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Facts About Guyanese Immigrants In The US You Should Know – NewsAmericas

10 Fast Facts About Guyanese Immigrants In The US You Should Know

Guyanese in the usa

Guyanese in the USA

By NAN Staff Writer – Published on May 09 2016 – News Americas

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. May 10, 2016: Come May 26th, the CARICOM South America-based nation of Guyana will mark its 50th year of independence from Britain. Thousands of Guyanese call the U.S. home, and in New York, Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary Celebration Committee will mark the anniversary with a week-long series of events between Saturday, June 4th and Sunday June 12, 2016. Here are ten fast facts about Guyanese in the U.S. you may not know:

1: The United States has the highest number of Guyanese outside of Guyana. An average of 6,080 people a year emigrated from Guyana between 1969 and 1976, increasing to an average of 14,400 between 1976 and 1981. As of 1990, 80 percent of Guyanese-Americans lived in the Northeast United States.    Continue reading

Romanee Kalicharran is the quintessential ambassador of culture

Romanee Kalicharran is the quintessential ambassador of culture

romanee in blue kurta

Romanee Kalicharran

She has traveled the world sharing her talents in a variety of dance forms. Romanee has bridged cultures and her passion for the arts has made her one of the foremost artists in our community.

Romanee was born in New York and her parents are Ramesh and Judith Kalicharran. What is remarkable about her parents is that both Ramesh and Judith are from a musical tradition. But they stand out in other respects as well. Ramesh is Guyanese while Judith is Puerto Rican.   Continue reading

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