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Spend some oil revenues on tourism development- THAG

Tourism Authority says tourism plans being developed

Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) 2018 Awardees and top officials of the GTA and Tourism Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG). The awardees include Tour Guide of the Year, Adrian Shiwram; Rewa Eco-Lodge, represented by Mr. Dickie Alvin, for most outstanding community-led and owned tourism enterprise; Canadian Executive Services Organisation for outstanding contribution to tourism by a non-governmental organisation or volunteer group, represented by Ann Persaud; King’s Hotel and Residences for outstanding service for tourism accommodation establishment; Back Yard Cafe, for service quality in tourism, represented by Delvin Adams; Guyana Carnival by Hits and Jams tourism entrepreneurial development received by Kerwyn Bollers; recognition for tourism investment by the Wyking Ranch, and Surama Eco Lodge for the people’s choice award for sustainable tourism.

The Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) wants government to invest some of the oil boom revenues and at the same time protect the country’s biodiversity by banning the wildlife trade.           Continue reading

Buxton- Friendship Museum Archives & Cultural Center – Donations Request

Friends of Villages Museum & Archives Inc.

(Supporting the Buxton/Friendship Museum Archives & Cultural Center)

P.O. Box 352, Lanham, Maryland USA 20768-0352

Email –

501(c)(3) Organization – Tax ID# 82-1835070

On Saturday August 4th 2018, we culminated the end of one journey to open the  “Buxton /Friendship Museum, Archives & Cultural Center”

 at 35 Edmund Ford Street – Middle Street(Lower Level) in Buxton Village, East Coast Guyana, S.A.

The work is now beginning, as we look towards acquiring more artifacts  and archival materials.    

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The Toronto Caribbean Carnival – formerly known as Caribana – Gets New General Manager

Toronto Caribbean Carnival Gets New General Manager

Richard De Lima

Richard de Lima

TORONTO, Ontario, December 5, 2018 — Richard de Lima, whose curriculum vitae boasts a 30-year career in engineering and business management, was appointed as General Manager of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, effective Monday.

He will be responsible for the overall management of the parent organisation — Festival Management Committee (FMC) — that owns and operates the Carnival, Canada’s largest Caribbean arts and culture festival.        Continue reading

Thanksgiving, Unity and Gratitude – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Thanksgiving, Unity and Gratitude

– By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to show gratitude. It costs nothing to be nice and to show appreciation. The power of nice has been recognized from time immemorial and in today’s society it is needed more than ever. As we sit and stare blankly at a screen or text or surf for endless hours how about doing something nice to others?

Recently, in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn a random act of kindness went a long way to help create trust and friendship. Crown Heights is an area that is traditionally the home of a large Jewish and black population. There were tensions in the area a few years ago between the two groups that made national headlines.

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Guyana Christian Charities – Valentine Dinner/Dance – Toronto – February 9, 2019

            Download Flyer: GCC Valentine’s Dance 2019

Guyana Cultural Association of Montreal– Black History Month- February 24, 2019

Guyana Cultural Association of Montreal– Black History Month 2019

GUYANA SPEAKS – Bourda Bazaar – London UK. – Sunday 9th December 2018

The Guyana SPEAKS annual Bourda Bazaar offers a unique opportunity to shop Guyanese-style and nostalgically draws its inspiration from Bourda Market in Georgetown, Guyana. 

Traditional Guyanese foods and drinks, hot and cold, will be on sale along with adult and children’s books (many heavily discounted), arts and crafts, creams and oils, jewellery and clothes and much much more.   
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GEMS International Cultural Association – Mother’s Day Brunch -Toronto – May 12. 2019

HEROC – 5th Annual Breakfast + Dutch Auction – Brooklyn NY – December 8. 2018

St. Rose’a Alumni USA – Brunch Honoring Males – Brooklyn NY – June 22. 2019

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