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Venezuela: Russia and hemispheric geopolitics – Stabroek News Editorial

Stabroek News – October 13, 2019

A number of news organisations, including the BBC, have produced pieces on Russia’s growing global reach, and President Vladimir Putin’s apparent mission to re-establish his country’s influence in world affairs and engineer a return to spheres of influence. He has been aided by the carelessness, lack of judgement and sometimes arrogance of the West, which made it possible for him to make Moscow a player in the Middle East, take the Crimea and bring eastern Ukraine under its ambit.

But all of this, while of interest to Guyanese on account of the small world we live in, is not of immediate moment. In contrast, Russia’s actions across our border are. Once again, with Washington taking the lead, the West made a strategic miscalculation in de-recognising Nicolás Maduro as Head of State and Government in Venezuela, and according interim presidential status to Juan Guaidó.              Continue reading

No kickback, no contract… Accusation of: How GuyOil terminated contracts

PROFILE: Mayor, City of Georgetown, Guyana – Pandit Ubraj Narine – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

– By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Mayor Ubraj Narine

He is a Hindu priest, twenty-seven years old, and is the Mayor of Georgetown in Guyana. Pandit Ubraj Narine was recently in New York where he met with Guyanese in the diaspora and brought them up to date with his plans for Georgetown.

In another twenty years, Georgetown will become unrecognizable as oil and gas will transform the city into a bustling international center. One of the highlights of Pandit Narine’s visit was his meeting with the Mayor of New York City, Mr. Bill de Blasio. The meeting was to explore ways and means in which  the two cities can benefi t from each other’s resources.

Download: Pandit Ubraj Narine – Mayor of Georgetown

Guyana Police Force needs 600 more ranks – Minister of Public Security

Min of Public Security – Khemraj Ramjattan

Professor who predicted last 9 presidential elections says Trump will win in 2020

Man who predicted Trump’s win makes bold impeachment prediction

Professor Allan Lichtman, who correctly predicted the last nine presidential election wins, says Democrats will only have a chance at winning in 2020 if they impeach President Donald Trump. #CNN #News

Opinion: The Real Reason for Trump’s Meltdowns – By Paul Brandus | MarketWatch

 Paul Brandus | MarketWatch

It’s easy to see why President Trump’s latest meltdown — on display for all to see in the East Room last Wednesday — makes it easy for commentators to say that the 73-year-old man has lost his marbles. He’s “unhinged,” they say with an exaggerated amount of glee.

You can decide for yourself whether this is so. Meantime, I’ll offer some additional thoughts that may help explain his behavior.

I’ve said this before: Trump spent most of his life as the CEO of a privately held company. Yes, there were those disastrous years between 1995 and 2004 when Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts was a public company – investors lost about 90% of their money.      Continue reading

Two Guyanese – Sean and Shamiza Ally- indicted in large-scale Medicaid fraud in New York

Two Guyanese indicted in large-scale Medicaid fraud

The Ozone Park, Queens company HQ

Ally and Joza were arrested upon their arrival at JFK airport from Guyana.
Both defendants as well as a third indicted defendant, Shamiza Ally, fled the United States some months earlier. Shamiza Ally, the third indicted defendant, remains at large abroad.        Continue reading

Georgetown. Guyana: The Popular Shanta’s Puri Shop on Camp Street for sale

Shanta’s Puri Shop on Camp Street

Shanta’s Puri Shop on Camp Street

After a court battle over the ownership of the building housing the popular Shanta’s Puri Shop on Camp Street concluded last year, owner Deodat Persaud has decided to sell.

An advertisement in yesterday’s Sunday Stabroek announced the sale and Persaud, who said, “Shanta’s is a national institution and has good history in Guyana,” confirmed that he was selling.          Continue reading

The PPP gambled and lost: It hid its political agenda behind the Constitution – By Dr. David Hinds

  Kaieteur News – 29 September 2019 – By Dr. David Hinds

This past week, President David Granger announced that general and regional elections would be held on March 2, 2020. The initial announcement had left some breathing space for the naysayers to continue their narrative of gloom and doom. The statement appeared to suggest that that date depended on the PPP going to the National Assembly to facilitate the extension of the life of the government.

When historians and other analysts look back on the last nine months, one conclusion that should be most apparent is that the PPP gambled and lost. That party had very carefully plotted its way back to power while the Coalition government was asleep. They stunned the Coalition by convincing one of its parliamentarians to join them in the no-confidence vote last December.      Continue reading

UK: Labour Party Can Win the Next General Election – commentary

— By Daniel Finn | Jacobin

Boris Johnson has maintained a solid lead in the polls throughout his troubles over Brexit. But recent history and Jeremy Corbyn’s radical program show that Labour has nothing to fear from a snap general election.

Everyone agrees that an election is coming in Britain, sooner rather than later. The outcome of parliamentary battles between Boris Johnson and his opponents will decide how and when that election is called. So far, the new prime minister has been coming off worse in those confrontations. But no matter what kind of mauling Johnson gets in the House of Commons, the most important job will still have to be done.       Continue reading

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