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Mike Marks Presents: Guyanese Entertainers Showcase – Toronto – June 23. 2019

Mike Marks Presents: Guyanese Entertainers Showcase – Toronto – June 23. 2019

The best of everything: Guyana 1945-1985 – Nostalgia 16 – By Godfrey Chin

Godfrey Chin Website Link

Godfrey Chin -“Nostalgias”

January 28. 2007 – Stabroek News – Nostalgia 16 – By Godfrey Chin

In F Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, one of the pastimes of the indulgent rich was prolonged conversation on “The Best of Everything and Anything.” Of course this was possible because in the thirties there was no television – the nemesis of banter and conversation between family and friends.

In subsequent years, the Best of Everything was extended by newspapers and magazines to annual polls on Jazz, restaurants, the worst dressed, the rich and famous, MVPs and today’s popular Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues.

In recording my Nostalgias I have always cherished the idea of sharing my best – titillating your palette to simultaneously evoke your best for comparison, especially since we may have been in the same church – different pews, different times – but all on the same heady, wonderful journey of life in ‘O Beautiful Guyana’ of yesteryear.

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The  Catastrophe of  Parenting – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam

If there is anyone who can be called the boss in modern, anti-hierarchical parenthood, it’s the children. A definite shift in culture has taken place.

There were times when I have given serious consideration to the state of my continued planetary existence alongside my fellow humans.  Sadly, however the available living options still remain virtually zero.

Recently while out dining, a scene gradually began unfolding before my eyes– one which in my opinion only served to further reveal the collapse of modern day parenthood. Sitting in the booth adjacent to mine, deeply involved in their gastric fare was a young couple with three very young children.  Suddenly, the quasi silence was broken, by the plaintive pleading of the father saying to one of the girls.” Please, pretty please! Eat it up before it gets cold”.  “Come on, try one more bite”  “Then you can have your favorite dessert after”?  “Good girl”.  The mother occasionally or perhaps reinforcing interjected with, “Be a good girl”, you know Mommy loves you”.      Continue reading

Cuisine: Recipes for Some Guyanese delicacies for the Christmas season

The largest selection is on LINK: Guyana Outpost Recipes 

This article is from Kaieteur News – December 25. 2018

Guyanese reminisce about Christmas celebrations – By Tangerine Clarke

Guyanese reminisce about Christmas celebrations

Guyanese black cake baked by Malini #moistdelights.

Loraine, a Guyanese-born, Christmas enthusiast who spends many hours decorating every corner of her Brooklyn house, reflected on the meaning of Christmas, saying, “Jesus is the reason for the season, and then there is the joy and thankfulness in seeing my home decorated with flowers, fairy lights, ceiling ornaments, and to top that off, welcoming family, for sharing and caring.”

Guyanese never gets tired of doing the same things every year for Christmas; they feast on black ‘rum’ cake, sponge cake, garlic pork, ginger beer, pickled vegetables, Pepperpot with bread and Guyana’s classic, XM Rum.        Continue reading

Guyana: ​The story of your Christmas Pepperpot – by Francis Quamina Farrier + music videos

One of Guyana’s popular National Dishes, is the Pepperpot, which has it’s origins in the heart of the hinterlands where many of Guyana’s Indigenous Peoples reside. For many Guyanese, Pepperpot is prepared and consumed mainly at Christmas time, while for others, it is enjoyed all year ’round.
For example, in most hinterland communities and also at the Banks DIH Camp Street Quik Serv, located on the same block with Citizens Bank, which prepares Pepperpot among other dishes every Sunday morning, and the sessions are usually well patronized. Many of the customers turn up after attending their Sunday Morning Service.        Continue reading

GUYANA SPEAKS – Bourda Bazaar – London UK. – Sunday 9th December 2018

The Guyana SPEAKS annual Bourda Bazaar offers a unique opportunity to shop Guyanese-style and nostalgically draws its inspiration from Bourda Market in Georgetown, Guyana. 

Traditional Guyanese foods and drinks, hot and cold, will be on sale along with adult and children’s books (many heavily discounted), arts and crafts, creams and oils, jewellery and clothes and much much more.   
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News Americas – Caribbean News Roundup – November 21. 2018

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Headlines: News Americas – November 16. 2018

November 16. 2018

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GCCABC’s Annual Potluck Xmas Brunch – Richmond B.C. Canada – December 9. 2018

Annual Potluck on December 9th 2018

In addition to any potluck item you might bring to share, we are also asking that you please bring a non-perishable food item for contribution toward’s St. Anne’s food drive. We appreciate anything you can donate towards this.                    Continue reading
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