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GUYANA: “OLD TIME” Christmas Brunch – Pickering ON. -December 18, 2022

GUYANA- USA: CIMBUX 31st Anniversary Souse Party – Lanham MD. USA – July 2, 2022

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GUYANA: 27 Traditional Guyanese Foods — By

Last Updated on: June 4, 2022–

From flavored rice to curries to cakes and candies, you won’t run out of Guyanese foods that are definite must-tries.

Guyana, or “the land of many waters” is a small Caribbean country whose cooking boasts of big flavors.

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With African, Indian, Portuguese, and even Chinese influences, it’s a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines.        Continue reading

GUYANA NIGHT: Guyana Office of Investment – Toronto. Canada – June 13, 2022

GUYANA: Rupununi Music and Arts Festival Village 2022 – A Presentation Video

GUYANA: Rupununi Music and Arts Festival Village 2022 – A Presentation Video

Rupununi Music & Arts Festival: A vison for the future in Region 9, Guyana:

(Get involved and support this exciting arts initiative:

CARIBBEAN | The destabilising impact of a distant conflict – By David Jessop

— David Jessop – May 1, 2022

Earlier this month at a conference on Caribbean security, Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Motley spoke about the consequences of the war in Ukraine and the now unavoidable impact it will have on the cost of food, energy, fertiliser and transport.

The region’s leaders, she said, must explain to their citizens the need to prepare for what may lie ahead. Warning that over time a “culture of contentment” had beset the Caribbean people, PM Mottley said the region’s citizens must now be “better prepared for the present” and that the countries of the Caribbean must brace for the impact the conflict will have on prices and access to commodities.

Behind her carefully chosen words is the awareness that a seemingly distant war may have a socially destabilising dimension.          Continue reading

CUISINE: Guyanese and Barbadian food things – By Cynthia Nelson

Do you think we will finally see some movement and concrete action on the food security and nutrition partnership that is being talked about between Guyana and Barbados? I hope so. We like to talk nuff in this region and as the Bajans would say, we like to use ‘a lot uh pretty words’. But here is the thing, this is not the time for ‘no lotta long talk’. Am I being naïve in thinking that Barbados’ Prime Minister Mia Mottley being a straight talker and a doer, coupled with President Irfaan Ali’s delight that PM Mottley “…came with the intention to do personal, intentional and direct work…” that things will happen? We shall see.

As we await this much talked about partnership, I thought that this week I would share with you some Guyanese and Barbadian foodie things.            Continue reading

GUYANA: Romance beyond the coastland – Happy Valentine – by Francis Quamina Farrier

  – Happy Valentine – by Francis Quamina Farrier

It’s VALENTINE, and love is in the air in Guyana. Not only on the coastland, but on the islands, the grasslands, the swamplands, the valleys, hills and mountains, as well as the savannahs beyond the Pakaraimas and the Kanuku Mountain ranges. In every one of the Regions of the country, LOVE BLOOMS and BLOSSOMS at VALENTINE; and in-between. Here at the Tourist Resort at Hurakabara, seen in the adjacent photograph, which is located a few miles north of Bartica, on the West Bank of the Essequibo River, guests enjoy a game of volleyball on the sandy beach.

In the distance are islands in Essequibo River. Some of those islands, such as Fort Island at the left, are populated. Many of the other islands in the Essequibo have just a few homesteads. Others are uninhabited. However, the Tourist Resort at Hurakabara, which is actually located on the West Bank of the Essequibo River, can be regarded as special. Those who visit that resort are both Guyanese and foreigners. Quite a number of them are married couples who spend quality time together.        Continue reading

SHORT STORIES: Christmas in GT with ‘Anna B’ – By: JeanAnn Field-Ridley

– By: JeanAnn Field-Ridley  –  As We End The Season; A Look Back

Anna B was my mom. She it was who made Christmas ‘happen’. Of course, Dad was chief financier, bringing in his teachers’ pay after he had let it warm his pocket for a few days – reluctant to part with it knowing that he would be left with an empty pocket for the rest of the month. We were, in fact, poor. But we children never knew it. Because Anna B never missed a beat. At Christmas, the toys were there. The pepperpot was there. The ginger beer and mauby were there. So were the biscuits and sweets! But most of all, what Anna B gave to us was Anticipation!

Anticipation has a magic all its own – not to be distilled by reality. And our reality never disappointed even though objectively it should have! After all, we never did get that beautiful walking, talking doll we saw in the store windows when we went window shopping at night. We never got that beautifully equipped doll’s house! O the magic of that house! Did such things really exist? After all, we never did see one outside of the glass case.            Continue reading

GUYANA: Christmas is Christmas Eve – By Cynthia Nelson

STABROEK NEWS -By December 25, 2021

My Christmas Eve Cook-up Rice (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)
My Christmas Eve Cook-up Rice (Photo by Cynthia Nelson

We all know that Christmas is a season and while I acknowledge it as such, for me, Christmas is really the day before Christmas. Christmas Eve. Growing up it was where all the action and excitement was, and today, I still maintain some of the rituals and traditions. What about you? When is Christmas for you and what are the things that signal that it is Christmas?

The hustle and bustle of Christmas Eve is special, its energy and noise are different, and it is particular to each home – the songs being played in the background, the aromas, the busyness of bodies, the mingling of voices, tasks and rituals that mark Christmas. In our home, the buildup was to the climax of the midnight mass and nativity pageant at Sacred Heart Church. Church and theater! And then, the lime at home after midnight mass feasting on Cook-up Rice and Pepperpot; sorrel drink and cake.          Continue reading
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