald Trump, his pugnacity, his banality, along with an ongoing quest to bring about his downfall, are failing to see the multiplicity of problems that America and her citizens are facing. Regrettably, Robert Mueller’s report did not produce the ammunition that they had hoped for.

The U. S- Mexico border is a distraction and the reasons proffered for its erection are both unfounded and factitious.  Evidence exists that undocumented immigrants commit crime at lower rates than American born citizens, and additionally are a crucial part of the labour force.              Continue reading

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