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GUYANA:  43% of Guyanese can’t afford healthy diet, 5% undernourished- FAO report

 43% of Guyanese can’t afford healthy diet, 5% undernourished- FAO report

With Guyana’s population averaging around 800,000 the five percent of undernourished people works out to about 40,000. Titled “REGIONAL OVERVIEW OF 2022: TOWARDS IMPROVING AFFORDABILITY OF HEALTHY DIETS,” the report also concluded that in 2020, 42 percent of the population in the world could not afford a healthy diet, almost 3.1 billion people. Due to the higher cost of a healthy diet, this percentage in Latin America and the Caribbean was 22.5 percent, or 131 million people, an increase of 8 million from 2019. According to the report South America accounts for 57 percent of people unable to afford a healthy diet in Latin America and the Caribbean (74.2 million), followed by Mesoamerica (43.1 million) and the Caribbean (13.9 million). More than half of the Caribbean population (52 percent) cannot afford a healthy diet, followed by Mesoamerica (27.8 percent) and South America (18.4 percent).                Continue reading

CUISINE: Tastes Like Home —- Fried Rice: A choice of five

By December 18, 2022

Ginger Fried Rice (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Ginger Fried Rice (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

The year was 2006. My eldest cousin’s wife had cooked quite a spread for her family’s Christmas meal. There were many things in which to take delight and partake, but there was no rice dish on the table. Whaaat? One of her sons came over to my late Mom’s house where the rest of us were gathered. Upon entry, he seemed tense and somewhat put off as he mumbled Christmas greetings.

With his parents and 2 brothers not far behind, he launched into his complaint, directed to my Mom. “Granny! Can you believe this?! Mommy mek a whole set of food, all kinds of fancy things, and she ain’t cook no kind of rice!” There was a brief moment of silence before we all burst out laughing aloud, but Antonio was not amused. You don’t mess with a person and their rice! He headed to the kitchen, and above our laughter, he continued, “I know you would have rice cooked Granny.” He set about making himself a plate.            Continue reading

GUYANA: Christmas Shopping and Night Tour around Georgetown

GUYANA: Christmas Shopping and Night Tour around Georgetown 

By: Its our Life -ARD


VENEZUELA: How Rum and Cocuy Came Back to Life During the Crisis

Thanks to the denominations of origin that protect their ancestral quality and technical standards, these two drinks endure Venezuela’s economic downfall and illicit competition

Kaoru Yonekura | Caracas Chronicles

As real as the liquor market crisis is, two Venezuelan liquors manage to avoid that same crisis: Pecaya cocuy and rum. And all while complying with the rules and regulations by which the Servicio Autónomo de Propiedad Intelectual (SAPI) gave them the Denomination of Origin (DO); cocuy pecayero got it in 2001 and rum in 2003.

With this top-tier distinction on intellectual property, producers stick to the traditional and standard techniques when manufacturing these liquors, as well as the environmental care in their production areas. This way, the original product seal indicates that the Pecaya cocuy and rum are unique, one-of-a-kind, high quality, culturally valued, and especially, Venezuelan products.              Continue reading

GUYANA SPEAKS: Bourda Bazaar : London UK: 10 December 2022


With the holiday season just around the corner, Guyana SPEAKS will be hosting our annual BOURDA BAZAAR!  As usual our stallholders and special guests will be celebrating all things Guyanese.  If you’re looking for Guyanese food, drink or produce including cassareep, look no further! 

If you’re looking for entertainment, look out for the KweKwe group – they’re scheduled to appear between 2.15pm and 2.30pm (for 20 minutes).  If you’re hoping to purchase gifts, look out for the book stalls and much much more!  There will also be a raffle with wonderful prizes to win.  

GUYANA: “OLD TIME” Christmas Brunch – Pickering ON. -December 18, 2022

GUYANA- USA: CIMBUX 31st Anniversary Souse Party – Lanham MD. USA – July 2, 2022

Greetings Everyone,         

GUYANA: 27 Traditional Guyanese Foods — By

Last Updated on: June 4, 2022–

From flavored rice to curries to cakes and candies, you won’t run out of Guyanese foods that are definite must-tries.

Guyana, or “the land of many waters” is a small Caribbean country whose cooking boasts of big flavors.

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With African, Indian, Portuguese, and even Chinese influences, it’s a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines.        Continue reading

GUYANA NIGHT: Guyana Office of Investment – Toronto. Canada – June 13, 2022

GUYANA: Rupununi Music and Arts Festival Village 2022 – A Presentation Video

GUYANA: Rupununi Music and Arts Festival Village 2022 – A Presentation Video

Rupununi Music & Arts Festival: A vison for the future in Region 9, Guyana:

(Get involved and support this exciting arts initiative:

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