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GUYANA: Mocha – hidden hands, hidden agendas, hideous results -The GHK Lall Column

GHK Lall

By GHK Lall – Jan 08, 2023

Kaieteur News – By the time this is over the dominant narrative about what happened in Mocha would have settled in solidly.  It is that the PPP Government was kind, patient, longsuffering, and generous, while the residents of Mocha that had to move were hostile, uncooperative, goonish, and greedy.  Because of the complexions of the two sides engaged in this battle of wills, Guyana’s historic ills, the raw polarizations of this country, are rekindled and released in even more toxic flares if that can be imagined.

I find it difficult that a matter that should have been dealt with honestly and frankly was not, and that the inevitable deterioration had to occur.  In blazing prejudice.  Into politics.  From standoff to square-off to flare-up to the blowup that we all know was going to be where matters concluded.  That is, the mechanized might of machinery aimed straight at the heart of men and women in Mocha.  It is how populations are radicalized.                  Continue reading

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